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Friday, June 29, 2007

Joakim Noah: A Righteous Follower? Bowties and Beanpies

One of our esteemed readers and follower, ATL_eagle, brought to our attention that Joakim Noah presented himself as an excellent representative of NOIS at last night's draft.

It is rumored that young Noah dined on bean pies as he waited for his name to be called.

McRoberts: No One Bought The Hype

Josh McRoberts, the underachieving and borderline talent that was offered by Duke to the NBA this year, was listed on most "experts" boards as a first round pick. His narrow shouldered, tear streaked self had grossly underachieved in a less than explosive ACC. Yet, this boy who was brutalized by Tyler Hansbrough and roughed up by countless others, was first round material?

The notion that any self (or otherwise) proclaimed expert could possibly mention first round and McRoberts in the same sentence should have been taken as an affront to the sensibilities of any and all close followers of basketball. Further, it should have been repudiated by anyone that can even pick a basketball out of a lineup consisting of a basketball, a volleyball and a soccer ball. How and why would these draftniks attempt to fool anyone into taking McRoberts seriously as a talent. A first rounder?

Pushing McRoberts on us is proof of the reach of the boney, dusty hand of the devil. The crypt keeper of evil that bastes himself in the horrific emanations of Dukedom. That creature which roams the earth stealing the souls and potential of high school players blinded by his human form, only to be used up and discarded by the hidden demon.

For years he has deftly and insidiously manipulated us and the NBA into taking his alabaster off-spring in the first round. Only to wake up after the spell is broken to realize that these offerings couldn't even sit closer to the court than the 12th seat on an Estonian minor league team.

It started with that first group of goblins he lead to the final four in the mid-80's. The NBA was fooled into taking Mark Alarie in the first round. Then Danny Ferry. Bobby Hurley. The androgynous Christian Laetnner. JJ Redick. All first rounders.

And this year, Josh McRoberts. We were told he was nimble and had good "athleticism" for a big "man". At least that is what we were told. Fortunately, we have eyes. And, not as fortunately, virtually every Duke game is televised. So, there was no opportunity to avoid the obvious revelation that McRoberts was a McFraud.

In the past, NBA teams have been victimized by the evil spell that coach KKK has been able to conjure through the auspices of his hypnotized legion of media sycophants. But this year....KUDOS to the NBA for not awarding the impending bench sitting of McRoberts with guaranteed money.

While the NBA still willfully leaps off cliff after cliff doling out money to unproven, unknown and very tall foreign teenagers; it is a step in the right direction to see that they reject the ghoulish creations birthed in Dukedom.

We implore the NBA, for the good of all: Draft any 7 footer you find in Uzbekistan before you taint the league and vacate your funds on one of coach KKK's chloroxed cadavers.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tom Brady: Continues to Set Poor Example

Tom Brady's evilishness and flipping off the rest of civilized society continues. Unabashed and unabated.

The model mongering sperminator continues his crusade against morality and role-modelship. Thumbing his nose at those that don't have ten figure bank accounts and making a mockery of the very fabric which holds society, through the blue collar working class, together. His loathsome behavior is, quite literally, taking the food out of peoples' mouths.

However, finally, high moralled fans in Boston are standing up to his hateful posturing and "me first" lifestyle by resoundingly and collectively saying they have had enough of his media whoring and self absorption.

“We’re not going to any Pats games until he builds union,” said Francis Jensen of Local 12, who with about a half-dozen of his brethren threw up an informational picket line in front of No. 12’s Back Bay condo yesterday. Added union captain Tom Koney: “Here’s a guy who gets paid millions for what he does but he doesn’t believe in paying plumbers a decent wage.”

That's right. The wholly evil and completely melanin free Brady has decided that it is more important for him to save pennies of his millions than adhere to fair labor practices and provide reasonable wages. By not enlisting union workers, Mr. Brady is actively and purposely attempting to lower the income levels for plumbers throughout the nation.

Quite hypocritical when you consider that Mr. Brady himself is a member of a union designed to ensure the best possible wages for its own members.

What's even worse, is that the plumbing outfit Mr. Brady is employing is renowned for not hiring women or minorities.

"The picket line was aimed at flushing out Tom’s plumbing contractor A&K Plumbing of Revere which, the plumbers say, doesn’t pay the “established community standard” wage of $61.75 an hour plus benefits and does not employ any women or minorities. "

So, not only does Brady actively deny plumbers the established standard wage, but his choice of contractor supports denying equal opportunities to women and minorities.

Certainly, the average person could easily (and improbably be correct) formulate this to mean that Brady hates the middle class, women and minorities. This would partially explain his hateful behavior in leaving a struggling actress knocked up to fend for herself and his child alone.

Some might suggest that Brady is a busy man, how can he be expected to be on top of this situation.

