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Friday, May 2, 2008

Leonarad Little: Stuggle With The Past

A quick off topic thought:

We work under the presumption that most of you that read our work are sports fans. And fairly well versed sports fans. So, most probably have some recollection of Leonard Little.

Little is a football player. Ten years ago, he made a bad decision that changed lives. He drove drunk, and struck and killed a woman.

This morning we read an article detailing the struggle that Little has gone through. Living with the guilt and repercussions of his poor decision. Coming to terms with and communicating his regret and remorse.

All reasonable and acceptable.

Certainly, many people feel that Little may have gotten off lightly. He served a mere 90 days. Others will feel that the baggage he will continue to carry is a sufficient punishment.

We aren't here to judge either way. Drunk driving is something that most don't take seriously until tragedy strikes. Drunk driving, we believe is something that must be dealt with in the harshest terms.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about what we read, is this:

His mother could see the pain eating away at him. His mother made him go see a psychologist in Knoxville. He saw her four or five days a week. One day in broad daylight as he was driving a little rental Toyota on his way home from the psychologist's office, still unable to shed the guilt, Little stared at the tall trees that lined both sides of the highway.

We don't get it.

Several weeks after the vehicular homicide caused by driving under the influence, Little is behind the wheel of a car?

That is all.


ultrasound tech said...

yea, you wonder how the guy could have been behind the wheel of the car so soon...either you'd think he personally wouldn't do it...or the law wouldn't allow it.

Pico said...

You know he was arrested again a few years later (I thought it was 4, it was 6 years later)?


ZEKE said...

pico, wipe your ass.

brown stuff is running down your leg.

Dave the Wave said...

wtf is a leonarad little?