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Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft Coverage: D-Lineman Rule the Day

As we prognosticated, defensive lineman were the prized commodity in the upper half of Saturday's NFL Draft.

We predicted that after the NY Giants undressing of NE in the Super Bowl, many of the less talented NFL teams would try to emulate the Giants success. Stockpiling and accumulating waves of powerful defensive lines; built in the image of the Giants' Tuck, Strahan, Omenyiora and the rest. Big, fast, quick and dominating. Certainly every team with even a perceived need would be taking a Negro warrior and hoping to enjoy the same type of success the Giants achieved.
Of the first 8 players selected, 5 were defensive linemen. Many believe that Glenn Dorsey will provide the inside anchor that Kansas City needs to reach the next level. The athleticism of Vernon Ghoulston gives the Jets a player that can get in a stance or (if needed) fill a linebacker spot. Derrick Harvey's polish and technique give Jacksonville another talent on their line, and could put the Jaguar's in contention. And Sedrick Ellis is the latest in a recent run of USC defensive line talent to go quickly on the market.
HBCU's were well represented with Hampton's Kendall Langford going to Miami and Bryan Smith of McNeese St. to Philly in Round 3. William Hayes of Winston-Salem St. going in Round 4 to Tennessee. And Alex Hayes of St. Augustine going to Cleveland in Round 7.
Perhaps the only surprise pick was NFL legacy Chris Long, the son of Howie. Long played on a mid-major ACC team, Virginia. Playing in the ACC certainly allowed Long to excel, but also raises questions about how he will compete against legitimate players from real Division I programs. On, paper, Long has all the tools. Only time will tell us how he will compare to the other Brothers that were drafted after him.
Long is the light skinned'd brother in the pic below. We congratulate him on going so high, and looking so fly.


RighteousReasoner said...

Honkey Roger Clemens is a rapist of underage girls who is being let off easily by the white media because of his pasty skin, while innocent Negro Brother Robert Sylvester Kelly has had his name tarnished and his reputation destroyed by these KKK-mongering reporters eager to destroy the Original Man. We can only hope to see an end to these injustices in our lifetimes.

Gregory said...

righteous reasoner, you make a great point.

is that really Chris Long in the pic?

Billy said...

r kelly did pee on the girls. that was a bit much.

Sebastian said...

Ohhhhh c'mon now...

RR, you're trying to legitimize Kelly by using Clemens as an example? Videotaped water sports with underage girls is less than a 10-year affair with a then 15 year old when it started?

KKK-mongering reporters? What about the tapes he made? Fabrications? Better yet, I'm sure the "white media" paid everyone of Kelly's little girls and their families to come forward.

R. Kelly, "Original Man?" "Original Shithead" fits better. Moreover, I think it's now a 3-way tie for "stupidest man on the planet." Vick, Bonds, and now Clemens. Whoops, 4-way. I forgot about the perennial selection for squandering good fortune, George W. Bush.

I would have said "pissing away," but Mr. Kelly has that honor wrapped up.

Put them both in jail.

Black Jewsus said...

Unfortunately the racist establishment known as the Atlanta Falcons chose to buck this righteous trend by attempting to further distance themselves from persecuted brother Michael Vick by reaching for overrated honkey Matt Ryan. Sigh.

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, Mr. Black Jewsus, now you're getting it!

wrecking_ball said...


Brother Tomlin was clearly impressed by your previous championing of Brother Dixon and hence decided to give him a chance in this draft. There is justice after all, sir.

censored said...

what is clear is that Long must have learned alot from his father. It is nice to see through a cloud of darkness some positivity on NFL draft day...a father standing on the podium with his son. There was no need for the camera shot of a mother with a different last name or the "grandma that raised me" sound byte. The top few picks in the draft surely indicate a brighter future for the NFL.

Stale Variety said...
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