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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auburn Hire: Barkley Is Right

Much is being made about the hiring of football coach Gene Chizik by Auburn.

Chizik, who was a hot commodity a few years ago after helping Auburn to an undefeated season as their defensive coordinator and then helping Texas to the National Title in the same capacity, is not a choice that has the Auburn faithful enthralled. Certainly, this is due to his 5-19 record as the Head Coach of horrendous Iowa State.

Somehow, Chizik convinced the administration at Auburn that he is the right man for the job.

After interviewing a parade of candidates with head coaching credentials far superior to Chizik, Auburn chose 'the right man' for the job.

Perhaps most indignant were the supporters of Turner Gill. Gill took over a program even worse than Iowa State, and in three years turned Buffalo into conference champions. How could Auburn pass up a miracle worker for a guy who couldn't win in the Big 12 North?

Certainly, the color of Turner Gill's skin had to play a role.

This notion is substantiated by former Auburn basketball great, and Negro, Charles Barkley.

Barkley wasted no time in beating the righteous to the front of the line to point out that racism had to have been a deciding factor in the appointment of Chizik over Gill. How could it not be? The head coaching accomplishments of the men seemed to be diametrically oppositional.

Barkley took a step further. Reporting that in his personal conversation with Gill, Gill mentioned he believed that having a white wife would be a detriment to his getting the job.

Certainly, we couldn't agree more.

And, we are glad that both Barkley and Gill acknowledge that having a white wife could be a disqualifying proposition.

It makes it far easier to accept that Gill's choice of spouse was the determining factor in the job hunt.

Auburn fairly and justly interviewed Gill. They unbiasedly walked him through the process. And, based on perhaps the most important decision a man can make in his life; Auburn chose to go with someone else.

Rather than trust their historic football program to the judgment of a Negro who chose to yoke himself with the burden of the white devil's temptation; Auburn entrusted the program to a coach with one of the worst two year records in the country.

And we at NOIS couldn't agree more.

Gene Chizik is the right man for the job.

For, to trust the future of their program to a man who has thrown away his own future would be the real crime here.

While we believe that a much stronger Negro presence is necessary in the college head coaching ranks, we also believe a hearty thanks is due Auburn.

Thank you, Auburn, for giving a far inferior coach the chance to right your rapidly sinking ship. Even as while he is boarding your ship, his own is sinking.

Turner Gill must be held accountable for his choice of bride.

Hopefully Gill will take this as a learning experience and fully understand that such trivial things as winning conference titles after taking over teams which set record breaking losing streaks and beating 12-0 teams are simply the fluffy part of the resume/bio.

The part of the bio that matters most is the family picture.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Conference Championships

This weekend past marked the culmination of conference play for those conferences bold enough to mandate a championship game.

The MAC championship proved to be a showdown between a fast rising Negro Head Coach (who happens to be one of the all time great Negro college QB's), Turner Gill, and the best all around QB in college football, Negro QB Nate Davis of previously undefeated Ball State.

Gill and Davis matched wits and tactics in a hard fought game that hinged on turnovers. Ball State's white center had great difficulty in getting Davis the ball on multiple occasions, and his poor snapping led to the end of BSU's undefeated season.

In the Conference USA battle royal, high scoring Tulsa ran into the Negro QB Patrick Pinkney led East Carolina Pirates.

Pinkney threw a key touchdown pass early in the first quarter which proved to be the difference in the game as the Pirates relied on his game management and leadership to win the championship.

In the ACC, it was a rematch of last years game with Va Tech locking horns with Boston College.

In what proved to be the most exciting game of the weekend, Negro QB Tyrod Taylor out dueled Negro QB Dominique Davis. Davis had led BC on a hot streak to get to the game after he was inserted in the line-up to replace a less athletic caucasoid.

The final score was 30-12, in favor of Va Tech. However, the score does not do justice to the incredible skills of both Negro QB's.

Out in Kansas City, the Big 12 Title Game proved to be little more than a formality. Native American (and non-white) QB Sam Bradford continued his assault on the record books in leading the Sooners to yet another 60+ point performance in crushing Mizzou.

Next up for the Sooners will be a crack at the National Title in the BCS Championship game.

Florida beat Alabama to win the SEC.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret: The Real Info 'They' Don't Want You To Know

Been awhile since we visited the orbit of planet Jason Whitlock over on

His latest delivery to his readers was a piece detailing the great story of the success of his alma mater's football team. Ball State, led by Negro QB Nate Davis, put together an undefeated regular season; and yet the mainstream media (particularly ESPN) has been loathe to bathe the Cardinals in the BCS-buster glory that some of the teams out West have received in their quests to crash the party of the deep pockets. And, the MSM (ESPN) has been just as delinquent in allowing Nate Davis the opportunity to showcase his worthy inclusion in any and all Heisman discussions.

Whitlock goes on to outline the dubious intentions of a media controlled by the same company that has a vested interest in drumming up viewers for the games it carries on its own networks.

ESPN is so financially tied to the organizations it covers and so devoid of basic journalistic ethics that it cannot properly analyze the sports world. ESPN just bought the BCS television package. It has a vested interest in promoting all things BCS.

Certainly, a fair and honest assessment. It's business. And, mixing business and journalism categorically entails the probability of tainting the journalism. There is no possible way to argue that the accounting books don't hold sway over the reporters' note pads. No possible way to deny it.

Our only problem with Whitlock's interpretation of events is that he doesn't interject the clear racial undertones of the situation. For if he did, he might find that the MSM's (ESPN) handling of the situation really isn't all that big a deal. And, he might find the time to expose the dirtiest secret the MSM (ESPN) is hiding from you.

The BCS buster schools (Utah, Boise State, even TCU and BYU) this season --and recent seasons-- are from white America. They represent white America. They are milk toast. They are flour. They are eggshell. They are latte without the coffee.

Despite being a team led by a Negro QB, Ball State is Midwestern White as can be. Straight out of Hoosiers.

So, the notion that the MSM is short changing Ball State is a bit contrived. How can they be shortchanging Ball State when, in reality, there don't seem to be any inherent covert racial misdoings?

The fact of the matter, which is understandably lost on Ball State alums, is that no one cares.

Ball State plays the most inferior of competition that D-1 has to offer. Traditionally, it is the fourth best D-1 football program in a basketball state.

While we believe Nate Davis should at least get a passing mentioning in the Heisman debate, the reality of the situation is not one of a media actively aligning to dismiss the accomplishments of the Cardinals. But, rather, a media objectively shrugging its collective shoulders and saying: So what?

Unfortunately, while Whitlock was busy using his space on foxsports to complain about the world not caring about the outstanding accomplishment being carried out in Mediocre Land, he could have been telling you about something truly distressing being perpetrated by the MSM (ESPN) and their promotive interests in all things BCS.

Once the season reaches the point that the BCS poll kicks in, all we hear about are BCS rankings. As if the BCS is the only poll of substance in college football. Some will argue, that due to its inclusive nature, it is the only poll of substance.

We would argue that the BCS is not inclusive. That the BCS actively segregates certain polls from being part of their equation.

We would also argue that the BCS does this based on race. Thereby promoting a separate but equal ranking system.

And, what is worse, is that the MSM (ESPN) makes no attempt to propagate the separate poll.

Right now, most of you don't realize this, but Alabama is NOT the number one team in the country.

No, the number one team in the Nation is the Grambling State Tigers.

But, ESPN and the BCS don't want you to know that. They have put all their eggs in one basket and, by blacking out the polls to only show you the ones they want you to accept, they have effectively relegated the debate over who is number one to the select group of teams that they televise and promote.

