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Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Coach of the Year: The Quest for Perfection is the Key

Bill Belichik.

Three Super Bowl rings as a head coach. Adulation as perhaps an all time great.

This year, blessed with an owner willing to go out and get the cream of the crop in the free agent market, perhaps his most remarkable coaching job.

There is no debating that the Pats are extremely talented. There is no debating that they are blessed with experience and a championship aura.

But, there is also no debating that balancing all the egos and getting everyone to perform as one unit is the type of thing that only a COY calibre performance could provide.

This team is reminiscent of Phil Jackson's Jordan led Bulls and Shaq led Lakers. To the untrained eye, anyone could led them to victory. To those in the know, only a genius could get them there.

With that in mind, we at NOIS convey the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year Award to.......

Romeo Crennel.

Blessed with a fraction of the talent on his roster, an organization that epitomized losing and located in a city that embraces the 'epitomization' of losing: somehow Crennel overcame and marshalled his team to double digit victories this season.

If Belichik is a genius in his ability to get all those egos attached to first flight talent to work toward the goals of the team, then what is the man that can get performance from egos that are just as inflated but are attached to second rate ability?

Perhaps Crennel's most important move this season was something he didn't do.

Certainly, Romeo faced internal and external pressure to put dashing young dandy Brady Quinn under center. But, rather than torture Cleveland fans (and football fans in general) with Quinn's ambiguous presence, Crennel turned Derek Anderson into a legitimate NFL starter.

And, after a 10-6 season, Anderson's success certainly clowds the picture of Quin:n's future in the city by the lake.

For prodding his young charges to 10 victories, and simultaneously casting doubt on Brady Quinn's being a starter in the NFL:

We crown Romeo Crennel as the King of Coaches for this season.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The College Football Coach of The Year

Mark Mangino of Kansas led the Jayhawks to an historic season. To our knowledge (actually, we don't have much knowledge of Kansas football...who really cares about it?), the best in their history.

During a season in which the Big 12 saw their top two spots (up until the end of the season) occupied by traditional doormats, Mangino navigated a modest schedule to put his team in position to play for not just the Big 12 title, but the national title.

A non-conference schedule of Central Michigan, Southeastern Louisiana, Toledo and Florida International got the Jayhawks off to a rousing start. Four straight home wins against four straight cream puffs.

But, in reality, KU scheduled with the Big 12 in mind.

The non-conference poo-poo platter certainly mirrored what lay in wait on their Big 12 schedule. Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, a morbid Nebraska, a distracted A&M and Oklahoma State. No Oklahoma or Texas.

And, one big game. Missouri. A loss. Fortunately for KU, that game was at the end of the season. If it had been scheduled earlier, or right after KU was done wiping off the stench of the non-conference skunk spray; no one would have even bothered mentioning them for most of the season.

We certainly wouldn't be watching them head to a BCS bowl after finishing SECOND in their own division.

And we wouldn't be watching Mangino wrap his mortadello smelling fingers around a coach of the year plaque.

Instead, we'd be praising the job Sylvester Croom did at Mississippi State.

Faced with challenges in recruiting, budget, facilities and the challenge of being located in Mississippi; Croom led the Bulldogs to a winning season playing in the SEC. The SEC, if you don't know, is trumpeted by the media as the best and most difficult conference in the country.

Victories over Auburn, Alabama and Kentucky certainly trump any wins that Mangino managed in the Big 12. And a non-conference schedule that included uber-talented West Virginia certainly demonstrated MSU's desire to compete against the best college football has to offer. Unlike KU, which is more than happy to run off to a BCS bowl payday after losing to the only team of substance on their otherwise insulting schedule.

By honoring Mangino as the coach of the year, the media is signing off on a philosophy of avoiding challenges. Of avoiding competition.

Yes, we know. College sports are about making money. But, at some level, they are about overcoming challenges and facing competition head on. About being taught that taking the easy way out isn't the preferred avenue.

Bestowing coach of the year honors on Mangino and his half-stepping program is to condone all that is wrong with college football. To affirm Mangino as coach of the year is to accept mediocrity.

We at NOIS can not accept mediocrity. Neither in ourselves, nor in in our coach of the year.

One of the arguments made in the debate about the Heisman winner was that Tim Tebow played in the SEC. His accomplishments came against the best of the best, making them all the more impressive. We heard questions about the schedules faced by fellow finalists Chase Daniel and Colt Brennan. Sure, they had great years, but who was on the other side of the ball.

Then, we watched Sylvester Croom take on a monstrous SEC schedule armed with the recruiting crumbs left after the big boys were done feasting and an infrastructure still in disarray after probation. And we don't collectively acknowledge that what he accomplished took far more leadership, planning and downright coaching than running off 11 straight wins over the Hapless Techs and No Talent States of the college football world?

Clearly, some things just don't change.

A Negro doing a white man's job in the Deep South, and doing it well, is just too threatening in this country to give him his just desserts.

Even the SEC knew that it couldn't deny Croom their coach of the year nod and keep any semblance of credibility.

So, as Mangino dines on bracioline ripiene alla Siciliana and gazes over at his coach of the year award:

Know that the collards and fried chicken on Brother Sly's table taste extra good today.

We know it.

He knows it.

Coach of the Year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

NFL Fines Players For Supporting Embattled Friend

This from

"Roddy White, Alge Crumpler, DeAngelo Hall, and Chris Houston were all fined $10,000.
Joe Horn also was fined $7,500 for pulling up White's jersey to reveal his "Free Mike Vick" T-shirt."

The league levied the fines under the auspices of the shirts being a violation of the league's uniform policy. Despite the fact that White's t-shirt was UNDER his uniform jersey. And the league doubled the usual fine for uniform violations. Horn was fined and he apparently wasn't even wearing one of the t-shirts.

Normally, we'd support team mates showing some support for an embattled friend. A fellow gladiator. A mistreated and seemingly purposely misunderstood and misrepresented Negro. Normally.

However, we believe that each of these players should sit out a game. Forfeit a game check.

All of these players have foolishly, though altruistically, played into the hands of the league rulers and the attempt to further demonize Vick.

Certainly, the players watched not long ago as Redskin players wore tribute t-shirts under their game jerseys for Sean Taylor. And, just as certainly, the Falcon players assumed that since the Redskins were not in violation of the uniform policy (they weren't fined) for wearing the t-shirts under the game jerseys; there would be no issue if they did it as well.

The foolishness in all this was that the Falcon players thought for a moment that the NFL Czar of Discipline and Behavior might not expound his traditional arbitrary application of policy and rule. And for somehow forgetting who they were memorializing, the Falcon players should march into their GM's office and let him know that they will not be playing in next week's game as a self imposed penance for their foolishness in believing that the Czar would allow them to memorialize the 'dead' player on their team.

What was supposed to be an act to show Vick that he was not forgotten. That he was still in the hearts of his team mates. That, despite the fact that he was locked up in a money making prison, his spirit and soul were still free. That act of brotherly solidarity and compassion for Vick's well being is now turned into a negative by the NFL's PR machinery.

Instead of it being the unifying and rehabilitative message that it was meant to be, the NFL turned it into some sort of forbidden phantom violation. What was meant to generate positive media representation that might get back to the incarcerated Vick was run through the NFL ringers.

And what got back to Vick (from the NFL) is clear:

You are dead to us.

'Free Mike Vick'?


Mike Vick has been in chains from the first day he put on shoulder pads.

