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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Athletes Involved In Spitzer Case?

Most of you are probably familiar with the Elliot Spitzer fiasco.

The former bulldog attorney general turned governor of New York was caught red handed engaging in the use of prostitutes.

Well, seems in an effort to make Spitzer's depravities and wanderlust more socially acceptable, basketball players may be being brought into the mess.

While we're not at liberty yet to disclose names - word is that a number of local basketball players will be named...

The insinuation is that these will be local NBA players.

Obviously, by connecting the players to Spitzer's depraved moral character, the intent is to try to spin the governor's actions as mainstream.

Clearly, the governor's operatives are trying to sway public opinion his way. NBA stars are renowned for engaging in wild and fun times (at times, admittedly, toe-ing the line of legality) and not losing their jobs or being convicted of crimes. This seems like a self serving attempt to somehow allow the governor to ride the privileged NBA train.

A train that runs on tracks constructed by Negro athletes.

This is the latest, and possibly most brazen, attempt to take the advantages won through the hard work of the Negro athlete and fully exploit them for the sinister and selfish needs of a rich white man.

In recent times we've seen Carmello Anthony and Stephen Jackson reap the benefits their fore-Brothers provided for them. If trailblazing athletes like Allen Iverson, Isaiah Rider, Damon Stoudemire (and the rest of the Jailblazers) hadn't conditioned us to accept the lifestyle indiscretions of young athletes...current athletes (such as Pacman Jones) might not have the employment opportunities that they have today.

Does anyone believe that Dale Davis painfully absorbed a police stun-gunning so that a billionaire heir like Spitzer could receive the benefit of a public opinion jaded and beaten into submission by continual NBA/athlete encounters with law enforcement? Or that Eddie Griffin jeopardized his life by driving with both hands on the stick shift so that a privileged white man could say, 'hey, NBA guys went to this whore house, too, so I want to be let off the hook like they would be!'

Certainly, this transparent pandering is galling. But, more sinister is another aspect of Spitzer's 'defense'. just got word that the client list includes a a number of prominent fixtures in the hip hop scene.

Again, do Spitzer's operatives have no shame?

Aren't prominent fixtures on the hip hop scene some of the very people that Spitzer attempted to force to comply with the white agenda while in command of his regime of heavy handed conformance enforcement as the attorney general?

But, now, his supporters want to attempt to provide him the opportunity to steal some of the very rights prominent hip-hoppers have won for their culture? We should turn the other way and allow Spitzer to not be held accountable for his whoring, just because it wouldn't bother us if prominent hip-hoppers indulged in such activity?

The list of hip-hop pioneers who have lost their own careers or freedom in the struggle to ensure that the current generation of MC's, DJ's and rappers can flaunt their lifestyles and direct the required indignation at the law is far too long to supply.

Perhaps the most telling tip of the hat to these freedom fighters is the current practice of actually hyperbolizing one's rap sheet (see Akon) in an effort to ensure that the public understands just how important the freedoms of behavior won by hip-hoppers truly are.

Again, our indignation and offense to these latest possible revelations revolving around Mr. Spitzer is palpable.

NBA players and hip-hoppers didn't stage a significant protest (rooted in a manifested stance against the powers that be) by descending upon Las Vegas a year ago to demonstrate in an orchestrated exercise in civil disobedience during the NBA all star game, so that rich white men could justify their need to pay for physical gratification of the most illicit and illegal manner.

Let us not allow the battle won on the fields of Las Vegas in 2007 to be turned into a commemoration of the indiscretions of the prejudice worshipping ruling class.

Let us continue to support the need to hold the white rulers accountable by remaining unfazed and unmoved when we read of the odd NBA'er or hip-hopper engaged in a legal struggle to prove his innocence.

To allow Spitzer off the hook is to turn our backs on the freedoms and civil rights others have fought so hard to win.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roger Clemens: Is Anyone Surprised?

We have been getting email after email referencing the latest choice detail in the Roger Clemens saga. That detail being that Clemens may well have been involved in an intimate relationship with a female minor.

Many of our readers are up in arms that the media is not dragging Clemens over the coals. That the media is not providing non-stop coverage. That children's and women's advocacy groups are not speaking out. Certainly, if Clemens had been a young, Negro accused of not stopping dogs from having fights on his property...advocacy groups would be organizing mass demonstrations against his very existence! Or had Clemens been the Negro Home Run King, we might now be questioning his moral character as a result of his philandering.

But, Clemens is the Cy Young and Strike Out King (read: white), so expectations are different. Media spin is different. And public reaction is different.

Many Negroes and supporters of fair reporting and unspun media commentary have suggested that the media goes out of its way to shine a negative light on the circumstances that Negro athletes find themselves. Many have said that Barry Bonds has been held to a different standard than players such as Mark McGwire. The insinuation is that the media has taken an unfair approach to painting a negative picture of Bonds. That the media has introduced things such as a loose lipped mistress to further soil the linen in which the public perception of Bonds rests.

