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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chris Henry: No Failed Drug Test

Despite the attempt by prosecutors to make it harder for young Bengals' WR Chris Henry to complete the work he has undertaken to rebuild his reputation and regain his roster spot, the truth has come out.

On Monday, prosecutors leaked information that Henry had failed a drug test in Kentucky. The result was that, and all the others ran stories implying that an impending failed drug test would be in the near future.

The devilish attempt of the prosecutor to secure the end of Henry's NFL career imploded today.

On Wednesday, the state of Kentucky released the following statement:

"This information did not come from the state Division of Probation & Parole. Repeated referrals to our office by the Kenton County Attorney's office were wrong. The Kenton County Attorney's Office has no jurisdiction in our probation supervision of Henry. Our office

did, however, receive results of a drug test conducted on Henry today, and those results were negative."

This is completely outrageous and further indication of the widespread effort to destroy the careers of young Negro athletes.

Clearly, a county attorney's office that has NO jurisdiction over the probationary terms of Mr. Henry attempting to sabotage his future is a heinous and evil act.

It would only seem fair that Mr. Henry assume the right to litigious action. This sort of ill timed, ill conceived and ill willed manipulation of the media by the "prosecutor's" office could have cost Mr. Henry the rest of the season. And it certainly further damaged his healing reputation.

The righteous outcome would be for Kenyon county to provide remuneration of equal amount to the money that will be forfeited during the enforcement of Mr. Henry' ex post facto suspension.

It is imperative that those that are trusted to enforce the law be held accountable for their actions.

One can only wonder about the injustices and evilish schemes that lie in wait for Pacman Jones and Michael Vick.


J. Cochran said...

If clean the urine be,
he must be set free.

Andrew said...

I'm not going to say that it's a vast conspiracy, however, ESPN has been shown to pay people to break these stories. Whether true or not.

Who broke this falsehood? Why ESPN's Bob Holzman.

Shocked? Me either.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Shocked? Me either."

Sir, there is nothing shocking in any of this.

Allow yourself the freedom. Allow yourself the unrequitted satisfaction.

Say it is a vast conspiracy.

Dave Duke said...

The only conspiracy is the one that allows retards access to running a blog.

Internal Revenue Service said...

David, play nice. Do we need to look over your tax returns again?

Anonymous said...

Sir, there is nothing shocking in any of this.

Allow yourself the freedom. Allow yourself the unrequitted satisfaction.

Say it is a vast conspiracy.


Alphonse De La Beckwith said...


A guy is targeted by a prosecutor office that has NO supervisory role in his probation? And you laugh?

Rickey Henderson said...


the diction coach said...

"Meh. "

Articulate as always, ricky.

Andrew said...

I'm going to say yes, somebody is out to get Chris Henry from the looks of it.

Vast conspiracy is a possibility when the prosecutor keeps saying stupid things.

The HCIC said...


anonymous is not so bad. He's quoting Fifty Cent. He's going straight to the bank with his comments!

anonymous is not as contrary as he seems. can't we all get along?