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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Letter From A Fan

Every now and then we like to share especially wonderful correspondences with you.


I hope this SOB burns in hell a long slow torturous death. This cocky bully is one of the most violent sadistic bastards in pro football. Anyone in support of his torture of these animals can go right to hell with him. May he have the ugliest, meanest prison husband that screws him day and night. Nothing on this earth can compare to the horrendous torture he put those helpless animals through. I don't give a rat's ass about anyone claiming "well they were pit bulls, they are here to fight." Bullshit you are also just as ignorant as Vick. You don't know anything about dogs!
The National Felony League and the Atlanta Felons need to just CUT THEIR TIES with this monster. I don't care what lies his highly paid lawyers will tell to get this sociopath off the hook. No way did he NOT know about the activity going on at his estate. You don't build dogfighting areas like that without his approval. You do not ignore the cries of dogs NOR THE CRIES of dogs dying from their torturous death! How did he not smell the burnt bodies of the dogs? How did he not see the small dog houses they were forced to live in?(if you can call it a life) How hot is it there in Virginia???? He can claim he was away from this estate but that is a flippin lie. No way did he play 24/7 on out of town games!This is NOT type of entertainment! This is a sick twisted evil individual getting his rocks off on the slow horrible torture of a helpless animal. And yes, evil pitbulls can be helpless.


And our response:


Your passion is admirable.

Your full understanding of events in relation to his knowledge about and his presence at the estate is dubious.

Your interest in due process and allowing the courts to decide his guilt or innocence and his fate is absent.

To sum up:
i. passion
ii. dubious espousal of information
iii. no regard for constitutional or civil rights or legal process

So, when added up:
You share a philosophical ideology with fascists, nazis and dictators.

Now, that is
really scary.

Sincerely submitted in an effort to clarify your understanding of both the issue at hand and your existence,



Dave the Wave said... never write me emails.


Mr.Blackman said...

Phuck that Brawd.

I grew up fighting dogs too. Hell, everybody in the neighborhood did. (Middle class neighborhood) Back then the German Sheppard and Doberman were king.

I loved being known as the house with the Mean dogs.

Maybe it's a black/testerone thang.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Maybe it's a black/testerone thang. "

Sir, so you are's a man thing.

Anonymous said...

"Listen it's not Suz, it's not Suzanne. It's Suzie!"

H.N.I.C. said...


Suz is a dumbass bitch, and PETA can suck on my left nut. Where the fuck was the indignation when last year alone 7500+ Greyhounds were put down due to the fact that they could no longer run fast? Fuck that bullshit, PETA is fuckin racist, they don't give a fuck about dogs they just hate negros.

Martin said...

"they don't give a fuck about dogs they just hate negros."

Sir, this is why I read this blog. Amongst the mindless dribble from 'dave the pond' comes a true pearl of knowledge.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Suz is a dumbass bitch,"

Sir, that is a tad harsh.

Suz just doesn't believe in the foundations this country was built upon.
Should Vick be found guilty, we would be the first to condemn him.

Until then, we believe the onus is on the prosecution to prove he was guilty in the court of law.

An indictment is nothing more than an accusation, until it is defended.

lgf said...

They have the freedom to continually splice together images and video of dogfighting with Michael Vick, thus declaring his involvement in the sport in light of the fact that he has been convicted of nothing.

I find it laughable that these PeTA people, a vast majority of them white, seem to get so hot and bothered that Nike employ Mike Vick in light of the mere possibility that he may participate in the sport, but the documented fact that Nike commonly rely on sweatshops and children to produce their products seems not to bother them to this ridiculous level. white people with to much time on their hands.