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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The College Football Coach of The Year

Mark Mangino of Kansas led the Jayhawks to an historic season. To our knowledge (actually, we don't have much knowledge of Kansas football...who really cares about it?), the best in their history.

During a season in which the Big 12 saw their top two spots (up until the end of the season) occupied by traditional doormats, Mangino navigated a modest schedule to put his team in position to play for not just the Big 12 title, but the national title.

A non-conference schedule of Central Michigan, Southeastern Louisiana, Toledo and Florida International got the Jayhawks off to a rousing start. Four straight home wins against four straight cream puffs.

But, in reality, KU scheduled with the Big 12 in mind.

The non-conference poo-poo platter certainly mirrored what lay in wait on their Big 12 schedule. Baylor, Colorado, Iowa State, a morbid Nebraska, a distracted A&M and Oklahoma State. No Oklahoma or Texas.

And, one big game. Missouri. A loss. Fortunately for KU, that game was at the end of the season. If it had been scheduled earlier, or right after KU was done wiping off the stench of the non-conference skunk spray; no one would have even bothered mentioning them for most of the season.

We certainly wouldn't be watching them head to a BCS bowl after finishing SECOND in their own division.

And we wouldn't be watching Mangino wrap his mortadello smelling fingers around a coach of the year plaque.

Instead, we'd be praising the job Sylvester Croom did at Mississippi State.

Faced with challenges in recruiting, budget, facilities and the challenge of being located in Mississippi; Croom led the Bulldogs to a winning season playing in the SEC. The SEC, if you don't know, is trumpeted by the media as the best and most difficult conference in the country.

Victories over Auburn, Alabama and Kentucky certainly trump any wins that Mangino managed in the Big 12. And a non-conference schedule that included uber-talented West Virginia certainly demonstrated MSU's desire to compete against the best college football has to offer. Unlike KU, which is more than happy to run off to a BCS bowl payday after losing to the only team of substance on their otherwise insulting schedule.

By honoring Mangino as the coach of the year, the media is signing off on a philosophy of avoiding challenges. Of avoiding competition.

Yes, we know. College sports are about making money. But, at some level, they are about overcoming challenges and facing competition head on. About being taught that taking the easy way out isn't the preferred avenue.

Bestowing coach of the year honors on Mangino and his half-stepping program is to condone all that is wrong with college football. To affirm Mangino as coach of the year is to accept mediocrity.

We at NOIS can not accept mediocrity. Neither in ourselves, nor in in our coach of the year.

One of the arguments made in the debate about the Heisman winner was that Tim Tebow played in the SEC. His accomplishments came against the best of the best, making them all the more impressive. We heard questions about the schedules faced by fellow finalists Chase Daniel and Colt Brennan. Sure, they had great years, but who was on the other side of the ball.

Then, we watched Sylvester Croom take on a monstrous SEC schedule armed with the recruiting crumbs left after the big boys were done feasting and an infrastructure still in disarray after probation. And we don't collectively acknowledge that what he accomplished took far more leadership, planning and downright coaching than running off 11 straight wins over the Hapless Techs and No Talent States of the college football world?

Clearly, some things just don't change.

A Negro doing a white man's job in the Deep South, and doing it well, is just too threatening in this country to give him his just desserts.

Even the SEC knew that it couldn't deny Croom their coach of the year nod and keep any semblance of credibility.

So, as Mangino dines on bracioline ripiene alla Siciliana and gazes over at his coach of the year award:

Know that the collards and fried chicken on Brother Sly's table taste extra good today.

We know it.

He knows it.

Coach of the Year.


Dirty Sanchez said...

Ahh, I could see Mangino knocking down 30-40 of those little veal morsels as we speak. Then it's on to the entree!

ZEKE said...

come on...Mangino took a team even further down the totem pole than Miss. State and made something out of them.

What do you have against fat people?

Gern said...

Sylvester would've won the award, but Mark "Two-Man-Gino" ate him on his way to accept it. So they gave the award to him instead. Seems fair.

delreydaddio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
delreydaddio said...

Hmmmm. I read your words "religiously," but you just lost a chunk of credibility to me, sorry. The whole admission that you don't have knowledge to which an opinion must stand to is understandable, yet you will still spew ignorant vitriol, personal attack, and an ugly bias against the coach who was overwhelmingly chosen the coach of the year by every organization that asked experts to choose.

I know the nation of Islam looks down on gambling, but, really, it's at the very heart of the existence of sport. I'm one of the ones who has a second home in Vegas because of my . . . habit. I do very well because I know how to separate my bias from my choices. If you want to keep out of Gambler's Anonymous, you do the same. And, the same goes for writing with any credibility.