And this well intentioned, though poorly thought out maneuvre by the Falcon players only further tightened the shackles around their own wrists.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bobby Petrino: DeAngelo Hall and Alge Crumpler were right

Bobby Petrino.

The equivalent of the promiscuous girl of the coaching world. Always ready to listen to an offer. Often willing to put out. Quick to leave the groom standing at the altar.

Or in this case, cheat on the honey moon.

Petrino's stay in the ATL has been tainted almost from the start. He was unable to give tremendous, but wayward, QB Michael Vick the type of guidance a young man under considerable pressure could expect from a seasoned head coach/mentor. And quickly things fell apart.

Clearly, Vick didn't receive good advice from the organization and ended up responding to the early accusations with a dubious denial. Obviously, a caring and nurturing infrastructure would have given him the proper counsel necessary to take responsibility from the get go. Only after things spun out of control and Vick was able to separate himself from the organization did he come clean and accept responsibility.

So, the reality is that much of the distress caused by the Vick situation was a product of Petrino's botched leadership.

Certainly, Vick's team mates recognized this, and it compromised Petrino's ability to effectively be the man in charge of the team.

Early in the season, DeAngelo Hall and Alge Crumpler received some negative press for openly wondering about Petrino's ability to lead an NFL team. For challenging Petrino's demands that the team buy into his system, but not providing any real leadership for the team.

The media seemed to enjoy painting Hall and Crumpler as out of line or disgruntled primadonas.

Well, vindication is sweet. And Hall and Crumpler were correct all along. Petrino gave up long ago and went through 3/4 of a season as a charade. Certainly he wasn't wooed by Arkansas between the Monday night game and the Tuesday announcement.

And, just as certainly, Hall and Crumpler's instinctual questioning of the validity and sincerity of Petrino and his 'system' was spot on the money. Petrino's 'system' was an empty shell that couldn't fool real NFL players. His leadership was a corrupt and cowardly masquerade.

And Hall and Crumpler should be commended for having the awareness, commitment and esprit de corps to put the teams needs ahead of their own and question the rotten smell emanating from the coach's office.

In this day and age of selfish players with agendas, it is refreshing to be able to look back on this and unequivocally state the players were one hundred percent correct and that the media owes them an apology.

Certainly this isn't the first time that a group of Negroes sensed and spoke out about the white man in the corner office using them for his personal gain. It just happens to be one of the times the media can't hide it.

Monday, December 10, 2007


We are sorry that we haven't put up a new post in a few days. Have had some connectivity issues that our corporate IT has finally resolved.

We will resume our righteous posting in the AM.

For those of you that sent email calling us lazy n-words for not posting for several days; apologies.

We had no idea that there was actually a hard core circle of you that thrive on hating on our daily posts.

You make us feel special and vital.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Out T-bow'ing Tebow

The argument for Tim Tebow winning the Heisman goes, 'no QB has ever put up stats like his, therefore he is the most outstanding player this year.'

And, honestly it's tough to argue that. Stats like Tebow's DO deserve Heisman consideration. In fact, we would even go so far as to agree: Stats like Tebow's from a QB deserve the Heisman.

3360 yards and 23 TD's passing.

1008 yards and 17 TD's rushing.

Yup. Hard to argue 3000+ yards passing and 1000+ yards rushing not being Heisman worthy. We aren't inclined to fact check, but (unless told differently) we assume that this has never been done before.

When you put the numbers on the table, we can all agree. Numbers like these and doing something that has never been done before deserve the Heisman.

Case closed. And, since Tebow/Florida fans made the case based on stats and historic achievement, we are sure that they won't have any argument with the verdict:

Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour deserves the Heisman. The stats listed are his.

Sure, Tebow scored a few more TD's. But, LeFevour played on a team that actually had other players score touchdowns.

LeFevour's 17 rushing TD's only accounted for 50% of his teams TD's on the ground. CMU actually had a RUNNING BACK with double digit TD's.

For those that argue that CMU played in their conference championship game (giving an extra game for stats); we say that Florida had the chance to do that, if Tebow had led them to it. The point is moot anyway as LeFevour had 39 fewer rushes than Tebow for the season, regardless.

Some will argue that playing in the SEC should give Tebow an advantage in the voting.

We agree that playing in the SEC for Florida does give Tebow an advantage. An advantage in being surrounded by blue chip talented team mates who ensure that the opposition can't disregard the rest of the team when game planning.

Lefevour does not have that luxury. He is a one man team. A one man wrecking squad doing things that NO college quarterback has EVER done before.

And, the ultimate guru of system QB'ing -June Jones- has NEVER labelled LeFevour a 'system' QB.

If anyone knows a system quarterback, it's Coach Jones.

And if anyone deserves the Heisman for putting together a never before seen season by a quarterback, it's Dan LeFevour.

Gator fans, you had it dead on:

The QB who passed and ran for more yardage than anyone ever has and scored a ridiculous amount of TD's deserves the Heisman.

We ALL agree.

Referee in Ravens-Patriots Game Insults Player

Samari Rolle is a respected player and man in the NFL. Unfortunately during the course of MNF's Ravens-Patriots game, Rolle was subjected to not just the indignity of botched calls and phantom time outs which led to the salvaging of the Patriots tarnished quest to finish out an undefeated season (in good conscience, we can't call it 'perfect'...that would mean turning our backs on the Patriots early season cheating), Rolle was also verbally harassed by a referee.

"The refs called me a boy. No. 110 called me a boy," Rolle said in the locker room after the game. "I will be calling my agent in the morning and sending my complaint. I have a wife and three kids. Don't call me a boy. Don't call me a boy on the field during a game because I said, 'You've never played football before.' "

Of course, the usage of the term 'boy' in referring to an adult Negro male by a white* male is meant to be as disrespectful and degrading as using the N-word. It is designed to figuratively castrate the adult Negro male and reinforce the notion of being powerless. Of being an impotent slave.

We certainly hope the NFL will look closely into this circumstance and come down with swift and meaningful action.

The next player a referee refers to as 'boy' might not remain as level headed about the situation as Rolle has.

*No. 110 head linesman Phil McKinnely, a former player for three NFL teams during the 1970s and '80s, who played collegiately at UCLA, is black.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonight It Ends

On occasion, we have made some startling prognostications -LSU falling to Kentucky, the OSU getting dropped by Illinois, and more... - tonight we will try to keep that tradition alive.

Now, in the past we have made guarantees. Tonight, no guarantee. But a steady pick.

The Pats dreams of an undefeated season end in Bodymore.

(edit. - well, our streak of correct predictions has ended. However, we find this
Chris McAllister (Raven's CB) quote to be an effective game summary : "They just took the crown and put it on their heads." )

Imus: The Return

Our position as one of the more visible media watchdogs affords us the opportunity to relay important information and opinions, often purported seemingly as facts, to our readers and followers who desire an interpretation of important events without the taint provided by the mainstream media.

We advocate for news, not taint. And, we feel most can justifiable join us in this endeavor.

Most will recall the not so distantly removed racial diatribe enacted by Don Imus and his klansmen. Imus and his henchmen conducted a verbal lynching of the Negro females of the Rutgers women's basketball team. Not only stealing the shine of their Final Four appearance, but improbably detracting from the general quality of their futures. By openly belittling their race - and degrading their hair - Imus enacted a modern day version of the old Southern tradition of slave rape. The psychological damage of Imus verbally forcing his will upon the young Negresses is incalculable. We won't know for years the true damage that the penetration of his words has caused.

Now, months later, Imus is back on the airwaves.

