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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fantasy Football on Yahoo

We thought we would alert those of you that actively follow the blog to something that might turn out to be fairly interesting.

NOIS will be participating in a Bloggers Fantasy Football League on Yahoo. The league will be critiqued and covered on a weekly basis by Andy Behrens, over at Yahoo Sports.

Check it out here.

Pacman: Still Maligned

We encourage you to check out this post we made on Pacman's wrestling prospects.


Unsigned: Does Brady Quinn Hate Brown people?

A few months ago, the NFL held its annual meat market and the best young players were divied up between the franchises.

The big story of the first round was the free fall experienced by ambiguously straight Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn.

Hyped all season as a top prospect due to his connection to Charlie Weis, Quinn was avoided like the plague in the first half of round one. As he plummeted, his beard and he tried desperately to appear unworried and unshocked.

And then, in an act of compassion, the Cleveland Browns chose the jilted QB with the 22d pick.

Quinn finally was able to exhale and expressed his joy at being chosen by the Browns. Quickly, childhood photos of Quinn wearing a Browns' uniform were plastered on the TV screen. And Quinn allowed the impression that this was a lifetime dream of his to be proliferated.

But now, Quinn is holding out. Unwilling to sign his contract for what a 22 pick would expect as the fair market value.

One would have expected that a player that fell so far so quickly would happily take a contract and hastily make his way to camp in an effort to prove detractors wrong and to win the starting job.

But no, Quinn and his representation are too busy trying to justify why he, as a 22 pick, deserves top 10 money.

He has already missed mini-camps and the first 6 practices of training camp.

Perhaps the most telling fact in all this is that Quinn's agent, Tom Condon, has already reached contract agreements for all his other first round players.

Hopefully, the Browns learned a lesson in all this.

They saw pictures of a boy in Browns' uniform with a dream. A boy who, despite initial prognostications by draft "experts", was not highly thought of by most teams in the league. But the Browns chose to look beyond Quinn's slumping value and give the young man a chance.

In return, their plans for this season must be put on hold. Held hostage by the greed and inflated self worth of a man who should be nothing but thankful for the chance to play.

Elsewhere in the NFL, number one draft pick Jamarcus Russell continues his negotiations with the Raiders in his quest for fair and acceptable compensation. We wish Russell success in his quest for equality of contract.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Barry Bonds: Where Is He Celebrating HR Record?

As Barry Bonds' inevitable assumption of the home run throne approaches, we wonder:

What will Bonds do to celebrate? Who will Bonds look to to share his joy? Which people will Bonds trust to genuinely share in the unmitigated pride and unabashed glory of his accomplishment?

The entire chase has been surreal. From the moment that Bonds was within a reasonable distance to fear that he would take the crown, the pressure and non-stop media crucifixion began.

Somehow, despite the evidence, admissions and failed tests of others; Bonds has been the poster boy of steroids. Bonds has been the one continually called a cheater. Bonds has been the one that has drawn the ire of every supposed guardian of the game of baseball.

At the same time, dozen of players have failed tests. Jason Giambi has all but confessed to using PED's.

But Bonds takes the brunt of the press corps led malfeasance and takes the verbal assaults launched by the talking heads on TV an Radio.

With all that hatred, it is no wonder that, instead of saying "I'm going to Disney World"...Bonds is saying:

After the record is broken and the spotlight has faded, Bonds revealed where he wants to celebrate — Africa. He complained that he had never taken a vacation because he was always hard at work. But sometime soon, he should have an extended break.

It is a wonderful statement and a wholly sad sentiment, at once.

Certainly, Bonds desire to return to the land of the original baseball player is understandable. Returning to the Mother Continent is something all athletes should consider doing after a notable achievement.

But, the sad reality is that his desire to return is probably prompted by the hatred, jealousy and down right ill will with which the white media has covered this glorious chase of immortality.

We believe Africa is the land in which Bonds belongs.

The time has manifested itself.

Take the home run record to the continent on which it belongs.

Hit 756, Barry. Run the bases. Run straight out through the dugout, through the clubhouse to your limo. Head to the airport. And get on a plane.

It's the fitting ending for this chase the media has so viciously tainted.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vick: Finally Some Positive Press

After weeks and weeks of being on the receiving end of a media strap-on, Michael Vick is has finally addressed the indictment handed down by the government.

And the press seems receptive and supportive.

Vick may have made a huge mistake by staying quiet for so long and allowing the negativity to reach a boiling point. He certainly now has double the work ahead of him to win back the handful of fans that are unsure of how to take the media's representation of the allegations.

But, it would seem that today, at a federal courthouse in Virginia, Vick began his hajj to redemption and winning back that minority of fans that doubt him.

Just look at the headlines on the major sports pages:

"Vick Pleads Not Guilty"
"Vick Plea: Not Guilty"
"Vick Pleads Not Guilty to Charges"

Clearly, the press is sending us a sign. The headlines seem to focus on Vick and "not guilty". This is not a coincidence. It is a veritable admission from the media that now, after having time to reflect on the allegations, they may have formed the lynch mob prematurely.

Certainly, if the press wanted to project this court hearing in a negative light, the headlines would have read something to the effect of:

"Vick refrains from Guilty plea"

Clearly, the earnest conviction displayed in Vick's court appearance has begun to sway the press in his favor.

Joey Harrington, don't get too comfortable under center.

A Letter From A Fan

Every now and then we like to share especially wonderful correspondences with you.


I hope this SOB burns in hell a long slow torturous death. This cocky bully is one of the most violent sadistic bastards in pro football. Anyone in support of his torture of these animals can go right to hell with him. May he have the ugliest, meanest prison husband that screws him day and night. Nothing on this earth can compare to the horrendous torture he put those helpless animals through. I don't give a rat's ass about anyone claiming "well they were pit bulls, they are here to fight." Bullshit you are also just as ignorant as Vick. You don't know anything about dogs!
The National Felony League and the Atlanta Felons need to just CUT THEIR TIES with this monster. I don't care what lies his highly paid lawyers will tell to get this sociopath off the hook. No way did he NOT know about the activity going on at his estate. You don't build dogfighting areas like that without his approval. You do not ignore the cries of dogs NOR THE CRIES of dogs dying from their torturous death! How did he not smell the burnt bodies of the dogs? How did he not see the small dog houses they were forced to live in?(if you can call it a life) How hot is it there in Virginia???? He can claim he was away from this estate but that is a flippin lie. No way did he play 24/7 on out of town games!This is NOT type of entertainment! This is a sick twisted evil individual getting his rocks off on the slow horrible torture of a helpless animal. And yes, evil pitbulls can be helpless.


And our response:


Your passion is admirable.

Your full understanding of events in relation to his knowledge about and his presence at the estate is dubious.

Your interest in due process and allowing the courts to decide his guilt or innocence and his fate is absent.

To sum up:
i. passion
ii. dubious espousal of information
iii. no regard for constitutional or civil rights or legal process

So, when added up:
You share a philosophical ideology with fascists, nazis and dictators.

Now, that is
really scary.

Sincerely submitted in an effort to clarify your understanding of both the issue at hand and your existence,


Barry Bonds: Finally Standing Up to Media

Barry Bonds has been the target of media hate and abuse for years now. Of course, the so far futile attempts to link him to steroid use have been the overwhelming favorite avenue to try to tear apart the reputation and legacy of Bonds.

