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Monday, December 3, 2007

LSU: Perrilloux Savior of Dream

In the preseason, LSU held a spot near or at the top of every list as a national title contender. A talented team, awash in experience on defense and athleticism across the board. An elite program that certainly should be in the mix for that sparkling crystal football at the end of the year.

Two losses later, things looked very bleak.

No two loss had been in the BCS game. No two loss team had deserved to be included.

Write a new chapter in the book of college football history. A two loss team may well be the best team in America.

Despite overtime losses to Kentucky and Arkansas - two solid teams, but not specular - that would generally have been enough to knock most other teams completely out of the equation for the national title, LSU can now book a trip to the big game.

In what clearly is a demonstration of a conference title game victory being a huge advantage in the BCS hunt, LSU was able to squeak by a Tennessee team which really wasn't a factor on the national scene.

Some will say that LSU capitalized on the reputation of the SEC. Somehow spinning overtime losses into acceptable events and somehow spinning a conference title game victory over a non factor into a spring board to a show down with the OSU.

The overlooked aspect of the victory over Tennessee was the triumphant field generalship of budding superstar Ryan Perrilloux at QB.

Matt Flynn had quarterbacked LSU in their losses to Kentucky and Arkansas. And, clearly, Les Miles realized that any hope of an SEC title and any crack at the big game hinged on the QB position.

Enter Ryan Perrilloux.

Conveniently, the medical staff 'decided' to label Flynn unfit to make the start. And Les Miles pinned his hopes for a job at Michigan on the young and talented Perrilloux.

And lead them he did. His performance was so impressive that LSU separated itself from the other one and two loss teams to claim a spot in the title game, setting up what will surely be a repeat of last season:

A fast and quick SEC team led by a Negro QB winning the National Title.


WindRider95 said...

- two solid teams, but not specular -

True. Nothing 'specular' about them. Nothing spectacular either.

To have a snowball's chance in hell of defeating The Ohio State University, Flynn had better return or Perriloux needs to improve quickly.

Martin said...

Sir -

Where is your breakdown of Juice battling ND of the West, USC?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Where is your breakdown of Juice battling ND of the West, USC?"

Sir, are you refering to 'the people's' National Championship Game?

Andrew said...

I'll go you one better. Score repeat. LSU 41, THE Mediocre Big 10 Champs 14.

RICHARD said...

Flynn, Perriloux, Kermit. Doesn't matter. OSU hasn't gotten any faster and while LSU has figured out how to make all SEC games close, even they can't make this one close.
LSU 38 OSU 17.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"OSU hasn't gotten any faster "

Sir, certainly this is a plain truth.

Additionally, the 50 days between games should truly hurt the Slow S U...hahaha...get it? Instead of OSU, 'Slow'SU....that is the sort of wit you can expect around here.


Irons said...

Hooo-eee. Michael Vick is going to look like a saint in comparison by the time RP's career finishes.

We at CWATCF share your views on the national championship game, however.