All of this certainly begs the question: Why is Roger Clemens not being mercilessly demonized? Why is there not a public outcry to nullify his records and awards? Why are baseball people not taking an oath to keep him out of the Hall of Fame?

These are legitimate questions. And, as righteous thinkers we can provide effective and legitimate answers to them.

The answer isn't complicated. And, despite institutionalized efforts that are intertwined between the government, corporations and media; the example of Roger Clemens treatment by the press juxtaposed to Barry Bonds' is not a sinister or conspiratory plot to hold the Negro down or to sully and besmirch a race. Now, be clear in your understanding, this sort of thing is a common tactic used by the Big House to hold down the chattel, but the example we provide here is more rooted in the admission of the differences between the races than in attempts to provide a means to overcome those differences by holding the righteous and Originals back or down.

At times, institutionalized discrimination can reveal more than a simple hatred or distaste for that party or group being mercilessly persecuted and marginalized. It can lend us the opportunity to understand just where that hatred originates. Most of a righteous mind would agree that hatred between humans originates in fear. And fear is borne of a jealous womb.

And, righteous minds understand that even in an institutionally corrupt and fetid environment, the wardens and bosses occasionally allow an honest thought or action to escape them and give away their minds and thoughts. And fears. And jealousies.

Our righteous readers, at this point, understand what we are about to say. They understand that watching Roger Clemens' actions and character be treated with nothing more than a passing glance out of the corner of the media's collective eye is actually something in which the Original athlete can take pride.

We mentioned expectations and standards earlier. Why does a Jared Allen, a convicted habitual drunk driver, get a mere slap on the wrist and a record contract? While a Pacman Jones, unconvicted and characterized by some in the legal/law enforcement profession as a 'hero', get a years suspension? Why is Barry Bonds, whose story seems to parallel Clemens (except Bonds extra-marital dalliance was not started with a minor), run out of the game?

Clearly, the answer is race.

The empirical and anecdotal evidence is not confrontable. It can't be challenged. Please, save your emails. Disagreement is not entertainable.

Let's agree on that. But, also, let's understand what that means.

As we suggested earlier, hatred is rooted in fear is rooted in jealousy. What does that mean? Well, it takes us back to the words expectation and standards.

Negro athletes are held to higher social and moral expectations and standards than their bleached counterparts.

Jared Allen's contract. Roger Clemens' ability to still get a job in baseball if he chooses. These are the proof in the pudding.

Michael Vick. Pacman Jones. Barry Bonds. Carmello Anthony. The list goes on and on. Demonized and crushed under the media grind.

More is expected of our Negro athletes. The media and public don't expect a Jared Allen to be able to control himself and make reasonable choices when it comes to alcohol. The media and public don't expect a Roger Clemens to perform at a high level without chemical assistance. They don't expect a Roger Clemens to exercise the moral restraint to keep his hands off a teenage girl.
The media does expect Michael Vick to have control over what happens at property he pays for. The media does expect Pacman Jones to leave a strip club as soon as he recognizes there is the potential for trouble. The media does expect Barry Bonds to hit massive and numerous home runs with the assistance of balanced nutrition and consistent strength training. And the media does expect Bonds to set a moral example that young people can take value in.

So righteous readers, take pride in the media's continual and relentless pressure cooking of Original athletes who find themselves in odd situations. And take greater pride as white athletes who break laws, lie and show the moral fortitude of a Chicago-machine politician, are reported on in passing and small print by the media.

It's a simple and righteous tip of the hat to the Negro athlete.

More is expected of you.

Because you are better.

Better talents, better people.

Original people.

The day that Roger Clemens goes into the Hall of Fame is the day that Barry Bonds is crowned the greatest baseball player of all time.

The media set the standards.

The Original athlete simply tries to meet them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft Coverage: D-Lineman Rule the Day

As we prognosticated, defensive lineman were the prized commodity in the upper half of Saturday's NFL Draft.

We predicted that after the NY Giants undressing of NE in the Super Bowl, many of the less talented NFL teams would try to emulate the Giants success. Stockpiling and accumulating waves of powerful defensive lines; built in the image of the Giants' Tuck, Strahan, Omenyiora and the rest. Big, fast, quick and dominating. Certainly every team with even a perceived need would be taking a Negro warrior and hoping to enjoy the same type of success the Giants achieved.
Of the first 8 players selected, 5 were defensive linemen. Many believe that Glenn Dorsey will provide the inside anchor that Kansas City needs to reach the next level. The athleticism of Vernon Ghoulston gives the Jets a player that can get in a stance or (if needed) fill a linebacker spot. Derrick Harvey's polish and technique give Jacksonville another talent on their line, and could put the Jaguar's in contention. And Sedrick Ellis is the latest in a recent run of USC defensive line talent to go quickly on the market.
HBCU's were well represented with Hampton's Kendall Langford going to Miami and Bryan Smith of McNeese St. to Philly in Round 3. William Hayes of Winston-Salem St. going in Round 4 to Tennessee. And Alex Hayes of St. Augustine going to Cleveland in Round 7.
Perhaps the only surprise pick was NFL legacy Chris Long, the son of Howie. Long played on a mid-major ACC team, Virginia. Playing in the ACC certainly allowed Long to excel, but also raises questions about how he will compete against legitimate players from real Division I programs. On, paper, Long has all the tools. Only time will tell us how he will compare to the other Brothers that were drafted after him.
Long is the light skinned'd brother in the pic below. We congratulate him on going so high, and looking so fly.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Huge Upgrade In Dallas Cowboys' Locker Room

Finally, the intense negotiations are over.

