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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quarterback Darwinism: Is Notre Dame Evolving?

The last time Notre Dame won a National Championship, their on field general was Negro QB Tony Rice.

Since then, ND has not been a viable contender, despite prancing out a long line of highly tauted, highly recruited QBs.

Coach Charlie Weis has fashioned himself to be "the" quarterback guru, molding Tom Brady into a premiere QB and presenting Brady Quinn as a "viable" franchise QB. Now, Weis is faced with the challenge of starting from ground zero. A QB with virtually no experience.

At the conclusion of spring ball, Weis had this to say about the three front runners:

After concluding spring ball evaluations, Evan Sharpley, Demetrius Jones and Jimmy Clausen remain as the main contenders. Each of these three young men brought something unique to the QB competition. Evan ran the operation the best, Jimmy threw the ball the best, and Demetrius made the most plays. For these reasons, they will compete for playing time.

We've discussed and agreed in the past, that the QB position has evolved into a position that requires definitive athleticism, self confidence and true play making ability. Looking at Weis' comments, and knowing that Weis is fully aware of what Quarterback Darwinism is all about, we can pretty accurately interpret what was said. And, remember, Weis has watched play making Negro QBs win the past two National Championships and he has watched Troy Smith destroy his team and win a Heisman Trophy during the same period.

He said that Sharpley ran the operation best. That is code for "back-up".

Clausen threw the ball the best. That means that the highly recruited Clausen isn't showing the ability to be a field general and has developed that strong athleticism to be a premier college QB yet.

Finally, he said that Jones made the most plays. That means Jones is a play maker. And, as is well documented, the evolution of the position and the unstoppable tide of Quarterback Darwinism require (in addition to the other requisite qualities) a play maker.

Weis wants maximum effort from each of the "candidates". He wants them hungry through summer workouts and preseason camp. No one can blame him for that.

But, his language gives him away.

Notre Dame's return to glory will be made possible by the same key ingredient as their last run to a title.

A play making Negro QB.

Congrats to Demetrius Jones. Touchdown Jesus has his hands up. Dap 'em up!

Chad Johnson: Racing A Horse

Long time ago, we pointed out that Barbaro was getting better treatment and support than certain human athletes that were undergoing injury rehab.

Well, once again, we are seeing the Negro athlete relegated to equine status.

Bengals' WR Chad Johnson will be racing a horse. For charity.

While we don't begrudge Johnson's never failing desire to continue to be a positive role model and do everything within his power to assist the less fortunate; we wonder how an organization could feel comfortable asking a proud athlete to put himself on display as some sort of side show act.

One wonders if the Bengals, reeling from the calculated negative effects the media's coverage of the police's treatment of their players, strong armed CJ into this dehumanizing charitable act.

Certainly, Carson Palmer is the biggest name on the roster. Yet, he is saved the indignity of running with a horse.

Again, CJ's never ending desire to help those in need should not be belittled.

It's just a shame that in order to help he must run through a road apple infested field designed for the display of the athletic prowess of horses.

The article didn't mention if a midget would be saddled on his back striking him with a horse whip to get maximum effort out of him.

We can only assume.

Congressional Candidate Scolds Tom Brady

Several months ago, we posted that athletes like Tom Brady, Brian Urlacher and Matt Leinhart set horrible examples for fans and should be chastised; not lauded as heroes.

Well, it seems someone was paying attention.

Congressional candidate Kevin Thompson had this message for Brady and his ilk:

“Many millions of small, adoring fans look up to Brady only to find him chasing models, fathering children out of wedlock, and unashamedly engaging in an immoral lifestyle,” Thompson writes. “This is the man we look up to, admire, and spend money to purchase tickets to see . . . What kind of world is this if Tom Brady is not absolutely ashamed of himself? He, a grown man, is showing the maturity of a hormone-driven teenager.”

We have brought this message to light in the past, and couldn't agree more.

Which are impressionable young fans more likely to emulate: allegedly order the shooting of bouncers at strip clubs or take up misogynistic, philandering ways?

Which players are going to effect greater numbers of young fans: the demonized and hated Negro athlete, or the glorified and deified white quarterback?

Clearly, Roger Goodell has spent his time reviewing the lifestyles of and suspending the wrong athletes.

The time has come to send a message to the other athletes that feel they are above reproach.

Send that message commissioner, show the fans you really want to clean up the game.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

White Coach of HBCU arrested

Florida A&M University basketball coach Mike Gillespie was placed on paid leave after being arrested.

Mr. Gillespie was charged with misdemeanor stalking.

Normally, we don't know that we'd be opposed to a gentleman taking the necessary steps to ensure that a female counterpart was living a clean and wholesome life. If it meant tactically surveilling her, well, then that might be what was necessary.

However, the circumstances of both this event and the University dictate that Gillespie must be fired.

Gillespie is married and the woman he is accused of surveilling is not his wife. So, we can't defend his action in this case. And, since his actions are indefensible, we can only concur with law enforcements decision to levy charges against him.

As such, we believe that it is now imperative for the University to rid their campus of this individual.

Mr. Gillespie is the the head basketball coach at an historically Negro university. He is in a position of authority and guidance over a dozen or so impressionable young Negro athletes. It it paramount that the University take this opportunity to impress upon these young men that flagrant and indefensible violation of the law can not be tolerated.

These young men read daily reports of other young Negro athletes being charged or accused of crimes. They see these athletes cut by teams or suspended by leagues. Even before the case is dispositioned.

Now, the criminal activity has hit home. In order for the University to instill the proper value and understanding of adherence to the law, there is no recourse but to escort Mr. Gillespie off campus. To allow him to remain while his charges are investigated or to remain until a legal decision is made sets the wrong example.

Professional sports leagues are no longer waiting. And, as we can see through the proactive stance the NFL is taking in sending its very own investigators to "help" the VA investigators in the Vick case, pro sports are redefining the legal system.

Therefore, we urge FAMU to get in step with this new judicial movement. We urge FAMU to expeditiously clear Mr. Gillespie's office and render him unemployed.

It is time for us all to institute the new legal litmus test:

What would Roger Goodell do?

We would also hope that FAMU realize that while they were progressive in their action of hiring a white coach, that clearly it might not be in the best interest of the Negro students to be exposed to white men that fall victim to their most primal urges.

Yes, Gillespie led FAMU to the NCAA's and some on court success. However, it is time to think about the University's reputation. A white coach at an HBCU brings the spotlight. A white coach salaciously and illegally invading the privacy of women in the community brings negative press.

The University has expectations of conduct for its employees. And, while what Mr. Gillespie did might not be a big deal in white culture, it is intolerable to break such laws and represent an HBCU.

Happy Wednesday

Back, after a longer weekend than anticipated.

Anyway, much going on for us to comment about and shed righteous insight.

Just wanted to share this real quickly:

Looks like the NFL is going to get some new competition. From a crazy old rich guy and a founder of google.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Prosecutor: Henry is "lowlife"

Well, a few days after trying to sabotage the future of Bengals' WR Chris Henry, Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson had some choice words about him.

"This is a lowlife not worth the attention," said Edmondson, who made the comments in an interview with David Wells, The Enquirer's editorial page editor.