But the plumbers say that Brady was aware of their pipe gripes because they sent a letter to the two-time Super Bowl MVP’s agents before throwing up the picket line, and they never heard anything back.

We think it is fair to roundly, and without word from the agents, surmise that the silence from Tom and his reps is a clear indication of his contempt for the union. It was silent. But it is a silence heard round Boston. A contemptuous and villainous silence. The silence you hear when a loved one turns his back on you. The silence you hear when witnesses don't come forward after the police beat a Negro. A deafening, hateful silence directed at destroying the very ideals upon which this nation was built. A silence so loud it shatters ear drums. A silence so strong it crushes the spirit of all those that "hear" it. A silence meant to silence others.

Only, these particular others will be heard.

“Our members are great Patriots supporters, and we didn’t want to embarrass him,” Cotter said. “But we are disappointed he didn’t respond.”

This entire episode is not only embarrassing, but disappointing. Particularly disappointing for the union plumber Patriot fans.

Disappointing that they didn't get the chance at that 61 odd bucks an hour.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Harry Carson: Setting the Right Example

We've all read the bickering between Mike Ditka and Joe DeLamielleure and NFLPA leader Gene Upshaw. Whitlock wrote a column on it.

While Ditka and DeLamielleure get all the press, sound bites and photo ops; a certain Hall of Famer has been out actually doing something. Without all the hoopla.

Harry Carson, NFL Hall of Famer and proud graduate of HBCU South Carolina State University, has quietly and dignifiedly been doing what Ditka and DeLamielleure have so far been failing to do. Lead an initiative focused on getting real results, not headlines.

While former Bears coach Mike Ditka, NFL Players Association executive director Gene Upshaw and Hall of Fame guard Joe DeLamielleure trade threats and grab headlines about who's to blame for the struggles of many former players, Carson chooses to remain above the fray and address the situation the way he once did as a Hall of Fame linebacker with the Giants: by speaking softly, by working hard, by being a leader.

We commend the wonderful example this proud HBCU graduate is setting for the other men that would be leaders of this movement.

To quote the article: No excuses. No name-calling. No nonsense.

This is an example we can all emulate, no matter the goal. We are proud that we can righteously and truthfully offer our blog as an example of how knowledge can successfully be proliferated by following these very principles.

Thank you, Brother Carson, for furthering the ideals of NOIS as you show former players like Ditka and DeLamielleure the proper way to achievement.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bill Romanowski: Launches Supplement Line

Bill Romanowski is launching a line of performance supplements.

Wonderful, just what we need, more untested, unproven and unregulated supplements for GNC to offer on their already crowded shelves.

Not overly interesting or news worthy.

But one line in the story is very interesting.

Romo shares some very similar experiences with Barry Bonds. Both were connected to intimately to BALCO. Both were accused of using "The Clear", which later turned out to be a steroid called THG. Oh, and of course Romo tested positive for THG. Barry never did.

So, both share accusations of connection, but only Romo has had a positive test.

Barry has been demonized and flat out convicted by the media in relation to these accusations.

This is how the media characterizes Romo:

Romanowski, who played for the 49ers, Eagles, Broncos, and Raiders, retired at the end of that season, and set out to reverse the effects of years of violent collisions. He had strengthened his body throughout his NFL career with supplements -- including THG and ephedrine -- that sometimes straddled the line of legality, and Romanowski hoped he could build up his mind as well.

So, the guy that has been insinuated in the BALCO investigation is forever tainted and convicted by the media. The guy that tested positive is characterized by the media as having "straddled the line of legality".

Guess the media just can't help but support and spin positive for a guy that so enjoys spitting in the faces of Negro players.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Yankee Great Reggie Jackson: Disrespected by Hotel

The New York Yankees have probably the richest history of any pro sports franchise. And a roster of alumns that does double duty in Cooperstown. From the likes of the Babe and Gehrig, to Whitey Ford and Yogi and Joe D ,to the Mick and the Scooter, to Craig Nettles and Thurman and Catfish, to Goose Gossage and "Lousianna Lightning".

And Reggie. Reggie Jackson.

But apparently, while fans will hold the likes of Yogi and the Babe, et al, dear to their hearts; Reggie is but a distant memory. The championship he brought the city, long forgotten. The memory of his majestic three home run barrage against the Dodgers evoking nothing but a quizzical, "huh?".

Recently, Reggie came back to visit the city that he helped revive after over a decade of baseball mediocrity. And his reception was less than enthusiastic.

The Bronx Bombers' former slugger was in town last week, and guests at the Regency were shocked to see him having an argument with the reception staff over rates. "He was upset about not getting 'the Yankee rate,' " our witness said. Jackson bitterly complained, but the hotel staff held firm and apparently didn't give him the discount.

That's right folks. Mr. October can't get the Yankee discount.