To his credit, he introduced his new side kick, a brilliantly talented and hysterically comic Negro woman. He also acquainted us with his new sports commenter. A knowledgeable and well spoken Negro man. Certainly, we are proud to see these Negroes in the media gain employment based solely on their merits. Imus and producers actively giving positions to the best possible applicants and the applicants that best gel with his comedy and commentary stylings certainly gives full credence to the notion that this new Imus Show is a rebirth in both ideology and outlook. It isn't simply just a rehashing of the old Imus Show in black face.

Certainly, we could never be accused of judging others. That simply isn't our vocation. But we find it interesting that the Imus Show will be aired on TV on something called 'RFD' (we think), which apparently is a special network set up for 'rural' America. And, we must say, it's about time the needs of 'rural' America are being addressed. For ages we have heard the 'rural' segment of America clamoring for more Negro side kicks and sports commenters.

Just as Negro America is in debt to Imus for showing us that it is possible to rehabilitate the 'taint', 'rural' America is now in debt to Imus for bring them -what for many- is their first 'interaction' with Negroes.

We applaud Imus for building bridges in this country between 'rural' America and Negro America.

Nothing but good can come of Imus' newest endeavor which is focused on proactive undertakings, and not simple reactive preventive measures.

And, in thanking Imus, we ALL must admit to a debt of gratitude to the Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton was criticized for his views on this and demanding Imus be fired. But, now we see what the Rev really had in mind.

Sometimes, you must clear a field to plant a new crop.

And manure is the best of fertilizers.

Final Mail Call

An important email question we received.

And a more important answer.

Does Nation of Islam Sports have an opinion on the NBC football night in America pre game show where they have two separate desks? One desk is 3 white guys, and than there is a separate desk where Jerome Bettis and Tiki Barber sit with Cris Colinsworth. I feel like NBC is openly segregating black from white while at the same time trying to make Cris Colinsworth more black, which while interesting at first does not work at all. What are your thoughts?

He who seeks righteous knowledge*

The righteous reply:

Sir, we see it differently. We see it as an affront to Bettis. A proud, Detroit Negro. He is forced to sit with two white men, Barber and Colinsworth, in an effort to force him to modify his behavior and make himself conscious of his Negro-ness. It's clearly an effort to stifle Bettis' expressive abilities and a thinly veiled message that he needs to stay in line and follow Barber's example of how the network believes a 'Negro' should act. This is an alarming issue and we fully appreciate that you have taken it to task in your own personal reflections. As you watch football pregame shows, realize that they aren't about football. They are about subconsciously molding the Negro viewer into the white man's image.
Fight on righteously.

*name changed in an effort to ensure anonymity

LSU: Perrilloux Savior of Dream

In the preseason, LSU held a spot near or at the top of every list as a national title contender. A talented team, awash in experience on defense and athleticism across the board. An elite program that certainly should be in the mix for that sparkling crystal football at the end of the year.

Two losses later, things looked very bleak.

No two loss had been in the BCS game. No two loss team had deserved to be included.

Write a new chapter in the book of college football history. A two loss team may well be the best team in America.

Despite overtime losses to Kentucky and Arkansas - two solid teams, but not specular - that would generally have been enough to knock most other teams completely out of the equation for the national title, LSU can now book a trip to the big game.

In what clearly is a demonstration of a conference title game victory being a huge advantage in the BCS hunt, LSU was able to squeak by a Tennessee team which really wasn't a factor on the national scene.

Some will say that LSU capitalized on the reputation of the SEC. Somehow spinning overtime losses into acceptable events and somehow spinning a conference title game victory over a non factor into a spring board to a show down with the OSU.

The overlooked aspect of the victory over Tennessee was the triumphant field generalship of budding superstar Ryan Perrilloux at QB.

Matt Flynn had quarterbacked LSU in their losses to Kentucky and Arkansas. And, clearly, Les Miles realized that any hope of an SEC title and any crack at the big game hinged on the QB position.

Enter Ryan Perrilloux.

Conveniently, the medical staff 'decided' to label Flynn unfit to make the start. And Les Miles pinned his hopes for a job at Michigan on the young and talented Perrilloux.

And lead them he did. His performance was so impressive that LSU separated itself from the other one and two loss teams to claim a spot in the title game, setting up what will surely be a repeat of last season:

A fast and quick SEC team led by a Negro QB winning the National Title.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Michael Vick: Quick Prison Time Might Not Be in the Cards

Michael Vick valiantly volunteered to begin serving his manufactured prison sentence earlier than required, his sentencing isn't officially until December 10th.

We've read optimistic reports of Vick possibly being released from this objectionable holding in less than a year. Maybe even being out and back in pads dazzling his youthful fans before the end of next season.

However, news this morning might extinguish the optimism, and certainly put a damper on those hoping to see Vick's rights - though violated - be restored.

Two of Vick's 'co-defendants' (read: pawns of the prosecution) received 18 and 21 month sentences.

This does not bode well for Vick, as these men received these sentences after working hand in hand with the government to effectively mangle Vick's life and destroy his reputation.

Certainly, if the courts hand nearly two year sentences to the men that made Vick's incarceration possible; Vick is in for a longer stay in the white man's guest cottage than anticipated.

And, let this be a lesson to future willing government conspirators. Certainly these men were promised drive through service. But, as our Native American brethren can attest to, the albino government serpent speaks with a forked tongue.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

West Virginia: Motoring Along

West Virginia had the good fortune to suffer their lone loss early enough in the season to give them time to build back their ranking. And now, a Backyard Brawl victory over Pitt will give the 'Eers the chance to play for it all.

At the start of the season, WVU's offense was considered good enough to win it all. Anchored by tremendously talented field general, Pat White, there was also the threat of the magnificently quick Steve Slaton. As the season has progressed, it's become clear that the motor behind the 'Eers rebound from the USF loss has been White. White has carried the load and come up with big plays at exactly the required moments.

Stats don't begin to tell the story of Pat White.

All season, the universally agreed upon weakness for WVU has been the D. Just adequate, it has been considered the potential Achilles heel for the boys from Morgantown. And, it has been a liability. No doubt.

Yet, White leads the Mountaineers higher and higher. Despite the weak defense. And despite Slaton's production falling off a bit this season.

Certainly, it seems crazy at this juncture to suggest that anyone would be higher up the list in line for the Heisman. Breathtaking big play ability? Check. Carrying the team on his back? Check. Working with a less than stout defense? Check. Impressive stats? Check.

It all checks out.

Yet, as the season winds down the media is saying Tim Tebow is the man.

How can this be?

We can only identify one reason.

The touchdowns.

Everything else tips in White's favor.

Tebow worshippers say that he wasn't responsible for the 3 losses, that he played well enough to win those games. The defense let him down.

We say, WVU's defense is just as porous as UF's. Yet the only game WVU lost was the one White was knocked out of!

Obviously, there is no argument -well, we'd listen to Oregon after watching them fall apart when they lost Dixon - that White is the Most Valuable Player in the land. And we know that the Heisman is for the 'best' player in the land.

How can it be that a man that has carried a team fielding an under average defense to the threshold of the title game, and is obviously the most valuable player to his team in the country, is not the best player in the country?

Gator fans love to throw the SEC into the equation. Trying to use smoke and mirrors to somehow maintain that Tebow has worked his considerable magic against the toughest conference in the country.

We wonder if a conference in which Kentucky and Mississippi State were actually factors is truly the toughest in the land. We wonder if a conference in which Vanderbilt is able to at least be somewhat competitive is as stout as the Deep South would have us believe.

