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Monday, March 31, 2008

FInal Four: Preview and Prediction

As you are well aware, this year marks the first time that all four #1 seeds negotiated their way to the Final Four.

Here is the NOIS take on coming proceedings, and a prognostication that will certainly prove to be a righteous forecast.

UCLA: The grinding defense and potentially explosive offense is all predicated on the play of Darren Collison. Collison has set the tempo for the Bruins and his game management has allowed Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Josh Shipp to excel. The Bruins offer a rare combination of physical defense and explosive athleticism.

Memphis: The match up of point guard Derrick Rose and UCLA's Collision should prove to be one of the best of this year's tourney. The difference in this game should be the presence of Joey Dorsey in the front court. UCLA's Mbah a Moute and Lorence Mata are solid players, but the Bruins probably don't have an answer for Dorsey.

Outcome: Memphis, not a blowout, but comfortable.

Kansas: The Jaywalks eked out a close one against the Cinderella Stephen Curry's. The 'Hawks have also had some issues against teams with a strong inside game. That could pose a problem against the Tar Heels.

UNC: The 'Heels have the athletic depth to match any team in the country and should be able to match up with KU's strong perimeter game. The difference should be underneath. Marcus Ginyard, Deon Thompson, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington have been a collective force on the glass. And freshman Alex Stephenson has had some key 'bounds as well.

Prediction: UNC, in a pretty close game.


ZEKE said...

did Love and Hansbrough get hurt or something?

RighteousReasoner said...

Zeke, sir,

Come on now. You know better.

RighteousReasoner said...


Then NCAA is a racist organization which has, through this first ever #1 seed only rigged setup, ensured that there will be no Negro head coaches in the Final Four.

This is Amerikkkan institutional racism at its finest. I say we encourage the Righteous Brothers representing the four whip-cracking institutions to boycott immediately.

RighteousReasoner said...

"but the Bruins probably don't have an answer for Dorsey"

The "probably" thrown in there just in case the unlikely event of a throwdown by the palefaced creature known as KL occurs.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"The "probably" thrown in there just in case the unlikely event of a throwdown by the palefaced creature known as KL occurs."

Sir, actually, it was thrown in there because they probably don't.

You may tear a muscle if you keep thinking so hard.

RighteousReasoner said...

Thank you for setting me straight, my fellow 5% smart people.

Any comment with regard to my Righteously Reasoned argument depicting the NCAA as the blatantly racist organization that it is?

mbros612 said...

Righteous, I'm sure he actually does believe garbage like that but now and then he's got to keep quiet to maintain his credibility (for those who still think he has some).

In this blog, no white person can ever accomplish anything in the world of sports without it being a giant racist conspiracy.

Likewise, no credit will be given to that white coach/athlete after an accomplishment because the chief matter at hand will be how their black counterparts were screwed out of a fair shot.

God I hate the culture of victimhood.

RighteousReasoner said...

John Calipari admits to being a white devil who mercilessly cracks his whip over the backs of his plantation Negroes, the Memphis Tigers.

"The reality of it is I like my team. I believe in my team. I trust my team. I’ll say it again. I’ve got a whip. Let’s go,” Calipari said of letting his Tigers play. “I’m not saying it to be arrogant like I normally do. I’m speaking the truth.";_ylt=AksuPMaiyldIGLB18Ueafj_evbYF?slug=ap-finalfour-memphis&prov=ap&type=lgns

There it is, gentlemen. The white devil himself has admitted to brainwashing our Righteous Brothers. Our work here is done.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"God I hate the culture of victimhood."

Sir, seem to be happy to make yourself a victim here.

Allowing your closed minded and uninformed outlook on sports to be crushed beneath righteous thought.

And then, you complain that is someone else's fault that it happens.

You are just another victim.

RighteousReasoner said...

And as if to mock their plantation Negroes, Memphis has just suspended backup guard Andre Allen for the remainder of the tournament, in what was clearly a racially tinged decision by Calipari and the other slave master administrators.

It's all happening right before our eyes, gentlemen.

Superdestroyer said...

You should look at the percentage of student bodies that are African-Americans in the student body.


University of Kansas 4%
University of North Carolina 11%
UCLA- 3%
Memphis-Does not state

According to peterson's college guide ( the University of Memphis is 33% black.

RighteousReasoner said...

Memphis vs Kansas = 10 Negro starters.

This is a message from Allah.

We must exterminate white people. And now we have begun.

lgf said...

There goes my bracket. Thank you, Brandon Rush.

Superdestroyer said...


A school that is an urban commuter school with a student body that is one third black has zero chance of recruiting any of the best white basketball players. White basketball players will always opt for the universities with overwhelmingly white student bodies that are in overwhelmingly white college towns.

RighteousReasoner said...


We agree with your insinuation that Caucasiods are racist. Carry on.

RockyJasons said...

It was with complete unsurprise to watch Roy "Hound Dog" Williams lead the Tarheels down the same underachieving path he's led so many teams in the past. His sole claim to fame happened the year he had the table set for him and not enough time to spoil the goods. Let's hope he is kept well away from the US Olympic team.

censored said...

nice job of keeping your streak of being wrong about everything alive.