The SBN Sportsnetwork Poll ranks Grambling the number one team in the Nation. Alabama isn't even in the top 10, yet the MSM (ESPN) chooses not to make you aware of this because it might interfere with the carefully cultivated public perception that the teams in the BCS rankings are the ones that matter and are the ones in contention for the mythical National Title.

Certainly, Ball State not getting much coverage or interest from ESPN is distressing. It might be symptomatic of the overlapping interests of business and journalism in general.

But, so what?

It provides no real opportunity to cast the dark light of racial inquisition.

We wonder if Whitlock would be so quick to mention Ball State if it were not his alma mater.

And, more importantly, we wonder why there was no attempt to point out that Nate Davis is a Negro QB.

Which brings us full circle:

In this case, who really needs to have their journalistic credentials re-evaluated?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gene Wojciechowski: ESPN's Resident Spin Doctor

Certainly, this blog attracts more insightful and knowledge thirsty readers from around the Nation than, say, So, we fully expect that when we mention the name Gene Wojciechowski, most readers will ask, 'Wojawhatski ?'

As our readers will agree, the Nation can rarely be accused of judging a book by its cover; or in this case, a writer by his name. However, we must make an exception. Gene is a Gene. His first name perfectly captures his writing stylistics. Bland, uneventful, boring. And, his last name, with no discernible pronunciation, perfectly depicts his point of view.

Recent submissions from Gene include a combination romantic love letter to Brett Favre/bandwagon driving advertisement elevating the Jets to elite status after beating the Titans. Of course, everything crashed down a week later. But hey, what 'columnist' doesn't get caught up in the chance to hyperbolize a players performance and punch a teams Super Bowl tickets every now and again (with a whole lot of again)?

Last week Gene took a unique point of view regarding Notre Dame, Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham.

Gene was able to find a cozy spot aboard the ever expanding bandwagon that ND made a huge error in giving Weis that huge extension just roughly halfway into his first season. Nothing unique there.

What is unique is that Gene uses Tyrone's firing after just three seasons to try to argue for ND to retain Weis.

Willingham's tenure was the shortest of any non-interim Notre Dame football coach in the previous 70 years (George O'Leary never coached a game). It was a mistake to fire him then, just as it would be a mistake to fire Weis now.

He argued that ND's usual 5 year commitment to a coach was part of what made the Gold Dome different than other programs. That firing Willingham was something that made ND just like everywhere else.

Notre Dame lost its football DNA and its inner self when it dismissed Willingham four years ago. It compromised a belief. But it's not too late to go retro.

It's not too late to go 'retro'. No indeed.

Retro: short for retrospective. Meaning: involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past.

You know, things past. Like firing a Negro for 'poor performance', and then letting a white guy who drops it even lower keep the job.

Clearly, Gene longs for the past.

If only ESPN would put him in theirs.

Update: Been Too Long

We have been focusing our efforts on monitoring and helping provide a smooth transition towards freedom for the masses of the Nation.

As the outgoing regime packs its bags and watches its coffers begin to deplete due to a mass exodus of upper class and big business backing; your humble servants at NOIS have been delighted with Potentate-elect Obama's movement towards re-establishing the prosperity of the Clinton administration. Not only have many (all?) of the key players of those days of high cotton and full plates been restored to their rightful roles inside the beltway, but an even more delicious prospect of change looms on the dark horizon.

Obama promised us change that we could believe in, and what better change than resurrecting the good fortunes of the Clinton Era? The appointment of Hillary to Secretary of State should certainly bring back the international good will and respect that Bush so predictably mismanaged. And, the appointment of Hillary could provide the most delicious aspect of the entire Obama administration:

The return of Bill.

Hillary's vacated seat will allow for an appointee to serve the remainder of her term. Who better to represent the good people of New York than William Jefferson Clinton?

Imagine! Hillary in full control of the Nation's foreign affairs, while at the same time Bill becomes a heavy hitter in the Senate...leading the domestic agenda!

Ahhh....change. How glorious!

In keeping with the theme of change, we were caught off guard by the abrupt resignation of Mississippi State's Negro Head Football Coach, Sylvester Croom.

Croom was a virtual miracle worker in Starkville. Given the reigns to a public university in a state in which the education system is measured on the Richter Scale, to be able to field a team at all was an accomplishment. And, to be able to recruit student-athletes from outside the borders of the traditional slave state was a coup as well.

Croom's critics will point to his won-loss record and decry the altitude of the number in the won column. Certainly, if Mississippi State were a 'normalized' university in a 'normalized' state, referencing Croom's winning percentage when evaluating the performance of his program would be fair. But, as the descriptive name of the university tells us, Mississippi State is the land grant university of the State of Mississippi.

The prospects of a Negro Head Coach, who runs a clean program in the State of Mississippi, certainly cannot be compared fairly to....say, a former MSU white head coach who trampled NCAA rules as if they were a Negro at the white folks drinking fountain.

So, so much for the experiment of change in the State of Mississippi. So much for giving the Negro Coach the leeway necessary to make the changes needed to win. So much for understanding that it takes time to change. That winning is a culture, and culture can't be changed in....oh, let's say 4 years.

It's back to the status quo.

Maybe if Croom understood that from day one, maybe he would have surrounded himself with the old guard. Maybe he would have protected himself.

And maybe we could have called that change.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rick Reilly: Corniest Columnist of All Time?

We've never been a fan of EPSN's (previously SI's) Rick Reilly.

His columns are routinely formulaic. His wit is bread knife sharp. His observations are apparent.

He's average. But was shoved down our throats on the back page of SI. And now ESPN spent big dollars to lure him away and provide an alternative to the frat boy drivel and stale beer stench wafting from The Sports Guy.

All this, while Whitlock is allowed to walk and Scoop and Jemele get barely a shove, let alone a push.

He's bored us with human interest stories about his father, sailors, soldiers and other stuff, that, if written by a passionate author, might have been of interest. Pontificated on a few righteous topics. And chapped his lips on a behind here and there.

Not once has he tackled a controversy. He pointed out that it was wrong of a high school pitching battery to conspire to bean an umpire and he demonstrated the greed of some athletes. Certainly, limbs that could bear any weight.

And, most disappointingly, rather than using his high profile spot on the WWL to fill the walrus shaped void left by Whitlock; he has not taken the opportunity to point out the compelling racial injustice embedded in the Nation's sporting industries.

His only foray near this area was to encourage his readers to root against Negroish golfer Tiger Woods.

His most recent piece was a jock-sniffing effort portraying the job stealing Kerry Collins as a stand up guy who does nothing but 'tell it like it is' and own up to his shortcomings.

Hidden within the cliche filled ramble, jam packed with enough corn to feed 100 head of livestock, was a carefully measured dig at the abandoned Vince Young. The Vince Young who spent the off season providing the cohesion heavy leadership needed to bring together this history seeking Titans team. The Vince Young who had his legs cut out from under him just as the season began. The Vince Young who lost his starting job to an injury. The Vince Young used and betrayed by management. That Vince Young.

Reilly chronologies some of the more difficult moments in Collins career (you know, the moments where he didn't come in and QB a team that an up and coming Negro QB had worked so hard to bring together to make a run at an undefeated season). He points out that Collins admits that early on, the pressure got to him. That he didn't know how to handle it.

Here's the irony: Collins is the Titans' starter—and an unlikely MVP candidate, at 35—because the kid he replaced doesn't know how to handle it yet. Vince Young melted down in the second week of the season. There was talk of guns, confusion and suicide. Even his mother said her boy was "hurting inside and out." And yet sitting at the next locker was a man who once made Britney Spears look Amish. Still, Young has never asked Collins to help him.

