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Friday, May 25, 2007

Prosecutor: Henry is "lowlife"

Well, a few days after trying to sabotage the future of Bengals' WR Chris Henry, Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson had some choice words about him.

"This is a lowlife not worth the attention," said Edmondson, who made the comments in an interview with David Wells, The Enquirer's editorial page editor.

Not worth the attention? Odd, it was the prosecutor's circulating the false rumor that Henry tested positive for drugs that CAUSED the attention. Now, it's not worth the attention?

Mind you, this prosecutor first said that Henry failed, then said that the results were inconclusive. He made these statements having no direct knowledge of the situation. And his office had no supervision over the probation of Henry.

Do you smell personal vendetta?

Edmondson, in turn, tried to blame Henry's attorney for the incident.

Edmondson said it all started Monday morning, when a Channel 12 reporter approached him and said Lotz (Henry's attorney) had "acted kind of hinky" when he was asked in passing how Henry was doing.
Edmondson then told the reporter that his office had received word the previous week that Henry had failed the two preliminary tests. "So I told him that the rumor around the courthouse was that he (Henry) had failed a drug test," Edmondson said.

Of course, the media circulated the story. And somehow, this shocked Edmondson.

"He's (Lotz) the one who actually set it up when he acted 'hinky,' " Edmondson said.

So, in the convoluted world of this prosecutor with a vendetta (which will become clear in a moment) against Henry, the fact that Henry's attorney acted oddly with the media caused the prosecutor to start slinging false rumors?

And, more disturbingly, it caused the prosecutor to twice use the work "hinky".

The situation becomes clearer when Edmondson reveals what the root of the problem is.

Henry previously served only 2 days of 90 day sentence, and can be sent back for the final 88 if he violates the terms of his parole in Kenton County.

"Unfortunately we only got him on a minor charge," Edmondson said. "He should have been in jail for all the other things he did. "I wanted the 88 days hanging over him," Edmondson said. "I thought we'd give him a taste and a chance to straighten out, but he didn't. He went straight to Ohio and was driving without a license."

Clearly, the problem here isn't Chris Henry.

Henry served his mandated term. And he has adhered to the terms of his parole.

We have prosecutor who is severely misplacing his anger. If the prosecutor is unhappy with the time Henry served, shouldn't he be addressing his anger at the judge who conveyed the sentence?

This is an old story.

Prosecutor has chance to make name for himself by locking up young, famous Negro. Judge realizes that, at heart, it was a simple error in judgement made by the accused and renders a mitigated sentence. Jealous and devilish prosecutor resorts to character assassination in an attempt gain final "victory" over the repentant individual who has clearly lived up to the parameters of his sentence.

We will be circulating a petition to remove this prosecutor, and his personal blood vendetta against Henry, from the Kentucky state Bar under the auspices that it is "hinky" of a prosecuting attorney to circulate lies in the media about parolees.

Honestly, since it now has been proven that the prosecutor made this up, one must wonder what sort of lies he brought against Henry during his trial.


Unsilent Majority said...

what the fuck's a hinky?

wilbur said...

a hinky is what a kentucky redneck wipes his runny nose with...

smartest commentor alive said...

hinky means something that is out of whack, just a bit off, wrong, confused, suspect

the butler said...

Garry Edmondson = Roger Goodell's secret gay lover.

prosecutor said...

The idea that a prosecutor is impartial is false. Of course, in the course of trying a case, a prosecutor can develop an opinion of the defendant.

But, to go to the media spreading unsubstantiated rumors is pretty low life in itself.

This is a sad day for justice.

Malcom Hex said...

Well, it seems edmondson is in the midst of his campaign to retain his office as county prosecutor.

This is his way of getting in the news.

Anonymous said...

someone should tell him he spells his first name wrong.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem here...henry IS a lowlife.

The Troof said...

"What is the problem here...henry IS a lowlife"

the problem is that this prosecutor, who is supposed to have some sort of integrity and is in a role of civil authority, sank even lower than Henry.

Andrew said...

Garry Edmonson should dial up Raleigh-Durham and ask a certain Mr. Nifong about what happens when you use athletes as a base to attempt to get relected.

Truth always comes out.

Malcom Hex said...

Well, if you noticed....even the Bengals coach is starting to get suspicious about all that is going on.

He was forced to apologize yesterday because he said it sure seems like the po po is profiling his players.

Too funny, HE has to apologize. Yet this DA or whatever he is can lie on Henry, and instead of having to apologize, he calls henry a lowlife.

White folks are funny like that.

billl cossby said...

It's always black and white with you guys how very sad!!!

booortz said...

this is the most PATHETIC site I have ever been on.. keep blaming whitey. It will surely make your life better.. HATE IS BAGGAGE.. I guess if chuck beats quentin jackson tonight that will be a racist conspiracy too.. watch out for those black helicopters

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Sir, the only baggage here, is that which you bring.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Sir, many times are you going to post this? Under how many different names?

Besides, we checked your yahoo profile, and on there it says your favorit quote is .. Imagine what you could do,if you could do what you Imagine... John Lennon

Make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

Those DA's just love them some famous athlete. Gets 'em reelected every time. Duke LAX, Kobe, its always their aim.

Anonymous said...

Those DA's just love them some famous athlete. Gets 'em reelected every time. Duke LAX, Kobe, its always their aim.

wow finally someone on here who didnt link everything just to race...a ray of enlightenment.