Bonds' ability to deal with the day to day frustration of being the lavatorial receptacle for the media's collective verbal colon evacuation has thus far been admirable. He has done his best to lead a normal existence and be the epitome of professionalism in his sport.

But, a time comes when even the most reverent individuals say, enough is enough.

"You mean that little midget man who absolutely knows jack … about baseball, who never played the game before?" Bonds, speaking to a handful of reporters before Wednesday night's 2-1 win over Atlanta, said of Costas. "You can tell Bob Costas what I called him."

Bonds aggravation reach its apex after Costas interviewed convicted steroid supplier Patrick Arnold. The man who developed the undetectable steroid which was distributed for use to unknowing and unsuspecting athletes in the form of a lotion like substance called the "clear". Ostensibly represented by those administering the substance to the athletes as flax oil. Arnold all but accused Bonds of knowingly and willfully using steroids he developed.

One must remember that Arnold was sentenced to a minimal three month term for his proven involvement in the BALCO scandal. So, the notion that in return for such a light sentence Arnold would help the feds try to make their case against Bonds is certainly a fair assumption.

Of course, Bonds was able to effectively blow the notion of any involvement out of the water.

"I've never seen the man in my entire life," Bonds said of Arnold. "I've never heard of the man … never."

Why are the press and prosecutors not willing to just accept the facts?

The most heinous part of Costas little assault on Bonds:

He waited as long as he could. Right up until Bonds is at the brink of the record. This was a concerted and carefully schedule offensive maneuver designed to interfere with and deliver a forceful negative blow to Bonds impending assumption of the home run kingship.

Such behavior by Costas is a demonstration that he is completely nonobjective, biased and hell bent on personally being involved in the fall of Barry Bonds.

The timing of his interview was unfair and was a complete misuse of the platform that Costas has been provided. Fairness and journalism without agenda obviously have no meaning to Costas.

We applaud Bonds for standing up to this Napoleonic bully.

Costas' motives are transparent. He wraps himself in some sort of cover, promoting the false pretense that he is a guardian of the integrity of the game.

Bonds sees through it. The "midget" remark makes it all clear.

Costas' is just envious of the Adonis like body Bonds has built through scientific nutrition and cutting edge training.

This is simply a case of a little man's self-loathing.

It's a shame that it has ruined objective journalism.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Luther Campbell: The Top Recruit of the "U"

Randy Shannon's priority on the first day of recruiting?

Getting Luke back in the fold.


Blogfrica: A Guide

Our research assistant's assistant has asked for added responsibilities, so we obliged.

In an effort to explore what the natives of Blogfrica are thinking, opining about and interested in; we have tasked our young pupil with exploring Blogfrica on a daily basis.

His mission is to bring back some interesting, timely, enjoyable or important information from near and far across the continent of Blogfrica.

If you have suggestions for him, please email him at

Today's Situation Report can be found here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Peter King: Oh Really?

If you are like us, and subject yourself to's MMQB column by Peter King as a form of intellectual self flagellation, and if you made it to the end of his muddled thoughts on the Vick situation and his socially irrelevant commentary about his travelings and muddling through his boring existence; you might have come across one of his "quotes of the week":

"He's the biggest fish in the whole doggone pond right now, so they're putting the squeeze on him [Vick] to get to everyone else. Now, granted he might have been to a dogfight a time or two, maybe five times, maybe 20 times, may have bet some money, but he's not the one you're after. He's just the one who's going to take the fall -- publicly.''-- All-time NFL rushing leader Emmitt Smith, speaking Saturday at his enshrinement in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Anyone with a modicum of sense and a broad perspective can understand what Smith is saying. He is saying that, essentially, Vick isn't the "godfather" of dog fighting in America and the federal government is using Vick's fame to make this case a front page issue in an effort to get to the "godfathers" of the activity.

This is not an uncommon practice used by law enforcement. Shake the trees. Go after people with a lot to lose.

King's response?

Nice to see Emmitt knows so much about the federal government's case. Didn't anyone ever tell him, "When there's an important issue out there, give an educated opinion if you have a good idea what you're talking about. If you're not sure what you're talking about, the only thing you can do by opening your mouth is look like you're 11 years old.''

First of all, if only educated opinions were allowed, we'd have long ago seen the editors force King to talk about NOTHING but football in his bowel moving columns. If only educated opinions were allowed we wouldn't have to hear about King discovering things like a Betamax or 8 track tapes 30 years after they were technologically relevant. We wouldn't have to endure things like him telling us about the wonderful music he discovered to download on his iPod. And the "discovery" being Johnny Cash. If educated opinions were all that were allowed, King would have been stifled long ago. So, let's not go throwing rocks at glass houses, Mr. King.

It sounds very much like Smith empathizes with Vick's plight and doesn't find it very objectionable that Vick might have put a few bucks down on dogfights. Is he serious? Is there anything justifiable about Vick going to a single dogfight, or gambling a dime on a dogfight? Should the feds, once they had evidence from four corroborating witnesses that placed Vick in the middle of one dogfight after another, have ignored the evidence and not gone after him?

Where did Smith say any of this? All Smith did was say that he believed the Feds were so aggressively going after Vick because they saw the chance to use him to get folks even deeper in the game than Vick.

Why on earth would this cause Mr. King to become so indignant?

I have a bad feeling about Smith's tenure at ESPN, and it hasn't even started. His comments on Vick are so idiotic and inappropriate that a few people at the Worldwide Leader have to be thinking, "Uh-oh. What if we've gone and hired someone who's very famous but not very smart?''

Based on Mr. King's interpretation of Smith's remarks (and King's column in general), we have to think that Sports Illustrated must ask itself the same thing every Monday morning.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of Kings misinterpretation based diatribe was another of his choices for quotes of the week:

"I am confident that the hottest places in hell are reserved for the souls of sick and brutal people who hold God's creatures in such cruel and brutal contempt.''-- West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, on those who participate in dogfighting and raise dogs for dogfighting.

Ruminate for a moment.

King is calling Smith an idiot because of Smith's point of view.

And King goes on to reinforce how horrible dog fighting is by using quotes about going to hell for doing it. How horrible it is to treat God's creatures badly. Quotes from Robert Byrd on who should go to hell for being cruel to God's creatures.


Robert Byrd. Proud former member of the KKK is an example of a reasonable moral barometer with currency behind his words on how to treat God's creations, according to King.

And, Emmitt Smith is the idiot?

Vick: The League Turns Its Back

As Commission Roger Goodell has asked Michael Vick to stay away from the NFL until the legal picture becomes more clear, the NFL is planning to initiate a PSA series on the ills of dog fighting.

The NFL also is planning a series of public service announcements throughout the football season in which active players will be doing commercials on the very subject. The league has not yet determined which players it will be using, but it is expected to be high-profile ones to help show the league is taking the issue seriously.

This is a wonderful endeavor and is something the NFL probably should have gotten involved in long ago.

However, we believe the NFL is mishandling this.

All this information about the vast brutality of this underground endeavor would never have become a front page story if not for Michael Vick's efforts. Vick is the person that made this story a national concern. Vick is the one who provided PETA with the opportunity to stage demonstrations in NY and gain valuable exposure for this issue.

And now, the NFL is going to run these PSA's in an effort to cultivate its own image. In an effort to show that the league is responsible and caring. Sounds like the right thing to do.

But in its desire to put itself first, the league has selfishly pushed Vick aside; attempting to take the credit for making this issue a household discussion by cutting Vick out of the picture. "Here, take your paycheck and disappear while we become the advocate for animals."