Separate yourself from ignorance and bias. Mangino, like it or not, did not have a close second in this category this year.

Your childish comments concerning his weight are second only to your racist baiting concerning Jerome Bettis on NBC's pregame. I'm losing faith in the very worth of your blog. Do better.

Salam Aleykum

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

" I'm losing faith in the very worth of your blog."

Sir, your statement is blasphemic.

Faith in a blog?

Faith is reserved for Allah.

We dismiss you from the blog

Go the way of the infidel, infidel.

Malcom Hex said...

"The whole admission that you don't have knowledge to which an opinion must stand to is understandable, yet you will still spew ignorant vitriol, personal attack, and an ugly bias against the coach who was overwhelmingly chosen the coach of the year by every organization that asked experts to choose."

so, the 'experts' can't be wrong?

wow, somebody sure is a sheep...

delreydaddio said...

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said: "Sir, your statement is blasphemic (sic). Faith in a blog? Faith is reserved for Allah."

It was a play on allatah words. See what I did there? Kind of infidelly, but cute.

Malcom Hex said: "so, the 'experts' can't be wrong? wow, somebody sure is a sheep"

Sure. You saw the voting. It wasn't unanimous. But, the consensus is much less likely to be wrong. Sometimes, the path of an electron will stray far, far away from the nucleus of the atom. But, probability is on the side of the mean - of truth. Some were wrong. They, too strayed from truth. Football blasphemy, biased by the worship of false idols and mascots. Your having lazily and unduly being influenced by false prophets makes you the sheep.

See what I did there? Another explanation of how you're a sheep. You took a couple of unstable and wayward mens' call for anti-Mangino fatwa and ran with it.

Ooops I did it again.

I can support my claim that you and your Black Panther brother are sheep in need of a sheerin' with Almighty logic. You can simply toss back an insult with about as much credibility as a Mormon at an Irish Wake.

Bam. See that there? You can't have.

Salam Aleykum

Two Dogs said...

As a Mississippi State alum, I can only thank the voters for NOT giving Croom the award. Historically, if State gets ranked or if anything good happens to give State press, the program goes south, HARD.

No, we will never be able to play in the BCS or anything of the sort, but Croom is great. No arrests of players in the last two years. Awesome.

Oh, and Mangino, fat. Croom, awesome porno mustache.

delreydaddio said...

Two Dogs said: "Oh, and Mangino, fat. Croom, awesome porno mustache.

Coach Croom would kick your ass for having disrespect for Mangino. Hold your supportive words for him, because he wouldn't want them.

What, are you in third grade? You'd shut your mouth in a hurry around Mangino, because although he could probably wipe the floor with your mouth, he wouldn't have to. People around that man, from all of his players now, to everyone who has ever had the fortune of knowing him from his days assistant coaching at Kansas State and Oklahoma are all so enamored and loyal to him that you'd quickly learn what an idiot you are.

Dog his coaching style if you could. You couldn't Croom wouldn't either, even if he could. If you were to call him out on style or effectiveness, he'd laugh, but he'd respect you for it. But, if you think it's some small win for you or your coach or your team being a petulant third grader, you're about as thick as they come.

He's built a program from the ground up, literally, and is taking them to the Orange Bowl. He's revered by every organization whose opinions on coaching hold weight - other coaches and sports writers. And, you have the disrespect to call the Italian Sumo madman and in effect, every male down his distinguished family line out on their frame? You're a child and you embarrass yourself, your coach, your school, and your mother.

WindRider95 said...

Mangino didn't deserve the award, but neither did Croom.

Five losses? Sorry...doesn't pass the common sense test for COY.

There's only one undefeated team in Div 1 this year. Insult the Hawai'i schedule all you want, but nobody else went undefeated. Nobody.

June Jones...Coach of the Year.

Two Dogs said...

No, DRD, Croom would laugh at the porno mustache comment. Because he has a sense of humor, which obviously, you do not judging by your comments here. So, I will dismiss my smart-ass attitude to play grown-up with you, for no reason, because obviously, you are attempting to be grown-up. This site is SATIRE with some truth thrown in, not the other way around. Damn, dense people crack me up.

To dismiss the intellectual weight of National awards in one fell swoop, these are voted on by small, white guys who are bad at sports, that's why they write instead of play. So, they slipped in an award to a big, fat, white guy who is bad at sports. The only difference is Mangino is NOT small. (reference: David Eckstein.)