Never does Reilly mention that the talk of guns, confusion and suicide was not so much talk as it was media propaganda perpetuated by his coach and management.

Reilly makes it seem as if this is Young's fault. As if Young should be sitting at Collin's feet begging for advice.

Perhaps Reilly forgets that Young was a highly drafted Negro QB, who was projected to be the franchise player who would lead the Titans to the Super Bowl.

Perhaps Reilly forgets that Collins was a washed up back-up, lucky to even have a roster spot.

Wouldn't it make more sense for the washed-up clip board carrier to be the one to ask the highly paid, highly drafted Negro QB if he might like some advice? Or, have we really gotten to the point that it is a fair expectation of a young, highly drafted and paid QB to be the one to take action?

Clearly, Reilly believes that since Young is a Negro, it is up to Young to beg for Collins mentorship.

If you look at Collins' face this week, you'll see a big cut on his nose. He was deer hunting, saw a six-pointer loping by, didn't have time to get a good rifle rest on his shoulder, fired anyway and the recoil nailed him. But he got the deer.

Figures. He never did like to pass the buck.

Unless there was a Negro QB involved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vindication: A Truly Righteous Mandate

Since the righteous, holy and necessary initiation of this blog, we have received countless emails of abuse. Emails demanding that we not point out the racial injustice inherent in sports. Emails subversively and unintelligently pretending that we were the source of racism in sports. Emails haplessly and helplessly constructed in impotent attempts to refute our truths.

Well, kind readers and voracious sports fans...this evening fully establishes the necessity,usefulness and secure future of the movement that established this blog.

This evening also is vindication of, and mandate for, the truths we have unveiled and revealed.

Today, with the election of President Barack Obama, the states of this Union almost unanimously (we can't be bothered to count those backward Red states south of the Mason Dixon) united in a simultaneous and spontaneous pronouncement that:

America believes race is the most pressing issue in our lives.

The election of a Negro Potentate is confirmation from and by the citizens of this Nation that they demand that racial issues be the center of all that we discuss and all that we do. That ending racism and elevating the status of each and every Negro victim of the African Diaspora is the issue held most dear to every voting American in this Nation.

You want proof? Ask any Negro why they voted for Obama. Next, assume that anyone who didn't vote for Obama did not vote for him because he is Negro. There. There is your proof that race is the center point of every vote. That this was not so much a presidential election, but rather a referendum on race.

Additionally, the free voting populace of this Nation affirmed their approval of the Righteous moral mentor of the newly coronated Potentate, the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The Nation voted overwhelming in support of Wright's 20 years of influence over the thought and moral compass of the Potentate. Most sensible political analysts would continue this to mean that the Nation has justly voiced their collective approval for Wright's teachings. That the Nation hopes to move collectively along the moral and spiritual path set by Wright.

The referendum on race confirmed that not only do Negroes hate rich white people, but that most rich white people hate rich white people as well.

Further agreed upon through the voting process was that that Nation fully supports reparations. The potentate calls it 'spreading the wealth', redistribution of wealth and (years ago) he called it reparative economics. It's reparations. And it's long overdue.

To quote the sister who became famous on YouTube after an Obama rally, 'If I have trouble putting gas in my car or paying my mortgage, He is going to help me.'

From your mouth to Allah's ears, Sister.

Finally, we at NOIS believe this election was a mandate.

A mandate for NOIS. A confirmation that the Nation supports Negro leadership, the views of Rev. Wright and reparations. A mandate cast through the power of vote. Mostly through the power of white voters. Voters who, when they pulled that lever to admit that the needed a Negro leader, vindicated every word ever written on NOIS.

Therefore, good readers, the real winner of the 2008 Presidential Election is.............NOIS.

This election was about NOIS from the first debate during the primaries right up to the NOIS surrounding McCain's concession speech.

Now, if the Titans would just give the team back to Vince Young, we'd be on our way to a better, more Negro America.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Duke Lacrosse Case: New Expose

It seems like yesterday that we witnessed Rev. Jesse Jackson put his belief and hope in the American legal system. Believing the system would work, he carefully called for the court of public opinion's conviction of the members of the Duke lacrosse team.

Unfortunately, the system failed, and ended up providing the opportunity for Rev. Jackson's detractors to assault his character and demand an apology for his deeming the lacrosse boys 'guilty'.

Interestingly enough, no one asked Jackson to apologize for putting his hope and trust in the legal system; fully knowing that a young, Negro single mother was but cannon fodder for the legion of lawyers commanded by the Duke families. No, not one derogatory remark against him for believing in the courts.

You now ask, why bring up the Duke case?

Well, a book is nearing release that will shed a new light on what happened that fateful night in Duketory.

A true expose with an insider's revelations of the events.

Now, obviously, since the high priced, high paid defense attorneys were able to work their litigatory magic and get the boys an acquittal: none of the relevant details of this book will really matter.

"The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story" is a book that needs to be read. A book that should not be silenced.

Unfortunately, the same monopoly of justice deprivation that strong armed the acquittal of the lacrosse boys is now actively trying to suppress the author's Constitutional rights to get the story out.

"For 2½ years, this woman has attempted to destroy Reade's life," Cooney (a lawyer) said. "We aim to put a stop to it."

Certainly, the books co-author and publisher has a different take.

Vincent Clark, co-author and publisher of the book, said repeatedly "the case is closed" and Mangum accepts the conclusions of state prosecutors.

How this constitutes an attempt to destroy some one's life is not clear. In fact, the young lady went even further in her reasons to go forward with participating in the expose.

"At this point, it doesn't really matter," she said. "What matters is for people to know my account of what happened and for all of us to learn from it."

To learn from it!

She freely accepts that the boys were found to not have committed the crime that took place in their home, while they were there. She doesn't say she disagrees with the courts ruling, or make any claims the boys are guilty.

All she wants to do is make it clear that she was raped. That a crime was committed against her. And that a single, Negro female dancer can't beat the system.

That's all.

Yet, the lawyers for the boys who already ensured their freedom are now trying to take away Magnum's freedom of speech.

Talks of a law suit seeking compensation are in the works.

This is a tragic turn of events, as it would seem the boys are seeking to gain a profit from a crime they supposedly didn't commit.

And, at the same time, suppress Magnum's truthy account of what happened that night.

All in all, the entire situation seems wholly unfair.

The lacrosse boys got off. And, we believe, the laws evoking Double Jeopardy preclude them from being brought to trial again.

What harm can a book revealing what really took place that night do to the boys?

Especially since they are already known as the white bread versions of OJ Simpson.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marcus Vick: Labelled Unfairly

Former college and professional athlete, Marcus Vick, recently was coerced into a guilty plea for his involvement in being a Negro QB.

He is the target of the Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney's collaborative effort with the state of Virginia (and the Federal Govt.) to rid the state of Negro QB's. This effort is well document in the state and federal joint task force that previously was assigned to gain a conviction of another Negro QB from the state of Virginia. (We urge Jason Campbell to walk on egg shells, if not water!)

What is perhaps most detestable about this latest development is not that another Negro QB is being robbed of his chance at greatness, but that almost every wire and account of this most recent 'conviction' labels Marcus Vick as 'Former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick'.

Certainly, there is truth in the statement. Mr. Vick is a former VT QB. However, due to the fact that the mainstream media continually tries to link Vick with the school and its football program; we believe it is a purposeful attempt to negatively reflect on Mr. Vick.

