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Monday, July 16, 2007

Not So Kind Words

One of our conscientious readers sent us a link to this "article", apparently on a University of Kentucky fans website.

(here, he runs directly counter to his paragraph and takes on the Nation of Islam SportsBlog, an Internet publication utterly marginalized due to their outrageous racial bias)

Utterly marginalized?

Outrageous racial bias?

Can this be?

For our followers, we offer this as an example of how the spawn of the other satan (the other notorious Adolph) at the school that wears a shade of blue not far removed from that worn by the devils of Durham, hates all that is good and righteous.

In this instance, wouldn't the outrageous racial bias be exhibited on the part of the one that tries to marginalize a "publication" based on that publications point of view?

In turn, we say:


No, you hill stomping inbreeders. We are the NEW mainstream. The marginalized publication is the one published by the followers of the university, that if located in any other state, could not be accredited as anything more than a "career institute". That if it were located anywhere but a state in which the most revered and well thought of individuals were retired race horses, it would be running mid-day commercials advertising the opportunity to come and earn a "certificate" in cashiering. A state which bestowed the title of "institute of higher learning" on the university because of its elevation above sea level.

Marginalized? How dare you. With your tobacco stained teeth and overalls. With your cousin/wife. With your almond eyed offspring strumming their banjos. How dare you.

We are an all inclusive publication. Dedicated to education and the proliferation of righteousness. We care not the race, creed or ethnicity of our readers.

Obviously, the legacy of Adolph Rupp runs deep.


Dave the Wave said...

i'll give ol' adolph credit...he'd never have let the likes of you play on his team

John John The Bastard said...

Dave, I believe that translates in to he'd never get more than 3 wins a season. (thank god for schools like Northern Arizona)

Burnsy said...

Careful sirs. These are the same people who need to cheat in hot sports blogger tournaments. No telling what they done gonna gets theys grandaddy to do t'ya.

Calvin said...

ya'll are the worst racists I have ever encountered on the web

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"ya'll are the worst racists I have ever encountered on the web "

Sir, we take it this is your first jaunt aboard the interwebs express?

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

Keith said...

New mainstream? Haha, I'll come back once your senseless mutterings makes it beyond the occasional fan blog. Seriously, get off your high horse, nobody cares.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Seriously, get off your high horse, nobody cares. "

Sir, you mean nobody cares enough to stop by and leave a comment, saying, nobody cares.

Do you just want to admit you are stupid...or shall we further point it out?

Keith said...

Please, do me a favor and point it out further! It's not as if the whole world's going to see it anyway, you guys get what, 10 hits a day? I think I'll take my chances.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Please, do me a favor and point it out further! It's not as if the whole world's going to see it anyway, you guys get what, 10 hits a day? I think I'll take my chances. "

Sir, you pointed it out for us.


And, think about. You don't like our site. And you spent over an hour here today (according to sitemeter). Imagine how much time the folks that actually understand this site spend here?

Talk to you on your next visit here.

All the best, Keith. All the best.

HamdenBorn said...

For some true high quality entertainment, go to the article that the Kentucky blogger links to.

"...and then theres stuff like the nakedly racist Nation of Islam SportsBlog, which runs a serious risk of getting hit with a libel suit."

Five paragraphs, bullet points... I think they like you!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"nakedly racist Nation of Islam SportsBlog"

Sir, we assure you.

We are FULLY clothed. It is the rule here at NOIS world headquarters. Pants on at all times.

Jackin'4Beats said...

All hail Texas Western University (i.e., UTEP). They showed De Fuhrer Rupp what time it was.