We shall discuss the awesomeness that IS the Kansas Jayhawks football program or lack thereof, and I will say this, Ole Miss, the only winless SEC team this year, would have gone 12-0 with Kansas' schedule. I hope that you realize that from the 119 D-I schools, Kansas ranked 106 in SoS, which means that they played no one worth a shit, much like Hawaii. This has been beaten to death this year and when Kansas actually played someone with a minimum (a minimum, mind you)of talent, they lost. Kansas no more deserves to be playing in a BCS game than Notre Dame. And Mangino won a bunch of games against practically D-III schools. There.

Just out of curiousity, which program did he build, Kansas? Ha. It's Kansas. If I were a betting man, I would place my entire wealth on VT (SoS 52 Record 10-2) to beat the spread by double the point margin, which should be substantial.

Croom took a pitiful Ms State program, just like NOIS stated, and beat Auburn, Kentucky, and Alabama, all of whom were ranked during the year.

(Picture the scene from Animal House with Belushi and the guitar. "Sorry.")

wrecking_ball said...

Ooooh, a comment about one's mother. The hallmark of a winner.

Someone needs his morning cup of kaffeyeh.

See what I did there?

Two Dogs said...

windrider95, the amazing thing that Hawaii did this year was somehow get a glance from anyone, much less the BCS. The Sugar Bowl will be quite possibly the best team in the country against Hawaii. Take Georgia plus the points, which should be many.

And watch Colt get chosen in the sixth round for league minimum. The "new and improved" Troy Smith. Sorry, NOIS.

Two Dogs said...

Why is it that every time someone has to pump up their team it's the stupid white guys?


Malcom Hex said...

"You took a couple of unstable and wayward mens' call for anti-Mangino fatwa and ran with it."

or, maybe i saw kansas play and wasn't that impressed by a team going 11-1 against no one.

hey, why not give the award to june jones. he went undefeated.

see what i did there?



alla kazaam!

if you were half as clever as you think you are, you might get some one to read your sorry blog.

Allenp said...

I finally signed up with Google to post on this blog. This blog is really entertaining. I also wanted to point out that connecting the Nation of Islam with the Black Panther Party shows a surprising lack of understand about basic American History. Unfortunately, it's a very common mistake made by mainstream America. That is all.

lgf said...

"What do you have against fat people?"

Don't judge NOIS. We all hate fat people.

Dave the Wave said...

"That is all."

thank god.

basically. you signed up. came in here. took a shit. and left.


delreydaddio said...

OK, lemme answer a couple things.

WindRider95: June Jones...Coach of the Year."

June Jones? The SOS argument is harder on Hawaii. Plus, it's based on coaching. Hawaii was picked to be excellent this year. Kansas was picked to be 9th in the B12. June is an excellent coach, but the outstanding results were Mangino with Kansas. I'm just saying, that's why he won all the awards.

Two Dogs: "No, DRD, Croom would laugh at the porno mustache comment."

Perhaps I didn't communicate clearly. Croom would not laugh at your jib because he would be busy kicking your ass out of the room for disrespecting a colleague he respects and admires.

"I will say this, Ole Miss, the only winless SEC team this year, would have gone 12-0 with Kansas' schedule."

Absurd. You don't know the Big 12 like you think you do :) You would finish 7-4 with a 3-4 B12 record, which would leave you at 4th in the North Conference and 8th overall with no Bowl Game. If you're wondering:

Central Michigan W 21-10 1-0 (0-0)
Southeastern Louisiana W 55-19 2-0 (0-0)
Toledo W 24-3 3-0 (0-0)
Florida International W 38-14 4-0 (0-0)
at No. 24 Kansas State L 34-10 4-1 (0-1)
Baylor W 16-3 5-1 (1-1)
at Colorado L 38-21 5-2 (1-2)
at Texas A&M L 28-17 5-3 (1-3)
Nebraska W 41-34 6-3 (2-3)
at Oklahoma State L 21-0 6-4 (2-4)
Iowa State W 24-3 7-4 (3-4)

Pretty much everything else you said was about as absurd as the Larry Craig wide stance defense. SOS, means nothing. Mangino put a 1AA team on the schedule as most teams do. Then a 1A cupcake as most teams do (FIU). Then a team that had won the Mac Championship when they were first scheduled (Toledo). But then Toledo went downhill and it was no longer the strong matchup that it was supposed to be, so he added Central Michigan who was the defending Mac champion from last year and repeated this year.

K-State proved in the 90's that strength of schedule doesn't mean Jack. They were able to pull good recruits because they were winning games and getting national attention.