The Big East has been as sound a conference as anyone. The only knock is that several of the teams are new to the game of big time football. Heck, USF walked into the heart of SEC country, spanked Auburn, and came home wondering what the big deal was.

So, obviously the media is mesmerized by the 20/20 TD mark accumulated by Tebow.

Interestingly enough, TD's don't usually play such a large role in Heisman voting.

Clearly, there must be another major factor.

We wish the media would take a moment to truly look at the WVU QB's body of work. If they did, they would come away saying out loud what they really feel:


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Colleges Hiring New Coaches

The end of the college season means the beginning of the coaching hunt season.

Teams are already unloading some of the fund eating dead baggage that has masqueraded as coaches along the sidelines.

Texas A&M decided that Dennis Franchione's future was brighter as a news letter publisher than as a head coach. Arkansas and Houston Nutt mercifully ended their dysfunctional existence. Tom Osborne gave Bill Callahan a ticket back to the West Coast. Lloyd Carr endured one final, masochistic encounter with the OSU and graciously shut the door to the Big House behind him.

And many less visible positions opened up: Georgia Tech, Duke, Baylor, Colorado St, Mississippi, Northern Illinois, SMU, Southern Miss and Wash State.

As the teams begin to look to fill position, and some are already thing is apparent:

There is NO interest in minority candidates.

Texas A&M and Mississippi didn't even bother to go through the charade of interviewing any. And, quite frankly, we respect that.

If you don't want Negro coaches in your program, wear it like a badge, don't play the interview game and try to fool anyone. Just flat out say, 'we won't entertain the idea of a Negro being the face of our university'.

Our only hope is that Negro recruits begin to use minority interview/hiring statistics in the formulaic metrics
they use to evaluate Universities during the recruitment process.

Certainly, such statistics would be something that will benefit Sylvester Croom at Miss. St. With Ole Miss not even pretending to want a descendant of chains on campus, and Southern Miss probably going the same route, Croom should be set up to completely dominate recruiting in Mississippi.

It's become clear that these institutions of higher learning can't be trusted as leaders in change. Certainly, it would seem that we would now need to look to the Negro youth to be the leaders of change in this arena.

We'd suggest that any recruit that finds himself on a Top 100 list, contact Grambling State University.

The time has come to unite. It's time for the 100 man march. It's time to create an uber-Team. It's time to send a message to the old white men in the big houses living on campus:

Ignore Negro coaches, and Negro players will ignore you!

And, we would especially like to admonish Duke University in this situation.

Duke announced that they would give special attention to minority candidate consideration.

We find it offensive and egregious of Duke to believe that a minority candidate would be the best fit for their program. The worst program in D-1 football is the one best suited for a Negro coach?

How dare you, Duke!

A Negro coach taking that job will set the movement back 100 years.

(edit.- We were reminded that, as we anticipated weeks ago, Turner Gill will be a real candidate at Nebraska. And while we applaud Nebraska, we wonder if this is really simply extended nepotism. Turner Gill should be given the opportunity to coach Nebraska because he is Negro, not because he is virtually a member of Osborne's family.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hate Mail From Gators

Just a quick piece of advice.

If you don't believe that Tim Tebow is anything less than the Almighty on earth, then (according to Gator fans) you dont understand college football.

We received an especially scathing and vitriolic email from one particular Gator fan, not only explaining that Tebow is such a great runner, that based on his running (despite the fact a running back with less than 850ish yards in 12 games has never been a finalist) or his passing alone he would be a Heisman finalist (Ball State's Nate Davis has a passing stat line strikingly similar to Tebow's, yet he won't be in NYC), but also accusing us of using racism to destroy the unifying potential of 'American Football'.

It was such a rambling, incoherent essay that we have no choice but to award it 'Email From the Fringe' of the Week.

And this week's prize?

Well, actually, this week's prize is warning for our readers:

If you see this man, RUN like hell.

He is the man that loves Tim Tebow way too much.


Our friend emailed requesting that we take down his pic:

Sir, I respectfully ask that you remove my picture from your website. What started as a football discussion between you and I and turned into a personal, public attack on me.

Sir, we regret that we hurt your feelings. Certainly, we did not reveal your identity. And we respect that you are self conscious about your appearance and will comply with your request. Incidentally, the hair gel....a bit too much.

Exactly what you would expect the bearer of a T-bow man crush to look like.......and he writes insanely incoherent diatribes.

Gator Fans Love Their Tebow

After we posted, successfully debunking the Tebow for Heisman notion, our friends over at the message board chose to lick the wounds we verbally inflicted upon their hero by holding each other tight.

For those that would enjoy a moment of feeling superior to the UF community, please read.

Our favorite:

I also think it may be a relgious attack and not all about race. Tebow is a VERY outspoken Christian. Not exactly the thing the Nation of islam embraces.

And to think, they say Gators have tiny brains!

Coach of The Year

As the college season winds down, it seems like a good time to reflect on the performances of some of the men that orchestrate the programs around the country.

Time to talk about the coach of they year.

Certainly, ND fans would like to nominate Charlie Weis. After a tough start to the season, Weis' team gelled. Unfortunately, it was just a bit too late. But no one can argue that for the final two weeks of their season the Irish didn't look like a team that - if this were a 20 game season - was a threat to win 5 games. While college quiz bowl victories against Duke and Stanford would have been more satisfying; certainly, gridiron wins will give delusional leprechauns the opportunity to fortify false off season hopes for a big '08 campaign. And will be the basis for a #24 preseason ranking for the sons of Molly Maguire (edit).

Out in the former Big Eight, two traditional doormats rose to the apex of the flat lands conference.

Kansas and Missouri capitalized on the consistent mediocrity from top to bottom in the league. Also, weaker than expected Oklahoma and Texas teams opened the door for the 'Hawks and Tigers to continue to keep this long April Fools Joke running.

Mark Mangino and Gary Pinkel certainly deserve consideration in any COY debate.

And down in the SEC, Urban Meyer has used his system to win 9 games with a young team and get his marginally talented QB Heisman consideration. Any coach that can reload his system the way Meyer has, certainly should be a factor in COY talk.

But, quite clearly, the man who has done the most coaching and pushed a boulder completely up the hill of respectability is the man in Starkville, MS.

Sylvester Croom took over a program still reeling from the Jackie Sherrill years of 'son of a bootlegger' style recruitment and booster support, and turned it into an up and coming SEC power.

Hampered by the torched reputation of the program and the effects of probation, Croom arrived undeterred in the Old South's Magnolia state to the same sort of hospitable welcome that Sheriff Bart received upon his arrival to Rock Ridge in 'Blazing Saddles'.

Faced with the task of sorting through marginal in state talent and the tough sell job it would take to bring out of state athletes back into the 19th century, Croom was left with no option but to mold the bodies already present into football players.

His effort led MSU to a 7-5 record, with victories over such ranked programs as Auburn, Kentucky and Alabama. Certainly, the victory over Alabama was pleasurable. Croom, being a 'Bama man and never even being considered for the huge paycheck that was directed at miserable first season failure Nick Saban.

The Bulldogs finished .500 in the murderers' row SEC line-up that was originally intended to be the death warrant of the SEC's first Negro head coach.

Certainly, the future in Starkville looks bright. The victory over the Colonel Saunders' mascoted Ole Miss team led to the dismissal of rival in-state coach Ed Orgeron. Ole Miss brought in Ozark refugee Houston Nutt. All this should play out well for Croom, as Nutt can be counted on to turn Mississippi high school coaches against the the Rebels' program.