This is just another example of Roger Goodell's insatiable ego making the story about himself and the league. Vick is the one that did the leg work that made this a national topic, and he hasn't so much as held a press conference to put the spotlight on himself. Yet, Goodell issues press releases and takes every opportunity to associate himself and the league with it. Such behavior, in the long run, will have a negative effect on the PSA's.

Fans will see this as a media grab. They will recognize Goodell's desire to market by attaching himself and the NFL to the anti-dog fighting movement. It will be seen as insincere.

If Goodell really wanted positive results (and not just a marketing opportunity) from the PSA's, he would include Vick in them. Not coerce Vick into stepping aside so he can take the credit.

This is just another example of corporate America white washing an important social issue and trying to possess it as their own for self promotion, destroying the grassroots starts of the movement.

And it's all done at the expense of the individual.

The individual that brought the issue to light.

The individual with the passion for dog fighting.

Michael Vick.

Monday, July 23, 2007

PETA: Racist Protest?

Last week the soldiers of PETA's protest army waged a demonstration in front of the downtown offices of the NFL. Holding signs and chanting, hoping to sway the leadership of the NFL to suspend Michael Vick because of the accusations against him.

We certainly respect and support PETA's desire to ensure the humane and decent treatment of animals.

And the protest got us thinking: Are there other NFL players out there killing defenseless animals in controlled environments?

In this clip of an interview with NFL players Kyle Brady and Chris Combs, Combs reveals something that he finds more pleasurable than a QB sack.

We suppose if you are a white player in a suit, rather than a Negro QB with corn rows, PETA is not interested in trying to interfere with your career. And not interested in making an issue out of your treatment of animals.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007


We had meant to put this up last week, but have been conducting interviews for the open Ambassador to Blogfrica position.

Just wanted to shout out writer Joseph A. Reaves of the Arizona Republic.

He wrote a column about Gary Sheffield's comments on Joe Torre.

In his column, he included a reference to our blog:

Torre has taken the high road and refused to comment on Sheffield's allegations, which is exactly how one of Torre's former teammates thinks the situation should be handled."There's no reason to dignify it," Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson told the New York Times. "I don't think it needs to be dignified."

On the other hand, Sheffield has his staunch defenders. Take the folks who run the Web site "Until you have been a Negro, belittled by Joe Torre in front of the mostly white Yankees, you will never understand . . . And we wonder why the Negro community is losing interest in baseball."

We applaud Mr. Reaves for using NOIS as a point of reference in his column.

While we might not necessarily agree with Mr. Reaves views, we find the fact that he is willing to reference NOIS a solid signal that, at the very least, he has deeply explored the issue.

Kudos to Mr. Reaves. We smell Pulitzer.

Tim Donaghy to Michael Vick: I See Your Felony and Raise You a Betting Scandal

Michael Vick has taken great heat for his alleged involvement in dog fighting and inadequate treatment of the animals.

For the past few days his face has been plastered on ESPN and other sports media outlets, and the talking windbags on the radio and TV airwaves have yelled, screamed and stamped their feet to ensure that their two cents (and with the dollar being at an all time low versus the pound and the Euro...that ain't much) are heard.

But a scandal that threatens, to the chagrin of those aligned against Mr. Vick, to push his face off the front page.

NBA referee Tim Donaghy has been implicated in a betting scandal accusing him of making calls that effected the point spread of games on which he and some organized crime connected bettors wagered.

Certainly, we are proponents of due process and have championed the individual's right to a fair trial. We have also been profoundly and vocally in favor of not accusing anyone of a guilt, or suspending them from play until the legal ramifications have been thoroughly hashed out and the case has been disposed.

Having said that...we believe that Mr. Donaghy's resignation is akin to his admission of guilt.

Pacman Jones has never done so much as resign his VIP membership at the Cheetah Club. Michael Vick hasn't even felt that this "indictment" levied by the feds is worthy of being dignified by so much as a press release.

Mr. Donaghy quit his job.

Certainly, some of our less astute readers will argue, "NOIS, you have said in the past that it is wrong to say someone is guilty without their having gone to court. You are saying Donaghy is guilty because he is white. If he was Negro, you'd stand up for him."

Our response: Mr. Donaghy seems to have decided not to stand up for himself or challenge the allegations, he willfully and without hesitation gave up his career before a trial (let alone a verdict) has even begun. Therefore, we will interpret his actions as being his personal decision to waive the casting of judgment.

While Mr. Vick has been hammered by the media and been called cruel and inhumane, what Mr. Donaghy has done might be rationalized as being even more insidious.

Certainly, IF Vick is guilty, his mistreatment of animals will not win him dog owner of the month honors in Dog Fancy magazine.

However, we see Mr. Vick possibly having an airtight defense.

From Sports Illustrated: "He's not very bright at all,'' the source said of Vick. "And that's a big part of his problems. He's a very unintelligent person and he makes poor decisions because of it. It's not a white or black thing. Paris Hilton is an idiot, too. Mike Tyson was totally dumb, but for a long time his trainer kept him protected from his worst mistakes. You have to have someone around you who can protect you from yourself at times.''

Vick's intelligence has been called into question time after time. Incident after incident. Poorly read defense after poorly read defense. If Vick IS so moronic, maybe he didn't understand what he was doing IF he did treat these dogs in a manner that was not in their best interest.

Mr. Donaghy, on the other hand, was part of a crafty plan. A plan that required him to have a clear understanding of betting principles and the higher than average intelligence necessary to ensure that he made specific calls at specific times in the games.

Additionally, Mr. Vick's purported actions may have brought about the unfortunate, but inevitable, demise of more than a few non-humans.

Mr. Donaghy may have adversely effected the games (and possibly seasons) of 100's of NBA playing humans and possibly millions of human NBA fans.

Clearly, this should put Mr. Vick's indictment on the back burner of the sport media's agenda.

Until Vick's case is resolved, the media should allow him the privacy necessary to formulate his defense and lead as normal a life as possible.

In Mr. Donaghy's case, the media should translate his resignation as an admission of guilt, and begin the requisite character assault with no mercy and the utmost expedience.

Let's put the Vick story on the shelf and focus on bringing Donaghy to justice for his incredibly selfish assassination attempt on the NBA.

We owe it to the players and fans affected by Donaghy's crimes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pacman: Did He Actually Make Threat?

New Development on the Pacman front:

"A Minxx topless cabaret bouncer (Henry Jenkins) places Adam "Pacman" Jones in the middle of the violent melee Feb. 19 that resulted in the shooting of a club security guard, but fails to say the troubled NFL player made a death threat, according to his statement to police.

This is a different account than what was provided by another bouncer at the bar early on in the investigation.

But Jenkins' memory was different. Although he made it clear he felt threatened by Jones, and at one point incorrectly believed the football player was hiding a weapon behind his back, he noted that his co-worker Aaron Cudworth wielded a baton-like weapon in an effort to break up the fight."And then Cudworth's like, 'Don't even,' you know, 'Don't even try to bring that out,'" Jenkins recalled. "'Cause, 'cause see Aaron was pretty close. He goes 'I'll whack you in the knee.'" Although the bouncers implored Jones and his friends to "relax," they failed to quickly break up a series of hair-pulling skirmishes between Minxx dancers and women who had accompanied Jones.

Clearly, while Jones' may have been wrong for being involved in the melee, this paints a different picture. Threatening to beat the knees of a pro football player with a weapon? That certainly doesn't sound like a threat that will calm the situation, does it?

