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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Duke Lacrosse Case: New Expose

It seems like yesterday that we witnessed Rev. Jesse Jackson put his belief and hope in the American legal system. Believing the system would work, he carefully called for the court of public opinion's conviction of the members of the Duke lacrosse team.

Unfortunately, the system failed, and ended up providing the opportunity for Rev. Jackson's detractors to assault his character and demand an apology for his deeming the lacrosse boys 'guilty'.

Interestingly enough, no one asked Jackson to apologize for putting his hope and trust in the legal system; fully knowing that a young, Negro single mother was but cannon fodder for the legion of lawyers commanded by the Duke families. No, not one derogatory remark against him for believing in the courts.

You now ask, why bring up the Duke case?

Well, a book is nearing release that will shed a new light on what happened that fateful night in Duketory.

A true expose with an insider's revelations of the events.

Now, obviously, since the high priced, high paid defense attorneys were able to work their litigatory magic and get the boys an acquittal: none of the relevant details of this book will really matter.

"The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story" is a book that needs to be read. A book that should not be silenced.

Unfortunately, the same monopoly of justice deprivation that strong armed the acquittal of the lacrosse boys is now actively trying to suppress the author's Constitutional rights to get the story out.

"For 2½ years, this woman has attempted to destroy Reade's life," Cooney (a lawyer) said. "We aim to put a stop to it."

Certainly, the books co-author and publisher has a different take.

Vincent Clark, co-author and publisher of the book, said repeatedly "the case is closed" and Mangum accepts the conclusions of state prosecutors.

How this constitutes an attempt to destroy some one's life is not clear. In fact, the young lady went even further in her reasons to go forward with participating in the expose.

"At this point, it doesn't really matter," she said. "What matters is for people to know my account of what happened and for all of us to learn from it."

To learn from it!

She freely accepts that the boys were found to not have committed the crime that took place in their home, while they were there. She doesn't say she disagrees with the courts ruling, or make any claims the boys are guilty.

All she wants to do is make it clear that she was raped. That a crime was committed against her. And that a single, Negro female dancer can't beat the system.

That's all.

Yet, the lawyers for the boys who already ensured their freedom are now trying to take away Magnum's freedom of speech.

Talks of a law suit seeking compensation are in the works.

This is a tragic turn of events, as it would seem the boys are seeking to gain a profit from a crime they supposedly didn't commit.

And, at the same time, suppress Magnum's truthy account of what happened that night.

All in all, the entire situation seems wholly unfair.

The lacrosse boys got off. And, we believe, the laws evoking Double Jeopardy preclude them from being brought to trial again.

What harm can a book revealing what really took place that night do to the boys?

Especially since they are already known as the white bread versions of OJ Simpson.


Anonymous said...

Crystal Magnum and Vincent Clark: this generation's Malcolm X and Alex Haley?

Tripod said...

the truth shall set you free!

or, maybe she is just trying to turn a buck off this crap?

lgf said...

Here, we allow nature to take its course. The white boys get off thus avoiding life, however, the trust they put in their stocks betrays them causing them to take their own life.

Circle of life, Sir. said...

Hello there!

I am glad that the rape survivor is telling her story... the media tried to discredit her for coming forward to report that she was gang raped...the police tried to discredit her by saying her details were "INCONSISTENT" since she was unable to give the first name of each person who raped her in the correct order of penetration...yessss! She deserves to have her story made public.

The media said she was just a whore and not even a dancer....AND IF ...that means these white boys hired a whore for the night and so WHAT were their true intentions of gathering a group of guys together, plying everyone with alcohol and calling over a black whore for the night...a term paper??

Crystal wasn't a whore she was a dancer. She wasn't coming there for sex...she had on a costume and so did the other lady who was hired.

Even IF a person who charges for sex gets is still a crime if she did not consent!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

erg89 said...

I guess it doesn't matter that DNA tests didn't match, the overzealous DA abused his position resulting in his firing, and that the witness was proved to be unreliable? There's no excuse for the players' bad behavior. They used racial slurs against the stripper. But they didn't rape her. They did enough wrong, there's no need to falsely accuse them of something they didn't do. I'm sure that you have no doubt that Kobe is innocent (I too believe he is) without a doubt, simply because he is black and the woman he supposedly raped is white. See these situations as what they are, although I suppose it's hard to do, being as racist as you are.