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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret: The Real Info 'They' Don't Want You To Know

Been awhile since we visited the orbit of planet Jason Whitlock over on

His latest delivery to his readers was a piece detailing the great story of the success of his alma mater's football team. Ball State, led by Negro QB Nate Davis, put together an undefeated regular season; and yet the mainstream media (particularly ESPN) has been loathe to bathe the Cardinals in the BCS-buster glory that some of the teams out West have received in their quests to crash the party of the deep pockets. And, the MSM (ESPN) has been just as delinquent in allowing Nate Davis the opportunity to showcase his worthy inclusion in any and all Heisman discussions.

Whitlock goes on to outline the dubious intentions of a media controlled by the same company that has a vested interest in drumming up viewers for the games it carries on its own networks.

ESPN is so financially tied to the organizations it covers and so devoid of basic journalistic ethics that it cannot properly analyze the sports world. ESPN just bought the BCS television package. It has a vested interest in promoting all things BCS.

Certainly, a fair and honest assessment. It's business. And, mixing business and journalism categorically entails the probability of tainting the journalism. There is no possible way to argue that the accounting books don't hold sway over the reporters' note pads. No possible way to deny it.

Our only problem with Whitlock's interpretation of events is that he doesn't interject the clear racial undertones of the situation. For if he did, he might find that the MSM's (ESPN) handling of the situation really isn't all that big a deal. And, he might find the time to expose the dirtiest secret the MSM (ESPN) is hiding from you.

The BCS buster schools (Utah, Boise State, even TCU and BYU) this season --and recent seasons-- are from white America. They represent white America. They are milk toast. They are flour. They are eggshell. They are latte without the coffee.

Despite being a team led by a Negro QB, Ball State is Midwestern White as can be. Straight out of Hoosiers.

So, the notion that the MSM is short changing Ball State is a bit contrived. How can they be shortchanging Ball State when, in reality, there don't seem to be any inherent covert racial misdoings?

The fact of the matter, which is understandably lost on Ball State alums, is that no one cares.

Ball State plays the most inferior of competition that D-1 has to offer. Traditionally, it is the fourth best D-1 football program in a basketball state.

While we believe Nate Davis should at least get a passing mentioning in the Heisman debate, the reality of the situation is not one of a media actively aligning to dismiss the accomplishments of the Cardinals. But, rather, a media objectively shrugging its collective shoulders and saying: So what?

Unfortunately, while Whitlock was busy using his space on foxsports to complain about the world not caring about the outstanding accomplishment being carried out in Mediocre Land, he could have been telling you about something truly distressing being perpetrated by the MSM (ESPN) and their promotive interests in all things BCS.

Once the season reaches the point that the BCS poll kicks in, all we hear about are BCS rankings. As if the BCS is the only poll of substance in college football. Some will argue, that due to its inclusive nature, it is the only poll of substance.

We would argue that the BCS is not inclusive. That the BCS actively segregates certain polls from being part of their equation.

We would also argue that the BCS does this based on race. Thereby promoting a separate but equal ranking system.

And, what is worse, is that the MSM (ESPN) makes no attempt to propagate the separate poll.

Right now, most of you don't realize this, but Alabama is NOT the number one team in the country.

No, the number one team in the Nation is the Grambling State Tigers.

But, ESPN and the BCS don't want you to know that. They have put all their eggs in one basket and, by blacking out the polls to only show you the ones they want you to accept, they have effectively relegated the debate over who is number one to the select group of teams that they televise and promote.

The SBN Sportsnetwork Poll ranks Grambling the number one team in the Nation. Alabama isn't even in the top 10, yet the MSM (ESPN) chooses not to make you aware of this because it might interfere with the carefully cultivated public perception that the teams in the BCS rankings are the ones that matter and are the ones in contention for the mythical National Title.

Certainly, Ball State not getting much coverage or interest from ESPN is distressing. It might be symptomatic of the overlapping interests of business and journalism in general.

But, so what?

It provides no real opportunity to cast the dark light of racial inquisition.

We wonder if Whitlock would be so quick to mention Ball State if it were not his alma mater.

And, more importantly, we wonder why there was no attempt to point out that Nate Davis is a Negro QB.

Which brings us full circle:

In this case, who really needs to have their journalistic credentials re-evaluated?


Two Dogs said...

To push Grambling as the number one team in the country is wreckless at best. They still have to beat JSU in the championship game a week from Saturday. Granted, JSU has not been the perennial powerhouse that it was in earlier times, but Grambling's victory is NOT a given. But, damn, Trae Rutland is terrible.

Two Dogs said...

And on the Whitlock argument, I disagree with his choice of anything to do with Ball State, but he is correct that ESPN has been pushing Big 12 quarterbacks this year. Knowshon could have killed that argument if his team would have been better this year, though.

Malcom Hex said...

"To push Grambling as the number one team in the country is wreckless at best."

you are such a racist.

Two Dogs said...

We all are, Malcolm, even the brothers.

ZEKE said...

Ball State doesn't deserve it's name.

They chickened out of playing 12-0 Boise State in a bowl game.

A chance to get huge exposure and maybe take the team to a new level...and they flat out pussied out.

What a sham of an undefeated team.

They beat a whopping THREE teams with winning records and their marquee victory was over 3-9 Indiana.


Whitlock is a pure homer if he thinks NO Balls State deserves any media attention

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, but their QB is a Negro, which in and of itself merits the highest of acclaim and ought to result in an automatic bowl game.

Your comments just show your racism and reflect the ever present prejudice in white America.

For shame, Zeke. For shame.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog because you are such blatant racist but I like your radical critique and demonic tone. But seriously? I'm losing you here.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I'm losing you here."


Lest your opportunity for righteous salvation be lost, please expand on where you turned left and we turned right?