I would have thought that K-State's current inept coaching would have taught you a lesson - I mean, you know Big12 Football enough to run your mouth, right? Dontcha just hear their fans right now, sitting at home, partying it up in the wonderful "moral victory" over Auburn. No bowl game, but they padded their damn SOS, so the blog patrol talks highly of them. Whaddeva. If they had scheduled one more cupcake, then 9 teams would be eligible for bowl games from the Big Twelve. Since they have the tie-breaker game over 6-win Colorado, they would be going bowling if they hadn't been stupid enough to schedule a tough non-con.

"If I were a betting man, I would place my entire wealth on VT"

I understand why you're NOT a betting man. The math that makes your logic using just S0S and W/L record is sophomoric and linear. You'd get eaten alive in Vegas with that fool cocky attitude. Double the spread. You want to put your money where your mouth is. I'll go public with you if you'll agree to drop 10K on your double points, at -4 it goes -8. I'd take you higher if you could handle it.

(picture that scene in the Godfather where the Don mentions something about an offer)

wrecking_ball: Ooooh, a comment about one's mother. The hallmark of a winner.

"That guy" flames a mother. I assumed his mother was of some class and would be ashamed at her son's lack of respect in such a lowlife way to someone deserving of a figurative polite bow.

And, yeah, I saw what you did. You got ironic by repeating my siggie because you didn't have anything yours. A very farky emo fad. You = teh c00l.

Malcom Hex: "or, maybe i saw kansas play and wasn't that impressed by a team going 11-1 against no one."

You make my points. You're a biased hack. You don't know shit about the Big12, and plagarize the ideas of pundits to molest the SOS meme and think you can pass the bar because you read the November's American Lawyer. One game doesn't give you dick with which to base any opinion on. You think like a child does. Have your inner monologue, but if you don't have a firm grasp of what you're writing about, for Buddah's sake, man, watch Friends re-run instead of opening up the laptop. Resist the urge.

"if you were half as clever as you think you are, you might get some one to read your sorry blog."

Oh gawd. How old are you? Dude. I don't blog, OK? But if I did, It would be filled with inside betting tips. Ever

Allenp: "connecting the Nation of Islam with the Black Panther Party shows a surprising lack of understand about basic American History. Unfortunately, it's a very common mistake made by mainstream America."

Is a "welcome to google" in order?

In Lawrence, I had a neighbor who was a Panther. I know the difference, and how the Black Panthers think they're pansies with the whole "New Black Panther Party" tripe. I was purposefully being a dick leaving the "New" off.

Dave the Wave said...

" delreydaddio said..."

ok listen.

there are lot of morons here. a lot of retards. and several dummies.

but somehow, you showed up and took the title belt as biggest douchenozzle.

and on NOIS, that is no small accomplishment.


Malcom Hex said...

"One game doesn't give you dick with which to base any opinion on. "

did i saw i only saw them play once?


your quick jump to that conclusion shows where the dick really is...

you just windbagged me about how sophomoric and stupid i am, yet you are the one that jumped to an INCORRECT conclusion.

I said I've seen Kansas PLAY and that is why I wasn't impressed. Somehow you took that to mean I watched one game?

Save the lectures.

You are the one that reads and thinks like a child, bruh.

The notion that any one who disagrees that Mangino is the best choice as coach of the year simply because a bunch of voters say so is far from being a viable opinion.

You just happen to agree with the choice. And, clearly, you are the type of guy that thinks anyone who disagrees with him is wrong.

and, calling me a sheep (after i point out that you are one) for happening to share the opinion with the blogger that Mangino wasn't the best choice...yet using the fact that MOST voters voted for him as your evidence that you are NOT a sheep and I am????

Please, don't ever lecture anyone on logic again. You don't have a clue.

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

"I was purposefully being a dick leaving the "New" off."

jeezus...this dude has an excuse for every time some one points out that he is WRONG.

and, after reading your meaningless and empty comments; it's clear you aren't 'purposefully' being a dick.

you are being yourself.

delreydaddio said...

Dave the Wave: douchenozzle

Oh yeah, because a bunch of half-wits with steaming shit for opinions can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. I'm a douchenozzle? Jesus. You're a tool. I'm finished here, because the only place you can take any of this now, is the repeat and rinse or the monkey flinging his own shit routes. This douchenozzle doesn't feel like servicing you pussies any more.

(Active on: Apply directly where it hurts . . .)

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

"Oh yeah, because a bunch of half-wits with steaming shit for opinions can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag. I'm a douchenozzle?"

My man, re-read your own comments. You ain't offering shit either!

Oh surprise, a KU fan thinks Mangino is a great choice for COY.


And then he wonderfully argues his point by pointing out that Mangino is the best choice because he was voted the award by the media.

Again, AMAZING debate skills!!!!

Although, I will give you credit.