Not worth the attention? Odd, it was the prosecutor's circulating the false rumor that Henry tested positive for drugs that CAUSED the attention. Now, it's not worth the attention?

Mind you, this prosecutor first said that Henry failed, then said that the results were inconclusive. He made these statements having no direct knowledge of the situation. And his office had no supervision over the probation of Henry.

Do you smell personal vendetta?

Edmondson, in turn, tried to blame Henry's attorney for the incident.

Edmondson said it all started Monday morning, when a Channel 12 reporter approached him and said Lotz (Henry's attorney) had "acted kind of hinky" when he was asked in passing how Henry was doing.
Edmondson then told the reporter that his office had received word the previous week that Henry had failed the two preliminary tests. "So I told him that the rumor around the courthouse was that he (Henry) had failed a drug test," Edmondson said.

Of course, the media circulated the story. And somehow, this shocked Edmondson.

"He's (Lotz) the one who actually set it up when he acted 'hinky,' " Edmondson said.

So, in the convoluted world of this prosecutor with a vendetta (which will become clear in a moment) against Henry, the fact that Henry's attorney acted oddly with the media caused the prosecutor to start slinging false rumors?

And, more disturbingly, it caused the prosecutor to twice use the work "hinky".

The situation becomes clearer when Edmondson reveals what the root of the problem is.

Henry previously served only 2 days of 90 day sentence, and can be sent back for the final 88 if he violates the terms of his parole in Kenton County.

"Unfortunately we only got him on a minor charge," Edmondson said. "He should have been in jail for all the other things he did. "I wanted the 88 days hanging over him," Edmondson said. "I thought we'd give him a taste and a chance to straighten out, but he didn't. He went straight to Ohio and was driving without a license."

Clearly, the problem here isn't Chris Henry.

Henry served his mandated term. And he has adhered to the terms of his parole.

We have prosecutor who is severely misplacing his anger. If the prosecutor is unhappy with the time Henry served, shouldn't he be addressing his anger at the judge who conveyed the sentence?

This is an old story.

Prosecutor has chance to make name for himself by locking up young, famous Negro. Judge realizes that, at heart, it was a simple error in judgement made by the accused and renders a mitigated sentence. Jealous and devilish prosecutor resorts to character assassination in an attempt gain final "victory" over the repentant individual who has clearly lived up to the parameters of his sentence.

We will be circulating a petition to remove this prosecutor, and his personal blood vendetta against Henry, from the Kentucky state Bar under the auspices that it is "hinky" of a prosecuting attorney to circulate lies in the media about parolees.

Honestly, since it now has been proven that the prosecutor made this up, one must wonder what sort of lies he brought against Henry during his trial.

Duke LaCrosse: Extra Year of Eligibility?

Normally, when one thinks of a Duke athletic team demanding special treatment, expecting that a different set of rules apply to them and espousing an arrogant and nauseating attitude; one thinks of coach KKK's fruity cagers.

Well, apparently the holier than thou, we deserve to be treated like the sons of royalty attitude normally excreted by coach KKK has made its way to the lacrosse squad.

The school is asking the NCAA to grant an extra year of eligibility for team members, who played just eight games in 2006 before the university canceled the rest of the season amid rape allegations against three players.

Excuse us?

Let's recap.

Duke University, in show of spineless and heartless capitulation to the possibility of pressure (again, we say possibility) pulled the plug on the lacrosse season. The cowardly and shameful administrators waved the flag of surrender and sold out the men of their university before anyone in the media or beyond was calling for Duke to cancel the lacrosse season.

Yes, Duke's president enacted a strategy straight from the pages of the French Army's battle doctrine. Wave the white flag at the first sign of enemy fire.

Instead of standing by their young men and demanding due process and at least some tangible results from the investigation, Duke chose to indict their own young men. Showing no confidence in the accused players' innocence, the team was treated as pariahs and told they were unworthy to wear Duke uniforms.

Now, in the evil capacity that we expect from a university that is essentially run by the devil on earth, the school has decided that their poor players deserve another year. And that the NCAA should bend its rules to suit them.

The school has reached the semi-finals in this year's NCAA tourney, and obviously feels that next season could be championship caliber if they can get these kids back.

This transparent and ridiculous attempt to manipulate the NCAA into granting them the chance to falsely proliferate future success on the lacrosse field must be stopped. At all costs. This is satan's work. This is the white devil thumbing his nose at the entire country. At athletes and teams everywhere, in every sport.

How dare you Duke!

YOU cancelled your own season.

YOU chose not to demand evidence or due process.

You chose not to believe in these boys.

And now, you want the rules changed so you can benefit from their services for another year.

If these young men have any sense of pride. Any sense of self worth. Any sense of self loyalty (since the university showed them none). Any sense of righteous and warranted indignation. Any ability to clearly understand that the university sacrificed them at the alter of public opinion at the primary opportunity. If these young men can understand this, the only proper action would be this:

Do not play in the semi-finals this season. At the opening of the game, peel off those cloaks of the devil Duke calls uniforms, drop your gloves and sticks and walk off the field.

The university abandoned you.

Now, they want you to play another year?

Have some self respect.

Or, remain a Dukie.

Michael Vick: Target Gets Bigger

For those skeptical that Roger Goodell and the NFL don't indeed have plans to "rid" the league of certain players, we offer this:

NFL security has contacted investigators in Surry County, Va., to offer its services in the investigation of illegal dogfighting at a property owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Last time we checked, "NFL security" was not a law enforcement agency and didn't have any jurisdiction in VA. But, here they come. "Helping" law enforcement investigators with the inquisition of Michael Vick.

This is a sign, clearly, that things have gone too far in the NFL. Vick's situation is rapidly passing the point of acceptability. The flagrant dismissal of judicial fairness and due process being exercised by Goodell demands confrontation. The representatives of the NFLPA have been mum. If they are unwilling to stand up to the ever increasing gestapo tactics of the NFL's new czar, then it is time for someone else to step in as a voice on behalf of the rights of the players.

As Goodell brazenly flaunts the very principles that have allowed our justice system to be the envy of the world, a dismayed public wonders which players will be targeted next for destruction.

The idea that NFL security, an organization under the direct control of the very people attempting to run Vick out of football, is now on the scene is akin to having a sergeant at arms from the local KKK working with the FBI in tracking MLK, Jr.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that things are not going to end well for Mr. Vick. Being a Negro QB and the face of a franchise. Being, potentially, the most marketable player in the NFL. And having a "look" that old white men with fat wallets and racist inclinations find threatening have all combined to paint a target on the back of Mr. Vick.

A target that at this point, Stevie Wonder could hit from 500 yards down range.

All ready on the right? All ready on the left? All ready on the firing line.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chris Henry: No Failed Drug Test

Despite the attempt by prosecutors to make it harder for young Bengals' WR Chris Henry to complete the work he has undertaken to rebuild his reputation and regain his roster spot, the truth has come out.

On Monday, prosecutors leaked information that Henry had failed a drug test in Kentucky. The result was that, and all the others ran stories implying that an impending failed drug test would be in the near future.

The devilish attempt of the prosecutor to secure the end of Henry's NFL career imploded today.

