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Thursday, November 29, 2007

West Virginia: Motoring Along

West Virginia had the good fortune to suffer their lone loss early enough in the season to give them time to build back their ranking. And now, a Backyard Brawl victory over Pitt will give the 'Eers the chance to play for it all.

At the start of the season, WVU's offense was considered good enough to win it all. Anchored by tremendously talented field general, Pat White, there was also the threat of the magnificently quick Steve Slaton. As the season has progressed, it's become clear that the motor behind the 'Eers rebound from the USF loss has been White. White has carried the load and come up with big plays at exactly the required moments.

Stats don't begin to tell the story of Pat White.

All season, the universally agreed upon weakness for WVU has been the D. Just adequate, it has been considered the potential Achilles heel for the boys from Morgantown. And, it has been a liability. No doubt.

Yet, White leads the Mountaineers higher and higher. Despite the weak defense. And despite Slaton's production falling off a bit this season.

Certainly, it seems crazy at this juncture to suggest that anyone would be higher up the list in line for the Heisman. Breathtaking big play ability? Check. Carrying the team on his back? Check. Working with a less than stout defense? Check. Impressive stats? Check.

It all checks out.

Yet, as the season winds down the media is saying Tim Tebow is the man.

How can this be?

We can only identify one reason.

The touchdowns.

Everything else tips in White's favor.

Tebow worshippers say that he wasn't responsible for the 3 losses, that he played well enough to win those games. The defense let him down.

We say, WVU's defense is just as porous as UF's. Yet the only game WVU lost was the one White was knocked out of!

Obviously, there is no argument -well, we'd listen to Oregon after watching them fall apart when they lost Dixon - that White is the Most Valuable Player in the land. And we know that the Heisman is for the 'best' player in the land.

How can it be that a man that has carried a team fielding an under average defense to the threshold of the title game, and is obviously the most valuable player to his team in the country, is not the best player in the country?

Gator fans love to throw the SEC into the equation. Trying to use smoke and mirrors to somehow maintain that Tebow has worked his considerable magic against the toughest conference in the country.

We wonder if a conference in which Kentucky and Mississippi State were actually factors is truly the toughest in the land. We wonder if a conference in which Vanderbilt is able to at least be somewhat competitive is as stout as the Deep South would have us believe.

The Big East has been as sound a conference as anyone. The only knock is that several of the teams are new to the game of big time football. Heck, USF walked into the heart of SEC country, spanked Auburn, and came home wondering what the big deal was.

So, obviously the media is mesmerized by the 20/20 TD mark accumulated by Tebow.

Interestingly enough, TD's don't usually play such a large role in Heisman voting.

Clearly, there must be another major factor.

We wish the media would take a moment to truly look at the WVU QB's body of work. If they did, they would come away saying out loud what they really feel:



Brendan said...

i believe that tebow is a legitimate candidate based on his performance, not simply because he is white. that said, he shouldn't win. if west virginia and missouri reach the title game the i don't see how the two finalists aren't white and daniel. of the two, clearly pat white does more for his team and would deserve the heisman. if both stumble, however, i think the trophy should go to the overall best player in the country, darren mcfadden. that kid could play QB on a large number of teams in the country.

Nathan said...

As a USF fan and alum, I have to say that the key to beating WVU is beating the living fuck out of White, his recievers and Slaton. They are the team, plain and simple.

Five Pound Bag said...

Sir, Sen. Robert Byrd agrees with your endorsement of WHITE POWER and your Heisman pick. He will be first in line for the cross... er, couch burning!

O'Brien Pundit said...

Tim Tebow is the quarterback of the future, so hurry up and give the man the Davey O'Brien Award. I'm tired of all the debating.

Malcom Hex said...

"As a USF fan and alum"

homey, usf is trying to build a program and reputation. they are trying to get away from being perceived as a big commuter school.

letting the world know you ig'nant a$$ went there aint a help

lgf said...

"We can only identify one reason.

The touchdowns."

Oh yea. The touchdowns. We haven't seen this before. But if White tied, or even surpassed Tebow in touchdowns, the excuse would be "White's good, but hes a run first qb, he needs to stay in the pocket and 'trust' his receivers, his passes aren't as 'sharp' or 'leinart-like', et al." NOIS has it right. The man LOST 3 GAMES HE PLAYED IN. Look, Tebow is good, but White has, and is playing better, and his record doesn't have 3 L's.

Two Dogs said...

Never in history has the Heisman been given to sophomore. Can anyone say that Tebow is the best player EVER? Because if he gets it, that's what you're saying.

AND he's white. Everryone knows that Blacks are better at sports.

Anarchist Accountant said...

"All season, the universally agreed upon weakness for WVU has been the D. Just adequate, it has been considered the potential Achilles heel for the boys from Morgantown. And, it has been a liability. No doubt."

Two things I agree with you about...Pat White is a great QB and should be considered for the Heisman, although Jarrett Brown may be a better in the passing game, but with the backs WVU has passing is not a priority.

The second thing I agree with is that the main reason Tebow is being hyped so much is because he is the white hero of the old rednecks in Florida. I hate the race argument, but here it is so obvious it cannot be ignored.

However, one other thing about Pat White...nice try disparaging the WVU defense to hype White (similar to some of the arguments hyping Tebow)...facts, as they say, sometimes get in the way of a good spin...

WVU 2006 - 282 pts / 21.7 ppg
WVU 2007 - 194 pts / 17.6 ppg

WVU 2006 - 324.2 ypg
WVU 2007 - 298.0 ypg

The numbers above suggest that WVU's defense this year was actually the difference over the prior year. And being from a Big East rival (S. Florida)and seeing them play, the Mountaineer defense was significantly better this season.

Perhaps if you want to hype a player with ridiculous stats, try either George Selvie of USF or Michael Crabtree of TTech, both of whom have had monster years that make Tim Tebow look like just a good QB with a great supporting cast...

If you really want to hype leadership at QB, the two obvious choices are Chase Daniel, or if you discount his injury, Dennis Dixon...

Nathan said...

Malcom Hex, funny.

Critics kick Ass!!!!

Malcom Hex said...

"Critics kick Ass!!!!"

not really...usually, you are here as a critic.

and you ain't good .

powerandglory said...

No White QB is better than a Black QB. It is racist to think to think otherwise. Men of African blood have have 400 years of slavery, and 10,000 years of survival in the Congo to breed the finest physical machines the planet has ever seen. Black men are built for POWER

Dave the Wave said...

"Black men are built for POWER"

you sound aroused by this assertion.


mbros612 said...

"No White QB is better than a Black QB. It is racist to think to think otherwise"

Wow. If that isn't a blanket statement I don't know what is.

I am not implying the reverse of your stupid comment but perhaps you should wait until the black QB makes his presence felt a little more among the NFL's elite QB's before you come out with trash like that.

Gern said...

I didn't know that the Mountaineer was a type of chicken until I saw them lay that gigantic egg last night. How's that heisman looking now?

WindRider95 said...

Pat White stunk up the joint last did Chase Daniel. Colt Brennan though, 42 of 50, 442 yards and 5 TD passes as Hawai'i defeated Washington to finish the season undefeated. Not too shabby.