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Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Coach of the Year: The Quest for Perfection is the Key

Bill Belichik.

Three Super Bowl rings as a head coach. Adulation as perhaps an all time great.

This year, blessed with an owner willing to go out and get the cream of the crop in the free agent market, perhaps his most remarkable coaching job.

There is no debating that the Pats are extremely talented. There is no debating that they are blessed with experience and a championship aura.

But, there is also no debating that balancing all the egos and getting everyone to perform as one unit is the type of thing that only a COY calibre performance could provide.

This team is reminiscent of Phil Jackson's Jordan led Bulls and Shaq led Lakers. To the untrained eye, anyone could led them to victory. To those in the know, only a genius could get them there.

With that in mind, we at NOIS convey the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year Award to.......

Romeo Crennel.

Blessed with a fraction of the talent on his roster, an organization that epitomized losing and located in a city that embraces the 'epitomization' of losing: somehow Crennel overcame and marshalled his team to double digit victories this season.

If Belichik is a genius in his ability to get all those egos attached to first flight talent to work toward the goals of the team, then what is the man that can get performance from egos that are just as inflated but are attached to second rate ability?

Perhaps Crennel's most important move this season was something he didn't do.

Certainly, Romeo faced internal and external pressure to put dashing young dandy Brady Quinn under center. But, rather than torture Cleveland fans (and football fans in general) with Quinn's ambiguous presence, Crennel turned Derek Anderson into a legitimate NFL starter.

And, after a 10-6 season, Anderson's success certainly clowds the picture of Quin:n's future in the city by the lake.

For prodding his young charges to 10 victories, and simultaneously casting doubt on Brady Quinn's being a starter in the NFL:

We crown Romeo Crennel as the King of Coaches for this season.


keveekev said...

Welcome back......NOIS.....But I must disagree with your selection for NFL coach of the year. My vote goes to Tony Dungee. With the massive injuries to key players and that mammoth sized bulls-eye that's aimed at a defending champion, Dungee has had his Colts at the top of the NFL heap all year. Cleveland will not be in the play-offs and Romeo must be held accountable for losses to inferior teams like Oakland (L24-26), Arizona (L21-27) and Cincinnati (L14-19). Dungee didn't help matters by sitting his starters against Tennessee ....but this is the NFL. He did what he had to do... for his team. They are both great coaches.....but Dungee is a cut above.

Martin said...

Sir, how do you have time to make the difficult and astute analysis of the NFL coach of the year selection when tomorrow is the people's national title game?


Truth said...

The words 'juice' and 'USC' somehow just don't go well together.

WindRider95 said...


Are you kidding me???


As for Brady's future being clouded...Cleveland is offering up Derek Anderson as trade bait. What a moronic move. No wonder Cleveland is known as The Mistake by the Lake.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Are you kidding me???"

Sir, we take offense at your question.

WindRider95 said...

I take offense at your putrid grammar.

Lil John's Pimp Cup said...

> I take offense at your putrid grammar.


a. You obviously are a whitey that doesn't get it.

b. "Clowd" (even if it hadnt been spelled that way intentionally, as it was) would be a spelling error not "grammar" (putrid or otherwise).


MMurr said...

This is an excellent post, and the point of Crennel being COY is a good one. He deserves kudos for his coaching job this year. This season in Cleveland for him is not unlike Belichick's first championship run with the Pats, when he won it all despite not having anywhere near the talent that he does now, and similarly ignored calls to play Drew Bledsoe, the popular QB. Add this to the fact that Cleveland (wisely) added veteran leadership in the form of free agents from New England (Willie McGinnest, Bobby Hamilton), and it's no surprise that Cleveland had a successful season. Crennel succeeded by emulating Belichick.

Russell K said...

Coach Belichick shouldn't get the COY award for the same reason that players who take steroids shouldn't receive awards or be invited to the Pro Bowl. The penalty for cheating was far too low, a forfeit of the draft or the playoffs or even a substantial suspension for Belichick would've sent the right message. Yet here we are, Belichick is winning coach of the year honors. It's disappointing how the NFL rewards bad behavior and at times punishes good behavior.

That said, I think McCarthy did a pretty good job with Green Bay. It's a tough call between him and Crennel. I suppose the edge would have to go to Crennel, because McCarthy coaches in the NFC. Also the Browns were the 3rd worst team in the league and this season got to double digit wins. Green Bay was, I think, 8 - 8 last season.

WindRider95 said...

"You obviously are a whitey that doesn't get it."

Bad guess, asshole.

Sorry to disappoint you, but spelling is a subset of grammar.

Fuck off.

Malcom Hex said...

