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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Done Beat Us Down

Well, we are having technical difficulties here at NOIS Central.

We are casualties of Allah's hatred of the white man.

In His effort to vanquish the greedy oil barons and price gougers amassed in the Purgatory that is Houston, we suffered the unfortunate consequences of proximity to the Devil (the white sort).

We applaud the sentiment and display of wrath towards these greedy, bleached refinery landlords and petrol pushers; but, we aren't thrilled by the effect on NOIS.

Sitting in the dark subsisting on beef jerky has renewed our anger.

It has renewed or mission.

The self reflection has been bountiful and inspirational.

As we watch the honkies on the power trucks drive by without so much as stopping in our 'hood to fix a loose wire...we realize how truly difficult it will be for Obama to win this election.

And, even harder, for Vince Young to get his job back.


RighteousReasoner said...


Might I suggest sniping the honkies on the trucks as they drive by? Do Us all a favor, and we will be one step closer to having a devil-free USA, and living in Allah's true Negro paradise.

RighteousReasoner said...
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RighteousReasoner said...

Racism runs rampant again in the ever tolerant Minnesota as Righteous Negro QB Tavaris Jackson is unjustly benched in favor of honkey veteran Gus Frerotte, in a situation eerily similar to the Vince Young - Kerry Collins situation Our Blog made Teachings on earlier this week.

Another attempt by the NFL to save the last semblance of whiteness in the league and prevent the Original QB from reclaiming the role that is rightfully His.