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Monday, March 31, 2008

FInal Four: Preview and Prediction

As you are well aware, this year marks the first time that all four #1 seeds negotiated their way to the Final Four.

Here is the NOIS take on coming proceedings, and a prognostication that will certainly prove to be a righteous forecast.

UCLA: The grinding defense and potentially explosive offense is all predicated on the play of Darren Collison. Collison has set the tempo for the Bruins and his game management has allowed Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Josh Shipp to excel. The Bruins offer a rare combination of physical defense and explosive athleticism.

Memphis: The match up of point guard Derrick Rose and UCLA's Collision should prove to be one of the best of this year's tourney. The difference in this game should be the presence of Joey Dorsey in the front court. UCLA's Mbah a Moute and Lorence Mata are solid players, but the Bruins probably don't have an answer for Dorsey.

Outcome: Memphis, not a blowout, but comfortable.

Kansas: The Jaywalks eked out a close one against the Cinderella Stephen Curry's. The 'Hawks have also had some issues against teams with a strong inside game. That could pose a problem against the Tar Heels.

UNC: The 'Heels have the athletic depth to match any team in the country and should be able to match up with KU's strong perimeter game. The difference should be underneath. Marcus Ginyard, Deon Thompson, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington have been a collective force on the glass. And freshman Alex Stephenson has had some key 'bounds as well.

Prediction: UNC, in a pretty close game.

Friday, March 28, 2008

LeBron on Vogue: Approved!

This is a little late. But, as you are well aware, we have been busy helping to entrench the finality of Half-Brother Barrack's coronation as King Democrat.

Much to do was made by several Negro columnist (and more than a few of their white guilt riddled counterparts) protesting and questioning a recent Vogue magazine cover featuring a wonderfully portrayed LeBron James.

One columnist characterised the photo as being like King Kong holding his kidnapped white girl. Insinuating that LeBron was being portrayed as a violent ape, crazed by the possibility of handling a white woman.

From's Jemele Hill:

A black athlete being reduced to a savage is, sadly, nothing new. But this cover gave you the double-bonus of having LeBron and Gisele strike poses that others in the blogosphere have noted draw a striking resemblance to the racially charged image of King Kong enveloping his very fair-skinned lady love interest.

LeBron is just the third male ever to appear on Vogue's cover, but it's hard to believe Vogue would have made Brett Favre, Steve Nash or even David Beckham strike his best beast pose. And even if Vogue had, it wouldn't carry the same racial undertones as having a fear-inducing black man paired with a dainty damsel.

Too often, black athletes are presented as angry, overly aggressive and overly sexual.

We take offense at Ms Hill's offense.

The notion that James is being portrayed in an offensive way is ignorant. It is fueled by a desire (conscious or not) to conform to the white man's attempts to confine and unsuccessfully refute the Original Man's superiority in physicality.

The evilishness of the plot Ms Hill has found herself being hooked by is that it depends on the Negro to be the one to demand that James image be that of a melba toast, yes sir- no sir nonthreatening minstrel of basketball.


James is a beast on the court. Let the white man fear him.

Let the white women imagine being held on that muscular arm of his.

Let them.

And let the Negro not be deceived by this attempt by the mainstream media to use reverse psychology on them. Let the Negro not be bamboozled into forming self-lynching parties to police the Negro ranks and force conformation with the white man's desire to quell the natural Negro physical (add in sexual) domination.

We understand, that as a fairly plain looking Negress, that Ms Hill would be threatened by the uninhibited affirmation of the Original Man's virility. Certainly, she would think that most white women (when presented with such an image) would be compelled to lay themselves down before the Original Man. Lessening her own chance of landing one.

We get that. And are sympathetic to the factors which would help to drag Ms Hill into this plot.

But we ask that she not go about questioning a photo such as this or trying to add some sort of racially offensive overtone to it.

The picture is accurate and real.

Accept it.

If it scares the white folk, it scares them.

We ask that women of Ms Hill's ilk take a moment of silence on this particular non-issue. That they not make an issue out of something that isn't one.

Let the brothers tap that milky nana in peace.

Yes, we can change.