"We've never once said he wasn't in the middle of the melee," Langford (Jones' attorney) said. "I'm not saying he's pure as the driven snow in all this. But Jenkins heard him say, 'Stop disrespecting my women.' That's not a death threat. He heard it all. This is their employee's statement to the police the morning after the incident."

So, essentially, we are getting two different accounts from bouncers involved on what happened that night.

The real question: Why is this just coming out NOW?

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

Let's play a little game.

There are several autographed baseballs for sale on this link.

Without looking at the names of the player, try and guess which one is signed by the Yankees' melanin rich Robinson Cano.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Cleaned Up Version of NOIS Views?

We know you read our take on Gary Sheffield's most recent media storm.

Think maybe ESPN's Jemele Hill did, too?

No, probably not?

But we certainly like her point of view on it.

West Virginia University: Culpable for Pacman?

As certain athletes are vilified in the press for their behavior, and the public is repulsed by the "entitled" attitude perceived from many athletes; we wonder who is responsible?

Certainly, these guys don't arrive to the NFL as humble, well-behaved individuals, only to allow the fame and fortune to go to their heads and develop a feeling of entitlement. Forgetting that they have a responsibility to themselves and to their teams.

That entitlement and feeling of a right to special treatment has to be fostered somewhere along the way.

And it is: In college, at the institutions that are supposed to be providing these young men with educations and helping them expand their world view.

West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez, who has dismissed criticism of his program based on the behavior of former Mountaineers Adam "Pac-Man" Jones and Chris Henry, supports the NFL's new policy and believes it will have a positive effect. "It is ridiculous people are still calling us about a couple of guys who we have no control over," Rodriguez said. "I mean, are people calling USC to ask about O.J. Simpson? How can you blame us for guys who we haven't talked with in years?

We may be wrong, but didn't Pacman have a misunderstanding or two while at WVU? And didn't WVU essentially do nothing about?

Certainly, despite Mr. Rodriguez desire to wash his hands of Pacman because he is no longer a member of the football team at WVU, one can't help but feel that the environment of that team played a key role in the development of Pacman Jones. Is it even arguable that Pacman's sense of self and the attitude of entitlement was stoked in that environment? That is was a learned behavior? That, moving forward with that learned behavior and adding millions of dollars to the equation may have been just the very formula that has led to the situation in which Mr. Jones now finds himself?

Mr. Rodriguez can dismiss the criticism to his heart's content, but he can't escape the effect he and his program had on Mr. Jones. Nor can he escape the fact that his program, as an extension of the university, failed to provide Mr. Jones with the type of education and self awareness experience necessary for Mr. Jones to move into the workforce and society equipped with the tools to succeed.

The gratuitous and completely irrelevant mention of OJ Simpson further fingers Mr. Rodriguez as either being oblivious or completely unconcerned with his own (and the university at which he is employed) responsibility in this. To compare a player that had issues at WVU and was coddled along so he could stay on the field, with a man who was charged with murdering his wife 30 years after a college career without incident is a most heinous juxtaposition.

The only commonality between Pacman and OJ...that neither has been convicted (as yet).

We hear the media and some fans say that players like Jones must be held accountable. That personal responsibility is what these athletes lack.

Well, if the institutions and individuals that unleash these athletes into the NFL prefer to "dismiss criticism", rather than acknowledge the role they played in the personal development of the athletes; how can we even expect the athletes to have any concept of personal responsibility?

We recruit quality kids who are quality students and we go to great lengths to make sure those are the kind of players we recruit and we've had very few problems. "There are bad apples but not nearly as many as some people would have you believe."

This, from the man who is bringing linebacker Pat Lazaar to WVU. Lazaar pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery for his role in a robbery of a store and was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a 10-year suspended sentence and three years probation. And previously received 90 days of court supervision for using a stolen credit card to purchase $130 sneakers.

So next time you see a young athlete acting with an air of entitlement and a lack of personal responsibility, consider where he learned the behavior.

Rodriguez should receive the same suspension Pacman has.

Get To Know NOIS More Intimately

We acquiesced to popular demand and agreed to an interview with Pyle_of_List.

We encourage our readers to check it out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Offseason Michael Vick" Interview

A handful of our readers may be familiar with Kissing_Suzy_Kolber. And some of that handful may also be familiar with their ongoing series, "The Offseason Adventures of Michael Vick".

Well, in our efforts to get more information on Michael Vick's point of view on the indictment, we were fortunate enough to secure an interview with that very "Off season Michael Vick".

1- First of all, Asalaam Alaikum, Brother Vick.

Pup 'N' Taco to you, my friend.

2- With all this hullabaloo about this contrived, counterfeit and clearly manufactured indictment against you...something important has been lost in the media storm: your reaction to Gary Sheffield believing that Joe Torre treats Negro players differently. What was your first reaction when you became aware of the dilemma Shef was in during his time with the Yankees?

Man, Joe Torry treats black people differently now? That's FUCKED. I remember when he hosted Def Comedy Jam, and Kid from Kid'n'Play came on. And Kid said to Joe, "Hey Joe, smile so I can see you." I think that was the last straw for him, because I haven't heard shit from that guy since, like 1992.

3-Some are saying that Commissioner Goodell vacated 2 of the 4 games that white player Jared Allen had originally been suspended to ensure that there would be room for you on the suspension list. After seeing a player with 2 DUI convictions have his suspension reduced, does it give you hope that un-convicted Pacman Jones will be allowed to suit up at all this season?

3-Some? Fuck yeah, I'd go that. But only if it's two girl and one guy. I'm not giving some girl the rotisserie treatment.Wait, what?(takes bong hit)Wait, wait... oh ha ha ha HA! You ever feel like there's a camera flash in your eyes, but there's no camera around?Oh yes, Pacman! I would like to see Pacman playing this year, because then I can have the Gold Club to myself.

When that guy hits the joint, shit gets all fucked up. I saw him put a shoe in a bitch once.

4-We understand that dogfighting can be a lucrative second income. Now that this business endeavor seems to have fallen victim to a sagging market, what will be your next secondary business undertaking?

Wait, wait! What if, instead of dogs fighting, we had them joust?That way, it would be all noble and shit. I don't see the harm in strapping a bitch to a horse, then duct taping a long lance or spear to the bitch, and then seeing what happens. You'd get to drink from goblets.

Goblets are NICE.

Thank you for taking this valuable time away from your football film studies to communicate with us.

Wait, wait! Stick around, man! I dunno where Boddie went. I got Krush Groove and Beat Street, and fuck if I'm eating all this pad thai myself! (takes bong hit)

On second thought...

If only Michael really had had a second thought....

(Thanks to Big Daddy Drew at KSK for providing liason with offseason Mike)

More on Vick

As the media feasts like rabid hyenas on the news of Vick's indictment, another important story has been pushed aside.

ESPN is devoting CNN like coverage to Vick. Their .com has written almost 20 articles and columns on it already.

The timing to the announcement of the indictment, coupled with the inordinate level of coverage provided by the media is most curious.

Less than 48 hours ago, the NFL announced the reduced suspension of two time DUI offender, Jared Allen. A white player on the chiefs.

Quite a coincidence that just as the masses were starting to really wonder about the basis for the reduction and before a maelstrom could be initiated by Negro sportswriters questioning the Commish's motives...the government releases news of the indictment.

The NFL and the government that has worked hand in hand with them through this whole ordeal killed two birds with one press release.