Virginia Tech is most famous for two things:

1) A lax football program which has produced more than one habitually poorly behaved QB
2) A most tragic murder spree perpetrated by a mentally unbalanced Virginia Tech student

Attaching the 'Former Virginia Tech quarterback' label to Vick is a sinister effort to negatively link Vick to these two negative things for which VT is most notorious.

Isn't it time we let Mr. Vick simply live his life as Marcus Vick, rather than attempt to shackle and enslave him to the negative connotations that go along with being a 'Former Virginia Tech quarterback'?

Vick was simply a student-athlete at the school, he didn't run the programs which provided the environment to produce all the negative things that go along with the programs.

Marcus Vick has been through enough. It's hard enough being the younger brother of a Negro QB so visible that he is the target of a high level government sting and thoroughly unusual federal prosecution.

Why must the media continually try to sully his reputation and image further by constantly bringing up his connection to VT?

Marcus Vick is also a son and a brother. And probably a father. But when do we see him labelled by the mainstream media as 'son, brother and possible father Marcus Vick'?

We don't.

We only see the negative.

Vote Obama.

Yes, we can change.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Notre Dame: Hooligan Player's Reign of Terror Thwarted

Notre Dame Tight End, Will Yeatman, will no longer be participating in football games for the 2008 season.

The young man was arrested for his role in a house party in September. That, coupled with his past incidents of being a menace to the campus, led to the Notre Dame Office of Residence Life's decision to revoke his status as a Notre Dame football player.

The young law breaker is also a member of the Notre Dame lacrosse team, and no word yet on whether his eligibility to participate in that sport will be mercifully rescinded.

Certainly, a full scale investigation into the 'lacrosse culture' at Notre Dame would be more than warranted given the unearthing of the criminal nature of participants in the sport during the Duke Rape Team prosecution. While the rape charges were blocked and deferred by the high priced, private defense team's ability to negate the effectiveness of the state provided (and much lower paid) prosecutor; there can be no refutation that the proceedings revealed that lacrosse culture has a decidedly unruly and illegal tint to it.

That tint, being white.

The actual suspension from the football team relates to a compounding of incidents.

Previously, the criminally active Yeatman was charged with a plethora of charges related to a drinking incident on campus. The multi-convicted Yeatman pled guilty to charges levied as recently as February. His admission of guilt was in response to the court appointed representatives of the people providing enough evidence that the hard drinking Yeatman had willfully operated a vehicle after committing the crime of underage drinking. In addition, he was charged with reckless driving.

Yeatman, being white, well to do and a member of ND's athletic department, was given the opportunity to clear his record in the space of just one year. However, the stipulation was that he remain free of being caught committing a crime.

Unfortunately, the embedded criminal nature of lacrosse culture proved to be too much.

Yeatman was arrested and charged Sept. 21 with minor consumption of alcohol, resisting arrest and false informing after police raided the house.

In what seems to be an effort to protect the young convict, the last two charges listed were dropped. Leaving only the underage consumption of alcohol crime.

Instead of being grateful to the courts and to Notre Dame for standing up to the danger Yeatman poses to the campus community, Yeatman's father was combative.

"Will had a .02 [blood-alcohol content at the party]," Dennis Yeatman said, according to the Tribune. "The other charges were dropped. There's never been a police report filed. And Will is an exceptionally good kid, admired by everybody, gets along with everybody. He's being suspended for a .02 BAC. After all he's been through, it appears to be a disproportionate penalty for college student."

We will take this opportunity to remind Mr. Yeatman (the father of the previously convicted lacrosse playing football player) that his statement alone incriminates his son. Yeatman the younger is under 21. Therefore, while a .02 BAC would certainly not be a crime for someone over 21, it is in fact evidence that the young convict broke the law. And, the terms of his previous deal with the court were clearly violated. Regardless of whether the police filed a report or not.

Additionally, we'd remind Mr. Yeatman that we find it hard to believe that an exceptionally good kid gets drunk and then drives his car on a campus sidewalk.

Finally, we ask Mr. Yeatman: after all your son has been through?

Let's recap what he has been through. He committed an underage drunk driving crime in which he drove on a sidewalk on campus. And, in return was given the opportunity to have his record expunged in only a year's time if he could refrain from committing a stupid act during that year. Instead of acting contrite and taking advantage of the opportunity he was given, he goes out and drinks while still underage (and apparently gives the cops a hard time in the process)...and we are supposed to feel sorry for all he has been through?

This young man should be kicked out of Notre Dame for sheer stupidity. And his father should be smacked for attempting to portray the hooligan that he raised as somehow being a victim in all this.

In a story of related interest, Pacman Jones is currently evaluating which program will best serve his needs for alcohol treatment after the Jerry Jones employed bodyguards failed to keep alcohol away from Pacman, negligently leading to his suspension.

Monday, October 13, 2008

ESPN Writer: Multiple Personality?

Certainly, perspectives on sporting events can differ. One observer may view a game and come away with an impression of what transpired that is completely different than another observer's take on events.

Often times, this difference in perspective is predicated on the viewer's rooting interest. A fan of one team will most definitely have a different point of view on events than the fan of the opposition.

Take, let's say, a close football game.

A game possibly decided by turnovers or maybe a bad call or two by the officials.

The fan of the team that won may say that the turnovers were 'forced' or that the winning team made those plays happen.

The fan of the losing team might believe that the turnovers resulted from mistakes his team made. And, thusly, the game was given away.

As sports fans, we understand that perspective often times dictates how the game is viewed.

So, as sports fans, we also understand that perspective dictates how writers report the game.

And that is why we can't understand ESPN's coverage of the North Carolina-Notre Dame game this past weekend.

One account of the game was titled "Tar Heels take big step with win".

But on the first play of the first drive of the second half, all of that changed. An interception by linebacker Quan Sturdivant got the Tar Heels back in the game, and a forced fumble and recovery by Aleric Mullins late in the third quarter swayed momentum for good.

The implication being that the Tar Heels made some big plays, forced turnovers and took charge of the momentum, proving that they are a legit team and taking the game.

A second ESPN account of the game was titled, "Irish handle tough loss to North Carolina".

Notre Dame knows it let one get away against North Carolina, and the Irish aren't happy about it.

The piece essentially documented the turnover margin in the game as the reason for the Irish loss. But it was the portrayal of the turnovers as mistakes, and that the Irish dominated the rest of the game that was interesting.

One piece, validating the legitimacy of North Carolina's team. The other piece, contending the Irish dominated and the loss was due to unfortunate mistakes.

We reiterate that it is not uncommon to have oppositional perspectives on the same event.

However, we do find ESPN's accounts of the game troubling, all the same.

We find the differing takes troubling because.........they were written by the same person.

Someone named Graham Watson wrote both pieces.

Clearly, Watson had some conflicting feelings after watching the game. The writer clearly came away feeling that the victory gave some credence to UNC's ranking. But, at the same time that ND performed well and were a few miscues from going back to South Bend with a 5-1 record.

Our complaint: Stand by one perspective or the other. Either ND gave the game away. Or UNC took it from them.

You can't have it both ways as a writer. How can one writer submit separate accounts with veritably diametrically oppositional views of the same game?

We believe that we in the Nation are reasonable, open minded, and truth seeking.

Truth seeking being the definitive quality. We find the truth, then relay it to you in our teachings.

A win-win situation for all of us.

Sometimes, we must search high and low for the truth. Other times, we must search near and far.

But this time, the truth hit us squarely in the face in the form of the writer that wants it both ways:

Women should not be writing about sports.