One wonders if his Yankee great predecessors (like Yogi, Scooter, Joe D, Whitey, etc...) ever suffered such indignities. We have never seen reports indicating that they were denied preferential Yankee treatment, so we can only assume that they have never been treated this way.

As the first true Negro superstar of the Yankees, Jackson always engaged in a love/hate relationship with the fans. As would be expected, hit home runs and they love you. Go through the unavoidable droughts that accompany the game, and they hate you. The same story every Negro athlete can tell.

Certainly, there is little doubt here:

Whitey would never be denied the Yankee discount.

(Ed. A few of our knowledgeable readers emailed us asking why we didn't mention Elston Howard as a Negro Yankee superstar. Ask people to list Yankee greats. Most, save for those intimate with the game, don't mention Howard. While he was a great, for some reason, he hasn't gone down as legendary. Thanks for the emails, tho.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Context Is Everything

Elijah Dukes provided all kinds of fodder for sound bites when he called into a radio show after his taunting wife conducted an assault on his character.

While folks concentrated on his statements regarding his wife and some regarding his falling victim to the luscious temptations of a 17 year old girl living under the foster care of his grandmother; the most telling statement that Dukes made has gotten precious little play.

When asked about his background, and the fact that his father went to prison for killing someone over a bad $100 crack cocaine deal, Dukes said "if people must know... $100 of crack, you can flip that and get $200. You all need to be more open-minded about the situation"

Key phrase: open minded.

Casting judgment on this situation without knowing anything more than the details. Only knowing the basic facts. Not knowing the thought process of the man involved. Taking things at face value. Reading a headline, "Man Killed over $100 worth of crack", and leaping head first to the conclusion that this was an irrational act. Or that the man conducting the act was in some way a bad person.

It doesn't take a social scientist or psychologist to understand where much of the anger we feel emanating from Mr. Dukes originates. It originates from watching his father suffer at the hands of a closed minded society. It smolders as he sees that same closed mindedness slowing trying to take everything he has earned in his long struggle to the major leagues. And it erupts as the media actively and purposely provides an outlet for his estranged wife and a cash hungry young woman to tarnish his character and threaten his future.

"You all need to be more open-minded about the situation"

And you all do.

For how much do you think he could flip a 17 year old girl?

We'll find out what it cost him in the not too distant future.

Congrats To Bridget Moynahan

Looks like providing a fertile nest for Tom Brady's seed is a brilliant career move.

Moynahan, an actress of marginal success and limited name recognition prior to trying to um...prior to engaging in procreational exercise with Tom Brady, has received some real nice offers as of late.

Variety reported yesterday that Bridgie, the mama of Tom Brady's upcoming baby, has signed a deal with the network to either star in one of their 2008-2009 pilots or have ABC Studios develop a show just for her.

A show just for her. Who knew she was such a talent! Guess the lure of having a "star" in the tabloids everyday (due to her connection to Tom) was just too much publicity for network jackals to turn down.

In related news:

The newest babymama in the Elijah Dukes' parade has been offered spots on Jerry Springer and on an upcoming "Who My BabyDaddy?!" episode of Maury.

See, carrying the spawn of the white #12 isn't the only way to showbiz success! Opportunity for all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Pacman Charade

Well, we all knew it would eventually happen.

Several months AFTER the incident. After the DA refusing to levy charges, the powers that be have finally fabricated a case they deem worthy of pursuing.

It's interesting that in March, the DA wouldn't file the charges, the main sticking point being an unidentified shooter.

That shooter remains unidentified, but now the charges language has been changed in an effort (or more probably, a blind hope) that they will stick.

The charges now levied against Mr. Jones are two counts of felony coercion stemming from allegations he threatened to kill club employees and bit a bar bouncer on the ankle.

Coercion is the act of threatening or physically interfering with a person trying to do something that he or she has a right and responsibility to do.

The claim is also being made that "new" evidence is what has led the DA to file these charges, after previously declining to do so. However, the only new information being reported in the case is that Pacman's DNA does not match the DNA taken from the bite wound.

How this information convinced the DA to file the charges remains to be seen.

Sit back, folks. We are about to be taken on jurisprudence whirlwind tour chock full of half truths, innuendo, suppositions and certainly a touch of racial stereotyping and behavioral attribution thrown in for good measure.

We pray that Mr. Jones' lawyers receive some advice from the beyond. From Johnny Cochran.

"No shooter, No gun? Let Pacman have fun!"

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pacman To Help Police

By now, most of you have read the headlines.

A late night shooting after an altercation at a night club. And Adam Jones was in the vicinity, allegedly. And once again, the police are calling on Pacman to help solve the crime.

