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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Former Notre Dame All-American and NFL Hall of Famer on Weis

From the NY Daily News:

The longer this Notre Dame debacle continues, the more the school needs to find a way to disassociate itself from Charlie Weis, who according to former Irish All-American, All-Pro and Hall of Fame guard Bob Kuechenberg, is the essence of evil.

"Charlie's last name is four letters, and so is ogre, because of what he is," Kuchenberg told the Boston Herald. "Look it up and you'll find some other adjectives that fit him to a tee.

"This man has not been good to anybody who came to Notre Dame."

For those that have criticised NOIS for exposing the evil beneath the Golden Dome; now it seems that some inside the Notre Dame family are finally awakening to the sinister plot that has engulfed the campus.

We applaud 'Kuch' for his righteous stance. But we implore him to watch his 'six'. Coming out in direct opposition to his cult's alma mater's party line could be dangerous.

NOIS Game of the Weak: ND_v._Duke

edit- Please check out this post on Charlie_Weis_and_the_Chocolate_Factory and sign their petition. It's up to each of you to fight for righteousness.


ruffian96 said...

What no posts??!! Dave the Wave wheres your racist rants on this?

Andrew said...

Dear Bob Kuchenberg,

Leave Shrek Alone!


An irrelevant footnote.

Dave the Wave said...

now ND is a cult? really?

kuchenberg sounds like a jewish name, i'm surprised NOIS would look to ally himself with the sons of david.

and, isn't kuchenberg one of those old farts from the undefeated Dolphins team that gets bitter and testy anytime an NFL team starts half the season undefeated?

he's a real voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

Sir, with an ass like that, I'm sure an African-American college will hire Weis in no time.

lgf said...

"Sir, with an ass like that, I'm sure an African-American college will hire Weis in no time."

Theres a difference between a big ass and a fat ass. So much to learn...

Irons said...

Brilliant. I can't place this (Gameday? One of the halftime shows? Radio? Blog), but some commentator went on a rant last week about Weis being a dick to the fans, former players, current players, administration, and the orphans down the street. He's apparently on the outs with everyone.

Except for cake. His relationship with cake is still excellent.

ATL_eagle said...

NOIS, would it have come to this if Weis had stuck with Demetrius Jones?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"NOIS, would it have come to this if Weis had stuck with Demetrius Jones?"

Sir, there is a good chance that not even the athleticism and field generalship of the Negro QB would be enough to counterbalance the ineptitude, poor motivation, and insatiable appetite of the Weis.

John said...

Crackers vs. Honkies, for all the wonder bread.

hakmacpace said...

Well put Brother. With the injustice that Racist University did to Brother Tyrone, this fat toad needs to get the fuck out.

Brother Jerome

Wooderson said...

Brother Jerome,

Your Brother Tyrone pulled the wool over everyone's eyes (from the middle of the 12th fairway) and as a result he's collecting a lot of paychecks for it. This season is pretty much his fault (7 seniors? Really? Ouch) and yet he continues to accept money to drive a once proud program into the ground. Why don't you go ask the Washington Huskies how awesoem Brother Tyrone is at coaching football.

Keven said...

"This season is pretty much his fault (7 seniors? Really? Ouch)"

How many have transferred or quit since Fat Chuckie took over?

You sound like a ND fan. And if so, you were more than happy with what TY's recruits while they were going to BCS bowls under Weis, weren't you?

Weis had two years to address any shortcoming that existed. He didn't.

You Golden Domers can blame Ty all you want.

One thing is certain. If the recruits Weis brought in the past 2 years are so amazing, there is NO excuse for losing to the service academies. NONE.

The talent disparity (if Weis did in fact bring in talent) would be overwhelming.

So, either the talent isn't what you have been led to believe.

Or Weis can't manage it.

Either way.

This is WEIS' mess. Not Ty's.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Good people,

The very fact that ND still brings up Ty at all is resounding indication that they recognize that their program is at the precipice of irrelevence.

It is a clear sign the ND is incapable of organizing, regrouping and being successful.

Good programs. Real programs. Programs with integrity, accept responsibility and move forward. They don't blame people they chase away.

Perhaps the Irish would be well served to look south. To Chapel Hill.

North Carolina's Butch Davis is fielding one of the youngest teams in the Nation. 23 frosh/redshirt frosh have seen action. That is ridiculous. Yet, you don't hear so much as one voice from Kenan Field House bringing up the dissaray and habitually lackluster recruitment of John Bunting. All you hear is Butch Davis saying that his team is working hard and learning. That this is a challenge and that he is up for it.

And, while the Tar Heels aren't lighting the world on fire, they have been competitive in almost all their games and have won 3.

ND can't say as much.

So, we suggest that Charlie Weis and the powers that be in South Bend cast their eyes to the "Southern Part of Heaven" and take a lesson about how to rebuild with class.

And, also remember. Davis is just ONE year removed from Bunting. Weis has had almost 3 years to correc the deficiencies that a genius like himself surely would have anticipated.

Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

ND hired the wrong fat guy!

they shoulda got Mangino!!

Greeney said...

Weis to ND....hard times.

Crennell to Browns...some improvement, but nothing spectacular.

Mangini to Jets....hard times.

Belichik still with Pats...unbeaten

It's hysterical. All these guys got payed big bucks, and were given all kinds of credit for the Pats success.

But the Pats are still successful.

The only real genius ever in NE was Bill.

ND, Cleveland and've all been had!

Andrew said...

What's an ESPN guy doing here?