Pacman Jones apparently will be a Dallas Cowboy. Chalk this up as another feather in the hat of Owner Jerry Jones.

Certainly, the on-field benefits of having a player of the caliber of Pacman are tangible. Speed, quickness, agility and heart. A franchise corner and game breaking returner rolled into one. On that alone, Jones should get NFL executive of the year for stealing Pacman from the Titans.

But, throw in the intangibles...and Jones put together the greatest deal since he built a dynasty by virtually stealing 3 years of drafts from the Vikings for Herschel Walker.

Pacman is a throwback to the 90's Cowboys. He returns the swagger that Michael Irvin, Nate Newton and the rest of the bad 'Boys brought to Dallas.

The Cowboys have a relatively young squad in need of mature leadership in the locker room. The offense is steadied under the lead and example set by Terrell Owens. And now, the defense finally has someone to take the lead.

Pacman's return to football, after taking a Jordan-esque year off to try his hand at becoming a two sport superstar, has been much anticipated and talked about. And, now with the controversy of having improbably been shot at in a strip club behind him (and the apparent apprehension of the degenerate who handled the weapon), Pacman can fully concentrate on not only bringing his football skills to the Cowboys; but, on setting the example of personal betterment and achievement that the rest of the Cowboys can use as a blueprint to become champions on and off the field.

Part of Pacman's plan during his sabbatical was to continue his education at West Virginia University. Thereby meeting the need of setting an example for young people and fellow players (who never finished their degrees) that education is more important than athletics. So important, that the finest young corner-returner in the league was willing to take a year off to pursue knowledge and further his education.

Certainly, Pacman' pursuit of two-sport stardom (wrestling) infringed a bit on his educational schedule; but nonetheless, Pacman was able to set the example American youth need:

"I'm doing a couple classes online. I was thinking about going back to school, but I didn't really think that I wanted to go back to school. I'm actually taking a class, one class, online. That's about it."

So, with his commitment to education fully demonstrated, Pacman worked out a plan with Las Vegas Police and Clark County District Attorney's office to use his celebrity to bring attention to the importance of community service. Pacman, unlike many athletes who just lend their names to a cause, undertook the hands on performance of 200 hours of community service.

Education and community service have now become synonymous with Pacman Jones. And clearly, Owner Jones felt that adding someone -as the face of the Cowboys' - who had real and demonstrated accomplishments in those areas was necessary to take the team to the next level.

So, while the anticipated result of having Pacman on the roster is that the Cowboys will now be the NFC's version of the Patriots; the real world results will be far deeper reaching.

Owner Jones has fully demonstrated that in the big money world of pro sports, just being a superior athlete is not enough. You must bring more to the table. So he put his money where his mouth is and decided to make the face of America's Team a true American hero:

"I hope people consider Adam a hero in all of this," Jones' lawyer Robert Langford told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "In a lot of neighborhoods in America, West Coast and East Coast, you just shut up. Adam didn't do that. He decided it wasn't right that someone was going to get away with hurting a bunch of people."

We applaud Owner Jones for his unwavering commitment to the personal development and character of players.

And we anticipate that putting Pacman on his roster will produce exactly what America expects of a modern day sports hero.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOIS Receives Major Media Attention, In Running For Coveted Award

For most bloggers, the daily grind of providing commentary is a thankless proposition. Most bloggers have small audiences and don't receive much attention from the mainstream media.

Certainly, NOIS can't relate to those bloggers.

As we recently alerted you, powerhouse media blogging outlet "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog" has been running a tournament on their site to determine the 'suckiest' blog on the internet.

NOIS has achieved a minimum of runner up status.

We'd like to thank the overwhelming participatory body responsible for brandishing this recognition upon us. While our mission is one of education, we'd be untruthful if we didn't admit that this type of high profile notoriety is appreciated.

"There's no denying how sucky these blogs are. That's not me talking. That's five rounds of mostly lopsided voting talking."

Certainly, it isn't just the media outlet running the contest talking. In the 'Final Four' alone, a full 70 people participated in voting in the NOIS match up. Clearly, the consumptive masses of Blogfrica have weighed in and spoken out in the types of numbers that prove mainstream media is a thing of the past.

Breaking down the participation even further, we see that the host blog attracts an average of about 850 unique views a day.

We can only assume that the more than 90% of the 850 average daily readers of the blog that didn't bother to take part in this barometer of bloggery were too fully captivated by the eloquence and depth of the host blogging to even make it to the poll. While we understand how the rabid and vast readership could get lost in the literary magnificence of the work; we do admonish them for not weighing in and being a part of the 70 or so people that are deciding the future of media on the net.