On Wednesday, the state of Kentucky released the following statement:

"This information did not come from the state Division of Probation & Parole. Repeated referrals to our office by the Kenton County Attorney's office were wrong. The Kenton County Attorney's Office has no jurisdiction in our probation supervision of Henry. Our office

did, however, receive results of a drug test conducted on Henry today, and those results were negative."

This is completely outrageous and further indication of the widespread effort to destroy the careers of young Negro athletes.

Clearly, a county attorney's office that has NO jurisdiction over the probationary terms of Mr. Henry attempting to sabotage his future is a heinous and evil act.

It would only seem fair that Mr. Henry assume the right to litigious action. This sort of ill timed, ill conceived and ill willed manipulation of the media by the "prosecutor's" office could have cost Mr. Henry the rest of the season. And it certainly further damaged his healing reputation.

The righteous outcome would be for Kenyon county to provide remuneration of equal amount to the money that will be forfeited during the enforcement of Mr. Henry' ex post facto suspension.

It is imperative that those that are trusted to enforce the law be held accountable for their actions.

One can only wonder about the injustices and evilish schemes that lie in wait for Pacman Jones and Michael Vick.

Around the NFL

Just some NFL notes...

- Roger Goodell is embarrassed that Clinton Portis doesn't think dog fighting is a big deal. He basically scolded Portis and said that Portis does not represent the views of the NFL. It was important that Goodell pointed that out, as we are certain that most folks that saw the sound bite figured that Portis was espousing the leagues views.

- The Steelers are still trying to figure out that porn email fiasco. One of their coaches "accidentally" emailed some porn to all the leagues GM's, their secretaries...and Roger Goodell. While he has been quite vocal in regard to Portis voicing his opinion that dog fighting is no big deal, Goodell has been mum on the porn issue. Apparently the commish has no problem with receiving porn himself, or all the secretaries receiving unsolicited porn.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Leonard Davis: NFL Player, Model Citizen

Since you probably won't see much about this...

Respect to Leonard Davis for his recent act of humanity. Mr. Davis, a Dallas Cowboy, saved a horse's life.

The Chandler resident, who will play for the Dallas Cowboys this coming season and has the nickname "Big," used a tractor, football player brawn and farm skills last week to pull a neighbor's horse out of a mud hole by his house, on rural acreage near Val Vista Drive and Chandler Heights roads.

We're sure that if Davis had punched the horse, THAT would have made the front pages.

If You Don't Read Peter King, You Are Missing Out

Readers, if you don't take the time to read Peter King on each week, you are missing the most socially aware and valuable sports columnist in America.

(No, we aren't columnists, so that doesn't include us. But good question.)

In his most recent MMQB, King related an experience he witnessed in the parking lot a NJ mall. To condense his descriptive imagery and breath taking writing, we will sum it up thusly:

Lady in minivan driving. Lady in Audi on phone not paying attention. Angry lady get out of minivan. Yells at lady in Audi, who is on cell phone. Cell phone is reason that Audi lady was distracted.

At this point in the column, King is just a reporter. Relaying the events as they unravelled. Giving us the details of the situation. But that quickly changes.

King becomes relevant social commentator.

"I find myself cheering on minivan woman. Where's the enforcement of the cell-phone laws in some states, the ones that mandate users not be holding the phone while driving?"

And Peter brings up a valid and enormously important point.

This incident should have never gotten to the point that a lady had to get out of her minivan to flip off another driver. A driver on a cell phone. It should have never happened.

The state of NJ has banned driving while using a hand held cell phone.

In doing so, the state assumed the responsibility of ensuring that drivers comply with the edict. As Peter points out, that's called enforcement.

If the state is going to make it illegal to do, they should allocate the appropriate number of law enforcement personnel to enforce it. As Peter asked, "where's the enforcement?"

This is an issue that transcends race, religion or ethnicity.

We at NOISb join Peter's call for law officers to be stationed in every mall parking lot in the country. Vigilantly patrolling and intent on enforcing the cell phone ban.

If law enforcement had been doing their jobs, minivan woman would never have had to get out of her car to curse at and flip off Audi lady.

This is just another case of the lack of enforcement in this country forcing citizens to be uncivil towards one another.

We have Peter King to thank for bringing this to light.

Oh, and, one more thank you to Peter. For this:

Tiger Woods and I have something in common: He just got a tuneup of his original LASIK procedure. I'll get said tuneup in June.

You don' t get commentary and insight like that anywhere else, folks!

Follow Up: Kircus Charged

In a follow up to a post yesterday, Broncos' receiver David Kircus has now been charged with assault.

"Obviously if he didn't handle himself the right way he won't be with us," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said. "But I'm going to let the due process take care of itself first and find out exactly what the situation is."

Nice to see someone in the NFL using the term "due process" and waiting to find out the particulars and letting law enforcement handle the details.

But, one supposes, it's much easier to remember the tenants of justice and to give the benefit of the doubt, when the individual charged is not only white, but is one of the rarest of creatures: a white receiver.

We suspect a white running back could be caught with a smoking gun, and still hold his roster spot.

Glover To Make Movie On Slave Revolt

We know, this isn't a post on sports.

But sometimes, it's important and required to point out events or issues that are in the news and might not be related to athletics.

Danny Glover, of Lethal Weapon fame, has put together a movie about Toussaint Louverture.

Toussaint Louverture is a towering figure in the region's (the slave revolt took place in Haiti) history. A freed slave of African descent, he led thousands of slaves in successful campaigns against British, Spanish and French troops before being betrayed, captured and exiled. He died in 1803, just before his followers succeeded in establishing the island's independence. William Wordsworth wrote a sonnet about him.

Glover will also direct the film.

Glover said he wanted to educate the US about the story. "It's been essentially wiped out of our historic memory, it's been wiped clean."

Certainly, we aren't surprised that the story of a successful slave uprising has been left behind in the collective memory of US society. The discussion of such an event could, of course, be very detrimental to the objectives of that segment of society residing high up in the ivory tower of evil.

Some might argue that this is Haitian history, not US history. Well, long ago, the US decided that its sphere of direct influence would include this entire hemisphere. Forever intertwining policies and history.

While Glover's bringing this piece of American history to screen is important, the funding of the film is the most interesting part of the story.

"Venezuela is to give the American actor Danny Glover almost $18m (£9m) to make a film about a slave uprising in Haiti, with President Hugo Ch├ívez hoping the historical epic will sprinkle Hollywood stardust on his effort to mobilise world public opinion against imperialism and western oppression."

Although some might not fully support all the politics of President Chavez, we still believe it is important to acknowledge the importance of this undertaking. The US government and infrastructure has fought for years to keep stories such as this from the American people. Burying it beneath their lies and propagandist rhetoric of democracy and civil rights. Spoon feeding us a revisionist history designed to shackle specific segments of society to their pasts.

We applaud Mr. Chavez for giving the people of the US the gift of our history. A gift our own government has been hiding in the attic.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bronco WR Being Investigated

Surely, you have read about freshly released Bengals' linebacker AJ Nicholson.

And you saw plenty of coverage about the Jet's Justin Miller being arrested for assault.

Nicholson allegedly struck a woman in club and is being charged in the matter.

The woman was Nicholson's girlfriend. She claims that, yes, they were angry and arguing. But that he did not strike her. She says she was trying to snatch a cell phone out of his hand. In her anger, she grabbed it so hard that she hit herself near the eye.

