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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zack Asack: Duke QB Ready for Action!

Duke's coach believes if he covers his eyes and can't see it, it never happened.

Zack Asack spent last year unable to play football for the Duke Blue Devils. Suspended for a year for lack of character and ethics. And possibly intelligence. For plagiarizing a paper at Duke.

Asack, perfectly named for a Duke signal caller lining up behind the requisite ineffective line that Duke will put together, spent the time off at his home in Massachusetts working and even getting some time in with the New England Patriots.

"I got to work with Tom Brady and the whole coaching staff and a lot of players, which really opened up my eyes," said Asack, who officially was a ballboy and assistant equipment manager during the NFL season -- with benefits. "

Seems like a perfect way for a Duke signal caller to begin preparing for the NFL experience. And we are glad that Asack is realistic in his hopes. Certainly, the thought of actually being a QB in the league is outlandish. Asack's goal of growing up to be a ball boy seems attainable.

"I just want to be out there in the worst way."

When Asack takes the field with the rest of the football Blue Devils, his goal will certainly be met.


the butler said...

Duke has a football team?

Are you sure this isn't some sort of trick?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Are you sure this isn't some sort of trick?"

Sir, the Blue Devils conjure many tricks. We wouldn't put anything past them.

Anonymous said...

Duke Football


I got nothing!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I got nothing! "

Sir....Coach Ted, is that you?

Anonymous said...

It's perfect that man was suspended, I've heard all the drama began because the man wanted to take a generic viagra before the game and the coach didn't allow him.