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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Return of the Mack: McNabb regains old form

The stat line read 361 yards, three touchdowns and a 131.0 passer rating.


More impressive, the confidence. Not only the self-confidence, but the confidence the troops had in their leader.

The field General is back.

Since losing the Super Bowl, Donovan McNabb has suffered through numerous injuries. Knee. Abdominal. Back (at the hands of the knife inserting Terrell Owens).

He has also suffered through a malicious media assault on his ability and his character. Rarely given the benefit of the doubt that he could return to the form that lead to multiple Pro Bowls and 4 straight NFC title games. The media seemed t0 rejoice as McNabb slid down the slope of the NFL quarterback mountain.

Now he is healthy.

Now he is at peace.

Now he is the most dangerous QB in the NFL.

Clearly, reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. And, probably purposely.

Unlike the great Daunte Culpepper, who bought into the media's psychological warfare, McNabb never believed that he could not return to top form. Try as the media might to sabotage McNabb's confidence and swagger, he fought through.

And, now, he is reaping the benefits of his own personal stamina.

The thorough dismantling of the Rams --who might not be Super Bowl contenders, but most certainly are the #2 football team in the state of Missouri-- showed just how far McNabb has come.

Despite having his top 2 receivers out of action, he was able to mount an aerial assault that McNabb fans will be talking about all week.

With the fall of Tom Brady, the only thing standing between McNabb and the MVP award are 15 more games.

Many of which will be against NFL caliber teams.


Avonte Mixon said...

I know that the Rams aren't much of a test, but McNabb did look pretty darn good!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Preach on! McNabb is BACK!!!!

Foxxy Brown said...

I h8 Donovan !!1!

/Vince Young

Mr Telefone Man said...

Please, a highschooler coulda thrown for 3 bills on the Rams!

Mr Telefone Man said...

"I h8 Donovan !!1!

/Vince Young"

Awww....Vince, you sound like you are hurting inside!

Foxxy Brown said...

"Awww....Vince, you sound like you are hurting inside!"

Donovan's mom makes better soup toooooooo :-(