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Monday, July 16, 2007

Race, Not A Factor

Just wanted to point something out.

We at NOIS often are bombarded with emails accusing us of bias. Of siding with any athlete that is of Negro background, regardless of the issue.

Well, today we can resoundingly stamp out that unfair accusation.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had suspended white Chiefs player Jared Allen for 4 games because of multiple DUI's.

Allen had been added to the list of Negro players that, due to legal infractions (or, no convictions in Pacman's case) had been suspended for a portion of the season.

We have often suggested that Goodell's penalties were a bit harsh. And, we took issue with the fact that he didn't wait for the courts to rule in Jones' case.

Apparently, Goodell was listening.

He reduced Allen's suspension from 4 games to 2.

We can only assume that this means he will be reconsidering the harshness of the punishments he levied against the Negro players, right?




H.N.I.C. said...

I love it, this post is great. Get 'em.

If Jared Allen reads this, a tear will probably come to his eye due to the fact that someone out there might mistake him for a brotha. Kind of like that car fulla white boys in the old, blind, klansman- brotha, sketch Chappelle did.

Keep it up sirs, great stuff.

ZEKE said...

"a tear will probably come to his eye due to the fact that someone out there might mistake him for a brotha"

what white guy WOULDN'T cry if he were mistaken for a mean "brotha"...

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

if nothing else, you would think goodell would want to avoid the possibility of it looking like there was preferential treatment.

he has gone on and on about discipline and behavior.

and the first white guy that gets pinched with a suspension...he cuts it short?

does goodell even care about looking creditable??? at all?

Dave the Wave said...

"does goodell even care about looking creditable???"

probably not.

but i bet he cares about appearing credible.

My Hero Zero said...

I'm fairly certain that there were factors other than Mr. Allen's pigmentation that mitigated Goodell's Solomon-like wisdom. No possible, plausible ones come to mind at the moment, however, but that's only because I haven't had my coffee yet.

Jarrett Carter said...

Without having all of the facts, this clearly appears to preferential treatment based on race.

Shame too, as its still early in Goodell's tenure and does not set a good precedent.

the butler said...

So going to a strip club is worse than pumping roids? Cheating isn't so bad? Hmmm.

Yeah Goodell- great message you're sending the kids. "Integrity of the League" my rear.

Anonymous said...

Next you'll try to convince me that David Stern gives preferential treatment to Jewish basketball players.

Mr Telefone Man said...

"Shame too, as its still early in Goodell's tenure and does not set a good precedent."

i agree.

it might not be a "race" thing, but in general, it just looks bad. he did all this talking, and isn't backing it up for this specific guy.

goodell probably has a legit reason for doing it, but that doesn't change how it looks.

Signal to Noise said...

Two DUI arrests get you a two-game suspension. Rog of Iron Fist has been full of nothing but bad precedents so far.