Pacman, who is sitting out this season in an effort to improve his driving record and to work on finishing his degree at the University of West Virginia, has been called on by police to help them conduct the investigation. Obviously, Pacman's difficult upbringing and intimate knowledge of criminology techniques make him a prime candidate to assist authorities in this ongoing effort to solve the crime.

This seems like an excellent opportunity for Jones to continue to improve his rising public perception. Jones wanted to become more of a role model; and what better way than becoming the equivalent of a deputy of the law.

We wish Officer Jones the best as he leads the police in this investigation.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Whitlock: On the Move?

The man that we love and hate. Or is it love to hate? Or do we just love him? Hate him?

Well, whatever it is....

A little birdy (well, actually a pretty chunkified birdy) told us that Jason Whitlock is leaving AOL and will be writing on come the beginning of July.

Not interested?

Please. You know you read him, too.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Elijah Dukes: Lacking Role Models

While Elijah Dukes has been undergoing counselling to help him deal with the issues that caused him to momentarily lose his cool and leave a message that some might choose to interpret as "threatening" on his estranged wife's voicemail; the revelation that a young woman is carrying his child has again put this contemplative young man at the top of the story line.

Understand that it makes no difference if an athlete wants to be a role model, or not. The fact that they are constantly in the news and that their behavior is so closely reported mandates that they ARE role models. So, when impressionable and maturing young people read about and see the lifestyles of star athletes, often they make the mistake of emulating them.

Particularly if the impressionable minds are the minds of young athletes.

Duke is a young man. An immature man. No one can argue this. Certainly, he bears some of the blame for his misbehavior. But, just as certainly, there is enough blame to go around. We've touched in the past on how the Devil Rays let Elijah down. But, we certainly can't blame the team in this latest incident.

We blame the role models. And the media.

Athletes have a responsibility to provide a worthwhile and solid example for the up and coming young athletes. And the media should be reporting these examples.

Instead, the media harps on the questionable. Extols the negative. Values the borderline moral. And, young Elijah, his values skewered and shaped by the media, walks astray.

For months and months we've seen the sports and entertainment media glorifying the out of wedlock procreation of Tom Brady, Matt Leinhart and even Brian Urlacher. Pasting stories about these men and their womanizing on the web, in print and on the TV screen.

Is it any wonder that young Elijah followed their lead? Is it surprising that Elijah was led to believe that this is how star athletes live their lives?

Unfortunately for Elijah, he is now finding out that only certain athletes get to live life like this. Only certain athletes get the media equivalent of a pat on the back for filling the bellies of single women with babies.

Other athletes, instead of getting the Page 6 treatment and congratulations for the pending nativities, get lines like the following in their stories:

Tampa police said no criminal charges will be filed against Dukes, 22, because state law allows adults between 18 and 23 to have consensual sex with 16- and 17-year-olds.

Yep. While Brady and Leinhart get kudos and hand shakes, Elijah gets a lesson in Florida statutes. Being unbiased, it's hard not to believe that prosecutors weren't just searching for the chance to charge Dukes.

Also, lost in all this: The likes of Brady and Leinhart have NO history as fathers. None. Yet, we assume because of certain criteria, that they will be wonderful fathers. The media doesn't question their qualifications or wonder if they are fit.

Yet, there is a concern that Elijah will be a good father to this child.

Records indicate that Dukes is a fit father. He is credited with having 5 children. With 4 different mothers. Two of those children are even with his current wife. Brady, Leinhart and Urlacher can't even make the claim of having children with a current spouse. Yet, we choose to hold young Dukes under the scope and let these men off the hook.

Dukes doesn't even get credit for his passion about fatherhood.

When she told Dukes in March that she was pregnant, "he got mad and threw a Gatorade at me," the teenager said in the report.

Perhaps, Dukes estranged wife summed it up best:

"You're married and you're having sex with strangers? It's disgusting," Gilbert said. "Do you even know what a condom is?"

We asked a question along the same lines a few months ago.

Until young people are presented with positive role models who understand that children are a responsibility, we are destined to read tales exactly like Elijah Dukes'.

Let's not pretend it's so uncommon. And let's not pretend we don't understand the root cause.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Just some quick bullets from around the headlines.

Congrats are in order! After a terrible misunderstanding and miscommunication between himself and his wife, it looks like things are getting better. Elijah Dukes has a baby on the way!

Despite his mandated suspension from the NFL, it looks like Pacman Jones is one step closer to vindication in regards to his being in the wrong place at the wrong time at the Vegas skin club. Pacman's agent has confirmed that for the second time, DNA samples taken of Pacman do not match evidence.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Comment News

Due to overwhelming email requests, comment posting will now require registering with the site.

For those that are unhappy, we apologize.

It's a simple process and the reality is that you don't have to use any REAL information about yourself anyway.

Thank you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Baseball's Biggest Issue

Without compare, the most talked about issue in baseball this season is the diminishing number of Negroes in the big leagues. You can't read a sports page without some mention or question of why.