Obviously, wordsmithing like the following is what attracts the massive following:

How NoISB got here: I don't get what's happening at this blog. If something occurs with a black dude in the news, they seem to write about it. I don't think the writers aren't Islamic, nor is Steve McNair, who is at the heart of a recent post. Maybe the race card thing is an inside joke that I, or no one else, gets.

The thrill of being confronted by the confusion and imagery of the double negative, flipped into the rare triple, certainly is something that will eventually lead to an average of 1000 readers a day. It certainly caused our research staff to read the sentence over and over. The author does not think the NOIS writers are not Islamic, and nor is Steve McNair. This probably initiated incredible debate amongst the 70 delegates casting votes!

Perhaps the only person more confused than the readers is the author. He doesn't get what's happening on NOIS. Certainly, if someone of his formidable intellect isn't sure what takes place on NOIS, no one else would get it.

We extend our most sincere appreciation to the electorate, which we shall now look upon as our constituency. Clearly, we have been granted an undeniable mandate to continue our mission of education. For that, we are grateful. And, we acknowledge the trust and responsibility that both the initiators of the contest and the masses of participants have placed at our feet.

Thank you, one and all......all 70 of you who ensured that we reach the finals.

Now, here's hoping our server doesn't crash with the proliferation of traffic this is going to direct here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Calzaghe: ESPN relishes the victory

After Joe Calzaghe survived certain death (with the help of a low blow that seemed to sap the energy of Hopkins), the judges reported a split decision.

Calzaghe's hand was raised in victory. And boxing lost more respect.

Interestingly enough, on the same night that boxing was busy falling deeper into WWE territory, MMA's UFC put on a card that drew a record crowd and further opened the gap between the directions of the sports.

Perhaps most troubling about the aftermath of the boxing debacle was ESPN's reporting of the incident. boxing guru, Dan Rafael, seemed to take a journalistically dangerously inappropriate joy in Calzaghe's gift of victory.

"And in taking the title, Calzaghe stuffed Hopkins' own racist words down his throat. "

Rafael, in an effort to distract white boxing fans from the horrendous judging, chose to flat out slam the race card on the table.

We've already established that it was Calzaghe's greed and dubious negotiation tactics that forced the racial elements introduced into the fight build up. Yet, Rafael felt compelled to delight in, and to further the controversy of Hopkins benign statements.

Rafael went further. Openly mocking Hopkins in his reporting, the column read as if it were some sort of white supremest literature.

Hopkins loudly declared in front of the media that he would "never let a white boy beat me. Never." Well, the white boy from Wales did exactly that, letting his fists do the talking. Calzaghe never answered Hopkins' nasty taunts throughout the promotion, instead laughing them off and calling Hopkins a buffoon.

Rafael never makes mention of the difficult position that Hopkins was put in in trying to make the fight. Additionally, he condones Calzaghe's open disdain and avoidance of Hopkins comments. And even condones Calzaghe's use of the word 'buffoon' to describe Hopkins. We wonder if 'buffoon' was the actual word used. We believe that Calzaghe's Welsh brogue possibly could have masked his usage of the word 'baboon'. No matter, Rafael certainly would have had no problem with such a racially derogatory characterization of Hopkins.

"A low blow in the 10th sent Hopkins down to the canvas, where he grimaced in pain, even if it appeared he may have been doing a bit of acting. "

Rafael's effort to mitigate the effects of a blow to Hopkins' Original Man Parts only supports the growing contentions that we are exposing in this post.

"Calzaghe didn't seem to care. He raised his arms to the crowd, which responded with ear-shattering cheers. "

Seems Calzaghe and the crowd took as much pleasure in the illegal punch as Rafael did. Their disdain for Original privates was virtually terrifying.

It's a shame that ESPN and Rafael, instead of exposing the poor judging and criticising the direction boxing has been going, chose to make this fight a white versus Negro affair.

Clearly, as long as Negro fighters lace up their gloves and don boxing trunks, every time they enter the ring they will be fighting two opponents:

The boxer they signed to fight.

And the racism that is embedded in this society.

We salute Bernard Hopkins.

Though he may have been denied a boxing victory; his stand for civil rights in the face of racism proves he is the true champion.

Observation in Chapel Hill

A quick note of possible importance for next year's college basketball season.

One of our operatives was in Chapel Hill this past evening.

Enjoying the majesty of Franklin Street at the legendary Player's Dance Club (the PDC, Players...etc...whatever you choose to call it).

North Carolina basketball great Tyler Hansbrough was present.


i. The TV adds a solid 20 pounds to him. Hansbrough is tall and thin (despite his muscular and mature appearance on TV) and in person, in street clothes, is nowhere near ready to play in the NBA.

ii. Hansbrough was drinking the Players' signature drink, 'Holy Grail'. A feminine concoction of small amounts of alcohol, beer and fruit juices. A staple of the PDC, and a favorite of management. Employees laugh at those that fall into the trap of thinking it is a high alcohol content drink. Why is this important? Because any budding NBA star who drinks two and ends up dancing, doing the white man overbite, is light years from being NBA ready.

iii. Hansbrough's female companion was not even 'desperate' NBA groupie caliber. Enough said.

iv. A well lubricated Hansbrough stated he would be back in Carolina Blue next year.