You do know when to take your balls in hand and go home.

Dave the Wave said...

"You're a tool. "

Yes. I am a tool. I'm sledge hammer used for cracking jigs in the head!


Steven A's Cheese Doodles said...

Yes. I am a tool. I'm sledge hammer used for cracking jigs in the head!


ok, sometimes you just gotta shake your head and laugh at DtW.

Truth said...

"Yes. I am a tool. I'm sledge hammer used for cracking jigs in the head!"

Could you gentlemen please develop your own style of retort metahpor. Mine is already taken

Anonymous said...

Delreydaddio hates black people. With that said...

Sir, your argument for Croom will become moot on December 29 when THE University of Central Florida will use Miss. State as a blowup doll. Thus, my coach of the year pick would be... UCF running back Kevin Smith.

delreydaddio said...

Curiosity got the better of me, so let me let my balls drop and step back in for another swim in the kiddie pool.

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock: "And then he wonderfully argues his point by pointing out that Mangino is the best choice because he was voted the award by the media."

I said that the unanimous collective consensus of those who we, in our system, trust their expertise to be that to which the history books are based on is worth more than your biased, two-dimensional logic.

Mangino is the unanimous truth concerning who difinitively and officially the best Coach in college football in 2007. That is a truth only debated with a bunch of ballot recounts, and you can't afford to suck that much dick before 2008 starts.

As is, I haven't offered any opinions in this thread. All I have said is that your opinions are moot because you're biased and second rate. That, and that you're destined to leave only an obscure and irrelivant fart in the wind when you are gone.

And, why would I be debating people who it is obvious are 2-dimensional and inexperienced in their analysis? I'm swatting away the farts of fruit flies here.

I don't walk away with my balls in my hand. Try head shaking in disappointment for having wasted my time here (and possibly forfeiting a chromosome) in the process.

Burnsy: "Delreydaddio hates black people."

I might be darker than you, brother, but you wouldn't know because it ain't germane to any of the points, or in "Al Sharpton's Banana Hammock's" case, his utter lack thereof.

I assume that you were meaning to write "Dave the Wave" for his jig comment, but, whaddava.

Rock on, guys. Exhale and enjoy the Bowls.

Keven said...

"vAnd, why would I be debating people who it is obvious are 2-dimensional and inexperienced in their analysis?"

If the pretention is that you are providing experienced or insightful analysis, can we please end that right now?

All you did is say that the majority of media writers that voted....that you agree with them.


You must be a famous sports writer hiding behind an anonymous name to come up with that.

Thanks for gracing us with your presence and insight. It's amazing. Enlightening. And down right brilliant.

I guess whenever anyone disagrees with the baseball MVP selected by the media, you troll the blogs to dole out weak pimp slaps to tell everyone that they have no valid point and they are biased because they don't agree with the mainstream media?

Did it ever cross your adled, self absorbed mind that maybe blogs exist BECAUSE a HUGE segment of the population is TIRED of the mainstream media??

Blogs are slowly taking over.

Hell, even the mainstream outlets are all trying to get on the bandwagon.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs Mr. Big Time Sports analyst. It's amusing watching you call people biased because they are more impressed by what another coach did than Mangino, after you tell us you have ties to Lawrence...LOL.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


If you noticed, we didn't bother much with delreydaddio.

DO a google search of his handle.

You will find that Steven is a Kansas alumn who goes around the internet admonishing anyone that disputes the worth of the KU football team.

Please, lets not encourage his hateful and biased presence.

Steven is blinded by his teams relative success. As a Jayhawk, he has never been in a position to tout anything but basketball. Certainly, no one mentions KU in any other sport. More certainly, KU is not brought up in any talks of academic prominance.

So, Steven is excited and walking around with a perma-hard on at the prospect of being able to discuss Jayhawk football.

Let's indulge him.

Steven, Mangino is the greatest coach of all time. KU has built a dynasty that will rule college football for eternity.

The release feel good, Steven?

Bet it did.

Go clean up.

Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

"The release feel good, Steven?

Bet it did.

Go clean up."

True enough. A fan of a doormat that finally has a good year is like a guy who been locked up and away from women for 25 years.

Anonymous said...

In that case, sir, as a fan of Mizzou, I'd like to release all over Delrey's leg, thus marking my territory, and ask what it's like to lose and have a season ruined by a perennially equally awful program. Fucking tool. Sir.

madd hatter said...

so, the reality is that delray is a Kansas alumn who has spoken in 'we' terms in reference to the media (trying to insinuate he is a member and therefore a better analyst than just a simple blog puke)...but he is really just a jocksniffing KU fan/blog puke?