The Atlanta Braves have even reorganized their executive hierarchy in an effort to find the root cause and implement preventive measures to correct the problems they find within their own organization.

Recognized as the leading voice of knowledge and respected for our common sense approach to teaching about this topic, we feel more than comfortable in shedding righteousness on this issue and pointing the clamoring masses to the real answers.

The Negro athlete long ago took over the NBA. The Negro athlete long ago took over the NFL. These are sports that require an athleticism that is superior to the requirements of baseball. To excel on the court or the gridiron, one must possess a unique power and explosiveness. Baseball players don't normally require these same attributes. Now, certainly some players DO possess them, but one can not intelligently argue that the athleticism necessary on the diamond is in anyway comparable to that required in the NBA or NFL.

Accepting this fact, it becomes clear: The white athlete hoping to make it in a major sport can really only pin his hopes on baseball.

Ten years ago, baseball went through a renaissance. The summer time duel between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire reinvigorated the game. It put baseball back squarely on the map. It created heroes and rekindled the romance between America and its past time.

A few years later, Barry Bonds attacked the home run record that McGwire set.

And the death knell of the Negro ballplayer was sounded.

Barry is inarguably the greatest player to step onto the field. His abilities can not be challenged. Forget color. Forget race. Barry transcended all that and should have been allowed to take baseball to a higher plane. He should have been allowed to provide the spark to ignite the fire in young Negroes to pick up a glove and be the next Barry. Just like Mike did for basketball. Or TO has done for football.

But, if that had happened, we'd be watching nothing but dark Latino faces and darker Negro faces on Baseball Tonight. And the white athlete would have been pushed to the fringes of all three major sports.

So, instead of Barry being deified and leading the next wave of Negro ballplayers. He was demonized. And his figurative crucifixion ended up essentially turning an entire generation of Negro athletes off to baseball.

It's certainly not surprising. Youths watched Sosa and McGwire treated as heroes. Everyday on the news. Presented as upstanding and wonderful people. Embraced by the nation as they measured homer run after home run.

Then, when it was Barry's turn to chase history, his personality was presented as difficult. His image was painted with a dirty brush and unclean strokes, not the clear and crisp strokes used to artfully present McGwire or Sosa.

During McGwire's run, when the question of steroids came up, it was deflected with talk of androstene and poo pooed to the side. Barry, on the other hand was put under the scope and his body was seemingly measured from every angle and compared with a skinny, young Barry from years and years ago to insinuate heavy PED usage.

Barry cheerfully reminded us that he didn't start lifting weights and hadn't instituted a nutritional program until he was in his 30's. For most players, such an explanation would have cleared the air and led to a fun season. But, Barry being who and what he was, it led to an inquisition.

Certainly, the mainstream media's relentless pursuit of steroid allegations against Barry (despite his NEVER testing positive) demonstrates the lengths to which white America is willing to go to ensure that MLB holds a majority of roster spots for white players.

The message is clear to Negro athletes: Play baseball at your own peril. Rise to the top of the game, and you will be attacked in the media, in the courts and even on the field.

And, we are clearly seeing the message hit home. Negroes have received the message loud and clear and are steering clear of the game. If the media, baseball and the government can cause such destruction in the life of the greatest player of all time, imagine what they can do to an up an comer with no name brand recognition?

Baseball, insidiously and gleefully, has tried to blame the Negro community for having a "lack of interest" in the sport. And in turn, have tried to claim this so called "lack of interest" as the reason for the dwindling number of Negroes in the game.

In all honestly, it's a brilliant redirection of the issue. And now, in an effort to "bury the body", so to speak, baseball is pretending to try to address the problem by encouraging teams to do what the Braves have done.

If baseball really wanted to correct the "problem" of a "lack of interest" by Negroes, the solution is simple.

Celebrate Barry Bonds. Put him on the pedestal that baseball puts its other greats. That would send the message to young Negroes that, if they come into the game, they don't have to live in fear of being destroyed. That if they decide to focus their efforts and energy on the sport of baseball and they excel, they will be loved and glorified.

There is no "lack of interest" in baseball on the part of Negroes.

There is simply fear.

Fear of being destroyed for being too good.

Just like Barry.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

F1 Racing: Most challenging sport in the world?

Anyone that regularly follows this blog knows how closely we follow auto racing.

We have often said that drivers are possibly the greatest competitors in the world.

Mixing the hand eye coordination of the greatest martial artists with the stamina of a world class ultramarathon runner.

At the same time they are undergoing one of the most demanding tests of physical ability in the world, they must make accurate and split second decisions. Decisions which could lead to victory or loss. Life or death.

To try to compare the intricacies of race car driving with sports that simply rely on pure athleticism is like comparing advanced calculus with multiplication tables.