You don't have to believe us.

It doesn't matter.

We are just relaying (not reporting) what our operative heard and saw.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hopkins v. Calzaghe: The Brit Fighter Makes It Racial

Coming out of retirement for one more payday, Bernard Hopkins faces the undefeated Joe Calzaghe this weekend in what looks to be a pretty good match-up.

Hopkins, at one time considered the best fighter on the planet, will take on not only his opponent; but Father Time, as well.

Calzaghe, a fighter who has made his 'name' in the UK, brings an undefeated record wit his only win worth mentioning a shocking upset of an under-trained Jeff Lacy.

Certainly, we are used to fight build ups that include outlandish comments and actions. That is nothing new. But, when the fight build up causes one fighter to start to make racially questionable and possibly divisive statements, we wonder what the world of boxing has degenerated into.

Joe Calzaghe seemingly is relishing some of the words that came out of Bernard Hopkins mouth. Words that stirred controversy. Words that resulted from the sneaky tactics of the manipulative Calzaghe.

Calzaghe took a very cavalier attitude towards the situation:

"You call each other out, there's a bit of controversy," he said. "He done his little bit of controversy with his little white guy [comment], which I'm glad he said to be honest, because it created a lot publicity from that."

The comment to which Calzaghe refers?

"I would never let a white boy beat me. Never."

Certainly, the white slanted media will take every opportunity to spin this into Hopkins making uncouth racial remarks. It will paint Calzaghe as simply being a polite Briton, who just happened (through no action of his own) to be the recipient of a socially unacceptable sentiment. (Regardless of the truth in it)

But, for the keener eye. For the mind that understands exactly how the white media uses race and truth against the Original fighter. For that mind, the reality is clear.

Calzaghe wanted more money. Calzaghe, who is a virtual no name in the US, wanted to pick the pocket of one of the greatest champions of all time.

Hopkins wanted to fight. Hopkins didn't want Calzaghe to have an out.

Even with a 50-50 purse split, Hopkins could tell by Calzaghe's actions and words that the fight might still not be made.

"It came together for him because I pressured him and I said the things I said where he couldn't back out of the fight," Hopkins said of his racial comments. "He had to sign the contract after that. They tried to weasel out of everything so I gave them 50-50. I didn't have to do that. I had the leverage. If Roy Jones was in my position, he would have never gave him 50-50. The fight would have never happened."

Hopkins was forced into a position to throw down the gauntlet.

Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking that there was any racist sentiment behind the remark.

Don't allow the manipulative Calzaghe to distract you from his attempts to hi-jack the proceeds from the fight.

Don't fall victim to the mainstream media's attempts to play the race card and turn you against Hopkins.

Do watch the fight.

Hopkins later added, "You can print that. I would never lose to a white person."

And that ain't racist.

It's righteous.

A Favor, please...

We'd ask that if you are of righteous thought and took the time to come to this blog....

please visit this link.

Scroll down and vote for NOIS.

The link is to an inconsequential blog promoting a 'suckiest' blog contest.

We'd like to ensure that their sampling is skewered and that the righteously 'unsucky' NOIS blog makes it to the Finals.

We thank you in advance for your support of this educational project.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks For The Memories: Next Destination, Canton

"Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair is retiring from the NFL after a 13-year career in which he was named co-MVP and led the Tennessee Titans to the Super Bowl."

From Alcorn State to the Hall of Fame.

Not bad. Not bad at all for a guy who ended up at Alcorn State (even tho he was recruited by major colleges) because they were the only program that would let him play quarterback.

Certainly, McNair, despite the obvious prejudice against Negro QB's, proved that a strong arm and commanding field generalship could shatter stereotypes and allow for the attainment of a dream. A dream fortified by an unmatch heart and the ability to play through injuries that sidelined many others. A dream achieved in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, layed out by a system hell bent on maintaining the status quo and preserving the 'face' of the NFL.

Steve McNair had a dream. And, praise be, he had a role model.

Following the path of the the only Negro to QB a team to Super Bowl victory (Doug Williams), McNair sought refuge from the systemic position reclassification enforced by white run major programs by attending an HBCU. In the low country of Mississippi, an NFL franchise QB developed and matured without the meddlesome interference of the establishment's effort to turn him into a receiver or DB.

By the grace of the power on high, McNair found himself drafted by the one franchise that understood the value, necessity and requirement of having a Negro field general. The Houston Oilers had been led by the first NFL Hall of Fame Negro QB (Warren Moon), and realized that there was truly no substitute.

Interestingly enough, McNair's tenure with the franchise (which became the Tennessee Titans) was shortened by the drafting of possibly the next great Negro QB, Vince Young (of course, injuries played a factor as well).

