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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vick Prosecutor Re-Elected

Hearty congratulations go out to Surry County, Va. prosecutor Gerald Poindexter, who won re-election on Tuesday.

Poindexter parlayed the notoriety and constant mention in the Vick case into a hard fought 1,657 votes to 1,173 votes victory over a WRITE IN candidate.

One wonders if Mr. Poindexter would have been able to win without the help of the constant media coverage during his dogged (pun intended) investigation and prosecution of Mr. Vick.

Certainly, winning 58% of the vote against a WRITE IN candidate is an indication that Mr. Poindexter's bread was buttered through his rabid (pun intended) pursuit of Mr. Vick.

Anyway, we admire Mr. Poindexter's dedication to employment and using any means necessary to secure his position.

Well done, Barrister.


Foxxy Brown said...

apparently 1,173 citizens were barking up the wrong tree.

welcome back sirs. i anxiously await this week's NC&QB rankings

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"welcome back sirs. i anxiously await this week's NC&QB rankings"

Ma'am, your elation with the #1 will certainly continue...Ohio St.'s impending eventual fall will lead to a second straight year of the NC&QB #'s 1&2 meeting in the BCS title game.