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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Athletes Involved In Spitzer Case?

Most of you are probably familiar with the Elliot Spitzer fiasco.

The former bulldog attorney general turned governor of New York was caught red handed engaging in the use of prostitutes.

Well, seems in an effort to make Spitzer's depravities and wanderlust more socially acceptable, basketball players may be being brought into the mess.

While we're not at liberty yet to disclose names - word is that a number of local basketball players will be named...

The insinuation is that these will be local NBA players.

Obviously, by connecting the players to Spitzer's depraved moral character, the intent is to try to spin the governor's actions as mainstream.

Clearly, the governor's operatives are trying to sway public opinion his way. NBA stars are renowned for engaging in wild and fun times (at times, admittedly, toe-ing the line of legality) and not losing their jobs or being convicted of crimes. This seems like a self serving attempt to somehow allow the governor to ride the privileged NBA train.

A train that runs on tracks constructed by Negro athletes.

This is the latest, and possibly most brazen, attempt to take the advantages won through the hard work of the Negro athlete and fully exploit them for the sinister and selfish needs of a rich white man.

In recent times we've seen Carmello Anthony and Stephen Jackson reap the benefits their fore-Brothers provided for them. If trailblazing athletes like Allen Iverson, Isaiah Rider, Damon Stoudemire (and the rest of the Jailblazers) hadn't conditioned us to accept the lifestyle indiscretions of young athletes...current athletes (such as Pacman Jones) might not have the employment opportunities that they have today.

Does anyone believe that Dale Davis painfully absorbed a police stun-gunning so that a billionaire heir like Spitzer could receive the benefit of a public opinion jaded and beaten into submission by continual NBA/athlete encounters with law enforcement? Or that Eddie Griffin jeopardized his life by driving with both hands on the stick shift so that a privileged white man could say, 'hey, NBA guys went to this whore house, too, so I want to be let off the hook like they would be!'

Certainly, this transparent pandering is galling. But, more sinister is another aspect of Spitzer's 'defense'. just got word that the client list includes a a number of prominent fixtures in the hip hop scene.

Again, do Spitzer's operatives have no shame?

Aren't prominent fixtures on the hip hop scene some of the very people that Spitzer attempted to force to comply with the white agenda while in command of his regime of heavy handed conformance enforcement as the attorney general?

But, now, his supporters want to attempt to provide him the opportunity to steal some of the very rights prominent hip-hoppers have won for their culture? We should turn the other way and allow Spitzer to not be held accountable for his whoring, just because it wouldn't bother us if prominent hip-hoppers indulged in such activity?

The list of hip-hop pioneers who have lost their own careers or freedom in the struggle to ensure that the current generation of MC's, DJ's and rappers can flaunt their lifestyles and direct the required indignation at the law is far too long to supply.

Perhaps the most telling tip of the hat to these freedom fighters is the current practice of actually hyperbolizing one's rap sheet (see Akon) in an effort to ensure that the public understands just how important the freedoms of behavior won by hip-hoppers truly are.

Again, our indignation and offense to these latest possible revelations revolving around Mr. Spitzer is palpable.

NBA players and hip-hoppers didn't stage a significant protest (rooted in a manifested stance against the powers that be) by descending upon Las Vegas a year ago to demonstrate in an orchestrated exercise in civil disobedience during the NBA all star game, so that rich white men could justify their need to pay for physical gratification of the most illicit and illegal manner.

Let us not allow the battle won on the fields of Las Vegas in 2007 to be turned into a commemoration of the indiscretions of the prejudice worshipping ruling class.

Let us continue to support the need to hold the white rulers accountable by remaining unfazed and unmoved when we read of the odd NBA'er or hip-hopper engaged in a legal struggle to prove his innocence.

To allow Spitzer off the hook is to turn our backs on the freedoms and civil rights others have fought so hard to win.


ZEKE said...

go to a doctor. you clearly have suffered head trauma.

Mr Telefone Man said...

You, Sir, should be writing speeches for Brother Barack!

RighteousReasoner said...

Righteous Negro Avery Johnson is fired by the cracker owners of the Mavericks after being deliberately run into the mud by the underwhelming efforts of supposed star and team leader Dirk Nowitzki. Rather than trade the pasty Nowitzki, who admittedly would not be anywhere near the caliber of "superstar" without his Original teammates, Cuban and his honkey cronies have opted to take the too well known path of placing the blame on the shoulders of the first available Negro: in this case, head coach Avery Johnson.

Dex said...

This post was the best thing I have ever read on the Internet.

Sir, I commend you.

Dave the Wave said...

"This post was the best thing I have ever read on the Internet. "

this your first day on the net, douchenozzle?

Dex said...

I will pray for you to someday open your eyes and see the beauty that lays right before you, sir.

RockyJasons said...

Why would NBA players or Hip Hop stars ever have to pay for it?