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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vick: Finally Some Positive Press

After weeks and weeks of being on the receiving end of a media strap-on, Michael Vick is has finally addressed the indictment handed down by the government.

And the press seems receptive and supportive.

Vick may have made a huge mistake by staying quiet for so long and allowing the negativity to reach a boiling point. He certainly now has double the work ahead of him to win back the handful of fans that are unsure of how to take the media's representation of the allegations.

But, it would seem that today, at a federal courthouse in Virginia, Vick began his hajj to redemption and winning back that minority of fans that doubt him.

Just look at the headlines on the major sports pages:

"Vick Pleads Not Guilty"
"Vick Plea: Not Guilty"
"Vick Pleads Not Guilty to Charges"

Clearly, the press is sending us a sign. The headlines seem to focus on Vick and "not guilty". This is not a coincidence. It is a veritable admission from the media that now, after having time to reflect on the allegations, they may have formed the lynch mob prematurely.

Certainly, if the press wanted to project this court hearing in a negative light, the headlines would have read something to the effect of:

"Vick refrains from Guilty plea"

Clearly, the earnest conviction displayed in Vick's court appearance has begun to sway the press in his favor.

Joey Harrington, don't get too comfortable under center.


My Hero Zero said...

Sir, for the record, I don't believe Joey Harrington has ever been truly comfortable under center. He has, however, dispalyed almost super-human confidence in his ability to under-achieve.

That said, why did the media feel compelled to report that Mr. Vick "pled" not guilty. Are we to infer that a proud black man must beg for justice in the hopes that it is granted by the white establishment. Why not instead print "Vick Proclaims His Innocence?"

Illegal Immigrant said...

Clearly, the press was inspired by Vick's earnest statement in which he apologized to his mother for having to be there and to his teammates because he was missing out on "spring training."

Let's hope that, from now on, the media will wave a righteous light guiding Vick to salvation.

Vance said...

The government prosecutors will filing a superseding indictment on Mike Vick. It is going to take alot for Vick to find salvation.

Martin said...

"t is going to take alot for Vick to find salvation."

Sir, bearing the burden of the white man's undue prosecution and pestilation is the path to righteousness and salvation.

Be strong, Brother Vick.


Oops Pow Surprise said...

Sadly, this is just another step in the wrong direction. Vick is, by rule of law, not guilty unless or until the extremely unlikely event of a guilty verdict. The media's stance as if his status of "not guilty" were some sort of special circumstance is tantamount to an admission that he is, in their eyes, subhuman and unworthy of civil rights as we know them.

Sirs, the fight may never stop.

Anonymous said...

Sirs, I think it's time to endorse Michael Vick to just start running. If he scrambles from the law and follows his blockers he could possibly make Canada by the morning.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sirs, I think it's time to endorse Michael Vick to just start running."

Sir, a man gots to do what he do bestest...

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sirs, the fight may never stop. "

Sir, it's quite a shame...particularly when one considers that members of the press are the very,very first to demand their right...freedom of the press...and then they abuse it in such a way as to deprive a man of his rights...sordid business, this press business.

Jarrett Carter said...

Vick is SOL, and that's exactly who he might wind up playing for in a worst-case scenario:

The Philadelphia Soul in the Arena League.