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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Auburn Hire: Barkley Is Right

Much is being made about the hiring of football coach Gene Chizik by Auburn.

Chizik, who was a hot commodity a few years ago after helping Auburn to an undefeated season as their defensive coordinator and then helping Texas to the National Title in the same capacity, is not a choice that has the Auburn faithful enthralled. Certainly, this is due to his 5-19 record as the Head Coach of horrendous Iowa State.

Somehow, Chizik convinced the administration at Auburn that he is the right man for the job.

After interviewing a parade of candidates with head coaching credentials far superior to Chizik, Auburn chose 'the right man' for the job.

Perhaps most indignant were the supporters of Turner Gill. Gill took over a program even worse than Iowa State, and in three years turned Buffalo into conference champions. How could Auburn pass up a miracle worker for a guy who couldn't win in the Big 12 North?

Certainly, the color of Turner Gill's skin had to play a role.

This notion is substantiated by former Auburn basketball great, and Negro, Charles Barkley.

Barkley wasted no time in beating the righteous to the front of the line to point out that racism had to have been a deciding factor in the appointment of Chizik over Gill. How could it not be? The head coaching accomplishments of the men seemed to be diametrically oppositional.

Barkley took a step further. Reporting that in his personal conversation with Gill, Gill mentioned he believed that having a white wife would be a detriment to his getting the job.

Certainly, we couldn't agree more.

And, we are glad that both Barkley and Gill acknowledge that having a white wife could be a disqualifying proposition.

It makes it far easier to accept that Gill's choice of spouse was the determining factor in the job hunt.

Auburn fairly and justly interviewed Gill. They unbiasedly walked him through the process. And, based on perhaps the most important decision a man can make in his life; Auburn chose to go with someone else.

Rather than trust their historic football program to the judgment of a Negro who chose to yoke himself with the burden of the white devil's temptation; Auburn entrusted the program to a coach with one of the worst two year records in the country.

And we at NOIS couldn't agree more.

Gene Chizik is the right man for the job.

For, to trust the future of their program to a man who has thrown away his own future would be the real crime here.

While we believe that a much stronger Negro presence is necessary in the college head coaching ranks, we also believe a hearty thanks is due Auburn.

Thank you, Auburn, for giving a far inferior coach the chance to right your rapidly sinking ship. Even as while he is boarding your ship, his own is sinking.

Turner Gill must be held accountable for his choice of bride.

Hopefully Gill will take this as a learning experience and fully understand that such trivial things as winning conference titles after taking over teams which set record breaking losing streaks and beating 12-0 teams are simply the fluffy part of the resume/bio.

The part of the bio that matters most is the family picture.


Big Man said...

Funny post.
Did you read what Dwil had to say on this topic over at Sports on My Mind? Good stuff there as well.

This is such a blatant act of discrimination, yet it's not shocking. People were almost expecting it. That says something about the state of college football. But, as long as strong-backed Negro youths continue to be satsified toiling for pale-faced coaches, things won't change much.

Dave the Wave said...

"as long as strong-backed Negro youths continue to be satsified toiling for pale-faced coaches"

hey, big dummy, maybe those strong back jibaboo kids realize that those pale faced coaches are the ones that can TEACH them what they need to do to be successful.

Big Man said...


You think jigaboo athletes are successful in life?

Do you really? They might be better prepared to work for a better grade of slavemaster, but they are not better prepared for life.

HBCUs graduate more athletes than PWI. It's a well documented fact.

ZEKE said...


a degree from an hbcu is about the same as a GED. it's a well known fact.

Big Man said...


You are a silly boy.

But, I'm quite comfortable with my "GED."

I hope you enjoyed your college experience as much as I enjoyed mine, and I hope you're life after college has being as fulfilling as mine.

Otherwise you just sound salty that you couldn't get a "GED."

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RighteousReasoner said...


We do not associate with you honkies.

Please delete your unrighteous posting immediately.