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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gene Wojciechowski: ESPN's Resident Spin Doctor

Certainly, this blog attracts more insightful and knowledge thirsty readers from around the Nation than, say, So, we fully expect that when we mention the name Gene Wojciechowski, most readers will ask, 'Wojawhatski ?'

As our readers will agree, the Nation can rarely be accused of judging a book by its cover; or in this case, a writer by his name. However, we must make an exception. Gene is a Gene. His first name perfectly captures his writing stylistics. Bland, uneventful, boring. And, his last name, with no discernible pronunciation, perfectly depicts his point of view.

Recent submissions from Gene include a combination romantic love letter to Brett Favre/bandwagon driving advertisement elevating the Jets to elite status after beating the Titans. Of course, everything crashed down a week later. But hey, what 'columnist' doesn't get caught up in the chance to hyperbolize a players performance and punch a teams Super Bowl tickets every now and again (with a whole lot of again)?

Last week Gene took a unique point of view regarding Notre Dame, Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham.

Gene was able to find a cozy spot aboard the ever expanding bandwagon that ND made a huge error in giving Weis that huge extension just roughly halfway into his first season. Nothing unique there.

What is unique is that Gene uses Tyrone's firing after just three seasons to try to argue for ND to retain Weis.

Willingham's tenure was the shortest of any non-interim Notre Dame football coach in the previous 70 years (George O'Leary never coached a game). It was a mistake to fire him then, just as it would be a mistake to fire Weis now.

He argued that ND's usual 5 year commitment to a coach was part of what made the Gold Dome different than other programs. That firing Willingham was something that made ND just like everywhere else.

Notre Dame lost its football DNA and its inner self when it dismissed Willingham four years ago. It compromised a belief. But it's not too late to go retro.

It's not too late to go 'retro'. No indeed.

Retro: short for retrospective. Meaning: involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past.

You know, things past. Like firing a Negro for 'poor performance', and then letting a white guy who drops it even lower keep the job.

Clearly, Gene longs for the past.

If only ESPN would put him in theirs.


Big Man said...

Well done.

Very well done.

Some folks are always longing for the good old days.

Dave the Wave said...

dumbass. gene SAID that it was wrong to fire Ty. He isn't arguing that it was ok to fire Ty and NOT Weis.

Henry the 8th said...

dave, NOIS never said that the ESPN writer said it was ok to fire Ty. NOIS said that if you are gonna fire Ty for his won-loss record, you have to fire Weis also. Regardless of tradition. Firing Ty set a new precedent.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

The question, then, is did Gene write an article about how firing Ty was wrong, due to ND's (racist) tradition, when it happened? I'm obviously too lazy (or just have no interest in going over Wojciechowski articles from the past) to look this up, but my guess would be no. Too little too late, Gene.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


This is what Gene said after last season...when folks were comparing the 3 year records of Weis and Ty

"When [Tyrone] Willingham finished 6-5 in his third year (by the way, he beat eighth-ranked Michigan, ninth-ranked Tennessee, Michigan State and Navy), [Notre Dame President Rev. John] Jenkins called for the punt formation. It is that glaring difference in treatment that legitimizes questions asking whether Willingham’s firing was racially motivated. If nothing else, it keeps alive the perception that racial undertones were at work."

And, this is why we feel that Gene is such a bland writer. Without a discernable point of view.

He can't even come out and say what he wants. Clearly, he believes race was involved. But he painstakingly frames it in such a way as to avoid the accusation. 'Legitimizes questions' and 'keeps alive the perception' are such pansy ass phrases.

Malcom Hex said...

Actully, Woj wrote almost the exact same column last year, around this time.

Anonymous said...

One important point worth mentioning is that Tyrone Willingham appears to be a shitty football coach beyond comparison. Poor UW.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"One important point worth mentioning is that Tyrone Willingham appears to be a shitty football coach beyond comparison. Poor UW."

Sir, blaming Ty for UDub's horrendous performance seems a bit racist.

Ty prepares the kids to play.

The kids are the ones that suit up and play.

Blame them.

Especially the white ones.