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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NC&QB Rankings: Steady at the Top

Not much change at the Top our National rankings this week.

However, in the second half of the list, Arizona and Oregon State fell out due to the rise of Cincinnati and Vanderbilt.

10: Cincinnati: With the falls of USF and Connecticut this week, we project the Bearcats to be the newest Beasts of the Big East. A big time win over tradition rich Marshall vaulted the 'Cats into the Top 10.

9: Ohio State: The Buckeyes toughed out a win at Wisconsin. Despite continuing to win, the Buckeyes, except for Terrelle Pryor, just have not been overly impressive.

8: Georgia Tech: The Jackets dropped a spot, despite shutting out Duke. Only scoring 27 on the Blue White Devils just doesn't cut it in this poll.

7: Vanderbilt: The Commodores make their first ever appearance in the rankings. A hard fought win over Auburn delivered them into the top 10. However, the rest of the season probably hinges on the health of tremendous Negro QB Chris Nickson.

6: Illinois: As we stated last week; Juice Williams is the prototypical Negro QB and therefore the Fighting Zook's are a threat to win every game they play. Williams rang up 431 total yards as the Illini smoked Meechigan in the Big House.

5: Ball State: If the Cards had a white QB, you could bet that they would be being hailed as the biggest threat to be BCS busters. But, that notoriety goes to the team from the pearly white BYU campus. Nate Davis and crew crushed always game Toledo, 31-0.

4: USC: Big rebound blowout win over Oregon. And huge day for non-white Mark Sanchez. Look for the Trojans to drub Arizona State this week as they claw their way back to the top.

3- Virginia Tech: Hokies beat Western Kentucky, but lost running back Kenny Lewis, Jr. However, Negro QB Tyrod Taylor remains healthy, and that spells trouble this week for Boston College.

2- Penn State: Joe Paterno continues to coach from the booth. And the Lions continue to win. There has to be a correlation there. The speedy, accurate and savvy Darryl Clark will be challenged by a physical Wisconsin team this week.

1- Oklahoma: A blowout tune-up win over Baylor primes the Sam Bradford led Sooners as they prepare for the Red River Rivalry against Texas. Interestingly enough, Texas coach Mack Brown won his only National Championship due to the incredible abilities of a non-white QB. Look for OU to win this.


RighteousReasoner said...

Damn racist judges hand the victory to palefaced Klitschko again, in a last ditch attempt to keep the last white hope in the sport of boxing alive. In a bout clearly dominated by Peter, we see once again that the white devils will stop at nothing in their attempts to keep The Superior Negro from any form of success, in their futile attempts to stop the imminent complete domination of the boxing world by The Original Man.

RighteousReasoner said...


The New York Jets have made up at least partially for the travesty of signing Brett Favre by signing partially melanin rich punter Reggie Hodges. Change is a-coming, sirs. White RB's used to roam the field in packs...YES, We CAN change!!