Off McNair went to Baltimore, where he led the Ravens to a 13-3 season before injuries (received behind offensive lines populated by predominantly white players) got the best of him.

Now, Baltimore is left with two QB's on their roster: The proven failure Kyle Boller. And the Heisman Trophy winning Troy Smith.

We salute the career of the unmatchable Steve McNair.

And more importantly, we acknowledge the lineage of the Negro QB Family Tree that McNair followed and helped extend.

Following Williams' blue print to reach the NFL. Then following in the footsteps of Moon in Houston. And finally, his performance and leadership providing the opportunities for Young and Smith to continue the genealogy.

Imagine if Bobby Bowden had gotten his way and McNair signed as a DB.

What a slow, boring and methodical NFL we'd have today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ESPN: Why do they hate Obama?

ESPN SportsGuy Bill Simmons had arranged to have Half-Brother Senator Barack Obama on his podcast last Friday.

For some reason, the WWL pulled the plug.

"At the last minute, network executives killed a podcast with the senator that was scheduled for Friday with host Bill Simmons. "

Certainly, some of our lesser evolved readers will question why ESPN would provide a platform for politics. At face value, that seems like a fair question.

ESPN had both Kerry and Bush on their network last go round, so clearly the precedence has been set. Additionally, the Half Brother was a bit of a playground hoops legend growing up; so a sports connection is not out of the realm of interest.

"Griped one source, "They landed the hottest politician in 50 years, and they couldn't even see the interview through? This is insanity."

Yes, the wasted opportunity does beg some unavoidable questions. Motive?

"It's of interest that ESPN president George Bodenheimer has supported Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential bid with a donation of $1,000."

Ahhhh. Indeed.

Of course, ESPN had a quick answer for this.

"But ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz told us: "It's absolutely not an issue about any one candidate. Our position is that when they're down to the final two candidates, we'll look for options to interview each accordingly. Fans don't expect political coverage on our air."

So, when ESPN can focus more on McCain, they will provide coverage. Additionally, if fans don't expect political coverage on the WWL....why provide it?

This is an alarming development. ESPN has made it's fortune marketing itself on the backs of the Negro athlete. The most recognizeable personalities on both the network and the website are Negro (Stu, Steven A., Scoop). Clearly, this shunning of Half-Brother Barry sends a signal as to the true interests of the network.

Perhaps the most disheartening revelation in all this:

"It's not the first time the sports network has canceled an appearance by the Democratic front-runner. According to a campaign source, a television interview set up with host Stu Scott was canceled by higher-ups as well. "

That's right. An ESPN higher up deprived us of the chance to witness history. A chance to be a part of an unprecedented event.

We can only wait and see. But we have a suspicion that ESPN won't interfere with a Rece Davis - John McCain interview.

Cancelling on Obama once might be taken simply as a meaningless event. Cancelling a second time is clearly a slap in the face directed as a full frontal assault on not only the Campaign for Change, but, on all of Negro America. A double pronged attacked, finding its mark on both Obama and Scott. A clear indication that ESPN does not condone a Negro Presidential candidate. And a clearer indication that ESPN will not allow Scott to expand his broadcasting credentials, possibly out of fear that he will leave the network behind and take his talents on into the broader news broadcasting spectrum.

One day, maybe not in our lifetime...but one day, we will see a Negro sportscaster conduct a political interview with a Negro Presidential candidate on a sports network.

Yes, we can change.

Obama '08.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pacman Jones: Hot Commodity

As the imminent removal of Pacman Jones' 'suspension' approaches; desires for his services are becoming apparent.

Some teams will allow the mainstream media's portrayal of the rarely convicted Jones to hold sway with their personnel decisions. Other teams will do their own due diligence to unearth the realities of who Pacman is, and not allow biased media representations to taint their hiring process.

In other words: Many teams will continue with the age old practice of prejudicial job opportunity. But, a handful of teams with a social conscience and an eye towards fairness, equity and a keener sense of the direction America is heading will conduct a more accurate employment process. Properly vetting the information presented by the mainstream and cutting through the carefully crafted spin and innuendo designed to vilify Mr. Jones.

At this point it seems that, despite a gun-shy Jerry Jones, the Cowboys are the leading contender for Pacman's services. Dallas would seem to be a suitable destination for Pacman's measurable skill set.

Unfortunately, although Owner Jones clearly is interested in Pacman's skill and attributes as a potential team leader for the 'Boys; he is heretofore unwilling to completely endorse his intentions.

Owner Jones is acutely aware that the same mainstream media that sought to destroy the reputation of Pacman will most certainly turn their wrath towards himself and the Cowboys should he profess his intention to bring Pacman on board.

And while we would prefer to see Owner Jones take a more vocal and less mainstream media conscious stand for the rights of Pacman Jones, we fully understand that Owner Jones actions are more powerful than words.