They squashed the brewing outrage of debate about Allen getting such beneficial treatment.

And they have essentially destroyed Michael Vick.

Certainly the commissioner and his henchmen are having a wonderful laugh in their ivory tower right now. They freed their pale skinned brother from full suspension and seem to have applied full shackles to Mr. Vick.

Evil. It is relentless.

Micheal Vick: The Ambush

Well, well. Surprise, surprise.

As everyone in blogfrica is aware, the feds hit Michael Vick with an indictment.

A week or so ago, it was interpreted (read: leaked) that Vick would not be getting indicted. That just those 3 (or was it 4?) individuals named in the initial indictment would be the ones charged.

Now, this turn of events.

We need to provide proper perspective, because all you are going to get in the media is "Vick is a terrible person and deserves this".

The feds conducted an initial investigation of the property. At the time, it was reported that they found enough evidence to determine that a dog fighting operation had been carried out on the land. No charges followed.

Imagine, you are one of the individuals that lived on the property. Pretty nerve wrecking situation, right? They claimed they have all the evidence they needed, but no charges came. Has to have you wondering about your future.

Then, they come a second time. This time, indictments. And, it is leaked to the media that an indictment of Vick probably won't follow.

If you are one of those indicted in this high profile case, you gotta be pretty worried about your future, don't you? You'd be primed for an offer out of this, or at least a chance to lessen the possible sentence.

Would it be far fetched to speculate that we are going to see these individuals turn against Vick in court?

The feds want Vick, badly. Very badly.

Up until now, they didn't seem to have the confidence to indict him.

No earth shattering new evidence has been introduced. All that has changed is that those originally indicted have had a lot of time to organize and possibly rethink the situation. And to have their lawyers talk to the feds about what the future holds.

This doesn't bode well for Vick.

It seems that the necessary ammunition for a conviction that the feds could not find in their investigation is going to be "located". Introduced by coercing the originally indicted group to stand against Vick. Possibly in return for mitigated punishment.

Culpepper cut.

Vick in hot water.

Donovan McNabb, be careful out there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Blow For Good Over Evil

More evidence that the devil in Durham is slowing being slain...

The top returning scorer on the Duke Devils basketball cult, Demarcus Nelson, will undergo wrist surgery and be out 6-8 weeks.

Another potential Duke starter crushed by the power of righteousness.

Praise be.

Madden Rings?

This is a little off topic, but....

Electronic Arts Inc. and Jostens, Inc. announced that the highly anticipated Madden NFL 08 for next generation consoles will give players the opportunity to extend the Madden NFL 08 experience to the real world by giving them the ability to purchase their own custom-designed "Ring of a Champion." Based on the player's Madden Gamer Level, the Ring of a Champion showcases the progress of a Madden NFL 08 gamer, and each ring can be customized to recognize the player advancements through the game. These rings are a direct representation of a player's achievements and game skills.

So, all you Madden-heads out there can complete your existence in never-never land with the "ring of a champion".

You deserve it, champ.

Leinhart: Designs on Brady's Woman?

The Big Lead posted this today about Tom Brady and his girlfriend having some trouble in paradise.

Interestingly enough, it seems that fellow QB (and fellow single female impregnator) Matt Leinhart might have designs on Brady's woman.

In an interview with Animal Fair Maggie Leinart was asked if he was looking for a perfect woman, which breed of dog she would most resemble. “It would have to be a golden retriever. They’re pretty easy to get along with,” he replied. So what woman comes to mind when you’re thinking of a golden retriever? “I’d say supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s girlfriend,” said Leinart. “Yeah, (I’m) a little jealous of him.”

When is Roger Goodell going to step in?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Race, Not A Factor

Just wanted to point something out.

We at NOIS often are bombarded with emails accusing us of bias. Of siding with any athlete that is of Negro background, regardless of the issue.

Well, today we can resoundingly stamp out that unfair accusation.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had suspended white Chiefs player Jared Allen for 4 games because of multiple DUI's.

Allen had been added to the list of Negro players that, due to legal infractions (or, no convictions in Pacman's case) had been suspended for a portion of the season.

We have often suggested that Goodell's penalties were a bit harsh. And, we took issue with the fact that he didn't wait for the courts to rule in Jones' case.

Apparently, Goodell was listening.

He reduced Allen's suspension from 4 games to 2.

We can only assume that this means he will be reconsidering the harshness of the punishments he levied against the Negro players, right?



Not So Kind Words

One of our conscientious readers sent us a link to this "article", apparently on a University of Kentucky fans website.

(here, he runs directly counter to his paragraph and takes on the Nation of Islam SportsBlog, an Internet publication utterly marginalized due to their outrageous racial bias)

Utterly marginalized?

Outrageous racial bias?

Can this be?

For our followers, we offer this as an example of how the spawn of the other satan (the other notorious Adolph) at the school that wears a shade of blue not far removed from that worn by the devils of Durham, hates all that is good and righteous.

In this instance, wouldn't the outrageous racial bias be exhibited on the part of the one that tries to marginalize a "publication" based on that publications point of view?

In turn, we say:


No, you hill stomping inbreeders. We are the NEW mainstream. The marginalized publication is the one published by the followers of the university, that if located in any other state, could not be accredited as anything more than a "career institute". That if it were located anywhere but a state in which the most revered and well thought of individuals were retired race horses, it would be running mid-day commercials advertising the opportunity to come and earn a "certificate" in cashiering. A state which bestowed the title of "institute of higher learning" on the university because of its elevation above sea level.

Marginalized? How dare you. With your tobacco stained teeth and overalls. With your cousin/wife. With your almond eyed offspring strumming their banjos. How dare you.

We are an all inclusive publication. Dedicated to education and the proliferation of righteousness. We care not the race, creed or ethnicity of our readers.

Obviously, the legacy of Adolph Rupp runs deep.

Khalif Barnes: A Submissive Soul

Last year, Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Khalif Barnes was arrested for a DUI. His arrest led him to open up and disclose the dynamics of the situation.

"Barnes was caught on police video calling Officer D. E. Cullen a "KKK devil who hates all colored people" and accusing him of targeting Jaguars players."

History would seem to prohibitively corroborate Barnes' statement.

But now, faced with the prospect of possibly being punished more substantially for the DUI because of his assessment of things, Barnes made this statement (from Zero Tolerance) as part of his plea bargain:

"The stress of the situation led me to say things which I do not believe. I want you to know that was out of character for me," Barnes said in a letter to(arresting officer) Cullen. "You were just trying to do your job that night, and I am sorry for the things I said to you. I know you have a hard job."

This brings to mind the Mel Gibson arrest in which he let loose on those of the Jewish persuasion. The sentiment was that, despite his apologies, Gibson really did feel that way. That being drunk led to his uninhibited commentary on Judaism. And he was not let off the hook.

Well, we would hope that the same would be applied to Mr. Barnes. It took exceptional courage for Mr. Barnes to come out and say those things directly to the police. And, now, to be coerced by the prosecution to have to recant his words is something that is beyond intolerable.

So, we hope that when people see Mr. Barnes on the field, they won't remember the empty and meaningless verbiage he submitted in his effort to gain leniency. We trust that everyone will think of his statements at the time of the arrest.

To do otherwise would be disrespectful.

Shef: The Strength to Speak Out

Some say that for top athletes, the bottom line is the pay check. The million dollar athlete is more concerned with his mansion, fleet of cars, jewelry and all the other accoutrements of the jet setting life style that fame and fortune can bring.

