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Monday, September 29, 2008

MANQB: Monday Afternoon Negro QB

It's time for the Monday Afternoon Negro QB (cause morning is just too damned early to be typing all this!).

10 Things You Need To Think (about)

1- The selfishness in the Raiders organization being displayed by both managing partner Al Davis and Coach Lane Kiffin is tragic. And, as usual, the casualty of this tragedy will be the development and possibly the career of N-QB JaMarcus Russell. While Davis spends his limited time left on the Mother planet trying to make life unbearable for Kiffin; and while Kiffin spends his limited time left in the NFL trying to force Davis to fire him as quickly as possible: JaMarcus Russell is perishing. So, when the situation finally is resolved, Davis will have his team. Kiffin will have a settlement and a job somewhere else. And Russell will have two wasted years and the label of being the Negro Ryan Leaf.

2- Instead of following the normal NFL cycle of hiring some washed up, white retread to be the new GM in Detroit, how about considering following the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants lead, and hiring a Negro to turn the Lions into a winner?

3- With the injury to Tom Brady and the diminished ability of Peyton Manning, it's pretty clear that last night's Redskins-Cowboys match up was a preview of the next great dueling QB's. And a clear sign that despite the efforts to preserve the position of QB for a certain racial demographic, that the evolution continues.

4- 30% of the Top Ten rated QB's in the NFL are not bleachy. That percentage, despite the incarceration of Michael Vick, the retirement of Steve McNair, the unfortunate sabotaging of the careers of both JaMarcuss Russell and Vince Young, and, despite the cadaverous presence of Gus Frerotte in Minnesota.

5- Speaking of Frerotte's resurrection: Gus has already doubled the INT output of Tarvaris Jackson and his TD percentage is a full 20% less than Jackson's. Yet, no one is clamoring to bench him and his coach isn't blaming the team's loss this week on him.

4- Chunky, pale Sports Illustrated football hack, Peter King, is reporting that he thinks he is hearing that Vince Young is 'rebuffing' Kerry Collins offer to 'mentor' him. And King thinks it is a bad move on Young's part. We suppose that King would be equally indignant to hear that Obama politely turned down an offer to be tutored by McCain.

3- Brian Leonard, surprisingly is the leading rusher in the NFL. With 7 yards, the Ram leads all white running backs.

2- Ben Roethlisberger took a beating last week at the hands of the Iggles. If the Ravens are able to administer a similar physical assault, there is no way that Big Ben will be able to hold up. Look for Byron Leftwich to lead the Steelers to a comeback win tonight.

1- For all the media attention pointing out that the NFC East is the best division in football; no one is mentioning that 75% of the QB's in the division are not white.


ZEKE said...

what the.. 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1? wtf is that?

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

i'm hoping that Ben gets knocked out. And then Byron throws 4 picks. Cause, then, it means Dennis Dixon comes in off the bench!!!

Avonte Mixon said...

you are gonna put Peter King out of business. Please tho, promise us: No Travel Notes!!!!

Two Dogs said...

And oddly enough, young Barry's schooling began last Friday night. I hope that the great Half-frican American learned something.

The Raiders shall be complete upon the hiring of ONE Matt Millen, better known as "The Pride of Hokendauqua, Pennsylvania." Okay, I admit that his superhero name needs some pithying up, but that is just a start, mind you.

Finally, Negroes need to learn that their place is definitely NOT in the office. It's in the field, just ask Jimmy the Greek. Well, you know what I mean.

Anarchist Accountant said...

Seems like we're having a little difficulty in the numbering dept...nonetheless, I will educate you on your crass ramblings...

1-Fact, no QB will ever be bad enough to have Ryan Leaf in their label, (this only applies to those phony enough to need to use labels, of course, LOL). That being said, what will sink Russell will be his lack of decision making. It is what sets apart quality QBs like Moon and McNair from overrated QBs like Vick, Culpepper and Young.

2-So if the Lions hire proven winner Bill Cowher, this would be a mistake in your eyes?

3-Prayers for the continued failures of Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees. And don't draft John Parker Wilson. He sucks.

4-The % makeup of QB's in the NFL is based on which ones have the best ability and work habits, regardless of the excuses you mention. But I do admire your use of the racist term, bleachy. Boo-yah.

5-Speaks only to not signing a quality backup in case your young QB doesn't make it. But it's not Minnesota's fault that the Steelers have had the foresight to sign Batch and Leftwich in recent years, leaving them with trash.

4-That's great. You're a struggling young QB with mental issues. And you turn down help from a teammate who took a team to the Super Bowl. Says volumes of Youngs immaturity and nothing more.

3-Reserved for those who are counting. The publishing of this stat raises that number to a staggering one.


1-No-one is mentioning it because it is not important. 'Nuff Said.