By choosing to possibly bring Pacman to the Cowboys, Owner Jones is fully alligning himself with the struggle for the labor rights of those that are discriminated against. Including Pacman Jones on his roster is as clear a signal as can be given that the owner believes that Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend Pacman in the first place.

This type of support for Pacman is an overwhelming statement that powerful elements within the NFL are growing tired of the unfair and biased treatment towards certain and specific players.

We anxiously await Owner Jones' display of support for Michael Vick when he returns to the league.

If this Romo guy doesn't work out, that is.

The NOIS Message Extends Beyond Sports

Just wanted to take a quick moment to allow our cherished readers the opportunity to understand just how far reaching the NOIS movement that they support truly is.

The influence of our righteous teachings is taking on the look of an undeniable grass roots movement. While we have chosen our vessel of outreach to be that of sports to conduct our mission; clearly others have been reading our message and are now confident in using their celebrity to reach audiences even beyond our own formidable voice.

To wit: Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys, 27, said she's read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck "to symbolize strength, power and killing 'em dead.

While we aren't 'Black Panthers', we do undestand that a misinformed, mainstream AP wire writer can make an error. And while this is a blog, in a way, it is an autobiography of the NOIS movement.

We don't advocate violence of physicality, but we do condone the appreciable symbolism of Keys' AK-47. We advocate violently attacking the intellectual status quo and institutionalized closed mindedness that attempts to shackle our brilliance and artistry. A brilliance and artistry shared and appreciated by Keys.

"`Gangsta rap' was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. `Gangsta rap' didn't exist."

Think about this statement.

Certainly, it falls in line with much of what we profess here at NOIS. That the mainstream media is but a weapon aimed at the Negro by the establishment. The Negro is sighted in, the trigger is pulled...and center mass is often hit squarely. The damage has been great and the casualties have been many. But, all in all, though much blood has been lost, the soul of the Negro has not been extinguished.

And, as long as artist-philosophers like Keys are able to get the message out, the movement survives.

"the bicoastal feud between slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. was fueled "by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing.""

Indeed. What better way for the establishment to rid itself of great Negro minds than to turn them on each other. To pour kerosene on the fire. To ensure that these young up and coming leaders of the Negro community felt disrespected and threatened by each other. And, to ensure that weapons were readily available to them on the streets.

And, out of the poetry of the streets. Out of the attentive and sensitive stories told about the plight of the American Negro in the American ghetto. Out of the emotion. Out of the heartbreak. Out of the shame. Out of the sunshine. Out of the rain. Gangsta Rap!

Thrust onto us by the media. A term used to shackle the underclass. A descriptor meant to wholly castrate the message of the artist. Meant to take attention away from the poetry and the message of the struggle for self betterment and unity.

Our government built monuments in this country. Monuments designed to commemorate the horrid treatment of a group of people in Europe. They called it a 'holocaust'. People were tattooed with ID numbers. Labelled. Identified as different, and systematically they were processed for destruction. And the world remembers them and vows not to allow it to happen again. To happen anywhere.

But it is happening. Alicia Keys sees it happening. She sees a generation of people labelled and lined up for destruction. And she speaks out. Loudly.

Two potentially great leaders. Gunned down in their primes. Labelled as victims of their own creation. But gangsta rap wasn't their creation. It was created for them. It was created to terminate them.

It didn't exist. It doesn't exist. It can't exist.

Reality is what exists. And gangsta rap isn't reality. It is a made up term designed with a two fold purpose:

i. to contrive a criminal association in the minds of society between the poverty and the struggle that the artists communicate and the artist himself. By demonizing the artistic movement, the mainstream media effectively demonized the artist. Turning poets into inmates. And turning poverty and lack of opportunity into crime.

ii. to saddle the artists with what would become unmanageable personas. Treat a man like an animal. Tell him he is an animal. And he will become an animal. Or criminal. Then lock him up.

As Keys clearly insinuates, the mainstream would have us all believe that Negro poets are violent and carry weapons. But, Keys cleverly turns the tables on this: She has her AK pendent. But it doesn't symbolize the crime or violence the mainstream has forced on the movement. Her AK symbolizes her mind!

Certainly, a powerful mind is something that threatens White America.

And, certainly, a Negro with a powerful mind is something that the mainstream media makes sure sounds foreign to White America:

"Keys' AK-47 jewelry came as a surprise to her [white] mother, who is quoted as telling Blender: "She wears what? That doesn't sound like Alicia."

Yet another instance of proof positive that White America has no interest in understanding the Negro.

But the day will come.

For, we believe, Alicia Keys' mother can change.

Obama '08.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kevin Garnett: Preparing for Life After Hoops

The fame and fortune of the 'franchise' professional athlete is rivaled by few professions. The fans and adoration. The money and special treatment. The notoriety and love. All given freely to the 'franchise' athlete.

But, what if it were taken away? What if, as a Negro, the highly paid athlete found himself stripped of his earnings. His mansion and vehicles taken away. The special consideration and treatment no longer lavished upon him. What if the powers that be that run the plantation and grant the athlete these things decided they no longer could stand the Negro athlete's success and fortune? What if?

