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Monday, September 29, 2008

NC&QB Rankings: A Wild Week At The Top

Another exciting week of college football and a few upsets certainly changed the landscape of the most accurate ranking system in the Nation.

The most exciting game of the week was North Carolina against Miami. In a back and forth battle that came down to the wire, the Tar Heels were able to hold on for the victory; upping their record to 3-1. Randy Shannon's squad played a good game, but Butch Davis has the 'Heels on the upward swing.

Dropping from the poll was ECU.

10 Oregon State: Talented and resilient non-caucasian QB Lyle Moevao provided the cool and calm to lead the Beavers in what is becoming and annual tradition: a home win over USC.

9 Arizona: Polynesian Sensation Willie Tuitama and his troops had the week to rest up for a big PAC 10 showdown with Ty Willingham.

8 Ohio State: Terrelle Pryor continues to impress, while the rest of Tressel's Bucks continue to look lackluster. Pryor ran for two scores and threw for two as well. Any hopes the Bucks have of winning the Big 10 rest squarely on the arm and legs of Pryor. A late October meeting with #2 Penn State will most likely settle the Big 10. Unless, Juice Williams can get Illinois going again.

7 Georgia Tech: A week off to rest up for resurgent Duke.

6- Illinois: Some will question this high ranking after a loss to Penn State. What can't be questioned is that Juice Williams has proven he is the prototype N-QB; and that alone makes Illinois a danger to win every time they step on the field.

5- Ball State: The Ballers continue their quest for perfection. With the meat of their schedule behind them (and having gone undefeated against the Big 10), look for the Cards to run roughshod over the slew of directional schools remaining on the schedule. The only thing standing between BSU and crashing the the possibility of the computer rankings robbing them of a shot. Hard to believe we live in a country that is on the verge of electing a Negro president; yet we generate computer rankings that won't reward a talented Negro QB. Yes, we can change!

4- USC: What can one say? Clearly, Pete Carroll lost his focus and didn't have his troops ready. Non-white QB Matt Sanchez did all he could; unfortunately Carroll's shortcomings cost the team a shot at the big prize

3- VA Tech: The Hokies have quietly climbed back towards the top after that opening loss to ECU. And, they have done it over near top-notch competition: GA Tech, UNC and Nebraska. UNC and Nebraska on the road. Frank Beamer has to be kicking himself for starting the year off with Tyrod Taylor as a redshirt. If only.....

2- Penn State: While Joe Paterno takes afternoon naps and subsists on Geritol; N-QB Darryl Clark has the Lions in the hunt for the glass football. We just hope no one wakes Paterno up at this point.

1- Oklahoma: After taking down a strong TCU squad, Sam Bradford and the Sooners can write their own destiny. If the Native QB can stay healthy and allow Mike Stoops to not have to resort to bringing in an Anglo QB....these Sooners can win the national title. If they go undefeated.


Dave the Wave said...

the pac 10 is the worst BC conference, and you have 3 of the teams in your top 10?

Foxxy Brown said...


just "Duke," sir? is this a kinder, gentler you?

Eric said...

This "blog" is a joke. First and only time I will be here.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"This "blog" is a joke. First and only time I will be here."

Sir, you are making the correct choice.

For some individuals, truth is an unbearable reality.

Better that you not return and be confronted with reality.

Who knows what might happen to you.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"just "Duke," sir? is this a kinder, gentler you?"


It is not yet hoops season.

Duke football ain't all that evil.

It's just bad.