F1 drivers have long been recognized as the greatest the world has to offer. And, being the most prolific drivers in the world certainly, by default, qualifies them among the greatest athletes in the world.

Sunday saw the contesting of the Canadian Grand Prix. Reknowned throughout the world as a premier auto venue.

This year's winner was Lewis Hamilton. It was Hamilton's 6th consecutive top 3 finish. Hamilton also secured first place in the series standings with his victory.

Hamilton has achieved all this at the tender age of 22 years old.

22 years old. And possibly the greatest athlete in the world!

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Update: The Answerman Was Correct

Brothers, sisters, quasi-intellectual avoiders of righteous enlightenment and saboteurs of human progress:

Sometimes, in this world in which we survive, we are confronted by seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles. At times, it is normal to question if our efforts are worth the trouble. If we are gaining ground. If we are initiating righteous change.

The powers of evil and of the devil are powerful, unrelenting and oft times seem almost unconquerable.

But, perseverance, dedication to righteousness and faith in the power that can be called Allah are things that provide comfort in trying times.

A voice.

We all have one. Sometimes it seems that no one hears. Other times it seems that no one listens. But never allow your voice to be silenced. As long as your voice emits righteous tones, it will eventually be heard.

Our voice was heard.

There can be no doubt about this.

Paris Hilton has been ordered back to court to stand in front of the judge who sentenced her.

It seems the judge specifically ordered that she could NOT serve her sentence under house arrest. The sheriff who allowed her to vacate her cell still claims that the bleached trollop is suffering from a "medical" condition.

Certainly, that condition has been a hindrance to the ever sympathetic chloroxed dullard when she is photographed partying in the wee hours of seemingly every night. When she is making sex tapes. When she is heinously throwing around racial epithets and giddily laughing at her wit.

Yes, clearly the young, alabaster talent vacuum has long been suffering from medical maladies.

Unfortunately, stupidity, selfishness, disregard for the interests of others and lack of personal responsibility are not medical conditions.

We heartily applaud the judge for looking more closely into this situation.

And, we can't help but be pleased knowing that our post played a role. Odds are, that as our righteous words are read and shared by more and more individuals, that the judge either read first hand or was made aware of our commentary and the civil outrage that certainly was inspired as a result.

Be strong, good people. Remain righteous.

Our word is heard!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Final Answer, man: The Answerman

A new feature.

We will address specific requests for information from our intelligent readers.

Today's question (culled from our comments, but certainly worthy of the full attention of our readership, and therefore, the "nation") :

Brother NOISb, I, nay, WE, await your commentary on why Brother Johnson was subject to an extensive jail term for probation violation and Ms. Hilton was let out early for her similar violation today. FREE PACMAN!

Brothers and Sisters, clearly we live in a "nation" that appraises the worth, privileges and rights of individuals through specific factors. The notion that we are "created equal" and therefore afforded similar, or at least congruent, rights and privileges is a fallacious notion. It is a predatory notion. It is used to occupy our minds and quench our souls, while the realities of the true implementation and enactments of our judicial and civil system figuratively rape and pillage a known segment of the "American" demographic on a regular and specific basis.

Brother Johnson committed a violation of his probationary agreement. He received punishment. Certainly, if he was accurately found in summary discord with an agreement that belayed his due punishment, we can find no fault in holding him accountable. We can't even find fault in the judge mandating that Johnson relinquish his freedom for the full term of his sentence.

Ms. Hilton was found to be in violation of her agreed upon probationary agreement. She surreptitiously tried to blame others for her supposed non-receival of specific information about the conditions. Evidence was found in the glove box of a vehicle she was driving in violation of the terms of execution of her probation that clearly demonstrated she had knowledge of the terms. Ms. Hilton's term was cut in half from the get go. Then Ms. Hilton's term was cut in tenth of that half.

Certainly there is some incongruity in all this.

The argument will be made by jesters, fools and conspicuously racially oppressive folks that they see no inherent intellectual disparity between a large, "scary" Negro being locked up for full term and a blond, white sex pot being "scared straight" by a night of special treatment in county lock up. The basis of their argument will be that the evil and scary Negro's violation involved weapons. While the PYT piece of white deliciousness only committed infractions involving impaired MV operation and non-compliance with her license suspension.

The focus will be to connect the weapons possession violations with violence. And to mitigate Ms. Hilton's violations more as being some sort of administrative infraction.

The argument will anectdotally portray guns as being more dangerous than an impaired individual driving at breakneck speeds. The argument will falsely surmise that statistics show more people are at danger because of guns than drunk drivers.

The argument of the jester, fool and conspicuously racially oppressive, that is.

MADD, an organization which tracks drunk driving statistics tells us that over 500,000 people are injured or killed by impaired driving each year.