Certainly, living in these forcibly United States, we are all aware of horror stories of wealthy and adored Negro athletes losing it all at the capricious (some might say sadistic) whim of those living in the 'big house'.

The notion of a wealthy, Negro athlete waking up one day to find his fame and fortune gone is not so far fetched. We have even recently seen examples of such athletes waking up to not only find their careers snatched from their grips, but they have even found this practice taken a step further: to incarceration. (see the tragic tale of Michael Vick's career snatching).

So, how does an athlete prepare to support himself and his family when the inevitable happens?

Certainly there are many ways. But, perhaps, Kevin Garnett has the safest, most effective way to ensure future employment:

"I'm probably the best at cleaning," he said. "I'm probably one of the cleanest people you've met in your life. I take a lot of pride in that. I know how to vacuum, I know how to mop, clean the kitchen, clean the dishes. I'm cold at that."

Clearly, Garnett lives his dream life with an eye towards reality. As a Negro in these forcibly United States, Garnett knows that he is living on borrowed time. He knows that at any moment he might get a knock on his door from agents of the government to tell him to leave with them because he is guilty.

He knows that when that day comes, all that will be left to ensure his subsistence will be to clean up after the dirty devil that layed in wait to take it all away.

But, as we contemplate what the future holds for this generation of wealthy Negro athlete...and as we contemplate when the agents of evil will attempt to take back what these Negroes have earned:

We must remember the righteous words:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

And, lo though the Negro athlete may be held in cells or handed a cleaning mop; only the most Blessed and most close to the Righteous Power on High could ever clean up the mess that the white devil has made of these forcibly United States.

Yes, we can change.

Obama '08.
Do you see it?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NFL: The Barbershop

Most of you that have been keen on keeping up with off season NFL happenings are fully aware that the biggest news coming out of the owners meeting is that there is a rejuvenated movement to govern acceptable hair length of players.

Operating under the auspices of concern for player 'safety', the Chiefs seem to be the driving force of this move to force players to cut the locks that exceed a length which covers their name on the back of their jersey.

The most 'recognizable' players that would be affected by this rule would be guys like Al Harris, Rashean Mathis and Mike McKenzie. Negro players who propagate the Original tradition of wearing flowing and lustrous dread locks.

Certainly, it would seem fair to decry this misguided NFL attempt to squash a practice which promotes Negro cultural awareness. Yet another play by the plantation bosses to ensure that the chattel conform to the bleached expectations of the league owners. A blatant attempt to prevent Negro youths from having role models who openly exhibit valued Negro traditions.

Few would argue these points.

Conversely, sometimes a persecuted people must allow themselves to be oppressed, repressed and suppressed . Sometimes, there is an altogether unrecognized benefit in not fighting a particular battle of righteousness.

We put forth that this is one of those times, and urge Al Harris and the other 'lock sporting Negro players to conform with this policy and trim their manes. For the greater good.

We would only suggest submission to the plantation in instances where the benefit to the Original Man clearly outweighs the demeaning and calculated attempt to govern such things as petty as hair length. We understand that the notion of a bunch of rich old white 'owners' getting together in a meeting and coming out of the board room to collectively order, 'Hey young Negroes, cut your hair so you don't scare our more sensitive white ticket holders...', is the type of thing that should be fought with the most righteous of passion. We do understand that the Original NFL athletes that will be forced to take a scissor to their 'locks will feel a pain and a humiliation.

But, at times, the humiliation of a few individuals for the righteous progress of a Nation is the tax that must be levied.

We would ask that Harris and all others simply cut their 'locks. Cut them before it becomes 'law'. Take away the rush of power the owners will feel when they order you to cut them. Deprive them of their sadistic pleasure. Fortress yourself from the constitutional rape they would force upon you.

For the greater good. Do it for the greater good.

We apologize for shocking you with the above redneckish, grimey and offensive image of Robert Gallery sporting his ridiculously long, straightish hair. However, we offend for effect.

And the most hideous offering:

So, while deferring without a passionate fight to the owners demands might seem to be contradictory to righteous thought; the reality is that it benefits the Nation.
By compliantly shortening your own locks, the rest of the Nation would no longer be subjected to the types of images we were forced to assault you with on this post.
The selfless act of exterminating their Original tresses would, simultaneously, eradicate the offensive and distasteful practice of sporting a mullet.
We understand and agree that the notion of telling players to 'cut their hair' is clearly and unequivocally a racially insensitive and probably even a racially motivated undertaking.
However, let's turn the tables on the 'owners'. Let's force them to poke themselves in the eye.
Let's watch them engage in their very own reenactment of 'The Gift of the Magi', as their beloved linemen (read: white players) are forced to trim the mullets that many hold so dear.
Al Harris, et al:
Your dreads will be remembered for this sacrifice long after Matt Light and all the others mullet'eers have left the game.
Your act of selfless sacrifice will have saved a generation of young, Original fans from the vicious images the NFL would have subjected them to every Sunday.
A grateful Nation thanks you.