Police are pursuing charges. And the Bengals released Nicholson.

It's on the front page of, and all the sports .com's. As were links to Miller's incident.

An incident you haven't seen all over the front page of the sports sites happened this weekend also.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's office has identified Broncos receiver David Kircus as "a person of interest" in an alleged assault against a Centennial man early Sunday morning. Grayson Robinson, sheriff of Arapahoe County, said his investigators were planning to bring Kircus in for a photo lineup Sunday night or this morning. The victim suffered multiple broken facial bones in the alleged assault and was taken to Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree for surgery. According to Robinson, the incident took place about 3:20 a.m. Sunday at a party in Centennial.


The other party in Nicholson's case said it was a misunderstanding. Yet the media is acting like Nicholson is already guilty; running his incident in the headlines. The police are pursuing charges (despite the account of the "victim"). And he got cut.

Kircus' incident, in which he may have broken the face of someone, is nowhere to found on these same sites.

Oh, here is a pic of Kircus, by the way.

Amare: Back to School

Just wanted to share this quick bullet:

"Phoenix Suns star Amare Stoudemire is going back to school. Stoudemire plans to take classes at Arizona State this summer, according to an interview with KTVK-TV's Brad Cesmat in Phoenix.
Amare was asked about his summer plans: "The Olympics are still up for grabs, I played 82 games this season so I dont want to do too much coming off two knee surgeries, and I'm go to try and attend summer school, I'm going on campus and major in history probably at ASU."
Stoudemire jumped to the NBA directly from high school in Orlando."

Probably not something that is going to get a lot of attention; what with the Bengals having their problems again and all.

We just wanted to point out something that is quite common and gets little play in the mainstream media; while the Bengals and such get the headlines.

That something being all the young Negro athletes out there doing the right thing and good things.

That is all.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Broncos' Terrell: Politically Active WR

Read a recent blurb on how Broncos' receiver, David Terrell read Barack Obama's book and was moved to become active in support of the presidential candidate.

"Terrell's involvement to date has been to create a "Free Mind for Obama" T-shirt line and spread the word through a group of athletes and entertainers."

While we applaud Terrell's efforts and his initiative; it does make us wonder. Why are other NFL wide receivers not doing the same?

Terrell is a solid player, but certainly is not high profile. He seems intelligent enough, backing Obama. That seems to provide evidence that the man is awash in common sense. But, we are hesitant to believe he brings enough star power to the table.

In that light, we are initiating a campaign to draft high profile receivers into political activity.

If Terrell can come up with a T-shirt line to spread the message, imagine what others would develop. Clearly, the time is right and there is public support (more pointedly....demand) for the politically active WR. This seems like a normal evolution of the sport and the position.

We have watched Hollywood diva's and hunky actors expand their world of influence to include politics and foreign policy issues. Terrell's action shows us that the time is now ripe for the sharp, popular and common sensical young Negro WR of the NFL to mobilize.

The common feeling is that with more money, more power and more celebrity: there is more responsibility.

We have reached a point in both sport and politics that it is now just plain irresponsible for folks like Randy, TO and Chad Johnson not to be at the forefront of political activity. Their fame and fortune has been achieved through commitment and hard work. Common sense and intelligence. And rational understanding of people and events. It has also been achieved through the public accepting and being behind them.

It's time for Randy, TO and CJ to pay the public back. It's time for them to not only be leaders in the press and on the field; but, leaders at the polling station.

We anxiously await the day we see TO on C-SPAN, Randy on "Meet the Press" and CJ on the dias at a White House news conference.

As the fans who have put them on a pedestal and anxiously followed every move the press has reported on them: We deserve it.

Nay, we are owed it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Braves Sold: Aaron to Have Bigger Role

The sale of the Atlanta Braves has been approved.

We posted several days ago about Rainbow/PUSH's meeting with Braves' management. The meeting was to bring attention to the fact that Braves' roster was virtually African-American free.

Of course, we weathered a storm of anger from some of our less enlightened readers. Screaming nonsense about "ability dictates the roster" and "there just aren't enough African-Americans that are good enough". All this, despite the fact that several teams have rosters that contain "good enough" African Americans.

Well, this sale of the Braves may change all that.

We are the first to admit that we have scolded Hank Aaron for his disinterest and standoffish attitude towards Bonds' record quest. We even accused him of being in the back pocket of Commissioner Bud Selig.

But suddenly, the picture is becoming much more clear.

"Hank Aaron is going be a critical part of all this. It was very important to me, and I know it's very important to Terry and to Bill," commissioner Bud Selig said at a news conference with McGuirk and Braves chairman emeritus Bill Bartholomay. "I'm sure there will be an increased role for Hank."

Could Hank be standing down from the Bonds stuff in return for Selig's support here?

And, could Hank be doing it with the ultimate goal of addressing the declining numbers of African-Americans on the Braves and in baseball?

"Which brings us to the primary reason Aaron is returning. “I’m going to stay around long enough to raise people’s attention on some things, because there are a bunch of things that I want [baseball and the Braves] to do,” said Aaron, referring to the ridiculously low number of African-American players in the game. Until the Braves promoted Cairo’s Willie Harris from the minors this week, they were one of two teams in the majors with no African-Americans on their 40-man roster."

"...said [Braves president] Terry McGuirk, who likely will hold his current position when Time Warner sells the team to Liberty Media. “It’s pretty neat to know Hank personally and to have him in your presence. I want him around forever.”

So, the commission AND the team's execs are fully supportive of Aaron coming aboard with the intention of addressing some of these pressing issues. Certainly, they wouldn't be supportive of Aaron assuming an operational role if they also didn't recognize and concur that the Braves inability to identify and field Negro talent was not a pressing issue that needed fixed.

We want to congratulate Rainbow/PUSH on this impressive result.

One has to wonder if the Braves would be taking such initiative if Rainbow/PUSH hadn't had the fortitude to stand up to them and make that meeting happen.

We also have to admit our surprise and respect for Selig and for the Braves' executives on this issue. It is not often that a league and team will admit they have not been running a fair business and take the necessary steps to correct the problems.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Parcells Was The Cancer

They'd have you believe that Terrell Owens is a cancer. That TO is out for TO. That he isn't a team player. That he only cares about being in the news and having all eyes on him.

They'd tell you that he took the joy out of coaching for Bill Parcells last season. That he underachieved and didn't give his best.

They'd tell you a lot of things. But not necessarily the whole story.

Certainly, the crotchety and aging white coach who has a few rings couldn't be the problem. It had to have been the attention grabbing, self-centered and lazy young Negro millionaire. Right?

Not so fast, my brother.

"He has a lot of pride. He's a top receiver, and he's in shape," Jerry Jones said. "It wouldn't surprise me if he had the resolve to do better than he did last year and improve on some things. I'm surprised he's practicing, but I think he's excited about the team we've got, and he just wanted to get involved."

He's talking about TO? The man the media tells us doesn't care about anything but TO? The team cancer? The guy that drove Parcells from coaching? That TO?

And what about TO, the cancer in the locker room?

"It's a little bit more relaxed. I think you can tell that by the atmosphere in the locker room. I don't think I just have to really spell it out for you, but I think it's very evident.", said Owens.