Ceasefire, an organization that tracks gun use statistics tells us that just under 100,000 people are injured or killed by guns each year.

Clearly, the incidence of an impaired driver hurting or killing someone is greater than a gun user.

We can accurately say, then, that an impaired individual choosing to operate a vehicle is akin to an individual choosing to use a gun.

The problem in juxtaposing Brother Johnson's situation with Ms. Hilton's?

Ms. Hilton chose to get behind the wheel and on the open road. Thereby endangering the public at large. Thereby threatening to add to the 500,000.

Brother Johnson? He was charged with having weapons at his home. Not possessing them in public and not USING them.

The cogent mind can clearly see what happened here.

It's much more important for Ms. Hilton to be out getting paid to be at sponsors' parties at clubs than it is for Brother Johnson to be in uniform striving to become the NFL's Man of the Year.

Maybe if Brother Johnson had been photographed carry a copy of the Qu'ran around with him the days before he was locked up, it would have led to a lessened stay.

The bottom line is this:

Brother Johnson's stay has led to a lifestyle change.

And Ms. Hilton needs the love of a good brother.

Edit. Al Sharpton's thoughts on the matter link

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

LeBron: What "It" Means

For those of you that don't go over to Page 2 on much anymore (and let's face it, other than the frat boys going to read Simmons and those that want to be informed going read Scoop, not many visit), we wanted to point something out.

Scoop's latest column, "The Meaning of LeBron", is must read material.

The column highlights the many levels of significance of LeBron's imposition of his will on the game. From the importance to the city of Cleveland to resurgence of the NBA itself.

"It means there's hope. Like an India.Arie song. There's hope for the game. Hope there will be a future as long as he plays, that all is not lost. There's hope that NASCAR, the PGA, Ultimate Fighting, the X Games and all the other sports that seem to have passed the NBA in popularity might have to start paying attention. Because the days of old, the game Jordan built, may be coming back."

Scoop poetically paints the canvas with the complete picture of the importance of what transpired in the Cleveland-Detroit series. Eloquently, he addressed the sports, pop culture, civic and personal significance of what blossomed before our very eyes.

But what else does it mean?

It means that, in spite of the NBA pushing Steve Nash, Dirk and their "suspect" MVP trophies down our throats, the fans want LeBron as the face of the NBA.

It means that the most important, most followed, most necessary players aren't necessarily the one's the league would prefer us to swallow.

It means that those big companies that dole out lucrative endorsement deals and tie their own identity to the identity of the players fans most relate to, care about and want to emulate have researched the market. And Steve and Dirk aren't who the fans want to witness.

It means that Scoop is correct. That if the NBA "hopes" to stay relevant in the face of all the entities he mentioned; then a face like LeBron's is the only hope the league has.

It means a face like LeBron's is the only face capable of replacing a face like Michael's.

It means that LeBron's is the face of "our" league.

It means the NBA might be in trouble.

Some Support For Sheffield

We took some email and comment heat for posting about Gary Sheffield's comments on his thoughts as to why there aren't more Negroes in MLB.

And, obviously, Sheffield has taken some heat.

Well, seems now Shef is getting some support for speaking his mind about his experience in baseball.

Tigers shortstop Carlos Guillen said Tuesday that he agrees with teammate Gary Sheffield's recently published assertions on black and Latin players. "I'm happy he said it," Guillen said. "I'm glad somebody spoke up."

Sheffield also further clarified his remarks about "controlling" Latin players.

"Every Latin player, you can't control 'em," Sheffield said. "I'm just saying from a whole grand scheme of things. They have more to lose than we do. You can send them back across the island. You can't send us back. We're already here."

Guillen agreed completely with what Shef had to say.

"I left my country to come here and to make money and play baseball," Guillen said. "I left my school because I wanted to play baseball here. In my first year, in rookie league, I hurt my elbow and I played DH," he said. "In my first at-bat, I hit a double, and I missed first base. I was out, and they screamed at me." (He declined to say who did the screaming but hinted it was his coaches.) I didn't know what to say. If I had said anything, they would have sent me home. I was afraid to talk. That happens to every Latin player. They are afraid to talk."

Unfortunately, the mainstream media chose to report Shef a bit out of context and without clarification. Seemingly in an attempt to stir things up and paint Shef as a racist.

Despite the controversy, we commend Shef on having the courage to speak up on behalf of Latin players. Proving that Shef is about helping ALL his fellow players improve their quality of life.

Michael Vick: Did His Family Do Him Wrong Again?

Michael Vick and dog fighting at the home he allowed family members to occupy is something that just won't go away. And now, it seems Vick has suffered again at the hands of ill behaved family members.

In documented statements, it is clear that if there were wrongs committed at Vick's home, they were perpetrated by family members that operated without Vick's consent or knowledge.

