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Friday, March 23, 2007

Michael Vick: It Was Jewelry

Michael Vick has finally addressed what happened that day in January at the airport screening.

After all the speculation, by a prejudiced media, that Vick had marijuana or residue in the special bottle; Vick has finally divulged the real contents. He was using the bottle to mask some valuable earrings and jewelry.

One would think that a young man conscientious enough to protect his hard earned belongs would be applauded. Taking such precautions to deter unsavory individuals from the temptation to relieve him of their possession is something that should be encouraged.

But in this case, since it is the Negro QB Michael Vick, the desire to remove him from his position on the field allowed the chance for the authorities to enact a sinister plan.

"I had earrings in it, and I had jewelry in it," Vick said of the 20-ounce Aquafina bottle, which was red-flagged at the security checkpoint because liquid containers of that size can't be carried through. "They took the bottle. I don't know what they did with the bottle. I guess they were trying to, I don't want to say frame me, but at the same time look at what I had to go through."

We appreciate that Mr. Vick kept his composure, and, despite the evidence being overwhelming, chose not to make accusatory statements. We wish the media and authorities had exercised similar restraint at the time of the incident, rather than lambasting Mr. Vick and suggesting he was up to no good. Such action might have saved Mr. Vick from going through all that he went through.

After Mr. Vick cleared up the situation during his press conference, some made mention of the fact that the police report didn't account for the jewelry and wondered what happened to Mr. Vick's belongings.

"That's the first we've heard of that," Detective Nelda Fonticella, spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade Police Department, said when asked if Vick was carrying jewelry in the bottle. "If he has any kind of problem with the way things were handled, then he needs to talk to internal affairs."

One can't help but wonder about such a suggestion. Talk to the very people that constructed a report designed to provide the media fodder to convict him of marijuana possession? Talk to the folks who it seems now stole his earrings and jewelry?

"Nobody came out and said there were earrings inside the bottle, jewelry in the bottle. I was cordial. I gave the bottle to the [Transportation Security Agency lady and said, 'If you want to keep it you can keep it.' The only reason I went through all that was because there was water at the top of [the bottle]. It was a stash box for my jewelry. That's what I told everybody but that wasn't written.

The sinister intentions of this plot show that it reaches from the lowly TSA lady, all the way to the top of internal affairs. A well organized, well thought out operation.

We appreciate Mr. Vick's honesty.

Also, if someone sees any Miami-Dade cops flossing an unusual quantity of bling; let Michael know. We're sure he wants his ice back.


gcw said...

Huh... He sure didn't look jewelrish. I guess it goes to show you never can tell.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"He sure didn't look jewelrish. I guess it goes to show you never can tell. "

Sir, follow our lead. We can tell!