While 7-5 might not be the sort of record that legendary coaches accumulate; doing it in reconstructionist Mississippi as the first Negro head Coach in the Deep South Conference can not be overlooked as an amazing achievement.

'Sly' Croom, your COY.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tim Tebow: System QB = Systemic Heisman

Tim Tebow.

Long applauded by the media as a front runner for the Heisman. Now, after the unfortunate (and clearly medically ill advised) decision by Oregon's Mike Bellotti to play Dennis Dixon, the probable winner.

Tim Tebow.

White America's desperate attempt to win back the QB position.

Over the past few years, as we have watched Negro QB's win the Heisman, the National Championship and be top draft picks, the white QB has taken a back seat as a bland and unappealing option behind center. Drop back. Read the defense. Throw to a probably Negro receiver. Or, simply hand off to a Negro running back. Not a whole lot of excitement or fan interest generated on behalf of the pale faced 5 step drop.

This season, we witnessed the brilliance of Andre Woodson, Dennis Dixon and Patrick White, clearly displaying the evolution of the position.

Dixon was in position to lead his Ducks to a BCS title birth. White now is in that position.

And that creates a difficult and upsetting scenario for the mainstream media and their need to pump up the precious white QB.

Unfortunately, early on in the season, the media put their chips on the wrong man.

Tebow was the big name on the returning National Champion. Clearly, he was a logical choice to trumpet as a front runner from day one. Certainly, in the media's infinite wisdom, it seemed logical that the Gators would be a tough team and playing at the top of the SEC would give them the chance to mention Tebow and Heisman in as many sentences and stories as possible. Can't really fault them for making Tebow the target of their affection.

The only problem? A guy that got little mention for the first half of the season is leading an out of nowhere team on a possible BCS title run. And he has been the better player. And he isn't a system QB.

That's right.

Chase Daniels of Missouri should be the man the media is touting. Should be, that is, if we choose to discount that Dennis Dixon hasn't already shown us enough to stake his claim as the best player in the land.

Tebow is a fine player. A good player.

However, let's call it like it is. If we are told by the media that Colt Brennan of Hawai'i and Graham Harrell of Texas Tech must be discounted as legitimate Heisman candidates because they are 'system' QB's; then we must add Tim Tebow to that list of system QB's.

Tebow is playing in a system developed by Urban Meyer that was able to fool the NFL into making Alex Smith a number one pick. A system that was able to turn Chris Leak, who received more than his share of negative reviews, into a national champion.

If we are going to attribute Brennan's numbers to June Jones' run and shoot and Harrell's numbers to Mike Leach's offensive playbook, then let's give the credit for Tebow's astounding touchdown numbers to Urban Meyer.

And, while Meyer's system may not produce the constant records that are generated by the others, he certainly seems to have taken the least talent at QB and done the most with it.

Meyer pulled the wool over our eyes with Smith. Then he conjured a National title with the much maligned Leak.

Now, possibly his piece de resistance:

Taking a modestly talented white QB and using his system to help him perform an admirable impression of a Negro QB.

Tim Tebow, the ultimate system QB.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Echoes Are Awake!

Trying times test character, resolve and unity of purpose. The hallowed Cathedral of College Football known as Notre Dame was currently in the midst of having their personal faith in their Catholic beliefs tested by the most hellish football season ever experienced in Northern Indiana.

Their coach was having his intelligence, competency and body fat ratio constantly questioned. Fans wondered if this season's ineptitude was some sort of payback for bad mouthing the fine character of their previous coach.

Players quit and transferred. Fans looked to the heavens for guidance, lost in the disbelief of multiple losses to service academies. The administration debated the move of giving Weis a contract, that based on his weight and fitness might end up being a life time contract. And Weis continued to test the strength of his belt.

But on Saturday past, all questions were answered. All prayers responded to.

The thunder of the Echoes was so loud that the world of sports had to stop and listen:


Most shook their heads in disbelief. How could this squad of non-athletic, non-blocking, unmotivated, poorly trained and completely heartless group of pseudo-blue chippers possibly have pulled off the upset of the season?

App. State beating Michigan? Ha. That isn't anything. South Florida offing West Virginia? We all saw that coming.

But ND beating Duke?

Certainly, most that saw this score on college game day quickly got online to double check that they heard it correctly.

Touchdown Jesus. The Golden Dome. Rockne. The Four Horsemen. The Gipper. Paul Hornung. Joe Montana. Add one more:


The most unexpected and glorious victory in ND's storied history.

Fans were so stunned and shocked that the Irish pulled off this greatest upset of them all, that in the moment of delirious disbelief...they forgot to charge the field and tear down the goal posts.

Yes, it's been so long that the Irish pulled off a win of this magnitude that the fans forgot how to celebrate.

Rejoice, all! Under the raised arms and watchful eyes of Touchdown Jesus:

Notre Dame 'Football' has been redeemed.

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame,
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
Send a volley cheer on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky.

What though the odds be great or small
Old Notre Dame will win over all,
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to victory.

Yes indeed. 11-17-07.

The day the prayers of the Irish were finally answered.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bonds: Unfair Court Actions

As Barry Bonds now deals with the ramifications of his federal indictment and faces the possibility of time behind bars, his 'friend' and personal trainer has been set free.

Greg Anderson was imprisoned for his role in this Barry Bonds struggle. The simple rundown is that he supposedly wouldn't cooperate with investigators and as punishment for zipping his lips, he was placed in federal custody.

It's understandable that the courts would lock Anderson up. Hoping to bring Bonds down, any allegations that they could attribute to Anderson would be damning. They would be perceived as fact. Strong arming him into saying Bonds was a steroid junkie certainly would be in character with common methods of coerced testimony.

But, now, after over a year in jail for Anderson, the indictment is handed down. An indictment that holds no new information or testimony from Anderson. Yet Anderson is freed.

Obviously, the government is confident in their case, or they wouldn't indict.

The government believes that Bonds perjured himself in Grand Jury testimony by denying his knowing and willful use of steroids. And is intent on locking him up.

The only problem:

They just freed the man who's access to steroids provided the link which tarnished the image of the Home Run King of baseball. Thereby, severely hurting the game and providing the youth of America with the perception of Bonds being a less than upstanding role model. All the questions involving perjury and tax evasion can be attributed to events that played out due to Anderson's association with Bonds.

When a man is crossing the street and is intentionally run over by a truck, do we indict the pedestrian and set the driver free? Well, that is what the government is doing before our very eyes.

The government already had the man responsible for any of the alleged improprieties that Mr. Bonds may or may not have issued a denial to unknowingly or unintentionally purposefully being subjected.

Unfortunately for Bonds, he is being caught in the crossfire of the governments war on steroids.

Which makes a bigger splash and career booster for those involved:

A blurb in the US Today about someone named Greg Anderson being locked up for steroid distribution and injecting an unaware Barry Bonds with steroids.


Constant media headlines in print, tv, radio and the internet trumpeting the downfall of Barry Bonds for possibly or improbably accepting the bad judgment of some else's advice about what supplements to take and then being confused about what he had actually taken when faced with the scrutiny and high pressure of a hostile and inquisitionist environment in a Grand Jury assembled with the visible intention of destroying his career, fortune and legacy.



It's time for the legal system to right their wrongs.

And lock up Greg Anderson.