Love of the game and an enlightened perspective on the world they live in are lost.

One athlete that deserves applause and respect for having the courage and integrity to place his own need for justice and fairness above the dollar signs is Gary Sheffield.

Shef has long taken heat for being outspoken. For telling it like it is. For having the compunction to put realness ahead of a pay check. His allegiance to self truth has cost him dearly. Management at many of his employers have had it out for him. Fans only get the "media's" reformed opinion of what he says. The context of his statements is reduced to sound bites. He is portrayed as angry and disagreeable.

The angry Negro. Unappreciative of all he has been "given".

Well, we are here to tell you. Shef is painted as such in an effort to marginalize the truths that he habitually unveils. Shef is portrayed as the bitter, angry Negro by MLB and the media in an effort to get the public to turn their collective backs on him and not listen to what he has to say.

Angry and disagreeable? Unappreciative of what he has been "given"? How about serious and contemplative. And so grateful for his blessings his hard work has led to that he feels the need to try to bring truth to baseball to make things better for the next generation. How about that?

Now, in an effort to bring to light the inner demons of the Yankee clubhouse and possibly lead to healing for the individuals that have been disrespected and abused over the years, Shef has said things that people simple don't want to hear. It isn't even about believing what he says. No one is questioning the veracity of his perspective. Essentially, the response is "oh, it's that angry Sheffield, tell him to quite down."

Thankfully, Sheffield has reached a status in the game that he can't be silenced. The truth can't be muted by disingenuous attempts to deflect his unquestionably accurate perspective of his take on events.

"Black players had an issue with Joe Torre," Sheffield said in the interview with HBO. "They weren't treated like everybody else. Even I got called out in a couple of meetings that I thought was unfair."

This is inarguable. Every word is completely true.

Sheffield is a Negro player. If he and another Negro player had a problem with Torre, then it is completely reasonable for Shef to say that Negro players had an issue with Torre. If Shef felt that Torre treated him unfairly, then Torre did.

This isn't about Joe Torre. This isn't about racism. Shef even said he didn't think Torre was racist. So those in the media trying to continue this abhorrent depiction of Shef as the angry Negro casually calling everyone a racist are simply wrong.

This is about the need for baseball to exam the way it treats Negro players. It is about the need for baseball to understand that it is not the intention of the action, but the perception of the action that matters. Did Torre willfully intend to slight Shef? Did he intend to treat Shef differently? Did he even actually treat Shef differently? Probably not. But that doesn't matter.

Shef felt as a Negro he was treated differently. That is indisputable. You can't argue how Shef felt. You can't say, "no, Shef, you don't feel as if Torre treats Negroes differently." And that is all that matters.

"When you're hearing from your manager that they should have gotten Vladimir Guerrero, that's disrespectful, but nobody ever came to my defense and said it was."

Imagine. You show up to a new employer, and all your supervisor does is talk about the guy he'd rather have in your place. That is the type of thing that could cause a sensitive man like Sheffield to get down on himself and question his self worth. That is the type of thing that can break a man. And, when the rest of the organization does nothing to defend the new employee/player, it leave that individual feeling like he is alone in this new world. And, throw in the final factor: The manager and the organization are white. The individual being disrespected and shown no support is Negro. What conclusion can one come to other than Negroes are treated differently? There is no other logical conclusion.

"I had a lot of one-on-ones with Joe," he continued. "I don't just jump to a conclusion on every issue. When he called me out in meetings, I tried to take a positive out of it. I talked it over with my wife and she said maybe he was doing it to make me an example for everyone else. I told her she might be right.
"But when it hit the papers, that he called me out in meetings, then it's a different ballgame and that's what happened."

And that is when it became clear to Shef that this wasn't simply about trying to improve the team. It was about disrespecting Sheffield and treating him, as a Negro, differently.

Sheffield has taken a lot of heat over the years for his willingness to quickly leave a team and move on to the next high paying situation. Has anyone every considered that it isn't about the money. That it is completely about respect and Sheffield's continuous search for a situation in which he won't perceive that he is being treated differently because he is a Negro? That, his short stays and constantly changing teams is a quest for acceptance and a continued fight for the acceptance of Negro players in MLB?

We are so quick to laugh and belittle players when they hold out or complain about contracts. Especially when they say "this isn't about money, this is about respect".

Until you have been a Negro, belittled by Joe Torre in front of the mostly white Yankees, you will never understand how true it is.

And we wonder why the Negro community is losing interest in baseball.

Friday, July 13, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Male Spice Girl Arrives on US soil

Earth shattering news.

According to ESPN, a fruity looking male spice girl has arrived from the UK.

Apparently there is a bleached blond, ambiguously male, white soccer player that was signed for an ungodly sum by the Los Angeles Soccer Team (we'll edit in the name of the team when we care about MLS).

Rumor is, that upon landing, everyone in the area with legitimate XY chromosomes demanded that he be returned to sender, post haste.

Pacman: Targeted by Police

For months, we've been carefully researching and analyzing the Pacman Jones situation.

We've identified a pattern of behavior that has been detrimental, maybe criminal. We've identified a lack of responsibility and a willingness to seemingly be influenced by individuals with goals that are not necessary compliant with what is best.

And now, it seems there is irrefutable evidence that supports what we have long known.

Attorney Worrick Robinson said deputy David Hadley had "made claims in the past that he was going to pull over Adam Jones the first time he got occasion to, that's exactly what he had been bragging about around other people in Williamson County."

That's right. Our long held belief that the police have been acting spitefully and willful attempting to hem Mr. Jones up is seemingly correct.

Hadley saw Jones get into the driver's seat of his orange Lamborghini at a Franklin Mapco on Highway 96 on June 10 and pulled him over at 8:31 p.m. because of prior knowledge that Jones didn't have a driver's license, Sheriff Ricky Headley said.

Jones did have a valid driver's license from Georgia, but was cited for a 30-day residency violation.

This leaves the improbably correct impression that this particular officer was staking Jones out. Laying in wait to spring into action as soon as he thought there was potential to further sully the good name Pacman Jones.

"It was not because he was speeding. It was not because he was swerving or that he failed to obey any traffic signal or any other traffic laws," Robinson said of the traffic stop. "He pulled him over. He had heard that Mr. Jones did not have a valid driver's license."

Pulled over for DWBP. Driving while being Pacman.

That citation included the notation that the deputy made the stop because another deputy told him the cornerback had no driver's license.

Jones has already been the victim of punishment without due process. Now, he is pulled over without any acceptable probable cause.

The other disturbing issue here is that the local media received a fax of the citation from the police department almost immediately.

"I just have a problem with an officer, whoever it is, faxing that to a media outlet," Robinson said.

Clearly, this is a blatant attempt to get this news out and circulating to do damage to Pacman.

So, again. All the calls for personal responsibility. Acting in a manner which is inconsistent with cooperating with the tenants of justice. Keeping silent to protect one's own "inner circle". Willfully flaunting the law.

All these contentions. All of them are now clearly exposed by Mr. Jones' lawyer. While they may be unsupportable and thoroughly unprovable, that matters not.

It's time the media pick up this story and report what Mr. Jones' lawyer is attempting to suggest.

Pacman is the victim.

The argument is now complete.

Urlacher: Forced to be a Father

We have previously lodged complaints in this forum citing the horrible example athletes like Matt Leinhart, Tom Brady and Brian Urlacher have set for their young fans with their irresponsible lifestyles. Pointedly, about the budding army of illegitimate children the three are mobilizing.