Obama '08

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vindication for LSU's Perrilloux

A few weeks ago, we enlightened you as to the racially tinged decision by LSU to suspend SEC Championship winning QB Ryan Perilloux from the squad for 'unspecified' rules violations.

We allowed you to understand that LSU's treatment of Perilloux was a microcosmic depiction of the legal system's treatment of young Negro males across this Nation. And we convinced you that it was wholly unfair to hold individuals to 'unspecified' standards.

As more information about Perilloux's dubious 'suspension' has been made public; LSU's hard stance has softened. Perilloux now could be allowed to practice as soon as next week. And he can get back on track to his rightful position as the headlining member of the returning National Champions.

Head Coach Les Miles addressed the Perilloux situation without comment on some of the circumstances that have become more clear since the 'suspension'. Miles chose to focus on the notion that, despite what can now be termed in the most uncertain of manners as an impetuous and opportunistic choice to punish Perilloux (yes, it's clear that Miles and LSU didn't bother to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding the 'rules violations', and, instead chose to turn the situation into an opportunity to tighten their shackles around RP and ensure that he understood that his future was subservient to Miles and LSU's collective success), Perilloux must 'earn' back his position.

"We are not ready to rely upon anybody at the quarterback spot," Miles said. "We have three guys there. There will be a competition. Perrilloux has to compete."

Indeed, the coach focused on the things Perilloux must do to regain his stature on the team.

Interestingly enough, there was no mention of some of the clarification that has since come to light on the 'rules violation'.

Perrilloux's former high school coach, who remains close to the quarterback and his family, has said Perrilloux missed a mandatory team meeting, then missed classes to attend his father's funeral without notifying coaches.

Clearly, Miles and his cohorts at LSU were miffed that Perilloux's father chose to terminate in conflict with team functions and that RP (a young man in a state of confusion and obviously in a clouded mental condition) chose to be with his family to mourn their loss, rather than attend an off season meeting.

Miles, the newly crowned National Championship coach must have felt this as a slight and a direct slap at his now 'god-like' stature in Baton Rouge. The coach and the university chose to send a message to young Negro males the country over:

Ensuring that you are properly practiced and conditioned to excel on the football field at all times, so as to ensure the lofty stature of your white coach takes precedence over regrouping with your Negro family to be together as one to help each other suffer through the loss of a dear loved one.

We read time and again the white devil's complaint that Negro families don't fulfill the obligatory role of providing support and personal development for their members. We read of the white devil's complaint that Negro men don't fulfill their fatherly duties. Yet, when the Negro family attempts to come together and provide that support and personal development for each other, the nearest white devil in a position of authority cracks his whip with a force so hateful that it knocks the very breath of the mourning Negro from his lungs.

We shall overcome. We can change.

Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote for fair treatment of Negro college athletes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Rant: Time to 'Crown' King

We certainly aren't the first blog to take umbrage with Peter King's literal concoctions. From his almost always wrong Fantasy Football advice, to near weekly column droppings about calling (insert football player) on his personal cell phone, to his (now, humanely halted) attempts to recommend music to his maddeningly late discoveries of technological advancements and portraying them as if he just stumbled upon something new....clearly, Blogfrica never has been and never will be a fan of SI's Norm Peterson look alike.

But, at this juncture, we feel compelled by the Greatest Power to issue a fatwa on the writings of King.

His unholy writing and treacherous opinions must be mercifully deposed and eradicated. As a peaceful Nation, we do find it to be conflictious of us to advocate violence against the writings of King; but nonetheless, we will be the ones burdened with our veritable hypocrisy.

At times, it is best to accept righteousness for what it is...not what it isn't. We ask our followers at this time to accept this righteous decree and to limber their arms as they pick up stones to follow us as we set forth to punish the column so heinously and infidelically aimed at our faith and our righteous intellect.

Certainly, you ask yourself, what could this creature have possible set forth in written word that could so completely compel such vehement and inarguable opposition? Surely, the rotund curly cue of a 'journalist' couldn't possibly be capable of surprising anyone with a silly comment, a completely wrong prediction or a lame attempt at humor. His mundane language, inept commentary and predicable opinions certainly don't incite the emotions of the rational and righteous. Normally.