Dennis Dixon: Heisman In Jeopardy


Should a player on a team that he led to a #1 ranking in the NC&QB, a #2 BCS ranking and an 8-1 record lose an almost certain Heisman Trophy because of a late season injury?

Oregon's Denis Dixon has been the motor behind the nation's most explosive and exciting offense. His running, passing and unshakable leadership pushed Oregon into position for a BCS title game birth and a #1 ranking in the most accurate poll.

Should Dixon now lose his Heisman because of a poor decision by his coach to start him when an dinged knee was not at full strength?

Dixon has distanced himself from the other players in the Heisman race. The closest competition was Florida's Tim Tebow. Tebow is having a solid season doing a first rate impression of a Negro QB, but Tebow isn't winning. Winning isn't the ultimate criterion for the Heisman, but certainly, when you factor in the awe inviting ability and performance of Dixon with his leading the team to #1; you have no choice but to at least consider it.

And, as we queried, should Dixon's performance thus far simply be pushed aside because he won't be able to finish out the last few games?

The answer is a resounding no.

Dixon has played enough this season to establish himself as the premier player in the college game. To allow his Heisman campaign to be the casualty of an ill advised move by his coach would not be an example of the good sportsmanship that the Downtown Athletic Club generally encourages.

Dixon and his team have certainly suffered the ultimate disappointment because of the decision. By starting Dixon, and effectively condoning his injury, white coach Mike Bellotti unwittingly destroyed his team's moral. After Dixon went out, the team was in a state of shock. Back up QB Brady Leaf, ill prepared to lead the team -had Belloti not started Dixon it's possible that the Leaf would have gotten the reps over the past two weeks to be ready and possible that the team would have been prepared to deal with his shakey presence on the field - conjured memories of a mix of his name sake's (Brady Quinn) performance in big games and his brother's (Ryan Leaf) NFL skills.

Oregon's right to what was a certain BCS title game birth has now blown up.

Let us not deny Negro QB Dennis Dixon his right to a Heisman Trophy.

We trust that Heisman voters around the country will not use this as an opportunity to further hold back the day by day advancement of the Negro QB.

Do the right thing, voters. Do the right thing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Media Still Painting Positive Picture of Notre Dame

Yesterday, we brought you an account directly from a Notre Dame student publication, which complained that the Irish football team didn't bother to salute the fans for supporting them after the Air Force Academy skull drug the Irish around ND Stadium.

Today, a hometown newspaper in a traditional bastion of Irish recruitment (Chicago) attempted to paint a picture contradictory to what is coming out of South Bend itself.

While many fans leave early during blowouts, the Notre Dame student section has remained near capacity until players and students sing the alma mater in what has become a moving postgame tradition.

While we don't dispute that the students stay and support their tattered troops, we find it appalling that the SunTimes would mislead potential recruits in the Chicago area by reporting that the team is still full of pride. Particularly when a student publication clearly stated that the humbled team crawled off the field with heads held low in disgrace. Without bothering to engage in the traditional salute after Air Force out schemed and out athlete-ed them.

''My appreciation and my respect for the student body has grown by leaps and bounds this year,'' senior tight end John Carlson said. ''Not that I ever didn't have respect for them -- it's just that we haven't put a product on the field that we've been proud of, and the fact that they have stayed and supported us through it all really means a lot.''

Yea. Right. That's why the team couldn't be bothered to raise their Golden Helmets to thank the fans.

Two days 'til this season's apocalypse.

Michael Vick: Named Favorite NFL Star in National Teen's Poll

Despite the media's, the Humane Society's, the NFL's and the court sytem's attempts to destroy the influence of and support for Michael Dwayne Vick, American youths have resoundingly united in solidarity and acknowledgement that Mr. Vick is a man they look up to and admire.

The TRU Study asked teens to name their two favorite athletes(professional, amateur, active, or retired). African-American teens ranked Vick their favorite NFL player and fifth-favorite athlete overall...ranking ahead of such sports luminaries as Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Reggie Bush,Peyton Manning, and Tim Duncan, among many others.

Vick's perception by teens did take a dive in one area:

In a separate survey question, teens were asked to rate a list of 63 athletes based on familiarity and liking. Results yielded athletes'"TRU*Scores," showing the percentage of teens who are both familiar with an athlete and like that athlete "very much." While Vick's TRU*Score among African Americans (40) was still higher than that of Jeter (37), A-Rod(35), and Kobe Bryant (39), among others, it was dramatically lower than the watermark 72 TRU*Score he earned from African-American teens in the Fall 2005 survey, and even his 64 from the previous Spring 2007 study.

Certainly, the drop in his 'score' in this question can be related to the media bombardment of negativity in reporting with an unstated policy to ignore all the good things in which Mr. Vick has taken part.

However, clearly the media mission was not a complete success, as his score did remain high among the Negro teens.

TRU Trend Manager Blair Fischer said, "The fact that his score is still significantly higher among black teens indicates that some don't consider dog fighting a serious crime, or believe his involvement in it is minimal."

These certainly must be relevant reasons that Negro teens still haven't completely abandoned Vick. Obviously, the media never fully completed the character assassination.

Another explanation for Vick's relative popularity among black teens lies in the fact that survey data show that significantly fewer African-American teens pass judgment on star athletes under suspicion of wrongdoing. In fact, 23% of white teens and 26% of Hispanic teens say they 'don't like' suspected steroid-user Barry Bonds, compared to only 9% of African-Americans who say the same. Likewise, more than one-fourth of white and Hispanic teens (both 27%) say they don't like Kobe Bryant, acquitted of sexual assault earlier this decade. Only 12% of African-American teens, on the other hand, say the same.

Certainly, the data makes the statement (in bold) above plausible. It would be difficult to extrapolate anything else from the data. Although smaller minds might try to somehow connect the numbers with the inference that Negro teens are inclined to be more sympathetic to their own race. But that would be a gross and biased generalization. Obviously the numbers are a product of the culturally less judgmental Negro teens. While, we suspect that the willingness of white teens to negatively rate star Negro athletes is based on the media's negative portrayal of the Negro and the other cultures' willingness to accept it.

While 'popularity' polls are generally best looked at as a fun diversion, these particular numbers do send a clear message:

Michael Vick's career may be currently derailed, but the next generation of paying sports fan is waiting breathlessly for his return.

The numbers don't lie.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Notre Dame: The Team Doesn't Even Appreciate The Fans

Fans of the winning impaired ND football team continue to show up to support their underachieving, directionless troops on home Saturdays.

But now, the students are beginning to wonder why:

But that's not what caught me off guard. For years, it's been a Notre Dame tradition for the football team to salute the student body after every home game. You can find a picture anywhere of golden helmets raised in thanks to the student body - win or lose. And this year especially, Coach Weis has really emphasized the relationship between the team and the students.If the relationship is so good, and the team appreciates the fans so much, why didn't they show their appreciation after the game Saturday? What the students got instead was a bunch of dejected football players, hanging their heads and looking at the ground, stumbling into the tunnel and the locker room after ND's alma mater was played.

While the physical beatings absorbed by ND's 'football' squad have been visible each Saturday, now we see the culmination of those beatings manifest in a clear psychological manner.

Let it be known:

We have reached the point at which ND football traditions no longer have meaning to the ND 'football' team.

Go Duke. (ouch. that hurt to say)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marbury: Enough's Enough

Stephon Marbury has had a lucrative career, but a lackluster career. Marbury can appropriately be labelled 'over rated'.