And some teammates concurred with Owens assessment of things. Julius Jones was critical of Parcells as well.

So, despite the media's presentation of things in Dallas. We can inventory the situation rather easily. Last year, with Parcells, Owens spent much of preseason prep time working on rehabbing a leg injury. Working very hard to get ready and be in 100% condition for the season. While Owens recovered and worked diligently on his rehab, Parcells seemed to pace violently and impatiently. Angry that Owens body had the nerve not respond to Parcells' demands to get better and get on the field.

And this year? Owens shows up after off season surgery on his ring finger. Healing ahead of schedule. And he works the full load at mini-camp. His body healing at a faster rate.

You don't have to be a scientist to figure this out. Remove the cancer, and the body can heal.

Owens is still in Dallas. Parcells is gone. The body is healing.

You tell us who the cancer was.

Buchanan Dismisses Comments

Interesting happening on the Michael Vick front.

Last week a radio mouth got on the air and stated that former Falcon Ray Buchanan had told him that Michael Vick was very much into dog fighting and that Ray said Michael was involved with the dogs on the property in VA.

Well, Mr. Buchanan wants to make it clear. He didn't say any of the things attributed to him on that radio show.

"I don't know anything about Mike being involved in dogfighting, and that's for real, coming from the Mouth of the South," Buchanan told the Journal-Constitution Monday. "For me to say something like that is wrong because I'd never throw another player under the bus. I don't know and I didn't say anything about Mike Vick, who I know, who I live by, having anything to do with dogfighting."

The analyst who made the claims refuses to back down from his earlier comments.

"I'm going to stand by comments that I made on the show," Fox Sports analyst Chris Landry said. "That's all I'm going to say about it."

So, it would seem that there are two versions of the conversation that took place between Landry and Buchanan. And no tape.

The radio host, Steve Duerring, said Monday that Landry "was pretty convincing."

And Mr. Buchanan is not?

Well, the plot against Vick thickens.

We have stated from day one that this was part of an umbrella scheme to rid the NFL of Negro QBs. We indisputably pointed out the Government's involvement with trying to entrap Mr. Vick at the airport; the scheme to use the magic of government "alchemy" to turn jewelery into marijuana. We effectively pointed out that the most damning "evidence" of Vick's knowledge about the dogs on the property was simply unattributed quotes to unnamed "friends" of Vick's. And now, the quotes supposedly made by Buchanan that have been pasted on every sports page around the country are turning out to be a figment of some no name analyst's vivid imagination.

The truth has a way of eventually making itself known. It can be avoided and pushed out of view for a period of time. But, eventually the truth shines through.

So far, all this has proven to be nothing but smoke. They say, "where there's smoke, there's fire." But, and we can all agree, in this case it should be, "where there's smoke, there's mirrors." Because this is proving to be nothing but a smoke and mirrors charade of chicanery and evil intentions.

We ask that Mr. Vick take a moment, when the smoke clears, to look in one of those mirrors. Look long and hard at the face that the conspirators want to see gone from the NFL. Understand that the truth is a righteous teacher.

And share that truth.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Check it

Just thought we'd direct you to the comments on this thread. Scroll down for them.

Umm. As our readers know, we are the righteous source for information. We don't edit the comments on here (unless they are ads). But sometimes, we wonder if we should.

Closed minded, insecure people will hurt themselves if they spend time on this blog.

So, we just wanted to let you know. If you look in the mirror, and take yourselves too seriously. If you think your point of view is untouchable.

You probably should not read this blog. And you definitely shouldn't comment. You will get too caught up in your own mind.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michael Vick: "Friends"??

Seems that supposed "friends" of Michael Vick are now trying their darnedest to disparage the fact that he was not involved or in the know about any illicit activity at that property in Virginia.

Two friends of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick are convinced he has been involved in illegal dog fighting at a home he owns in Virginia, they told on Thursday, despite Vick's denials. "He knows what's going on in that house in Virginia," one unnamed source told "There's not a doubt in my mind he's involved with it."

"Friends"? Is that the term for people that go about as "unnamed sources", spewing speculative comments with no avenue of corroboration? "Friends", you say?

Michael, of course, had no comment. And how could he? Where did these quotes come from? How can he address the accusations if the people throwing these quotes out don't elaborate and make Michael aware of the source.

As far as we are concerned, these are the equivalent of those quotes you see in the National Enquirer. You know, the old "A witness said they saw Britney snorting coke off of Lindsay's right buttock". No attribution, no reasonable means to verify it.

And this is what sports media has become. Sensationalist tabloid reporting. Attacks on Vick and Bonds. While Roger Clemmens walks around with a crown on his head and on his off days at home, while the rest of the team plays, the media kisses the ring on the hGH enlarged lily-white little finger on his throwing hand.

Certainly, some will say, "hold on, what if the sources really are in the know".

Well, if it turns out that these "friends" really did say this, then we have to ask: Have they never heard the words "Don't Snitch".

How hard is it to seal your lips and let Michael ride?

This is the equivalent of the crab barrel. As soon as one makes it to the top, the others pull him back.

It is distressing to stand by as the biased white tabloid sports "media" is possibly initiating what is the equivalent of Negro on Negro violence. Negro men turning on each other.

And now, it seems the DA is getting in on the action. Putting out information and then refusing to elaborate on it. No wonder the tabloid sports media feels comfortable in doing it, with the wonderful example set by the Virginia DA.

Vick refused to comment Wednesday. He has denied knowledge of any dog fighting and cited family members for drawing him into the situation. Poindexter refuted Vick's April 27 claim that he is "never" at the property, saying that there is evidence to the contrary. He declined to elaborate.

Stand by folks. It seems the tabloid sports "journalists", after getting the result they worked so diligently to produce for Pacman Jones, are now rallying together to cement the undoing of Michael Vick.

The federal conspiracy at the airport didn't work. So, now they move on to the next scheme.

We will say this: If this ends up being the end of Michael's career and cash flow, the NFL and the Virginia DA will have no one but themselves to blame when Marcus Vick is forced to resort to crime to support himself.

So, tabloid sports media, don't even bother reporting on the hold-ups or car-jackings that take place down the road. Those are on you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Whitlock: Spanked by Viv Stringer

Morehouse College, an HBCU in the ATL, hosted a Black Athlete forum. Spike Lee put it together and the panel was made up of Stephen A. Smith, Alge Crumpler, Alonzo Morning, Vivian Stringer, Etan Thomas, Jim Brown and more.

Ostensibly, the panel was to be a discussion on the lack of Negro sportswriters in the media. To address that, Morehouse has started a sports journalism program. But, the discussion covered a wide variety of topics.

One that grabbed the audience's attention was Vivian Stringer addressing Jason Whitlock. We all know about Whitlock's columns deriding Stringer and mitigating the words of Imus.

Stringer let him have it.

"I'm amazed," she said, staring down the length of the table at Whitlock. "I just want to understand your mind-set. I just want to understand people like you."

She went on:

"It wasn't the Rutgers women's basketball team that brought Mr. Imus down," she said, still glaring at Whitlock. "It was America. Women spoke. Black people spoke. It was America! I made a statement that it wasn't black or white. The truth of the matter is that we have been fooled for such a long time. We have such promise and we all are important. We need to step on each other's heads to get the little piece of the American dream. It became green. It was power. You [Whitlock] understand that. That's the reason why you chose these few minutes to get your one moment of [fame]. Because other than that, who knows Jason Whitlock?"