Things have gone even further now. The home, which had been placed on the sale market, was burglarized.

"I don't think it had anything to do with possible evidence," in the dogfighting investigation, Commonwealth attorney Gerald Poindexter said. "I think it was some feuding over the spoils. Some people believe that in getting ready to sell the house, Vick had promised stuff to some family members and other people felt they deserved things." Stolen were three plasma televisions (62", 42" and 32"), two floor buffers, a wet/dry vacuum, an upright washer and dryer and a leather sofa valued at $17,550 combined.

And, as Vick sorts out his losses, the investigation and attempt to lock him away continues. Vick's continued victimization by ungrateful family members could lead to his demise.

Although state law enforcement seems intent on conjuring a case against him, not everyone is hoping to see Vick locked away.

Winston Jones, 44, said he had "heard" Vick was involved in dogfighting but admitted he'd never been to Vick's house, attended a dogfight there or knew anyone who did. "He's dirty. He's dirty as hell, but don't lock another black man up," said Jones, shortly after leaving services at Ferguson Grove Baptist Church, located directly across from the street from Vick's house. "He did it, but he's a young man and grew up in the hood. Y'all clean him up and help him out."

We hope that those that hope to see Vick's career and life destroyed by these accusations pay attention to the sentiments shared by this insightful and thoughtful man of the church.

Youthful indiscretion and circumstance are the culprits which have led to this situation. Vick has suffered enough at the hands of his own family. Now he needs the rest of us to take the role his family long ago should have.

His family failed him. As a society, we don't have to.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Former NFL'ers Racking Up the Rap Sheet


Another former NFL'er, D-lineman John "Buck" Buczkowski of the Browns and Raiders, was arrested.

"Buck" plead to two counts of promoting prostitution, six counts of possessing and dealing cocaine, and one count each of participating in a corrupt organization, conspiracy, dealing in the proceeds of an illegal activity and illegal use of a cell phone.

Seems "Buck" was done in by the cooperation of his parents.

"They cooperated with authorities, helping them assess the scope of the $1 million operation, including credit-card transactions billed from their home. "

Maybe if his parents kept their lips locked like Michael Vick's family, the dough would still be rolling in.

Rough week for mediocre former NFL'ers.

Another QB behaving badly

The list of QB's demonstrating poor behavior and suspect judgment grew by one.

Well, make that a former NFL QB.

Add Jack Trudeau, former Colts' QB, to the list of bad behavior that includes Matt Leinhart and Tom Brady (among others).

Trudeau was charged with a Class D felony for obstructing justice when police showed up at a graduation party he was "chaperoning" for his daughter. Underage consumption of alcohol with parental approval was the concern.

"Trudeau is charged with obstructing justice, a Class D felony, and misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and furnishing alcohol to a minor."

To make matters worse, Trudeau apparently felt comfortable in attempting to use his celebrity to mitigate the situation.

"When officers asked if they could check on the welfare of the kids, Trudeau asked, “How can we make this go away?”"

Trudeau certainly seems to be a very responsible "chaperon". Maybe, after the dust settles, he can open a child care center and take care of the kids of Brady and Leinhart.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Shef: The Perfect Mentor

If you follow baseball, you are probably aware of the troubles that have followed misunderstood Devil Rays' player Elijah Dukes.

Dukes has suffered through some difficult times, the latest being a turbulent marriage encumbered with domestic disputes and accusations of threats.

In an effort to help young Dukes, veteran player Gary Sheffield has reached out to act as a mentor or guide.

Sheffield would seem to be a perfect fit to help young Dukes through this troubling time, as Sheffield has a unique and logical approach to life. And an intimate understanding of what is going on in the world of baseball.

Folks have been documenting and addressing the fact that their is a noticeable decrease in roster spots for African-American players in recent years. This alarming decrease has been investigated and many possible reasons have been purported.

To find the real and obvious reasons, sometimes we overlook the best sources. How about the input of a long time Negro player?

What does Sheffield have to say about the dwindling number of African-Americans in the big leagues?

"I called it years ago. What I called is that you're going to see more black faces, but there ain't no English going to be coming out. … [It's about] being able to tell [Latin players] what to do -- being able to control them," he told the magazine.

"Where I'm from, you can't control us. You might get a guy to do it that way for a while because he wants to benefit, but in the end, he is going to go back to being who he is. And that's a person that you're going to talk to with respect, you're going to talk to like a man.

"These are the things my race demands. So, if you're equally good as this Latin player, guess who's going to get sent home? I know a lot of players that are home now can outplay a lot of these guys."

Sheffield is saying the things that others are afraid to say.

We hope that the wisdom he imparts on young Dukes is effective in helping Dukes adjust to life in the big leagues.

And, if it isn't, and Dukes ends up at home. At least now we will have a better insight as to why.

It all comes down to control.