The opportunity to exercise the age old notion of a 'female's prerogative' (aka: changing your mind on a dime without explanation or rationality) is far too rife.

So, we shall request of Ms. Watson the same as we do of our wives:

Make up your damn mind and get back to us when you know what you want!!! (Or in this case you know how you feel about the game.)

And ESPN, unless you are going to turn into Women's Day or Redbook, you better think twice about accepting multiple entries on the same sporting event from your writers.

Your married male readers get enough schizophrenia at home, we don't need it on the WWL!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NC&QB Rankings: Steady at the Top

Not much change at the Top our National rankings this week.

However, in the second half of the list, Arizona and Oregon State fell out due to the rise of Cincinnati and Vanderbilt.

10: Cincinnati: With the falls of USF and Connecticut this week, we project the Bearcats to be the newest Beasts of the Big East. A big time win over tradition rich Marshall vaulted the 'Cats into the Top 10.

9: Ohio State: The Buckeyes toughed out a win at Wisconsin. Despite continuing to win, the Buckeyes, except for Terrelle Pryor, just have not been overly impressive.

8: Georgia Tech: The Jackets dropped a spot, despite shutting out Duke. Only scoring 27 on the Blue White Devils just doesn't cut it in this poll.

7: Vanderbilt: The Commodores make their first ever appearance in the rankings. A hard fought win over Auburn delivered them into the top 10. However, the rest of the season probably hinges on the health of tremendous Negro QB Chris Nickson.

6: Illinois: As we stated last week; Juice Williams is the prototypical Negro QB and therefore the Fighting Zook's are a threat to win every game they play. Williams rang up 431 total yards as the Illini smoked Meechigan in the Big House.

5: Ball State: If the Cards had a white QB, you could bet that they would be being hailed as the biggest threat to be BCS busters. But, that notoriety goes to the team from the pearly white BYU campus. Nate Davis and crew crushed always game Toledo, 31-0.

4: USC: Big rebound blowout win over Oregon. And huge day for non-white Mark Sanchez. Look for the Trojans to drub Arizona State this week as they claw their way back to the top.

3- Virginia Tech: Hokies beat Western Kentucky, but lost running back Kenny Lewis, Jr. However, Negro QB Tyrod Taylor remains healthy, and that spells trouble this week for Boston College.

2- Penn State: Joe Paterno continues to coach from the booth. And the Lions continue to win. There has to be a correlation there. The speedy, accurate and savvy Darryl Clark will be challenged by a physical Wisconsin team this week.

1- Oklahoma: A blowout tune-up win over Baylor primes the Sam Bradford led Sooners as they prepare for the Red River Rivalry against Texas. Interestingly enough, Texas coach Mack Brown won his only National Championship due to the incredible abilities of a non-white QB. Look for OU to win this.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Victory: Intelligent Activism Yields Results

We have received many, many emails from readers. Most, intelligent communiques agreeing with our enlightened outlook and praising our teaching methodology.

Some, diatribically venomous ad hominem attacks voicing no real point of view; other than the writer is angry that the world is changing rapidly and he/she is being left behind.

We generally aren't the type to pat ourselves on the back and devote time to pointing out every instance in which our activism leads to change.

But, we feel this time is important enough to lend some attention.

Our regular readers will recall last weeks sermonical presentation on the racist tendencies exhibited by a Sports Illustrated football writer. In his weekly column, the writer gives out a "Good Guy of the Week" award. All winners this season had been white.

We believed that it was time to take a stance against the writer, and we put together a well received expose on the writer's pattern.

Brothers and Sisters, the response of Mr. Peter King overwhelmingly substantiates our findings.

This morning, in his 'column', Mr. King anointed a new 'Good Guy of the Week'.

Lo and behold, after our public outcry against his award practices which thus far had repetitively excluded Negroes from being crowned as 'good guys'; Mr. King coronated Brian Dawkins as his 'Good Guy of the Week'.

Certainly, no one can argue that Dawkins deserves the award. He did something to help someone or donated some time to a charity or helped kids or some such endeavor. What he did is not of consequence.

It is the recognition of a Negro player as a 'good guy' that matters.

We applaud Mr. King for tapping out under the pressure administered by our previous literary choke hold. And caving to the concentrated demands of our movement.

Now that the precedent has been set, we anticipate a run of Negro players winning this coveted award.

In related news:

Last week we also ran a piece illustrating that Ronnie Brown was one of the most efficient QB's in football and that he was best suited to be the starting QB for the Dolphins.

Seems Mr. King has jumped on that bandwagon as well.

The best thing for Miami is how adept Brown is at taking snaps and using play-fakes and even throwing the ball.


King even went so far as to name Miami Quarterback Coach, David Lee, his Coach of the Week for the work he has done implementing this package centered around Ronnie Brown assuming the role of Negro QB.

While we must admit there is certainly going to be a lingering issue in King's blatant attempt to credit the white coach with the success of the new Quarterback; we must agree with the sentiment of King's statement.

Clearly, in naming the Quarterback Coach the coach of the week for his work with Brown, King is anointing Brown the Quarterback of the Dolphins.

We made that point over a week ago, but it is fulfilling to see the mainstream media agree that Ronnie Brown is one of the best Negro-QB's in the NFL.

Yes, we can change!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

MMA: Future Rests On Kimbo?

According to Yahoo Sports columnist, Dan Wetzel, the future of MMA may rest on the broad shoulders of Kimbo Slice. Not to mention, the future of the EliteXC organization.

Well, other than the very existence of the promotion he fights for – the struggling EliteXC. Not to mention the short-term future of mixed martial arts on broadcast television, since CBS could pull the plug.

Wetzel goes on to speculate that a Slice loss would be the end of his drawing power, and the end of EliteXC.

While it’s unlikely EliteXC, or any other league, can ever mount a serious challenge to the UFC’s immense popularity and market share, the possibility is non-existent if Kimbo loses.

The hopes and dreams of investors are pinned on the lovable street urchin from Miami.

Slice was plucked from the realm of backyard brawls and parking lot scrapes. His notoriety was gained through a marketing scheme based on YouTube exposure and personality for days.

EliteXC came along and saw not just a magnetic and charismatic Negro male; but dollar signs. Cha-ching!

Deep in debt, the organization formulated a plan to exploit the following that Slice had built himself through his gorilla marketing campaign on YouTube.

And now, unable to sign or find any white fighters who can draw like Slice can, the company and the mainstream media are already preparing to blame Slice should the endeavor fail.

The trouble is, if Kimbo were to lose Saturday, there may not be a company on Monday – the promise of future ratings and pay-per-view buys gone if his famed ferocity is debunked.

Kimbo slice has taken on an untenable situation. The entire future of MMA on broadcast television rests in the power of his punches. As does the future of his employers.

Much has been made that Slice has fought 'has beens' and 'never was's'. That his skills and mastery of the various martial arts lack the technical maturity and precision of top notch fighters.

Even his vaunted punching power – fearsome in boat yards and back alleys – isn’t much by big-time MMA standards.

Then, why pin all hopes on Slice? Why put forth Slice as the deliverer to the promised land?

It's simple.

Slice is to EliteXC as Barack Obama is to the Presidential election.

Inexperienced and untested. And an easy mark when things go bad.

And, their situations are virtual mirror images. Thrust into virtually unwinable situations. If Obama wins, the country is in such disarray, that he can't be successful. Eventually, as ALL MMA fighters do, Slice will lose.

And, as Negro males, they will both be tarred and feathered and then lynched by the media. As if they CHOSE this destiny of forced failure.

