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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update: Been Too Long

We have been focusing our efforts on monitoring and helping provide a smooth transition towards freedom for the masses of the Nation.

As the outgoing regime packs its bags and watches its coffers begin to deplete due to a mass exodus of upper class and big business backing; your humble servants at NOIS have been delighted with Potentate-elect Obama's movement towards re-establishing the prosperity of the Clinton administration. Not only have many (all?) of the key players of those days of high cotton and full plates been restored to their rightful roles inside the beltway, but an even more delicious prospect of change looms on the dark horizon.

Obama promised us change that we could believe in, and what better change than resurrecting the good fortunes of the Clinton Era? The appointment of Hillary to Secretary of State should certainly bring back the international good will and respect that Bush so predictably mismanaged. And, the appointment of Hillary could provide the most delicious aspect of the entire Obama administration:

The return of Bill.

Hillary's vacated seat will allow for an appointee to serve the remainder of her term. Who better to represent the good people of New York than William Jefferson Clinton?

Imagine! Hillary in full control of the Nation's foreign affairs, while at the same time Bill becomes a heavy hitter in the Senate...leading the domestic agenda!

Ahhh....change. How glorious!

In keeping with the theme of change, we were caught off guard by the abrupt resignation of Mississippi State's Negro Head Football Coach, Sylvester Croom.

Croom was a virtual miracle worker in Starkville. Given the reigns to a public university in a state in which the education system is measured on the Richter Scale, to be able to field a team at all was an accomplishment. And, to be able to recruit student-athletes from outside the borders of the traditional slave state was a coup as well.

Croom's critics will point to his won-loss record and decry the altitude of the number in the won column. Certainly, if Mississippi State were a 'normalized' university in a 'normalized' state, referencing Croom's winning percentage when evaluating the performance of his program would be fair. But, as the descriptive name of the university tells us, Mississippi State is the land grant university of the State of Mississippi.

The prospects of a Negro Head Coach, who runs a clean program in the State of Mississippi, certainly cannot be compared fairly to....say, a former MSU white head coach who trampled NCAA rules as if they were a Negro at the white folks drinking fountain.

So, so much for the experiment of change in the State of Mississippi. So much for giving the Negro Coach the leeway necessary to make the changes needed to win. So much for understanding that it takes time to change. That winning is a culture, and culture can't be changed in....oh, let's say 4 years.

It's back to the status quo.

Maybe if Croom understood that from day one, maybe he would have surrounded himself with the old guard. Maybe he would have protected himself.

And maybe we could have called that change.


Big Man said...

Interesting point of view.

I've argued that you don't have to change the people around you to change the things you do.

You just do different things.

Henry the 8th said...

big man, there is merit in that argument.

however, sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

i'd be a bit more happy if there was more of a mix of old and new.

Belmont Times said...

your comments are shortsided, uninformed, ignorant, hipocritical, and just plain nuts. Mississippi State is just one of four schools out of 119 that put their future in the hands of a black man. And they gave him the same respect that they would give any other coach and held him to a lower standard than other coaches would have. Sly's offense finished out of the top 100 5 years in a row. No where else and no other coach could get away with that. We lost to a mid-level conference team for the third time. We got blew out by a ACC team, and humilated by our arch-rival. To cast stones at Mississippi State is nothing more than a cheap shot because you are too lazy to make an intelligent arguement. Case in point: Who did Tennesse hire? Who did Michigan hire? Who did West Virginia hire? Who did Florida hire? Who did Utah hire? Who did Alabama hire? Who is Notre Dame going to hire? (hint: He won't be black) Tennessee didn't even look at a black coach.
Your disgusting lack of courage is on display for everyone to see. Why not say, "The folks at MSU showed courage in giving a great man chance to lead their program. Now it's time for some other folks to step up and do the same". I guess it would be to much to ask for some honesty and truth to come through. I guess it is easier to kick the same ole dog than to stand up to the "big boys".

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Belmont Times"


One of the best examples we can think of, of a school that fancies itself a 'football school' but really isn' Clemson. For some reason the rubes of South Carolina believe that the Tigers are an elite football program.

Seems some of the rubes in the old Magnolia state are making the same mistake.

Your ramblings, rants and incoherent complaints about the incompetence of your offense and horrid play of your team remind us to remind you:

While you might like to blame Coach Croom for the state of your football should really blame your state.

It isn't Croom's fault you are terrible.

After all, you are MISSISSIPPI STATE.

What else do you expect?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Mr. Times,



Handing over one of the worst (academic, facilities, talent, support...etc) programs in the country to a Negro coach took courage?


How brave the sons of the Confederacy! How brave!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Who did Tennesse hire? Who did Michigan hire? Who did West Virginia hire? Who did Florida hire? Who did Utah hire? Who did Alabama hire? Who is Notre Dame going to hire?"



You are going to lump the land grant university of the state of Mississippi in with Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. Traditional powers. And lump it in with recently successful WVU and Utah?


Oh my.

MSU barely plays the same sport as those teams.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"To cast stones at Mississippi State is nothing more than a cheap shot because you are too lazy to make an intelligent arguement. "


We agree with half your statement.

It is cheap shot.

And we are lazy.

But only because throwing stones at MSU is too easy.

If they made us work for it, we'd appreciate it more.

RighteousReasoner said...


No post regarding the injustices levied against Revered Negro QB Donovan McNabb, who had his comments regarding overtimes in the NFL twisted completely out of context by the honkey media and was thrown under the bus by his pasty coach and Philly ownership?

And, moreover, no post about the eerily Vick-esque and blatantly racist treatment of the innocent Plaxico Burress, who continues to be demonized by ownership who, without reason, suspended him for the rest of the year, while palefaced Matt Jones continues to play (albeit while taking all the credit wholly from Righteous Negro QB David Garrad)??

Sirs...please assure me you have witnessed these injustices and plan to Righteously Reason them. I am too furious at The Man to do it myself.