"I take offense at your putrid grammar."

does one take offense 'at' something, or 'with' something?

madd hatter said...

"I take offense at your putrid grammar."


a windbag that searches blogs for spelling/grammar errors.

The act of a REAL intellectual.

lgf said...

"Sorry to disappoint you, but spelling is a subset of grammar."

Quick question, are honkies by definition dumb or have we just been visited by this special type?

Lil John's Pimp Cup said...

whitey windbag95,

> Sorry to disappoint you, but spelling is a subset of grammar.

grammar: The study of structural relationships in language or in a language, sometimes including pronunciation, meaning, and linguistic history.

Nothing about spelling, honkey.

Good you stupid, whitebread.

Don't be mad at us fo'ks just cuz you hung like well, like a white boy, white boy...

Lil John's Pimp Cup said...

> does one take offense 'at' something, or 'with' something?

Now that IS a question about grammar.

Don't expect an answer from windbag95, our resident spelling expert (who knows nothing about playful black 'spelling' - clown + cloud = clowd)...

RighteousReasoner said...

Why have there not been any posts for a week? The misguided 95% are in dire need of our righteous reasoning to guide them...those poor souls cannot make it without us. It's far past time for the editors to get a "Jeff Fisher and the devil owners of the Titans intentionally let down Negro QB Vince Young" post going or something. Let us not allow the bastard creations of Yakub to derail us from the path of righteousness!!!

censored said...

Excellent post NOIS...Even with the browns not making the playoffs Crennel should have been named COY.
If nothing else it should serve as encouragement for this man..showing that he is not as big a failure as the likes of Lovey Smith, Herm Edwards and Marvin Lewis. What better representation of a failure culture than a coach who doesnt even make the playoffs. Also Crennel followed the blueprint his peer Tony Dungy used...ride the superior white QB to greater success.

Belichick should be stripped of the award for 2 reasons...spygate and his use of randy moss, a two-bit felon, to gain a perfect regular season.

RighteousReasoner said...

The LSU-OSU game was rigged by the white media, the devil NCAA administrators, and the head coaches themselves in an attempt to unfairly eliminate the superior Negro athlete from the spotlight. The first evidence of this whas when LSU started palefaced QB Matt Flynn in place of the clearly more deserving Negro Ryan Perrilloux. This occured after LSU had publically announced weeks ago that Flynn would not start! How can such a blatant act of dishonesty to the public go by without repercussion? Furthermore, not only did a pasty WR score for OSU, a honky RB did the same for LSU! This is unheard of and essentially not permitted in any form of competitive football, and is an obvious violation of the gentlemans agreement limiting white WRs/RBs to one TD a game at most. It can only be righeously reasoned that the so-called head coaches of these two squads, Jim Tressel and Les Miles, mutually agreed to rig the game, disregarding their team goals in an attempt to advance the immobile and significanly less skilled white "athlete".

As loyal and righteous members of the Nation of Islam, we cannot stand for this! I urge everyone to immediately contact the NCAA and voice their displeasure with this blatant injustice and these attempts to remove the superior Negro athlete from the spotlight in the most important bowl game of the year!

Black Jewsus said...

Sir, will you please submit another post on your esteemed Sportsblog? I dare say that nine days without blog posts may qualify you to be a lazy Negro.

husky930 said...

righteousreasoner, I really hope you're kidding. If not you are a moronic, racist mother fucker and deserve to be killed.

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, who mentioned race?

YOU are the one conditioned to make this a racial discussion.

We simply provided our readership with information about how blatantly fixed this game was.

You had to spin it and take a racial angle.

Try actually reading the subject matter and refrain from making bonehead comments.

Hilarie said...

Is this blog dead now? Because the comments ... NOIS coming back or is this over?

mbros612 said...

Lil Jon-

If in some way it makes you feel better about yourself, your race, or your status in this world by actually believing that only black men can be well hung... then by all means. Use your illusionary "trump card" to end any online argument as you see fit... go you!!

However, whether you make such childish and ridiculous statements online just to get a rise out of a white dude in a dispute-- or indeed do live under the convenient assumption that all white males are hung like white boys, and not like white men... it just makes you look very petty.

-And makes me really believe that you have some hangups with your own size down below. A little insecure??? Gee I can't think of anything that sucks worse that being a black man with a small pecker. Ouch! I hope you can play basketball anyway...

Anonymous said...


go terps!

Al Sharpton's Hair Relaxer said...

NOISB will come back to work when he runs out of money.

Damn lazy Negroes.

Lil John's Pimp Cup said...


It takes you 3 paragraphs to say that I struck a nerve?!.... dammm...

Anonymous said...


go duke!