What a fucking LOSER!!!!!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I'd like to release all over Delrey's leg"

Sir, Steven is just a fan who has NEVER had the chance to speak down to others.

Let's let him enjoy his moment.

Let's let him pretend to be some sort of 'analyst'.

Let's not mention that the very definition of bias is surrounding yourself in information which you fan-atically agree or have an intimate emotional connection with and then rejecting anything contrary regardless of logic.

Please, let's afford Steven the opportunity to enjoy his moment.

It may never happen again.

Especially if Mangino has another good season and moves on to a real program.

delreydaddio said...


A lot of your brains are experiencing some random synaptic activity as you try to pretend to man up.

Waydago! But, Kansas isn't my only alma matter. I'm in California because this is where I got my MA. A Trojan and a Jayhawk. Between surfing through threads for both teams and the many other online activities I work within, I've had my share of handles. And, between basketball and Football and pretty much everything else I touch, like magic, I've been in a position where I could talk down to my teams' "lessers" were that my nature.

But, now that you're mildly able to whip up some posting history of me using this handle, you'll be able to summize that not one of my threads had me whipping up shit with anyone. Returning fire, but never starting shit, like this one which started with some dillhole using the hereditary frame of the Kansas coach to somehow massage his unsupportable opinion that Mangino should not have been so unanimously chosen as the best coach this year.

And, where football is concerned, I've been a Jayhawk fan since high school, when the Hawks started recruiting me for their Baseball program. I'm from Chicago, but even while still in high school, I made plenty of recruiting trips out there just to see the Football team. They sucked, but it never mattered. We always had the Toilet Bowl to look forward to - that magic Saturday when one of either Kansas or Kansas State would win their only game of the year against each other.

So, like you'll see in every thread I've been in, I'm happy with the results of the year; happy for the team; and happy for Mangino. They all deserve it. By the time we were 7-0, my attitude was of surprised disbelief, enjoying every week. I enjoyed each game, flying to Texas, Colorado, and Lawrence twice to attend games. And at every game, my attitude was that if they lost, no big deal . . . the ride was great, and better luck next week, eh?

Even when Mizzou pulled out the victory in the B12 North Division Championship, I was happy for their win. You'll also see my postings about how I supported Mizzou vs. Oklahoma in the Championship. You'll also see that in some cases, I'm respectful of well supported, well versed opinion counter to KU and that I haven't even made a prediction - at all, publicly - about the Orange bowl . . . and except for returning insults to inbred hillbillies with no respect nor brains to house it, I have not had a single bad thing to say about any of our opponents, not one of them. I've never talked shit about what I believed about the upcoming game to opponents. All season long, I've just never assumed anything, and all I would say about any game, the Orange Bowl included, it that it is going to be a killer game to witness. Love to win, but you know what? It really doesn't matter to me personlly if they win. If they lose, damn proud that they accomplished as much as they did . . . helped our recruiting, funded the new 25M workout and office facilities . . . and gave a lot of people something to cheer about while our Beloved Bush rips our country into easily digestible strips of luscious pork that they won't able to claim by the time they graduate.

It's literally all good.

So, grab each others' dicks and form a solid defensive line if it's the only way you can keep your fragile manhood intact in the face of being proven dipshits. Thinking I was nuevo rich in my perspective. Understandable from what you can piece together from my limited posting under this handle. But, rest assured, I'm not here as a freshman. I'm very used to being with winning teams, in business, politics, and sports - both the teams I've played for and those I've supported. I accept worthy defeat and am similarly respectful of a kill for having to give its life to an outcome. It is never until people start casting the first stone that I pull out the blade and play synchronized slashing.

You folk, as united as you became in the end of this pathetic thread, are all pretty base and simple thinkers. Have a circle jerk if it makes you feel victorious, but anyone reading these comments who isn't in your sleeping bag club can see that you're all outclassed and indefensible without flinging shit from the ol' monkey cage.

C'mon, more shit, monkeys . . .

But first, I have to give it to you with the handle googlin'. Great detective work in between yankin' your little dicks on the thread (that still disturbs my inner child - definitely one of the strangest orgasms I've ever inspired).

I gotta say that African American Muslim's seem to use a lot of homosexual reference in your insults once you've given up on having a point. How does your level of pederasty compare institutionally with say, the GOP? Similar wide stance?

Salam Aleykum

delreydaddio said...

One other thing . . . I didn't imply what I did for a living. Dude was off. I am in a media environment, but not in sports and not face first.

Funny, I probably should be a sportswriter. I make good enough picks to have a second home in Vegas and spend just about as much time at my desk in the sports book at the Mirage. But, I don't ever give tips. Not even to friends, so definitely not to hordes of readers.