But, King has somehow lifted his fat, flat foot and extended it past the line of just being an unimaginative bore. King has insulted Blogfrica on a level that exceeds cartoonish representations of Allah. A level that extends beyond insulting beliefs.

In the past, we've watched King somehow drape himself in a moral cloak fashioned from his muddled view of politics, culture and sports. We've simply shaken our collective heads as a Nation and chalked it up to his being out of touch with pop culture and real politics.

This time, King has somehow sewn his misguided assumptions, desires and view of 'media' into a Baby Huey sized pair of undergarments that barely hold in his ample and dimpled buttocks, as he wags his porcine finger pretending he has any intellectual authority on the subject at hand.

"Want to read an enjoyable blog, a guy who blogs the way blogs were meant to blog? David O'Brien has a great slice-of-spring-training-life in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Very human, with snippets of how he does his job (not as easy as you think), the music that accompanies him on trips around central Florida chasing the Braves, and the fun scenes he sees -- like the Hooters with the defunct Hooters Motel behind it. "

First, we must stress that in no way should David O'brien's blog or words be inadvertently harmed in the stoning of King's column. O'brien deserve no outrage. He is simply a pawn in the infidelity perpetrated by this ghastly King.

Blog the way blogs were meant to blog? Judgment and direction on blogging apportioned to Blogfrica from..............Peter King?

This contemptuous act, clearly meant as an insult and purposely aimed at anyone who has so much as thought of taking up keyboards and joining NOIS' revolution, can not be allowed to blight the internet. The internet that NOIS has so carefully, righteously and thoughtfully set free under the auspices of our declaration of manifest Blogfrica.

King's words are akin to not simply blasphemy, but an invasion. An invasion of insipid thought, action and words into a wonderfully open and painfully righteous realm. A crusade of darkness and evilishness into a peaceful and enlightened domain.

We beseech each and every reader to take up stones. To follow us to the grotto and to aim their stone at the "Monday Morning QB" column, ejaculated each Monday morning by King. To pull back their arms and force every ounce of righteous intellect they can behind that stone as it powers through the air and impacts the very breath out of the horrid words turned on us by King.

The day the devilishly boring and dinosaurish intellect of a Peter King determines 'the way blogs were meant to blog' is the very day that righteousness on earth shall forever be extinguished by suffocating shackles of status quo and unoriginal thought.

Dear friends and believers....end the tyranny of this fat prophet of Satan by casting your stone at his column until the very last breath of stagnant thought and empty insight is forever crushed under the righteous unity of Blogfrica.

We put our faith in the power above to protect us from this scourge of intellect.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paradise Found: Righteous Victory in the Center Of Evil

The picture says it all.

A smiling Original Man in Carolina Blue.

Two exasperated pawns of the Devil.

Green went after the rim with particular gusto on one first-half fast break, posterizing Paulus with a thunderous dunk that Heels fans will be celebrating for months

"It felt good, man," Green said. "There's a lot of people in the country that don't like Greg Paulus. I'm pretty sure they were pretty happy watching that."

Certainly, Green righteously communicated most of the world's view on not only Paulus but what he represents. And we certainly will be enjoying running the 'posterizing' of Paulus through our minds for several months. As will most fans of good and righteous hoops.

What must be brought to the forefront of discussion after this 3rd consecutive victory in the Den of the Devil, is that the difference was pure athleticism. A trait commonly found amongst the righteous and original man.

The legion of doom fighting for the evil intentions of coach K(kk) certainly fought tenaciously and with verve. Clawing and scratching (and fouling with virtually no calls) as the Righteous Black (yes, tar is black, so let's call it what it is) Heels dominated inside. Gritty Black Heel Tyler Hansbrough didn't even reach the foul line once. Think about all the contact you saw in the paint and ruminate on that.

Yes, despite the tainted souls of the referees allowing the Creatures of Cameron to run free and with reckless abandon for the rules, the Black Heels relied on that athleticism (synonymous with the original basketball playing man) to overwhelm and decapitate the the devil's serpent. Exposing the soulless ghouls of Durham as mere pretenders to the throne of college hoops.

The power above made the sky Carolina Blue for a reason!