Obama didn't choose to have the media draft him as the savior of this nation. Watch how the media turns after he wins and the white robber barons of Wall Street and bitter white Republicans on the Hill ensure that our economy sinks to new lows in an effort to cement an American future in which a Negro is never given the chance to so much as seriously run for President again.

And watch the great fighter, Slice, ride away into 'bolivian' after he is finally vanquished in the cage.

Both replete in the knowledge that they gave it their best.

Obama, secure in the cash from all the books you bought.

And, Slice. Secure in the cash he got from his Nike endorsements.

And the government and EliteXC bankrupt.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SI's Peter King: Admits to being Racist?

In today's edition of the morbidly dull and mortally uninformative stylings of Peter King's Sports Illustrated column, a fan submitted an email essentially pointing out that King had tunnel vision in his weekly awarding of some award for 'good guy' of the week.

From Paul, of New York City: "Peter, my friends and I have a running joke about how many weeks into the season your 'good guy' award goes to a white man. Four for four thus far. More than 50 percent of the players in the league are black, as you know.

Clearly, the point being; that when King 'thinks' good guy, he thinks white guy.

That is called being racist.

One would think that King would either refute the sentiment or at least tell us some story about a Negro 'friend' which would prove to the world that he isn't racist.

Something along the lines of:

'I dialed the personal cell phone number of Donovan McNabb to talk to him on my cell phone, and while on the cell phone call with McNabb, he said, 'Gee willikers, Peter King, we played a dynamite game today'. Then, I spoke into my cell phone, on which I had dialed Donovan McNabb's personal cell phone number, and told him --over the cell phone --about a supremely funny TV show I had just discovered called, The Office. He said the title sounded supremely funny. We laughed. And then some guy who was travelling to Colgate University (where my daughter who used to play softball at Montclair High, Marybeth, attended college) walked by and said something loud. Very annoying! I decided to skip going to the gym. The hotel has a very good gym, and if you go at 3:30AM, there are surprisingly few people competing for treadmills. Instead, I decided to go to Starbuck's and have a Trinidadian-Mocha-Frappolotta-Roasted-Coffee-Bean-Triple-Non-Fat Carmel-with-a sugar-free-maple-infused-raspberry-flavor-shot Green Tea. Green Tea is so healthy. And Donovan is a good friend.'

But no, all he had to say was:

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

As in:

Ooops, you noticed. Better pick a jigaboo next week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

MANQB: Monday Afternoon Negro QB

It's time for the Monday Afternoon Negro QB (cause morning is just too damned early to be typing all this!).

10 Things You Need To Think (about)

1- The selfishness in the Raiders organization being displayed by both managing partner Al Davis and Coach Lane Kiffin is tragic. And, as usual, the casualty of this tragedy will be the development and possibly the career of N-QB JaMarcus Russell. While Davis spends his limited time left on the Mother planet trying to make life unbearable for Kiffin; and while Kiffin spends his limited time left in the NFL trying to force Davis to fire him as quickly as possible: JaMarcus Russell is perishing. So, when the situation finally is resolved, Davis will have his team. Kiffin will have a settlement and a job somewhere else. And Russell will have two wasted years and the label of being the Negro Ryan Leaf.

2- Instead of following the normal NFL cycle of hiring some washed up, white retread to be the new GM in Detroit, how about considering following the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants lead, and hiring a Negro to turn the Lions into a winner?

3- With the injury to Tom Brady and the diminished ability of Peyton Manning, it's pretty clear that last night's Redskins-Cowboys match up was a preview of the next great dueling QB's. And a clear sign that despite the efforts to preserve the position of QB for a certain racial demographic, that the evolution continues.

4- 30% of the Top Ten rated QB's in the NFL are not bleachy. That percentage, despite the incarceration of Michael Vick, the retirement of Steve McNair, the unfortunate sabotaging of the careers of both JaMarcuss Russell and Vince Young, and, despite the cadaverous presence of Gus Frerotte in Minnesota.

5- Speaking of Frerotte's resurrection: Gus has already doubled the INT output of Tarvaris Jackson and his TD percentage is a full 20% less than Jackson's. Yet, no one is clamoring to bench him and his coach isn't blaming the team's loss this week on him.

4- Chunky, pale Sports Illustrated football hack, Peter King, is reporting that he thinks he is hearing that Vince Young is 'rebuffing' Kerry Collins offer to 'mentor' him. And King thinks it is a bad move on Young's part. We suppose that King would be equally indignant to hear that Obama politely turned down an offer to be tutored by McCain.

3- Brian Leonard, surprisingly is the leading rusher in the NFL. With 7 yards, the Ram leads all white running backs.

2- Ben Roethlisberger took a beating last week at the hands of the Iggles. If the Ravens are able to administer a similar physical assault, there is no way that Big Ben will be able to hold up. Look for Byron Leftwich to lead the Steelers to a comeback win tonight.

1- For all the media attention pointing out that the NFC East is the best division in football; no one is mentioning that 75% of the QB's in the division are not white.

NC&QB Rankings: A Wild Week At The Top

Another exciting week of college football and a few upsets certainly changed the landscape of the most accurate ranking system in the Nation.

The most exciting game of the week was North Carolina against Miami. In a back and forth battle that came down to the wire, the Tar Heels were able to hold on for the victory; upping their record to 3-1. Randy Shannon's squad played a good game, but Butch Davis has the 'Heels on the upward swing.

Dropping from the poll was ECU.

10 Oregon State: Talented and resilient non-caucasian QB Lyle Moevao provided the cool and calm to lead the Beavers in what is becoming and annual tradition: a home win over USC.

9 Arizona: Polynesian Sensation Willie Tuitama and his troops had the week to rest up for a big PAC 10 showdown with Ty Willingham.

8 Ohio State: Terrelle Pryor continues to impress, while the rest of Tressel's Bucks continue to look lackluster. Pryor ran for two scores and threw for two as well. Any hopes the Bucks have of winning the Big 10 rest squarely on the arm and legs of Pryor. A late October meeting with #2 Penn State will most likely settle the Big 10. Unless, Juice Williams can get Illinois going again.

7 Georgia Tech: A week off to rest up for resurgent Duke.

6- Illinois: Some will question this high ranking after a loss to Penn State. What can't be questioned is that Juice Williams has proven he is the prototype N-QB; and that alone makes Illinois a danger to win every time they step on the field.

5- Ball State: The Ballers continue their quest for perfection. With the meat of their schedule behind them (and having gone undefeated against the Big 10), look for the Cards to run roughshod over the slew of directional schools remaining on the schedule. The only thing standing between BSU and crashing the the possibility of the computer rankings robbing them of a shot. Hard to believe we live in a country that is on the verge of electing a Negro president; yet we generate computer rankings that won't reward a talented Negro QB. Yes, we can change!

4- USC: What can one say? Clearly, Pete Carroll lost his focus and didn't have his troops ready. Non-white QB Matt Sanchez did all he could; unfortunately Carroll's shortcomings cost the team a shot at the big prize

3- VA Tech: The Hokies have quietly climbed back towards the top after that opening loss to ECU. And, they have done it over near top-notch competition: GA Tech, UNC and Nebraska. UNC and Nebraska on the road. Frank Beamer has to be kicking himself for starting the year off with Tyrod Taylor as a redshirt. If only.....

2- Penn State: While Joe Paterno takes afternoon naps and subsists on Geritol; N-QB Darryl Clark has the Lions in the hunt for the glass football. We just hope no one wakes Paterno up at this point.