Pretty strong words.

We can't wait to see if Whitlock mentions the forum in his upcoming columns.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Barry Bonds: Why Does America Hate The Negro Home Run King?

The venerable Todd Boyd contributed a wonderful must read to Page 2 on ESPN today. And, of late, a must read on Page 2 is about as common as a Negro not named Tiger at Augusta National.

Dr. Boyd indoctrinates us on the intricacies of race and how it relates to public perception of Barry Bonds' home run chase. He illustrates the trials and tribulations that faced Henry Aaron during his own home run record chase. The hate mail he received, the fact that the Reds would not honor Aaron's request for a moment of silence before a game on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's death and general national feeling of resentment over a Negro replacing Babe Ruth at the top of the home run mountain.

He then goes on to illustrate that race is factor in Bonds' current chase, despite the fact that 30 odd years have passed since Aaron assumed the apex of the list.

A recent ESPN/ABC News poll suggests there is a racial divide in the nation around people's attitude towards Bonds and his attempt to set the new home run mark. In the last few years, we have been treated to grand jury investigations, congressional hearings and best-selling books, all of which have placed Bonds at the center of a much bigger steroid controversy in baseball. This being the case, in spite of all the speculation to the contrary, it has never been proven that Bonds is guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs.

Dr. Boyd brings forth the oft proven proposition that whenever a Negro reaches the top of his field, there is a concerted effort by those not in the Negro community to bring that person down. He goes on to describe the unwavering attack on bringing Bonds down: the Grand Jury investigation, the investigative reporting efforts, congressional hearings and all the books written on the subject. All this effort to bring Bonds down, yet no interest in playing by the Golden Rule of the American judicial system. Innocent until proven guilty. Bonds has not tested positive for anything, and as we post this, has been convicted of nothing.

Bonds now finds himself incarcerated in a prison of racial suspicion, animosity and resentment. One imagines that this resentment will be most evident on that day in the near future when Aaron's record
finally falls.

And this would certainly seem to be the case. Particularly since the polls broke down sentiment towards Bonds breaking the home run record almost completely along racial lines. It seems logical that the white participants weighed Bonds Negro-ness heavily in their desire to see Bonds' ultimate record setting be qualified with some sort of caveat or to be completely ignored by MLB.

One of the reasons that Bonds has never been accorded the benefit of the doubt is because of his personality and his public persona. Whereas Aaron was always a humble gentleman who had grown up in the segregated South, Bonds is a second-generation baseball prodigy who has often come across to many as entitled, selfish and disrespectful -- a poster child for the stereotype of today's overpaid, self-indulgent black athlete. In times past, some would have called Bonds an "uppity Negro." In today's parlance, though, Bonds might best be described by Ice Cube's moniker, "the n----- you love to hate."

Again, this is probably reflected in that poll. An unapologetic Negro. We can think of few things that the white man finds as infuriating. The fact that there have been incredible piles of evidence suggesting more than an unwitting participation in the BALCO scandal are irrelevant here. This is clearly about skin color and about whites being miffed at Bonds' attitude.

At the end of the day, it would be great to see people put away their childish racial resentment of Barry Bonds and give the man his due, but as an adult I have no illusions that this is going to happen.

And we call for the same thing. Put race aside. Treat Barry with the respect that should be accorded to such an historic accomplishment. Bud Selig should put his racist tendencies aside and be on hand to celebrate this awe inspiring feat. The color of Bonds' skin shouldn't matter. Selig should be sitting right next to Hank Aaron when Bonds hits the record breaking home run. He should be standing next to him when a proud and joyous Hank Aaron, in an act of solidarity, shakes Barry's hand, hugs him and congratulates him on this once in a generation happening. Anyone not willing to give Bonds his due certainly can be characterised as childish and racist.

We'd call for one more thing in all this. Fairness and equality. Bonds hasn't failed a drug test and has not officially been implicated in any way. All we ask is that he be treated the same way a white super star home run hitter would be treated if the powers that be suspected his numbers were tainted.

It's hard to believe. We live in a country in which there is a legitimate Negro contender for the presidency, yet Barry Bond's can't get his due because of the color of his skin.


Atlanta Braves: Not Enough Negro Players

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, Rev Jesse Jackson's organization, has not been satisfied with the amount of Negro players in Major League Baseball. Particularly the lack of such players on the roster of the Atlanta Braves.

The director of sports operations for Rainbow/PUSH, Dexter Clinkscale, along with Southeast Regional Director Joe Beasley, was able to help convince the Braves to meet with reps of the organization to discuss this troubling situation.

Beasley said Monday afternoon, "I think it was a lack of diligence on the part of the Braves to recruit African-American players. There's not diminished enthusiasm for African-Americans playing baseball. It's simply the opportunity hasn't presented itself."

And we couldn't agree more. Rather than focusing their efforts on simply fielding the best team they can, the Braves should be focusing their efforts on tapping into that undiminished enthusiasm for baseball within the Negro community.

There was a time, not long ago, when the Braves roster boasted several Negro players. One wonders what might have happened. Rainbow/PUSH academically points out that their is no diminished interest in baseball within the Negro community. Clearly, this would indicate that the pool of young Negro players to draw from is as large as ever. And, if the pool of Negro players is as strong as ever; well, that would leave only one explanation as to why the Braves don't have more Negroes on the roster: racism.

In response to some of the criticism levied by Rainbow/PUSH, Braves general manager John Schuerholz said: "You go to where the talent leads you. Finding major league-caliber baseball players is far too difficult if you try to narrow your criteria down to demographics."

The implication being that the Braves would prefer to narrow the criteria down to talent. This is an all too typical sentiment when dealing with the plantation mentality of the team owners and their slave bosses. Forget about the fact that Atlanta is a city with a very high concentration of Negroes. Search elsewhere for "talent" to fill out your roster.

Countered Beasley, "As I expected, [Schuerholz?s] idea is the bottom line: I'll put the best 40 men I can get wherever I can get them from on the field, and that's fair. But the fact of the matter is if they put resources into recruiting here in the United States, and more specifically here in Atlanta, there are talented players here."

Rainbow/PUSH already unequivocally demonstrated, by making their statement, that there is NO diminished interest in baseball within the Negro community. Clearly, the ownership doesn't understand their responsibilities. The Braves' are operating under the flawed mentality that it is in their interest to please their fans by bringing in the best talent they can find. Regardless of where the talent originates or what color skin.

In a perfect world, this might be fine. But doing so doesn't take into consideration a very important factor. The name of the team is the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta. By using the city's name, the team assumes the responsibility of ensuring that, before they go off to the Caribbean or Latin America looking for talent, they scour Atlanta high and low for the talent to fill out their roster. We've established that Atlanta has a large Negro population. And we've established that, and it is proven by Rainbow/PUSH's statement, there is NO diminished enthusiasm for baseball within that Negro community. It only makes sense that, if the Braves would follow this suggested manner of acquiring talent, the result would be a swelling of Negroes on the roster.

