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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Buchanan Dismisses Comments

Interesting happening on the Michael Vick front.

Last week a radio mouth got on the air and stated that former Falcon Ray Buchanan had told him that Michael Vick was very much into dog fighting and that Ray said Michael was involved with the dogs on the property in VA.

Well, Mr. Buchanan wants to make it clear. He didn't say any of the things attributed to him on that radio show.

"I don't know anything about Mike being involved in dogfighting, and that's for real, coming from the Mouth of the South," Buchanan told the Journal-Constitution Monday. "For me to say something like that is wrong because I'd never throw another player under the bus. I don't know and I didn't say anything about Mike Vick, who I know, who I live by, having anything to do with dogfighting."

The analyst who made the claims refuses to back down from his earlier comments.

"I'm going to stand by comments that I made on the show," Fox Sports analyst Chris Landry said. "That's all I'm going to say about it."

So, it would seem that there are two versions of the conversation that took place between Landry and Buchanan. And no tape.

The radio host, Steve Duerring, said Monday that Landry "was pretty convincing."

And Mr. Buchanan is not?

Well, the plot against Vick thickens.

We have stated from day one that this was part of an umbrella scheme to rid the NFL of Negro QBs. We indisputably pointed out the Government's involvement with trying to entrap Mr. Vick at the airport; the scheme to use the magic of government "alchemy" to turn jewelery into marijuana. We effectively pointed out that the most damning "evidence" of Vick's knowledge about the dogs on the property was simply unattributed quotes to unnamed "friends" of Vick's. And now, the quotes supposedly made by Buchanan that have been pasted on every sports page around the country are turning out to be a figment of some no name analyst's vivid imagination.

The truth has a way of eventually making itself known. It can be avoided and pushed out of view for a period of time. But, eventually the truth shines through.

So far, all this has proven to be nothing but smoke. They say, "where there's smoke, there's fire." But, and we can all agree, in this case it should be, "where there's smoke, there's mirrors." Because this is proving to be nothing but a smoke and mirrors charade of chicanery and evil intentions.

We ask that Mr. Vick take a moment, when the smoke clears, to look in one of those mirrors. Look long and hard at the face that the conspirators want to see gone from the NFL. Understand that the truth is a righteous teacher.

And share that truth.


millamo said...

ummmm, forget Vick and Buchanan. can we instead focus on getting a Freedom of Information Act request going on this magic governmental alchemy that turns jewelry into marijuana? knowledge is power.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Freedom of Information Act request going on this magic governmental alchemy that turns jewelry into marijuana"

Ma'am, apparently, it only works on a Rolex.

Flossin' a Breitling here, so we're out of luck.

Sportsbruh said...

Buchanan probably did say it. He talks so much shit - his own station probably quoted him without letting him know it.....And I'm just about disgusted with M. Vick for allowing dumbshit to overshawdow his god given talent.

Personally, I'm sick of Vick. He would do best to become a MODEL citizen and deliver a OUTSTANDING 2007.

Besides, all that arrogance and no backup =BUST!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Personally, I'm sick of Vick. He would do best to become a MODEL citizen and deliver a OUTSTANDING 2007."

Sir, we said. The mirror.

Anonymous said...

your contention that the NFL is somehow trying to rid the league of blacks quarterbacks is just dumb. Not only that it minimizes the accomplishments of great quarterbacks like Vince Young (funny how a league trying to get rid of him gave him the rookie of the year award). The fact is that Michael Vick has never lived up to his promise as an NFL quarterback..he doesnt run an offense very well and the team operated better when they used the backup quarterback. Maybe Vick can go run an offense in Canada with Ricky Williams...he may be disappointed to find out though that it is a maple leaf on their flag and not a marijuana leaf.