1- Oklahoma: After taking down a strong TCU squad, Sam Bradford and the Sooners can write their own destiny. If the Native QB can stay healthy and allow Mike Stoops to not have to resort to bringing in an Anglo QB....these Sooners can win the national title. If they go undefeated.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miami Dolphins: Solve QB Problem, Beat Pats

Certainly, one of the biggest upsets of the weekend past in the NFL was the Miami Dolphins drubbing of the formerly title contending Patriots.

While most anticipated that eventually the New England offense would sputter under the direction of a caucasian promoted to first string having not started a football game since High School; few anticipated that the Dolphins would find the combination to unlock the Patriot defense.

First, we must give credit where credit is due. The Dolphins came in with a brilliant scheme. The coaching staff clearly realized that up to this point in the season they had been allowing their own philosophies and play drawing to get in the way. Therefore, they made two key adjustments.

One, they simplified the offense.

Two, they realized that shoulder-less Chad Pennington was simply a road bump in the way of getting the ball from center to someone who could make something happen. So, in the most proficient of maneuvers, they cut out the middle man, and got the ball directly to the most efficient passer on the team: Running Back-turned-Negro QB Ronnie Brown.

RB/Negro QB Brown devastated the Patriot defense with his slashing running out of the shotgun formation. We heard the announcers refer to it as the 'Arkansas single wing'. Clearly, this was an effort to mitigate Brown's ascension to the role of Negro QB, and to try to shackle him to running back.

Well, it won't work. It won't work because the numbers don't lie. Brown emerged from the game with a gaudy 158 QB rating. Clearly cementing himself as the best passer on the team.

As the mainstream media and NFL do their best to eradicate the emergence of young, Negro QBs (Vince, Tarvaris and JaMarcus); it will be interesting to see how they conspire to somehow confine Negro QB Ronnie Brown to the role of running back.

Clearly, the white owners and mainstream media understand that the Negro long ago usurped the role of chief rusher on the grid iron. Using superior speed, quickness, stamina, explosiveness, vision and desire to banish the white running back to the history books.

Now, in return, the white conspirators are using that same victory of ability to enslave the Negro to the position.

Brown clearly has beaten out Pennington for the starting QB job in Miami.

Unfortunately, we will now watch as he is imprisoned in the RB position. The QB position, dangled in front of him like freedom to a slave. Then, quickly denied. As success at RB drags him back like a chain tied to the bumper of a pick up truck.

And, this is the hand the Negro in the NFL is dealt.

There are 11 positions on each side of the ball. And, Brown can only play one at a time.

Unfortunately, the same is true for Chad Pennington.

And the team already has a field goal holder on the roster.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Notre Dame: Weis Leading Team To Destiny

We aren't big believers in karma. In 'what comes around goes around'. In the notion of what you put out is what you get back.

If we were, certainly Notre Dame's Football fortunes would be no surprise after what the Cult of College Football did to Coach Tyrone Willingham.

Having said that, we did want to point out something very interesting.

Charlie Weis, holder of an immense and long contract awarded after not even completing a full season, enjoyed two 9-3 seasons to start off his reign as the Pope of ND football. As has been pointed out over and over; he won with Ty Willingham's players. And, as has been pointed out over and over; he is having a hell of a time winning with his own players.

All this despite his offensive genius.

Last season, Notre Dame suffered through the worst season in school history. Despite this, Weis was able to add another class of highly touted recruits and able to somehow propagate a false hope for 2008.

After having Touchdown Jesus himself help secure the win over perennial powerless house San Diego State, Michigan presented ND with a gift wrapped victory.

And the Irish faithful believed! 2-0, and Charlie the Genius was going to make it allllll righhhht.

And then Michigan State steamrolled the Irish for the 9th time in 12 years. And suddenly, what on paper is a schedule about as challenging as a Special Olympics spelling bee, the season is in jeopardy.

Stanford and Syracuse look to be the only games the Irish should be favored to win.

Now, we don't believe in karma, and we don't believe that the Irish are being punished for past transgressions against an Original Coach. Certainly, Weis' poor coaching and inability to develop all this talent he has recruited easily explains the troubled times in which the Irish now find themselves.

But, we ask you to think back.

After 2 straight 9-3 seasons behind the Devil's spawn of a gel-haired-QB, Weis named Demetrius Jones as his starter. He said he was his man.

Then, after one half of getting battered and abused thanks to his offensive line's matador blocking scheme; Jones was yanked. Benched. The recipient of the blame for Weis' failed schemes and failed player development.

Including that day, the Irish have gone 5-10. Three of those victories came against borderline high school competition (Duke, Stanford, SD State), and the other two came against big name schools in periods of utter disarray.
Now we aren't suggesting that ND is being punished for their treatment of the Negro QB. But we are saying that things sure were better before Charlie trampled the young man as if he were blocking the dessert table.
No, we don't believe in karma.
We just think Charlie has been exposed for what he is.
An NFL offensive coordinator.
Not a bad thing to be, for sure. But certainly not what you want heading a formerly important major college football program.
Karma's a bitch.
But reality...reality is the devil.
In this case, a white one.

NC&QB Rankings: Shake Up

In our bi-weekly rankings system, we saw some remarkable movement.

Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon fell out of the rankings.

Penn State, Ohio State and Virginia Tech moved in.

And Miami served notice (beating down free falling TAMU) that it is next in line should one of the top 10 falter.

10- Arizona (3-1): The 'Cats suffered an upset loss to New Mexico, but came back in true non-white QB fashion with a big win over UCLA this past weekend. Willie Tuitama, of non-Northern European descent, threw 2 TD's and no INT's against the Bruins.

9- East Carolina (3-1): The Pirates BCS hopes became tenuous after a close call with Tulane; and then shattered after falling to talent poor NC State. With Houston, Virginia, Memphis and UCF on the immediate schedule, the Pirates are poised to climb back up should the teams above them falter.

8- Ohio State (3-1): After the blowout loss to NCQB #1 USC, the Buckeyes made the only logical move they could to save their season: They turned to Negro QB Terrelle Pryor. Pryor threw 4 TD's and rushed for 66 yards as the Bucks began the long journey back down the road to respectability. Many say that Coach Tressel's conservative nature is a fault. But, in this case, returning his team to the lead of a Negro QB seems to be the only option to get back to the success his team previously enjoyed.

7- Illinois (2-1): The Fighting Zooks dropped a few spots during and idle week. Their previous unimpressive victory over one of the many doormat University of Louisiana teams did not help them. However, Juice Williams will have a chance to move his squad back up to the top 5 when Illinois travels to newly ranked Penn State next Saturday in the marquis match up of the weekend.

6- Ball State (4-0): The Ballers are the best team in the Big Ten region. Hands down. A three touchdown victory over previously #10 Indiana certainly shored up many of the questions about this squad. Heisman-eligible QB Nate Davis is throwing at over a 72% completion rate and over 10 yards per attempt. Add in his 10 TD completions, and you can clearly see why we are touting him as the Heisman front runner to this point.

5- Georgia Tech (3-1): The Wramblin' Wreck is slowly putting together a season to remember. Only a close loss to #4 VA Tech separates the Jackets from an undefeated record. Unfortunately, tremendous non-drop-back-passer QB Josh Nesbitt was injured in the victory over Mississippi State. Coach Paul Johnson's choice of Jaybo Shaw, rather than Calvin Booker, as his replacement could have future implications on Tech's rankings.

4- Virginia Tech (3-1): The Hokies continue to march on after the opening day loss to ECU. In perhaps the best coaching tactics we've seen from Frank Beamer, Tyrod Tayler was pulled back from what was to be a redshirt season, and now seems to be the go to player for the Hokies. Taylor engineered a stunning come from behind victory to knock off previous ACC Coastal Division front runner North Carolina.