Of course, Marbury would see things differently. Fancying himself a franchise player, his career has been marked with somewhat selfish decisions borne of the frustration of his own perception of his abilities versus reality.

Marbury has had squabbles in the past over minutes and role, and has had rifts with coaches and management.

Interestingly enough, his own misperception of his performance mimics the media's misperception of his latest contemptuous retreat from his assigned duty.

Marbury, founder of an admirably affordable and culture changing shoe line, most certainly will be portrayed as having run out on his team in anger over the possibility of losing playing time.

Unfortunately, just as Marbury's past decisions were based on his misperceptions about his performance and value on the court, the media has completely misperceived his latest actions and completely disregarded the strides his maturity has measured over the past year.

Marbury was intimately involved in the harassment case against his coach, Isiah Thomas. He saw firsthand how Thomas' actions adversely and nearly irreparably harmed the life of a mother. He witnessed, as his own behavior and less than respectful treatment of a female, was brought to testimony in court.

He grew.

And now, when his maturity, sensitivity and social conscience have reached soaring heights. When he is willing to risk it all to stand by his newfound convictions. Now, the media wants to portray him as a rabble rousing, selfish prima dona.

It's clear for anyone to see that this most recent incident is not about basketball. It can't be.

Just as Marbury chose to give up millions of dollars in endorsement opportunities to provide youths with stylish and culturally relevent kicks at a low cost; now he risks forfeiting the remainder of his $42M contract to make a point.

Marbury has had enough.

And we don't blame him for not being willing to play for an organization that has fostered and nurtured an atmosphere that allows the unfair and disprespectful treatment of women.

Marbury's action is the ultimate show of solidarity with females:

We can't even count the number of times the significant females in our lives have not gotten their way and stormed out of the room.

For Those Interested...

Just thought we'd share this with you....

'The Blog Show', hosted by Jamie Motram of and of AOL Fanhouse and now Yahoo Sports notoriety, and Dan Steinberg of DCSportsbog fame, had some love for our righteous opines on the ND-Duke game. (it's at about the -6:35 mark)

Former Notre Dame All-American and NFL Hall of Famer on Weis

From the NY Daily News:

The longer this Notre Dame debacle continues, the more the school needs to find a way to disassociate itself from Charlie Weis, who according to former Irish All-American, All-Pro and Hall of Fame guard Bob Kuechenberg, is the essence of evil.

"Charlie's last name is four letters, and so is ogre, because of what he is," Kuchenberg told the Boston Herald. "Look it up and you'll find some other adjectives that fit him to a tee.

"This man has not been good to anybody who came to Notre Dame."

For those that have criticised NOIS for exposing the evil beneath the Golden Dome; now it seems that some inside the Notre Dame family are finally awakening to the sinister plot that has engulfed the campus.

We applaud 'Kuch' for his righteous stance. But we implore him to watch his 'six'. Coming out in direct opposition to his cult's alma mater's party line could be dangerous.

NOIS Game of the Weak: ND_v._Duke

edit- Please check out this post on Charlie_Weis_and_the_Chocolate_Factory and sign their petition. It's up to each of you to fight for righteousness.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Willie Thrower Quarterback of the Week Award

This week, we honor Donovan McNabb with our Willie Thrower QB of the Week Award.

McNabb led the Eagles to a comeback victory against the rival Washington Native Americans With An Outer Epithelial Layer of the External Integument of Hue Darker Than White But Lighter Than Brown.

McNabb completed 20 of 28 for 251 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Willie Thrower would be proud.

Game of the Week: Duke Vs. Notre Dame

It's a clash that could only be contested on a field in purgatory. The two true fortresses of all that is evil in college athletics collide in a match up of the #95 and #103 ranked teams in the Sagarin ratings.

ND comes in ranked below such illustrious football powers (of the 19th century) as Yale. While, Duke, with one victory this year is actually considering the season a rousing success.

Certainly, those that follow this blog understand the dilemma this match up presents.

Who to root for?

Do we favor Hitler or Stalin? John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer? Pure, unrepentant evil or unrepentant, pure evil? Alan Jackson or George Strait?

Essentially, this comes down to deciding which is the lesser of two evils. And we don't mean that figuratively in any way.

ND comes into the contest led by what can only be described as a failed coach. A man who promised that his team would have the benefit of never being 'out schemed'. Unfortunately, Coach Weis' best schemes have not been so much for use against opposing football defenses, but have been reserved for how to attack the buffet line.

The Subway Alums have rallied round the round man and have all been convinced that none of this is Weis' fault. That everything is Brother Ty Willingham's responsibility. That Weis (despite two consecutive seasons of BCS bowls in which he was more than willing to wrap himself in a genius banner) was left a tattered and torn program for which his horrible, lazy and shiftless Negro predecessor couldn't be so much as bothered to make a recruiting phone call to support. Yes, the shortcomings of the great White Hope of Touchdown Jesus - which are so utterly apparent to anyone that finds a red-bearded mascot to be somewhat nauseating - have all been overlooked. Reasoned away. Chained to the ankle of the Negro to burden as he was banished from the Cathedral/plantation.

Down in the realm of purgatory known as Dukedom, victories have been few and far between since the devil unchained and released his protege in the late '80's. Spurrier left to take his visor and huffy disposition to Gainesville. And the devils in charge decided that all resources, energy and care would be invested in serving the throne occupied by the dictator of K-ville.

Certainly the timing of an important preseason basketball event this season, which was scheduled during a Duke football game, is an indication that coach KKK holds no respect, interest or concern for the football program.

Football means nothing to Duke.

And that is why we must ask that all our readers, believers and followers concentrate all positive energy and send it to the devil's bowels in Durham.

Duke must win this game for the very reason we stated. Football means nothing to them.

It means everything to the Irish.

A loss to Duke would be an indication that ND football has finally been defeated. It will be a sign to NBC that they better seriously rethink re-newing that deal. It would provide the torture necessary to bring righteousness to the souls damned in their worship of Touchdown Jesus.

And, as an added bonus, it would bring a completely empty joy to Duke. A victory over ND won by Duke would normally be something for the devil to rejoice. But victory over this ND team? 2007? Led by the inept and always famished Weis? Meaningless. Empty. A victory for evil. But not a victory over righteousness.

Essentially, there would be no winner.

Therefore, good friends, we ask that all unite in support of Duke.

For Saturday, and Saturday only:


Sunday, November 11, 2007

NC&QB Rankings: Negro Coach and QB Poll

This week, as we gloriously anticipated, the top team in the BCS's ridiculous version of things fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, opening the way for the teams that your NC&QB rankings have had at the top for several previous weeks.

The BCS and other polls will be jocking Kansas. Telling us how huge the pending top 5 match up between Kansas and Missouri is. Don't believe the hype. The game will have no effect on the BCS title. Kansas' non-conference schedule (Central Mich, SE Louisiana, Toledo, Florida International) should automatically disqualify them from any discussion. And their conference schedule included the dregs of possibly the weakest conference in the country. So, while we commend Kansas on their fine record, we simultaneously disparage them for being in the Big 12.
And for playing a schedule that the Top 15 teams in the US Today Super 25 High School Rankings could manhandle.

Congratulations to Juice Williams. Williams (as a reader pointed out to us) over came the horrendous coaching of Ron Zook (well, FL fans said he was terrible) and made the play call on that fourth and one which sealed the deal.

