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Thursday, October 2, 2008

MMA: Future Rests On Kimbo?

According to Yahoo Sports columnist, Dan Wetzel, the future of MMA may rest on the broad shoulders of Kimbo Slice. Not to mention, the future of the EliteXC organization.

Well, other than the very existence of the promotion he fights for – the struggling EliteXC. Not to mention the short-term future of mixed martial arts on broadcast television, since CBS could pull the plug.

Wetzel goes on to speculate that a Slice loss would be the end of his drawing power, and the end of EliteXC.

While it’s unlikely EliteXC, or any other league, can ever mount a serious challenge to the UFC’s immense popularity and market share, the possibility is non-existent if Kimbo loses.

The hopes and dreams of investors are pinned on the lovable street urchin from Miami.

Slice was plucked from the realm of backyard brawls and parking lot scrapes. His notoriety was gained through a marketing scheme based on YouTube exposure and personality for days.

EliteXC came along and saw not just a magnetic and charismatic Negro male; but dollar signs. Cha-ching!

Deep in debt, the organization formulated a plan to exploit the following that Slice had built himself through his gorilla marketing campaign on YouTube.

And now, unable to sign or find any white fighters who can draw like Slice can, the company and the mainstream media are already preparing to blame Slice should the endeavor fail.

The trouble is, if Kimbo were to lose Saturday, there may not be a company on Monday – the promise of future ratings and pay-per-view buys gone if his famed ferocity is debunked.

Kimbo slice has taken on an untenable situation. The entire future of MMA on broadcast television rests in the power of his punches. As does the future of his employers.

Much has been made that Slice has fought 'has beens' and 'never was's'. That his skills and mastery of the various martial arts lack the technical maturity and precision of top notch fighters.

Even his vaunted punching power – fearsome in boat yards and back alleys – isn’t much by big-time MMA standards.

Then, why pin all hopes on Slice? Why put forth Slice as the deliverer to the promised land?

It's simple.

Slice is to EliteXC as Barack Obama is to the Presidential election.

Inexperienced and untested. And an easy mark when things go bad.

And, their situations are virtual mirror images. Thrust into virtually unwinable situations. If Obama wins, the country is in such disarray, that he can't be successful. Eventually, as ALL MMA fighters do, Slice will lose.

And, as Negro males, they will both be tarred and feathered and then lynched by the media. As if they CHOSE this destiny of forced failure.

Obama didn't choose to have the media draft him as the savior of this nation. Watch how the media turns after he wins and the white robber barons of Wall Street and bitter white Republicans on the Hill ensure that our economy sinks to new lows in an effort to cement an American future in which a Negro is never given the chance to so much as seriously run for President again.

And watch the great fighter, Slice, ride away into 'bolivian' after he is finally vanquished in the cage.

Both replete in the knowledge that they gave it their best.

Obama, secure in the cash from all the books you bought.

And, Slice. Secure in the cash he got from his Nike endorsements.

And the government and EliteXC bankrupt.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.



ZEKE said...

"gorilla marketing"

that is the PERFECT description of any marketing of Kimbo!!!!

Tony Nazzal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

shamrock is now officially a tomato can.

Anarchist Accountant said...

Guess we can officially leave MMA to the REAL athletes and fighters now.

The glorified thug has been exposed for the fraud he is.

Malcom Hex said...

"Guess we can officially leave MMA to the REAL athletes and fighters now"


Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson!

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

"The glorified thug has been exposed for the fraud he is."

'Glorified' by the white guys trying to make money off him. You left that out, Racist Accountant.

Anarchist Accountant said...

malcolm, now you are right on. Two guys who are the future of MMA.

Would love to see Mo Lawal join them as well...

Racist Al,

I left it out because it was irrelevant.

Anarchist Accountant said...

"'Glorified' by the white guys trying to make money off him."

Do you mean like Business Manager Morton Weinberg, Al??

Avonte Mixon said...

"I left it out because it was irrelevant."

dude, if you think the white guys behind the exploition of black athletes is irrelevant, your racism is way more than just skin deep.

RighteousReasoner said...

"your racism is way more than just skin deep"

We couldn't have said it better Ourselves, Sir.

Greeney said...

"We couldn't have said it better Ourselves, Sir."

why do you always post pretending you are a writer of the blog?

RighteousReasoner said...


I'm the Righteous Reasoner here, not you. Got that?

Run along now, little honkey.