3- Penn State (4-0): Despite being trapped in the petrified forest that is Joe Paterno's offense, NQB Daryll Clark continues to shine as the Lions have steam rolled through the first third of their schedule. A showdown with Heisman hopeful Juice Williams in Happy Valley next weekend looms as a make or break game for both teams.

2- Oklahoma (3-0): After hanging half a hundred for the third time this season, the Sooners enjoyed an off week to prep for TCU. Sam Bradford has been the model of efficiency. His work is single-handedly making most question the notion that drop back passing is the realm of the white QB.

1- USC (2-0) The Trojans hit the field this week with revenge on their minds against Oregon State. With no legit contenders left on their schedule, look for Mark Sanchez and the Men of Troy to put up some big numbers week after week as they defend their ranking and work to win the BCS formula battle.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blame Game: It's Your Fault, Tarvaris!

A man who owes his current employment in the NFL as a head coach to the success of a Negro QB has taken the first chance to throw the blame of his team's current slow start directly at his young, developing Negro QB.

In an act of pure selfishness and political motive, Brad Childress has sent the message that the 0-2 start of the Vikings is QB Tarvaris Jackson's fault. Childress has relieved Jackson of his command of the offense and resuscitated the continually failed corpse of Gus Frerotte.

The move of going to Frerotte alone should absolve Jackson of culpability in this horrible start.

Childress, who wouldn't have a head coaching job if it weren't for riding the coat tails of Donovan McNabb in Philly, didn't hesitate to throw Jackson as a sacrifice to quell the grumbling masses.

“I know there’s many other plays, there’s a lot of other people that have to step up,” Childress said. “But then when you go back through and look at the tape, and most importantly to be able to sit across from the young man and want to be able to verify what you’re feeling—it’s kind of like looking in your kids’ eyes and saying one (thing) and feeling another.”

Clearly, he must not be seeing the tape that exposes the dropped passes. That makes it clear that the conservative play calling and predictable offense are making it difficult for the talented Jackson to flourish.

“I was very surprised,” receiver Bobby Wade said. “I didn’t anticipate that. Obviously it’s the coach’s decision and the administration’s decision and we have to run with that.”

Wade's remarks assuredly echo the feelings of the rest of the team. One of veiled disillusionment and burgeoning internal strife over the choice of the coach to interject the corpse of Gus Frerotte into what started off as a promising season of high expectations.

The reality of this is microcosmic of what is going on in the rest of the NFL right now.

As we reported all season last year, it was becoming quite apparent that the Negro QB was well on his way to position domination. The white QB was going the way of the white running back. A sideshow act of fun and enjoyment when the novelty got his hands on the ball.

But now, the exhumation of Frerotte can be seen as symbolic of the collective attempt to bring the white QB back from the dead.

No one said it would be easy. From the still to be fully explained incarceration of Michael Vick to the recent debacle in the handling of Vince Young's desire to eat his wings in peace to horrendous coaching and mentoring provided to JaMarcus Russell; it's clear......the serpent's head has been cut off, but the body is still moving.

Certainly, Gus Frerotte's longevity and willingness to wear a different uniform every year are admirable. Though, the reality is that the longevity is more a testament to a stubborn league desperate to fight change, rather than to Frerotte's stamina.

But, NFL owners and plantation bosses, be warned: change is in the November rain.

Change we can believe in.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Done Beat Us Down

Well, we are having technical difficulties here at NOIS Central.

We are casualties of Allah's hatred of the white man.

In His effort to vanquish the greedy oil barons and price gougers amassed in the Purgatory that is Houston, we suffered the unfortunate consequences of proximity to the Devil (the white sort).

We applaud the sentiment and display of wrath towards these greedy, bleached refinery landlords and petrol pushers; but, we aren't thrilled by the effect on NOIS.

Sitting in the dark subsisting on beef jerky has renewed our anger.

It has renewed or mission.

The self reflection has been bountiful and inspirational.

As we watch the honkies on the power trucks drive by without so much as stopping in our 'hood to fix a loose wire...we realize how truly difficult it will be for Obama to win this election.

And, even harder, for Vince Young to get his job back.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vince Young: Victim of Character Assassination

We've all had bad days. We've all wanted to find a moment's peace. Alone.

Some call it reflection. Some meditation. Others, 'me time'.

But, if you are a Negro NFL QB, people call the police. (Although, it seems, no matter what you do...if you are a Negro QB, people call the police.)

Vince Young had a lousy day. He got hurt. And he wanted to be alone to eat some wings and chill out. Unfortunately, his beneficiary Mother became worried when she was not apprised of his intentions or whereabouts. Possibly, rightfully so. Mom called the team to see if they knew where the star-crossed QB was located.

What happened next is one of the most insidious and malignant plots of subversion that we can remember ever being perpetrated against a Negro QB. And, as readers of this blog, you know that is saying something!

Coach Jeff Fisher, seeing the opportunity to entrench the melanin free Kerry Collins in the QB spot, called the police to apparently report Young as depressed and missing. The clear insinuation is that the QB was despondent and possibly suicidal. Crisis negotiators were put on alert.

The stage was now set, and the mission of performing the character assassination was handed to the mainstream media. Reports that he told his Mom he wanted to quit football were floated.

Now, we have a picture being presented of an emotionally unstable man who is doubting his desire to be in the NFL. What's a team to do? Clearly, hand the steering wheel to the 'stable' white guy. How convenient!

Knowing the public would never accept the demotion of the high energy and exciting Negro QB who led the team to a surprisingly successful season last year; the Titans' brain trust turned a harmless phone call from Mom into a full fledged coup de tet to over throw their field general.

We wonder, would the police have been called (along with crisis intervention teams) if Matt Hasselbeck was seen pounding some shots at a local bar after his abysmal performance this past weekend? After an effort that screamed, 'I don't want to be in the NFL', did the media report that Carson Palmer wanted to abandon his career?

Fortunately, the sporting public will have none of this and isn't buying it.

After all, if Chad Pennington can find gainful NFL employment these days, a QB would have to really be crazy to think he couldn't make it in the NFL.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Return of the Mack: McNabb regains old form

The stat line read 361 yards, three touchdowns and a 131.0 passer rating.


More impressive, the confidence. Not only the self-confidence, but the confidence the troops had in their leader.

The field General is back.

Since losing the Super Bowl, Donovan McNabb has suffered through numerous injuries. Knee. Abdominal. Back (at the hands of the knife inserting Terrell Owens).

He has also suffered through a malicious media assault on his ability and his character. Rarely given the benefit of the doubt that he could return to the form that lead to multiple Pro Bowls and 4 straight NFC title games. The media seemed t0 rejoice as McNabb slid down the slope of the NFL quarterback mountain.

Now he is healthy.

Now he is at peace.

Now he is the most dangerous QB in the NFL.

Clearly, reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. And, probably purposely.

Unlike the great Daunte Culpepper, who bought into the media's psychological warfare, McNabb never believed that he could not return to top form. Try as the media might to sabotage McNabb's confidence and swagger, he fought through.

And, now, he is reaping the benefits of his own personal stamina.

The thorough dismantling of the Rams --who might not be Super Bowl contenders, but most certainly are the #2 football team in the state of Missouri-- showed just how far McNabb has come.

Despite having his top 2 receivers out of action, he was able to mount an aerial assault that McNabb fans will be talking about all week.

With the fall of Tom Brady, the only thing standing between McNabb and the MVP award are 15 more games.

Many of which will be against NFL caliber teams.