Finally, after months of our shedding attention on this plague, the judicial system is listening to us.

Possibly, Urlacher referring to his child as a "pussy" was the final insult against fatherhood that could not be overlooked.

A judge ordered Urlacher to attend parenting classes.

We applaud this action and commend the judge responsible for mandating that Urlacher at least make an effort to learn the skills necessary to deal with the situation.

Certainly, this is a message being sent to the triumvirate of bare back lovers. Strictly and sternly saying that society will not accept them polluting our environment with their seeds if they are not willing to adequately parent them.

This is a step in the right direction in enforcing the concept of personal responsibility on these particular athletes and their ilk that seem to live life as if they are beyond reproach.

Let's just hope they get the message.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rejection: Coping With Institutional Bias

From most of our readers, if we type out the initials "KSK", we'd probably receive emails wondering if we made a typo and switched out a k for an s.

But, KSK is the acronym for a little known fringe of blogfrica, located at Kissing_Suzy_Kolber.

Recently, the "bloggers" on KSK held a contest to determine what lucky individual would receive a special invite to participate as the last member of their fantasy football league.

NOIS felt that it would be a worthwhile undertaking to claim the spot as our own. We also felt that we would be doing the "blog" a favor by giving it the unparallelled exposure it would get from the affiliation with NOIS. As part of the lineage of the original tribe of blogfrica, we feel a social responsibility to lend assistance and guidance to all inhabitants.

So, we submitted a reasonable, friendly and detailed application for admission into their league. An application highlighting the advantages our inclusion would provide. Submitted under the assumption that all entrants would be evaluated with an open mind and that presumed ideology (read: race) would not be an issue or used in determining acceptance into the all-white undertaking.

To our consternation, our application was rebuffed.

Our first instinct, rage. The pondered response was a concentrated assault of deadly vitriol aimed at assassinating the character of KSK. But the reality of the character of KSK assured the futility of such an energy draining proposition.

Further instinct led to the possibility of mustering our garrison of commenters and "busing" them to the hinterland of blogfrica occupied by KSK with the intention of orchestrating a peaceable, though staunch, virtual picketing of the site.

But, we realized, based on the admonition received in the rejection, that a better course of action was available.

"We couldn't bear the thought of spending a season being lectured to by these guys."

In light of that sentiment, our course of action is clear.

We're gonna start a fantasy league with these guys.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Righteous Break

More proof that evil is no match for the righteous.


Allahu Akhbar.

Tank Johnson: The Real

We are all acutely aware of the Tank Johnson saga, from his trials and tribulations leading up to the Super Bowl to his rehabilitative course in holding. And, of course, the recent traffic stop that led to his release from the Bears. The traffic stop that led to his being charged with a DUI which was later dropped because his BAC was below the alcohol level.

All we heard from the media was that the state of Arizona's law is a bit discretionary, in that even if you are below the legal limit, if the harassing arresting officers deem your condition to indicate that you are impaired; you can be charged regardless of BAC.

Johnson was not charged. Indicating that, apparently, the police did not deem his condition to be at a level of impairment that would constitute their invoking the discretionary application of the DUI law.

Now, we aren't going to get into the Bears cutting Johnson before waiting to see if he would be charged. Quite honestly, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. The Bears heard of the incident and decided to wash their hands of Mr. Johnson.

While the Bears certainly can't be blamed for taking the action they took, the police certainly can be held accountable for exasperating the situation and possibly instigating the Bears into action.

More information about the events the night (early morning) of the stop have come out. And the situation certainly is shining a light on how the police handled a cooperative, concerned and repentant Tank Johnson.

He told police several times that he hadn't had any alcohol, though the blood test suggested otherwise. He said that within 24 hours of being pulled over, he had taken two Valium to help him sleep on a flight to Arizona.

So, from the moment the stop took place, Jones made it clear that he was not drunk. That alcohol was not a factor. That the reason he may have been driving erratically was due to some residual tiredness from him self medicating to get some sleep.

Tank told Bates he was a football player and tried several times to get the officer to let him go. Johnson went from stalling, to panicking, to this: ''Terry was very concerned about the effect of his arrest on his career,'' Bates said in the report. ''After the fingerprinting, Terry asked for an opportunity to meet with Police Chief Tim Dorn to discuss the case. ''I provided him with contact information and advised that the Chief typically worked regular business hours. Terry pointed to the blood sample and requested, 'Don't do anything with that until I talk with the Chief.'''

Again, Johnson proves to be coherent, cooperative and conscientious. Even identifying who he was. And further acknowledging that if the stop was not handled properly and with appropriate attention to detail, it might have an adverse effect on his future.

So far, Johnson seems to have handled the situation with class, dignity and surprising calm.

Here's what the report says happened just before 3:32 a.m., after Bates told Johnson he was failing the field sobriety tests: ''He requested I follow him while he drove to his mother's home.''

Again, Johnson, despite his relaxed state due to his flight, had the good sense to make a reasonable request to ensure that he was able to get home safely. Certainly, it would be foolish of the police to let him drive unsupervised in his current state.

At 3:46: ''Terry stated he did not want to have any problems and requested I release him without completing the investigation.''

Johnson had been forthright and honest with the situation thus far. What was there left to investigate?

Don't feel sorry for Johnson unless you want to blame a culture that gives special breaks to athletes, fostering more bad behavior.

We wonder: When did the police following drowsy drivers to their mama's house become a "special break"?

It just seems like the right thing to do.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Preferred Status

One of the hypocritical complaints we are often subjected to by fervent followers of the mainstream "media" is that Negro athletes receive preferential treatment in day to day life. That they get away with things that the average person normally is held accountable for.

Of course, the dichotomy in this is that the mainstream "media" is the reason the athletes are held in such esteem. It is the media's attention and awareness of these individuals that places them in their preferential state.

And this is where the notion of the "media" building them up to later tear them down is born.

One of the things we discussed at our morning staff righteousness meeting today was this very topic. And a perfect example of institutionalized white America bestowing this preferential treatment on a Negro athlete jumped out at us.

He [Jeff Jordan, Michael's son] is taking two summer classes and spends many afternoons playing pick-up games with his future teammates. Although a walk-on, Jordan has "preferred" status, meaning he won't have to try out for the team.

The "media" gleefully delivers the story of the preferred status of the young legacy. The "university" happily announces that they are granting this preferential treatment on young Jordan. Compliantly proliferating the practice of placing young Negro athletes above normal expectations.

Yet, if young Michael Jeff does not meet expectations, or makes a poor decision along the way to adulthood; we will see the jackals of the "media" surround him and tear the flesh from his bones piece by painful piece.

The game is clear. The intentions are clear.

The "preferred" status is all too clear.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Home Run Derby Recap

A quick run down of the excitement, in bullet form:

-Kenny Mayne on kayak
-Morgan and Baker agree that Willie Mays is best player they have ever seen. Boomer obligated to agree.
-Berman yells "back back back" a thousand times

-we get bored and switch to "Making the Band 4". The first group of candidates are introduced to a new group that is coming to battle for their spots in the house. A sing off ensues and we forget all about the Home Run Derby.

Bill Maas: Making Michael Irvin Look Like A Boy Scout

Football broadcaster Michael Irvin has been the subject of jokes and mean spirited personal attacks for a few minor misunderstandings with law enforcement over the years. His indiscretions gaining front page notoriety and eventually costing him his career at ESPN.

