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Thursday, May 29, 2008

NBA Coaching: Collins Back to the Bulls?

As the vacant jobs in the NBA coaching ranks are slowly filled, one thing is clear:

Negro coaches are being quickly and quietly escorted to the door. And their jobs are being filled by retreads and status quo ghosts.

Is it the NBA's desire to send a message to Negro coaches that they belong on the second or third seat on the bench? That, rather than give them the chance to mature and develop a program, the NBA is better suited by playing 'musical chairs' with the same old cotton swabs, over and over?

Is firing the Negro coach with the NBA's best winning percentage over the past 3 seasons and claiming the reason for the termination was playoff losses; and then hiring a man with a history of playoff failure not the very definition of bleachy hypocrisy?

Let's look more closely.

Sam Vincent was brought in to Charlotte at the beginning of the season. He was forced out after the season. One year. One year is all he was given to turn around a floundering and lost franchise. Who did Charlotte bring in? The man responsible for burning down Madison Square Garden (although the press has tried to blame someone else). Larry Brown. The King of The Road is the hired gun brought in to turn Charlotte around. Yes, the man has won a title. But he has also left carnage and destruction at virtually every stop, after he finds a bigger paycheck to chase. His experience and coaching 'the right way' will probably lead to more wins in the immediate future. But, is it worth it for the Bobcats to take one step forward, knowing full well that at the end of Brown's tenure they will end up being two steps back?

After Scott Skiles was let go in Chicago (and interim Boylan was sent to the soup kitchen), Chicago management said they were interested in hiring a 'tough, former player'. Naturally, folks thought that meant Avery Johnson (the possessor of the NBA's highest winning percentage over the past few years) or perhaps Mark Jackson. Well, apparently, 'tough, former player' is code for 'washed up, retread vanilla cupcake'. ESPN is reporting that Doug Collins will get the nod in Chi-town.

Isiah Thomas, victim of Larry Brown's most recent 'rape and pillage' expedition, was run off the bench in NYC. Certainly, arguments for Thomas' release abound. And we do not pretend to support the notion that Thomas had the team on the right track. However, rather than bring in someone with a deep connection and understanding of the NBA's flagship franchise...the Knicks brought in a coach who runs a system which the Knicks don't have the personnel to man. In the process, Knicks management managed to offend a Knickerbocker all-time great.

"There's nobody who is an assistant coach who doesn't want to be a head coach," said Ewing, who has been an assistant for five seasons and is credited with lifting center Dwight Howard to the next level. "Unless you've already been a head coach and you're older and you're just putting in hours until you retire. I'm young. I'd definitely want to be a head coach one day.
And I'm disappointed I didn't get a call, yeah.

In one fell swoop, through these firings, the NBA was able to reduce the ranks of Negro head coaches by a staggering 25%.

In contrast, the ranks of white coaches have increased by over 10%.

These are chilling numbers that, coupled with the retread hirings of Brown, Carlisle, Skiles, D'Antonio and possibly Collins, send a clear message to Negro assistant coaches everywhere:

We prefer failed white men to be the face of NBA franchises, rather than give you an equal chance to succeed.

Back to the third seat!


RighteousReasoner said...

Thank you, sirs. Only us Top 5% see past the "findings" of that cracker Richard Lapchick .;_ylt=AhOAflNTRUzHRRRPmXeE.1m8vLYF?slug=ap-nba-diversity&prov=ap&type=lgns

This blog speaks the real truth.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, we sense the placation and patronization in your communique.

You clearly are fooled by Mr. Lapchick's lapdog impression.

How can one legitimatize 'diversity' in the ranks of the NBA, when we have documented that there is a clear, inarguable, undisputable, omnipresent DECREASE of 25% in the number of Negro coaches.

The timing of Mr. Lapchick's column is also most interesting. Accounting for time zones....It was hastily put up about 10 mins after our post.

Hmmmmmm.....could it be the mainstreams quick, poorly written response to our truth?

RighteousReasoner said...

Sirs, we can only rest when all of the coaches in the NBA are Negroes.

Fight on Righteously, my Brothers!

Andrew said...

Sirs, what of the scrappy white gunner? How can the negro ex-athlete teach that?

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, how dare you not capitalize the Word "Negro".

May The Venerable W.D. Fard Muhammad have mercy on your filthy white soul!

Andrew said...

Sirs, I was taught in an American Public School, with all aoplogies and with all due respect, please answer my question.

Sebastian said...

As a Chicago citizen, and Bulls fan, I must put Jerry Reinsdorf back in the Stupidest Men on the Planet Club.

This cigar-chomping idiot (nothing against cigars) is about to make a mistake as big as his dismantling the Jordan franchise back in the 90's. If there's anyone who can snatch defeat from the mouth of victory, it is Reinsdorf.

Avery Johnson, everyone's choice provided they had a pulse, grey matter and common sense, is waiting for an opportunity. A better coach than Collins. A coach who's best set at being able to see what his weaknesses are (winning the conference championship) and how to adjust in order to overcome.

Doug Collins is a decent coach, but not one in Avery's league.

However, Collins is one that Jerry can get cheap....

censored said...

love the way you try to spin the knicks mess as a product of Larry Brown...Isiah brought in of those garbage players and when he coached them himself he won less games...clearly the organization needed someone with higher intelligence to run the show...Isiah could not control his inherent animal instincts as was evident in his sexually harrassing members of MSG...the knicks have clearly evolved with their new leadership.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Sirs, what of the scrappy white gunner? How can the negro ex-athlete teach that?"

Sir, much like the white athletes slow feet and lack of's inherited. Not taught.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"the knicks have clearly evolved with their new leadership"

Sir, is Mr. Dolan still there?

We take great offense at his fostering an atmosphere which, at its very core, was hostile towards the Negro female.

It's typical of any white male in a position of power, tho...

censored said...

Sir, is Mr. Dolan still there?

We take great offense at his fostering an atmosphere which, at its very core, was hostile towards the Negro female.

good putting the negro Thomas in charge he did allow for a hostile environment to grow. Good thing Mr. Dolan has realized his horrible judgement and amended the situation by lightening the atmosphere at MSG.