It's been fun. Expected Pavlovian responses and wild eyed projection. Great way to make time go away. Funnier than Comedy Central. At least during the Writer's Union Strike.

Salam Aleykum and HappyHappy JoyJoy

madd hatter said...

"One other thing . . . I didn't imply what I did for a living. Dude was off. I am in a media environment, but not in sports and not face first."

i did a search, too.

you are an IT. you have NOTHING to do with the media other than providing IT support. So just stop your bullshit, ok?

umm, and where exactly did NOIS say that being fat is the reason that Mangino shouldn't win????

delray, you are a troll. plain and simple.

we all see it.

you say, you simply 'return' fire. but in every thread, YOU attack blog authors opinions. that isn't return fire. you do it unintelligently and in a poorly written manner, and that is how i KNOW (in addition to seeing what you listed as your occupation in a profile on another site, an IT forum) you aren't a writer in the media. You may work for a media company or outlet. But not in a writing or media related capacity, my friend. ALthough you keep trying in this thread to lead people to believe you do.

Face it. NOIS is right on the money. If you weren't a KU alumn, you wouldn't be so feverishly supporting Mangino. Your hand has been tipped. And it is fully biased.

You keep saying what a great argument you have put together. But you haven't done anything but trumpet the fact that actually media members (not FAKE ones like you) voted for him. You haven't done a thing to substantiate that those media members may have overlooked other, better candidates.

Anyway, it's always sad to see someone come on a blog and pretend to be something they are not.

I feel sorry for you. ANd that is honest.

Steven A's Cheese Doodles said...

"You keep saying what a great argument you have put together."

the dude is a clown. he is long winded. and that is his best quality. It's clear he is a KU bandwagoner, who now has a chance to shout out loud about it. Yeehaww! The Jayhawks had a good year and beat NO ONE. Woooo Hoooo!

I agree with you, hatter. It's totally pathetic that this guy has tried to somehow pretend he is some sort of 'analyst' and has framed his depiction of the media as 'we'. I saw that same profile you were talking about that he had on that IT questions forum. LOL.


ultrasound tech said...

I actually skipped most of his comments, way too long to bother reading.

But a good rule of thumb is that any assbag that uses more words than the author of the post, is a trolling loon.

And I agree with the others that said he is just a KU fan flapping his wings and beating his chest.

NOIS is right. Let him have his moment of sunshine running around the net as if he is the defender of Jayhawk nation. Bet this past month is his first foray in that role.

ZEKE said...

But, I don't ever give tips. Not even to friends, so definitely not to hordes of readers.

i. friends? who you kidding?

ii. who the fuck asked you for a pick? You probably have to use two hands to pick you ass.

Shit monkey.

The Lawn Jockey said...

"Expected Pavlovian responses and wild eyed projection. "

so, the guy that says that anyone that thinks the media got the COY wrong is stupid, because the media is always talking about Pavlovian responses?

NOIS, seriously, sometimes I feel bad for you because you get some of the true dregs of society finding their way to this place.

How does someone that has the clearly limited logic skills of delraydaddio figure out how to find this site????

The Lawn Jockey said...

"wild eyed projection. "

aren't YOU the guy that says that KU is now positioned to be at the top for a long time????


Where did this clown come from???

lgf said...

"Funny, I probably should be a sportswriter. I make good enough picks to have a second home in Vegas and spend just about as much time at my desk in the sports book at the Mirage."

The story of every penniless, homeless drunk. I do hope things work out for you, Sir.

Two Dogs said...

Yes, he should be a sportwriter, he would fit right in with the rest of them that have no idea what the Hell they are talking about or for whom they are voting for Coach of the Year.

Delreydaddio=Boo Boo McFee


Damn, that is funny.

RighteousReasoner said...

Negro Quarterback Xavier Lee is being framed by the white devil Bobby Bowden and his staff so that devil quarterback Drew Weatherford can play in the upcoming bowl game. It cannot be disputed that Bowden has failed Lee by not providing him with adequate leadership, direction and instruction, and that the devil professors at Florida State have failed their job of properly educating Negro athletes, in a situation eerily similar to the blatant usury of Negro athlete Channing Crowder by hated rivals Florida University. This is not only Bowden's fault, but also that of the white media, printer paper, snow, and vanilla ice cream.

Truth said...

"Negro Quarterback Xavier Lee is being framed by the white devil Bobby Bowden and his staff so that devil quarterback Drew Weatherford can play in the upcoming bowl game..."

I have bad news for you, bloggers: I've read this twice and I can't figure out if it is satire or honest opinion.

delreydaddio said...