"You slipped down to nothing, now you've got one, we expect it to start going up higher," Beasley said was the sentiment he voiced in the meeting. "We want to see incrementally it move back up, rather than moving down. There was an openness on [Schuerholz's] part to talk and to be in dialogue and hopefully be in partnership in trying to make sure that it happens. He was very nice, a gentleman. I'm going to hold him to his word to work with us and move those numbers back up to a respectable level."

At the time of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson, the Braves had no Negro players on the roster. In an effort to shield themselves from the blinding light of righteous indignation, the Braves called up a Negro outfielder (Willie Harris), who just happened to be from Robinson's home town. Such a transparent act of patronization is the sort of thing that sets race relations back 100 years.

Some will wonder what business Rainbow/PUSH has in setting the agenda of how MLB teams conduct their scouting and talent evaluations. Frankly, it seems natural. As stated earlier in this post, Rainbow/PUSH has a director of sports operations. It only makes sense that he use his title to operate sports.

An additional benefit is the experience and success Rainbow/PUSH has had in influencing and setting the agenda in other industries. Look no further than radio. Think the Imus situation could have been handled so effectively and seamlessly without the input of Rainbow/PUSH? And, do you think all the honest and fruitful dialogue and town hall type discussions that took place afterwards would have ever come about and led to the myriad of improvements that have been established?

On a side note: Andruw Jones had no comment on the Braves having no Negroes on the roster.

Monday, May 7, 2007

De La Hoya: Sparring With The Stars

By all accounts, the big fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya was pretty evenly matched, with Floyd getting the nod.

We have to wonder one thing: Did Oscar train hard enough?

This (scroll about half way down) account reports that De La Hoya sparred the Monday before the fight with..............Mario Lopez.

Yes the "Saved by the Bell" and "Dancing with the Stars" guy.

Ummm. We don't claim to have ever trained for a fight against the guy that is considered the best pound for pound in the world. We have only been in a few bar room brawls in our youths. And taking a few swings at AC Slater certainly wouldn't even have prepared us for that.

Although, we'd be the first to admit; it sure sounds like it would be fun to punch Mario in the brain.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Derby: A Sport of Kings

Saturday saw the annual running of the Kentucky derby, with a field of twenty this year.

We aren't terribly interested in horse racing here, but we felt that the world was waiting with bated breath for our insight into this annual festival at Church Hill Downs, so we felt obligated to oblige the masses.

Our initial impression is that if this is the sport of Kings, we are happy as peasants.

Drink it all in...

A warm spring day in Kentucky. Now, we could almost stop there, as the ideas of Kentucky and sophistication are so mutually exclusive that it becomes completely entertaining to watch the "elite" of society dress up in their Sunday best and stare agape as the women don outrageous head gear that would put Big Momma's Sunday crown to shame, all in an effort to impress the upper crust of Kentucky? What, is West Virginia busy that weekend?

The "elite" feign interest and expertise in the subject at hand, racing. Does anyone believe that these people (and we don't mean the "horse" people, but rather the celebs and such) have any inkling of the intricacies of horse racing? Or that they watch or attend ANY other race each year? No. Of course not. They are just there to be seen. And to get intoxicated on the drink of the day. A shiteous mixture of simple sugar solution, mint and bourbon. The sport of kings, indeed.

And to top it off, the race itself. Muscular million dollar horses racing at break neck speeds. Mounted atop the horses, like organ grinders monkeys for the entertainment of the crowd; Mexicans and white midgets. Or maybe they are dwarfs. We don't know the politically correct term.

All in all. High comedy and purely self important social flatulence.

We just thank the folks that organize the event for not putting the Negro in a position to suffer the same indignities as the Mexicans and the white midgets (or dwarfs). The Negro is left in his rightful state, at least in the mind of the "elite" horse racing fan. He is left holding the light on the front lawn. As a tiny statue with tar black skin. A lawn jockey.

And frankly, that is as close as the Negro cares to get to this abhorrent display of Kentucky high society.

Oh, and some horse ran from 19th to 1st in the last quarter of the race.

If you care.

Friday, May 4, 2007

After De La Hoya, What's Left For Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. can cement his contention that he is the best in the world tomorrow. All indications point to a Mayweather victory. His speed, power, tenacity, desire and ringsmanship just can't be matched by the Golden Boy. The talent disparity is just insurmountable.

But what next?

Mayweather has stated that this will be his last fight (although, he has left the door open for a rematch). So, what challenge lies ahead for Floyd?

The UFC?

It's been brought up in interviews. But, Mayweather has been very derogatory towards the fighters and has said he won't participate.


Floyd has stated he'd love to get in front of the camera and be on the big screen. He certainly has the charisma.


No shock would be felt if Mayweather hung up his gloves and began managing and promoting fighters and events. He's even mentioned an interest in music.

Floyd is the ultimate competitor. He is still in his prime. He lives to win. We just find it hard to believe he will hang up his gloves and won't be back in the ring. Very few of the great boxers in recent memory have been able to do so.

But we do understand his frustration. There just aren't enough high quality challengers out there to push him.

However, we think we have found the perfect venue for Floyd to exercise his passion for competition and to engage the profound intellect he has revealed to the world in HBO's 24/7.


The perfect sport for the thinking boxer.

In a chessboxing fight two opponents play alternating rounds of chess and boxing. The contest starts with a round of chess, followed by a boxing round, followed by another round of chess and so on. In every round of chess the FIDE rules for a "Blitz game" apply, in every boxing round amateur boxing rules apply with the following extensions and modifications: In a contest there shall be 11 rounds, 6 rounds of chess, 5 rounds of boxing. A round of chess takes 4 minutes. Each competitor has 12 minutes on the chess timer. As soon as the time runs out the game is over. A round of boxing takes 2 minutes. Between rounds there is a 1 minute pause, during which competitors change their gear. The contest is decided by: checkmate (chess round), exceeding the time limit (chess round), retirement of an opponent (chess or boxing round), KO (boxing round), or referee decision (boxing round).

Can you imagine the exposure for chessboxing if Mayweather takes up the sport?

And, it would provide a perfect arena to completely bring his father back into the fold. His uncle Roger could remain his boxing trainer. And his father, Floyd Sr., could become his chess trainer.

The sport seems tailor made for the entire Mayweather family.

Even the final rule is favorable:

If the chess game ends in a stalemate, the opponent with the higher score in boxing wins. If there is an equal score, the opponent with the black pieces wins.

Always bet on black.

Mayweather vs. De La Hoya: 50 Cent Unveiling New Song

Tuning in for this year's "fight of the century"?

Well, you are in for a treat. And not just the fight itself.

It's been announced that Floyd Mayweather, Jr's entourage will be led to the ring by....hold your breath....get it comes:

50 CENT!

It gets better.

Not only will he be leading the Mayweather contingent to the ring; but, he will be performing a live version of his new joint "Straight to the Bank" along the way.

Folks, if you don't think this isn't the event of the 21st century, well, we don't even know what to tell you!

We don't know if he will be singing the explicit lyrics version of the song or not.

But, we do know:

There is gonna be mad bling and some real thuggin'.