While Irvin was busy trying to help a friend in need by taking possession of his crack pipe; another NFL broadcaster, former Chief d-lineman Bill Maas, has apparently been keeping busy in a most peculiar fashion.

He gave them permission to do the check and that's when police found a loaded 22-caliber revolver hand gun, 5 grams of cannabis, 6 grams of cocaine and 28 ecstasy pills.

Weed, coke, X and loaded weapon.

Luckily, his employers at FOX are saved the annoyance of having to go through the hypocrisy of ignoring the situation or making up excuses to keep him on the air. There were no plans for him to work in his previous capacity this season anyway.

All's well that ends well.

LeBron James: Persecuted At Miami Club

The Miami Herald is reporting that even the global icon, superstar basketball player LeBron James of the champion Cleveland Cavaliers, is subject to the vicious stereotyping and abhorrent demands by mainstream society (read: white America) to fall in line with their "norms".

The Herald reports that over the weekend, Lebron was categorically denied entrance to hot spot nightclub Mansion.

LeBron James refused entrance at Mansion for wearing shorts, forcing him to rush off to find long pants.

Interesting, to say the least. A club that often gains notoriety from paparazzi snapping pictures of starlets entering and exiting the establishment in the skimpiest of outfits requires large, Negro basketball players to wear the equivalent of winter clothing in the midst of the unforgiving humidity of July in south Florida?

The whole situation is foul, and we decided to prove a double standard exists.

We had our research assistant run a google image search using the key words, "mansion nightclub shorts".

This image appeared in the results.
Nothing more needs said.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Urlacher: Misogyny Personified

Elijah Dukes felt the brunt of the media's wrath when voice mails and text messages he left in a fit of rage on his estranged wife's phone were made public. Essentially, they led to a downward spiral (including news that he impregnated a single young lady) that led to his being relegated from his big league position.

In light of such, one wonders if the Bears will be cutting Brian Urlacher in response to his latest transgression against females.

Urlacher has been sending horrible and vicious text messages to the single young lady he impregnated. The single young lady he left with his child.

But we aren't reading about it on the front page of the sports section. We aren't hearing it as the topic of delight on sports talk radio.

Now, in Urlacher's case, the media just accepts it and moves on.

Robertson claims Urlacher had sent her more than 30 nasty text messages since January. In those messages, he allegedly called her a "hooker" and "jealous b----," among other things, and once made this suggestion: "make one of your pimps drive you around," according to court papers filed Friday in their child custody case.

These vicious assaults against her dignity and morality can not go unchecked. If this is how Urlacher interacts with the mother of his son, we can only uninformed-ly speculate at the nightmarish interactions that must take place with women that he shares no connection.

Perhaps the most disturbing message that Urlacher sent was a disparaging remark about his 2 year old son.

""Your raising a little p---y."

That's right, apparently Urlacher called his son a pussy. Real nice.

We at NOIS suppose that the 2 year old would be on the road to being a "real man", like Urlacher, if he would only start calling women hookers and skanks and such.

If Urlacher weren't the photogenic cover boy for Aryan Magazine, we can only imagine how the "media" would be portraying him as a woman hating man that uses verbally abusive language to describe his son.

We ask: Commissioner Goodell, this is the image you are choosing to cultivate for you league? A man seething with hate for the woman that is struggling to lovingly raise the child he abandoned? A man doing all he can to make life difficult for a hard working single mother? A man who refers to a child that is being taught to value women and honor and cherish wholesome values as a pussy?

Our advice to Urlacher: Don't hate the player, hate the game. If you ain't ready to lose, you shouldn't play.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Michael Vick: The Lynching Continues

We at NOISb are well known for our rational insight, our thoughtful introspection, our unbiased interpretation of news events, and our agenda-less conveyance of sports news.

This is not our characterization of NOISb, this is what the emails and reviews that come in tell us.

So, for those of you that expect the above, we hazard that the following entry might be something that would go in direct opposition to those descriptors.

Something in today's news actually caused us to lose our cool.

The feds are conducting a second raid of Michael Vick's property.

A dozen cars and a U-Haul truck were parked Friday on property owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick in what appeared to be a second federal raid of the wooded site that has been the focus of a dogfighting probe.

The government will not rest until the career of the current flagship Negro QB has been destroyed.

This point can now no longer be argued.

And, the NFL is working hand in hand with them to assure the completion of the scheme. A scheme, which undoubtedly, the Falcons have no interest in delaying: it will save them millions.

The timing of the raid is interesting. Just last week, Tank Johnson's career with the Bears was ended. Based upon his being pulled over and "charged" with a DUI. The Bears, rightfully, said they had enough. One can't begrudge the Bears for deciding the course of action they took.

The only problem was that after Johnson was successfully cut, the police decided that no crime was committed!

But the damage could not be undone. And now, Johnson and the plethora of mouths he feed, teeter on the possibility of starvation.

Clearly, the forces working so diligently to destroy the Negro QB were the same fiends tirelessly ensuring the demise of Johnson.

Johnson was a pawn in the game. A minor player. Johnson was the tackling dummy. The test case.

Now, all eyes and efforts, fully trained and exercised in sabotage can turn to bringing down Michael Vick.

The police/feds conducted an earlier raid on the property, and supposedly, came away with enough "evidence" to feel that they could build a case against him.

Now, a second raid? The speculated purpose of this raid is to turn up the bodies of buried dogs. Most interesting. They didn't turn them up in the previous raid. What a coincidence it would be to turn them up now, after having already spent significant time previously on the property. And did we mention, they didn't allow the media in eyesight of either undertaking.

We assume the AP wire releases are already written. "Dead Fighting Dogs Found On Vick's Property". They are just awaiting the feds to pull the trigger on releasing the "story".

Most troubling to us about this situation?

The fact that terrorists tried to coordinate attacks in England. And, the possibility that there is a network of foreign doctors in the US that were contemplating a similar action.

But, where is the government focusing their precious resources? They are focusing them on "uncovering" dead dogs "found" on Vick's land.

The message is clear:

America prefers terrorists to Negro QB's.

Don't kid yourself. Americans will all be kneeling and facing Mecca five times a day before another Negro QB leads his team to a Super Bowl victory.

It couldn't be more clear, as the posse chases Michael Vick with their noose.

Tattooed Athletes: Thuggery and Poor Role Models?

We are all familiar with the stereotype: A young Negro athlete arms covered in tattoos. Labelled a thug. Presented by the media as an affront to the ideals of white society.

The image has been carefully formulated and meticulously groomed as a means to ensure keeping the Negro athlete at the cusp of acceptability. A purposeful and formulaic method of relegating the young, rich Negro to being seen as "street", "ghetto", "gully"....unacceptable to the "media" (read: white society).

Interestingly enough, when the "media" reports on a white athlete getting some ink, it's reported as a wonderful and emotional experience.

Jim Edmonds has a new tattoo on the inside of his left wrist. Joining the "DK 57" he had stenciled there for teammate Darryl Kile, who died in 2002, is a "JH 32" in black ink. The initials stand for Josh Hancock, the Cardinals pitcher who was killed in an automobile accident earlier this season.

So, while the young Negro basketball player is characterised as a thuggish gangster with socially unacceptable and repugnant etchings on his dark skin; in contrast, the white athlete is presented as a sentimental and soulful man forever memorializing the memory of his friends/team mates by delicately engraving a tribute in the light canvas that is his skin.

We leave it for you to decide the motives behind the "media's" attempt to direct social acceptability.