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Monday, September 22, 2008

Notre Dame: Weis Leading Team To Destiny

We aren't big believers in karma. In 'what comes around goes around'. In the notion of what you put out is what you get back.

If we were, certainly Notre Dame's Football fortunes would be no surprise after what the Cult of College Football did to Coach Tyrone Willingham.

Having said that, we did want to point out something very interesting.

Charlie Weis, holder of an immense and long contract awarded after not even completing a full season, enjoyed two 9-3 seasons to start off his reign as the Pope of ND football. As has been pointed out over and over; he won with Ty Willingham's players. And, as has been pointed out over and over; he is having a hell of a time winning with his own players.

All this despite his offensive genius.

Last season, Notre Dame suffered through the worst season in school history. Despite this, Weis was able to add another class of highly touted recruits and able to somehow propagate a false hope for 2008.

After having Touchdown Jesus himself help secure the win over perennial powerless house San Diego State, Michigan presented ND with a gift wrapped victory.

And the Irish faithful believed! 2-0, and Charlie the Genius was going to make it allllll righhhht.

And then Michigan State steamrolled the Irish for the 9th time in 12 years. And suddenly, what on paper is a schedule about as challenging as a Special Olympics spelling bee, the season is in jeopardy.

Stanford and Syracuse look to be the only games the Irish should be favored to win.

Now, we don't believe in karma, and we don't believe that the Irish are being punished for past transgressions against an Original Coach. Certainly, Weis' poor coaching and inability to develop all this talent he has recruited easily explains the troubled times in which the Irish now find themselves.

But, we ask you to think back.

After 2 straight 9-3 seasons behind the Devil's spawn of a gel-haired-QB, Weis named Demetrius Jones as his starter. He said he was his man.

Then, after one half of getting battered and abused thanks to his offensive line's matador blocking scheme; Jones was yanked. Benched. The recipient of the blame for Weis' failed schemes and failed player development.

Including that day, the Irish have gone 5-10. Three of those victories came against borderline high school competition (Duke, Stanford, SD State), and the other two came against big name schools in periods of utter disarray.
Now we aren't suggesting that ND is being punished for their treatment of the Negro QB. But we are saying that things sure were better before Charlie trampled the young man as if he were blocking the dessert table.
No, we don't believe in karma.
We just think Charlie has been exposed for what he is.
An NFL offensive coordinator.
Not a bad thing to be, for sure. But certainly not what you want heading a formerly important major college football program.
Karma's a bitch.
But reality...reality is the devil.
In this case, a white one.


Henry the 8th said..., you ARE saying ND is being punished, right? Right??!

Henry the 8th said..., you ARE saying ND is being punished, right? Right??!

Dirty Sanchez said...

Fret not my friends. Another season of UW stinking it up and Ty Willingham will be available to return to ND.

I'm not sure if you know this, but Ty is a GREAT coach.

RockyJasons said...

You should be giving Coach Weis credit for winning with "Coach Ty's" players -- somebody else is having trouble doing just that in Seattle lately.

Also, surprised to see the Huskies left out of your Top 10 poll -- at least they and "Coach Ty" avoided another "embarrassing" defeat this past weekend...

Anonymous said...

No, the Irish aren't being punished for their treatment of Sir Willingham. No, no. It is because of their part in the IRA terrorist bombings in the 80's in Dublin.
Full circle baby, full circle.