This weeks great 8:

8) Illinois: The Illini, led by potential '09 or '10 first pick of the draft Juice Williams, out hustled and out muscled the OSU to knock of the paper #1 Bucks. If the Illini can knock off Northwestern next week, and then win a bowl...they will secure a 10 win season. With a huge number of contributors coming back, and a great recruiting class coming in.....we fully anticipate Zook to get his walking papers and Illinois to bring in someone else to win a title. Karl Dorrell will probably be available.

7) Mississippi State: Consecutive wins over ranked teams have the Bulldogs at the Lucky Seven spot. An upset of Kentucky, followed with a resoundingly convincing and necessary victory over Alabama and their Plantation Boss, Nick Saban, have the Bulldogs on a righteous role. If Coach Sylvester Croom's team can take out Arkansas next week; we believe that that win, added to victories over 'Bama, Auburn and UK should be enough to secure coach of the year honors in the SEC for Croom. Some will say it should be Coach Brooks at UK. However, really...Brooks has Andre Woodson under center. Not a whole lot of 'coaching' going on there.

6)Kentucky: The 'Cats continued to show that they are among the best in the SEC with a win over Vandy. Dates with ranked teams from UGA and Tennessee could provide UK with a chance to move up the rankings.

5) Virginia Tech: The Hokies added to Bobby Bowden's misery by spanking his 'Noles. Seems that Bowden's inability to keep his confidence in Xavier Lee as his QB has ensured the FSU has no chance at a winning record in conference play.

4) Virginia: The Wahoos smashed Miami's farewell party in the OB, 48-0, upping their record to 9-2 (6-1). All that remains for UVA is a showdown with VA Tech. With UVA and Tech in the same division, and with them being the top two teams in the ACC, the match up will essentially be for the ACC crown.

3)West Virginia: The 'Eers showed some heart and held off a determined Louisville Cardinal squad. With games against Big East contenders Cincy and UCONN and the Backyard Brawl against Pitt remaining; WVU has a tough road to the Big East title.

2) LSU: The Bayou Bengals secured a big win over instate rival Louisiana Tech to secure the coveted Louisiana State Championship. The schedule raps up with Ole Miss and Arkansas. Then a trip to the SEC Title game. Arkansas and the Title Game certainly could pose threats to LSU, so we aren't going to endorse them just yet as being BCS title game bound. But certainly, they have the inside track.

1) Oregon: The Ducks continue to hold tight to numero uno. Not playing this week secured the position for them. The Quack Attack finishes up with Arizona, UCLA and Oregon State. A completely manageable schedule. Go ahead and book your trip to the BCS title game.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Upset Pick For the Weekend

This weekend, the NC&QB poll will take full effect. Our top teams (Oregon and LSU) will be the top teams in the other polls by the end of the weekend.

Therefore, we are confident that Juice Williams will lead the mighty Illinois Zooks over the OSU.

And, it won't be a nailbiter.

BCS Rankings and Polls: Hawaii Gets Raw Deal

Those of you that vigilantly follow our offerings here on this page understand that our contribution to sports and blogging - or, if you will 'sportsblogging' - is righteousness.

Long ago, we realized that the bias demonstrated within the college football rankings and polling systems didn't provide proper recognition for or acknowledge the demonstrated superiority of certain teams. Teams,that for political reasons, were not elevated to 'elite' status. And, therefore, didn't get the opportunity to generate the revenue that accompanies that status.

At the same time other teams that truly offer meager product on the field continue to reap the financial benefits of high profile coverage and are afforded votes in polls until the voters can no longer provide votes with any credibility and must stop voting for them. Notre Dame comes to mind.

In that light, we came up with the heralded NC&QB poll. A poll which has remained weeks ahead of the mainstream polls. Last season, we had Ohio St and Florida as our 1 and 2 from week 2 of the season on . The mainstreamers only arrived at the same conclusion at the end of the year. Again, not to hyper extend our elbows patting ourselves on our backs...but we are light years ahead of the mainstream media in virtually every capacity.

Our rankings this season will certainly be found to be the doctrine of truth by the time the season completes.

However, occasionally a team comes along that doesn't seem to fit into any of the polls. Ours included. And, being the righteous sports blog, we take it upon ourselves to investigate why.

The general myth perpetrated by the mainstream polls revolves around 'strength' of schedule. A team from a perceived lesser conference compiles an impressive record, and they are degraded for not playing USC, Oklahoma and LSU in their non-conference schedule.

At the same time, a school from a BCS conference might come along and compile an impressive record and get a high ranking. Yet that school might well be playing in a BCS conference that is not very good from top to bottom that year and might have played no one of substance in their non-conference schedule.

Yes, we are contrasting Hawaii and Boston College.

BC got all kinds of love with wins over..........well, no one that matters.

Hawaii gets no respect with wins over......... well, no one that matters.

Years ago, Lavell Edwards ran a program out in Utah that seemed to amass wins by the dozens each season. His BYU Cougars put up impressive year after impressive year. But, always fought the 'weak conference' categorization. Finally, after an undefeated season in which none of the big boy teams had comparable records, the pollsters had no choice but to vote the Cougars number one.

We would suggest that the bias against BYU for so long had nothing to do with scheduling. It had to do with the charter of the university. It had to do with a prejudicial electorate dead set against having a school run by the Church of Latter Day Saints being the flagship football program in the country. And finally, the day came when the polls could either continue to hold the Mormons back and lose all credibility, or allow that for that year BYU was the best team in the land. Common sense, for once in college football, prevailed.

And now, we see it again this season.

The white bread Catholic school boys from the palest section of the country (no, not ND.....BC!) haven't beaten anyone that matters. Playing in the horribly weak ACC, their non-conference schedule was composed of games against 1-AA UMASS, Army, Bowling Green, and the worst ND team of all time. Yet, BC rose to #2 as voters and the mainstream media pretended that this collection of second tier recruits were an actual threat to the teams at the top of the NC&QB Poll.

At the same time Hawaii was amassing victory after victory against admittedly weak opponents. Yet, while BC's schedule was never used against them as they rose up the rankings, any mention of Hawaii included words about the weak schedule.

Clearly, a concerted effort to ensure that the public and the voters constantly associated Hawaii with a weak schedule.

Last season, an undefeated team from the same conference as Hawaii was the voter and media darling. Boise State, located in a section of the county synonymous with Wonder Bread, received more manufactured love than is conceivable enroute to their opportunity for a shot at a BCS bowl.

Why is Hawaii not getting the backing of the media and love normally reserved for Cinderella?

Well, we can only identify one reason.

Look at the names on the Hawaii roster. Look at the fans attending the games there. There are a lot of Hawaiians.

Mainstream America loves Hawaiians when they are doing a hula dance or providing entertainment on a vacation to the islands; but to give them their due on the football field and risk losing the revenue that is normally reserved for the universities backed by the deep pocketed white can't happen.

We had contemplated granting Hawaii a special exemption for inclusion in the NC&QB poll. Unfortunately, a review of the team showed that their QB is a convicted criminal.

Despite our desire to give the team a correct and fair rankings, we feel that bending the rules to allow a white, ex-con QB to be included in a poll dedicated to the propagation of the Negro student-athlete-good citizen QB would simply be too contradictory. It would degrade all that those included in the NC&QB Rankings have worked so hard to achieve.

So, while the major polls and voters will use the excuse of 'strength of schedule' to mask their bias against Hawaiians (as they did with the Mormons):

We at NOIS would be more than happy to include the Hawaiians in the NC&QB Rankings.

But we can't allow the inclusion of a white, convicted criminal QB. It tarnishes the poll.

However, be assured, we think the rest of the team is top notch!