Two Dogs "Delreydaddio=Boo Boo McFee

And in the spirit of my commenting with this profile being un-piercingly anonymous, I can be found on different sites being Delreydaddio as Steve, Peter, Jerome, and GDP as well.

Just like you to join the little bandwagon here and attack whatever primary school monkey shit flinging fodder you can understand instead of sticking to what I write.

It's all very amusing.

Once again . . . I didn't come in here supporting Kansas or Mangino. Go back and re-read. I said that OP is a fool for having nothing to argue from but personal attack on a man's body frame. Any other things I may have said that sounded like support were just mindless deflections of zero-sum arguments various people have used to try and prove hardly defensible points.

It was stupid then, and it's stupid now.

And, I'm not an analyst, nor would I have any reason to include me in some media we. But, as someone who does, however live by the probabilities of the sports book culture, I can sniff out bias and payoff from under water. None of what I have read here is going to help any of you with anything but a drunken weekend barbeque "I love you man" debate between dropouts from the same schools.

It was a pointless waste of time. I apologize. I hope it didn't slow down all the research for the next groundbreaking post . . . Sorry, that was rude.

LGF: ". . . Penniless drunk . . ."

Heh. I'd love to reply to that, but again, anonymous. And, nothing's luck, princess.

ultrasound tech: ". . . he is the defender of Jayhawk nation. Bet this past month is his first foray in that role."

Again, no one on this site has any business betting on anything. Best not to even use the lingo.

And, finally, madd hatter: "i did a search, too. you are an IT."

You should take that wee bit of research, multiply it by about a thousand, and earn a clue with which you pretend to know anything about sport. IT? Job in IT? Although I can program pretty well, I'm a hobbyist. I am likely sufficient enough, and through the hobby have ammassed enough of a portfolio to gain employment in IT, design, etc, sadly, it is just another of the myriad of things that involve math and probability that I participate in in my spare time.

I am also not a career marksman; or, weight lifter. Neither am I a writer, promoter, banker, carpenter, engineer, winger, ecologist, political fundraiser, or counselor. Although, to each of, I dedicate enough time and practice with enough precision to likely do them better than whatever it is you personally do for your meager living (and I say meager, because I have never, ever met someone financially successful who, with such insufficiency would pretend to have a handle on a situation while not even having the sense to know the situation. And with all the dirty argumentative breakroom nastiness of someone who has no comprehension of salary. Hope you're anonymous here, because these things speak volumes about your personal worth.)

Have to add one thing that is fundamentally important to any future mud slinging you might want to do. True, true, I'm an alum of Kansas. But, I also have a more relevant degree from and more ties to USC than my undergrad facilities in Lawrence.

I'm not from the Midwest, although I'd never say a bad thing about them and their amazing resourcefulness. My father, too was a collegiate athlete, and I wasn't a legacy (that means that I was raised an ACC kid). I am pleased at the season Kansas is having, of course, and I love watching the endless line of excellent coaches in the Kansas Basketball program spread team greatness around the NBA. But, I wouldn't call myself a "Fan" of any program. Who I am a fan of is whoever I require to win or beat a mistaken spread on any given day.

And, like anyone else, I fall for the Marshalls, Georgetowns, Jayhawks, and other underdog teams that break through adversity always inspire a sense of hope in me that sometimes hard work and belief in self is enough to conquer the status quo that I am entrenched in. (and in some cases, I have made a pretty penny off the outcomes of these miracles because I'm not blinded by one team or one conference so much that I lose sight of all the pretty little numbers that dictate each of our futures.)

I most certainly don't support in even my janitors the kind of values espoused on this site by a bunch of un-researched, half-witted blog sloths who think the world revolves around their mascot and their delusions of self-importance. Values that influence your little minds to inflate with hate in the absence of reason.

So flame away if it feels good, ya masturbatory little wannabes.

Merry Christmas and Kwanza and super big scoops of Salam Aleykum

Two Dogs said...

Boo Boo, I care not who or what you are. That search was simply the first and I found it funny, because I have a sense of humor.

After reading all of your gianormously long-winded comments, I realize that you just have no idea what you are talking about. That's cool, you're a Jayhawks homer.

And the comments about Mangino were jokes. You need to grow a sense of humor. But, he is fat and Croom has an awesome porno mustache.

robby said...

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RighteousReasoner said...

No Jim Leyritz - Mike Vick arrest comparison post yet? Come on, do I really have to do all the righteous reasoning around here??? Clearly this pale face is being given royal treatment in comparison to the lambasting the innocent Negro Vick took from the mainstream media!

Anonymous said...

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