Jason Whitlock, you might want to stay away from Vegas this weekend. We'd hate for your hypertension to be exasperated. That wouldn't be healthy.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Michael Vick: Dogbreeder

Last week Michael Vick was linked to what appeared to be a pit bull fighting operation in Virginia. The property that housed the dogs is owned by Vick, but apparently is maintained by a relative.

PETA and some other sources claim that the dogs were used for fighting.

Vick met with NFL commish Roger Goodell to clear things up and ensure everyone this was just a misunderstanding and that he was unaware of the situation. Vick has stated "I left the house with my family members and my cousin. They just haven't been doing the right thing. The issue will get resolved."

Well, now some information that clears things up has been located.

Apparently, Vick owns a company that breeds pit bulls. And the company even has a website that lists the Virginia property as the address and Vick's lawyer as the managing agent of the parent company.

But no need to worry. states that, "We do not promote, support or raise dogs for fighting and will not knowingly sell, give, or trade any dog that may be used for fighting."

And Vick's forthrightness with the commish, his revealing months after the "water bottle" incident that he was just carrying jewelry and his general upstanding character all should put our minds to rest.

The website disclaimer says it all. Move along people. Nothing to see here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Theismann: Critical Of Quinn

This will be our last post on Brady Quinn. At least for awhile.

Former Notre Dame golden boy QB Joe Theismann was quite critical of Quinn in his post draft analysis.

His criticisms:

-The chewing gum in Quinn's mouth Saturday at the draft.
-His tie askew.
-Hair that screamed - in Theismann's words - "just showered."
Theismann said he found Quinn's look "unprofessional" and that being on stage in front of millions constituted a "job interview." He said that when you evaluate a player, especially one in a leadership position, everything should be scrutinized.


We received some negative emails regarding our own view that Quinn's poor showing at the draft substantiated his decline in value and that we only said what we said because picking Quinn is counteractive to the current evolutionary process the QB position is going through.

Theismann's take gives our theory even more credence.

A former pretty boy white QB hating on the most recent edition of the pretty boy white QB.

Quarterback Darwinism. They are going to run each other out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Quarterback Darwinism: Character and Flavor

Brady Quinn limbers up for a long afternoon sitting in the Green Room

Roger Goodell has made player conduct and image the hallmark of his early reign as the crowned prince of the NFL. He developed a new policy, and even took the liberty of taking ex post facto action against a few of the perceived problem children.

There are rumors that teams were warned about drafting players with histories of law related indiscretions.

Rod Graves, the Arizona Cardinals’ vice president for football operations, said Sunday that he was surprised to see certain players chosen in the first three rounds Saturday. “We saw a few players go that we would not have taken because of issues we were concerned about,” Graves said in a telephone interview. “It still gets down to weighing the risk. Even though a certain player was taken, the risk factors in as to where they go. If you hit under those conditions, it’s different.”

Two players with first round potential that were most definitely affected by their conduct and history were Eric Wright, nee of USC, but finishing up at UNLV. And Marcus Thomas, the tremendous d-lineman from Florida who was dismissed from the team early in the season.

“I think it’s always the same formula,” the former Titans general manager Floyd Reese, who drafted Pacman Jones, said last week. “As soon as you get to a point where either by number or magnitude, you can’t make it right with yourself or your franchise, then I think he’s eliminated. There is a frat fight, a guy grabs your date, and you do something about it. In spite of whether you think it’s right or wrong, I can see that happening. Versus taking a handgun and going to a 7-Eleven and robbing it.”

And there is good reason for teams to be much more thoughtful than in the past. Goodell has reserved the right to penalize teams that repeatedly acquire problem players.

So, clearly, there was a sentiment that did weigh in the situation of any troubles a player had. Was it a one-off mistake? A sort of heat of the moment deal. Or was it a problem of a horrible decision making process? More of a lifestyle issue.

It would seem that those players that were deemed to have lifestyle issues were the ones that lost the most in this draft.

So, if we look back at the draft, and take into account that teams more than ever used character as a factor in their draft boards; we can see which players were generally tabbed as having the greatest risk for either character or life style issues.

And, in the 2007 NFL draft, no player lost more than Brady Quinn.

Generally regarded to be near the top of every team's list, Quinn inexplicably fell all the way to the bottom third of the first round. A team with the direst of QB situations, the Dolphins, passed on Quinn in favor of finding a replacement for their slot-back/kick returner. That speaks volumes, that a team that needed a QB more than anyone was leery of Quinn's life style or character.

What is it that scared teams away? How did Brady Quinn become the Pacman Jones of the 2007 draft? We haven't heard of problems with the law, or cash fueled binges in Vegas or typical character issues. So what happened that Saturday afternoon that caused almost every team present to deeply consider the direction Roger Goodell wants to take the league?

As we said, it comes down to lifestyle. And image.

There were many questions about Quinn's lifestyle and image prior to Saturday. But, nothing that foretold the free fall his draft status would experience.

Quinn was the Golden Boy of the Golden Dome. Raised under the watchful eye of the ultimate QB guru. He never seemed to mis-speak, didn't receive much negative press (sure, he was criticized for his no shows in big games, but that didn't reflect on him as a future problem in the NFL...behavior or image wise) and seemed like the typical Midwestern boy.

His future certainly seemed to hold the potential to be the poster boy for Wonder Bread.

But it all changed on Saturday.

Quinn showed up at the draft with some blond floozy on his arm. A woman that certainly looked out of her league. Sure, she wasn't unattractive, but Quinn supposedly was at the top of the board. If he brought a date, she should have been a bombshell.

Additionally, Quinn's golden boy looks were tarnished by some of the nastiest craters we've had the misfortune to view on HD-TV. How did Quinn propose to shill products when his skin resembled a strawberry patch?

The final strike against Quinn that day was his reaction. As he slid down the slope, he played it off with poise and an identifiable indifference. We suspect that his advisers felt this would show he could handle pressure and difficult situations. Unfortunately, his advisers forgot that film of USC, Michigan, Ohio State and LSU games completely cancelled this out.

So, instead of coming off as poised and controlled, he came off as uncaring and dispassionate.

A little fire, maybe would have helped. A disgusted look. A red face. A tear. Anything. Anything but that cheesy grin and the shared giggles with his nickle piece (she was NO dime). A few choice words for the teams that passed him up would have conveyed some passion.

When Quinn was finally drafted, he had the chance to threaten and call out the teams that let him slide. But he let that opportunity pass. Instead, just giving the requisite "I'm thrilled to be a Cleveland Browns" schmeer.

And with that sort of response, Quinn all but confirmed the suspicions of every team that was afraid to take on his issues.

Finally, we can also tie all this in with our NFL QB evolution theory.

In addition to the character, lifestyle and image issues that Quinn brought to the table; we can't discount his pale, blemished skin and lack of flavor.

As the QB position has fluidly and seamlessly been re-engineered for the Negro signal caller, Quinn became the first tangible victim of Quarterback Darwinism.

The QB position will demand an exuberance and excitement off the field to match the athleticism, hard work and unsurpassed talent levels that the Negro brings it on the field. In short, it demands style and flavor.

The blanched and pocked skinned Quinn, in an off the rack suit, with amateurishly produced hair and a bleached blond semi-good looker on his arm only tastes like one flavor.


And in today's NFL, you can't make a QB sundae without chocolate or fudge.