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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Racial Slurs at MLS Game

The beautiful sport.

The most popular sport in the world.

But, in the US, apparently a magnet for racists wishing to spew their hatred for the Sons of Africa.

MLS will investigate an incident in which a spectator at a Columbus Crew home match directed a racial slur at a black player from the New England Revolution on Saturday night.

Fabulously talented Negro soccer star Kheli Dube, from Zimbabwe, scored the go ahead goal. Much to the shock of no one, the response from the white crowd was foul language and racist venom.

Certainly, this is not a surprise. From pitches across Europe all the way to California, soccer fans are famously racist and belligerent.

In the effort to expand the popularity of the game in the US (read: to make money), soccer has been portrayed as a suburban delight. A game embraced by the mini-van driving soccer mom and her children named Madison and Austin.

But, the capture of this incident and posting of it on YouTube has exposed soccer in the US for what it is: A fetid incubator for racial hatred and potential violence.

As part of a statement, the Crew said "there is no excuse for the reprehensible behavior exhibited by the fan heard in the video clip that has surfaced. That kind of behavior has no place in our stadium, or in our society, and we strongly condemn it. . . . We will continue to evaluate and enforce safety and sportsmanship policies."

Certainly, the expected response. Although, there was no addressing the issue of why, when the vicious onslaught (which clearly was directed at Negroes the world over) took place, no action was taken. It took a posting of the incident on YouTube to generate a response from management.

One is left to wonder if the verbal assault had not been promoted on YouTube, would the Crew have ever bothered to address the issue?

How will the league respond? What is the appropriate punishment for the management of the Crew?

Allowing this to go unchecked sends a message to Negro soccer stars the world over that if they choose to bring their formidable skill and talent to the MLS, they risk verbal lynching.

MLS must act swiftly in levying a blow against the complicit racism exhibited by the Crew and the stadium staff that allowed this action to take place. The fact that the Crew made no statement until the video was available for the viewing of millions on the web makes it clear that the statement about the investigation is nothing but filler and defensive posturing.

We suggest that an appropriate start would be changing the franchise's name. A crew is a mob. And mob's lynch Negroes.

In an effort to demonstrate penance and contrition, the only recourse is renaming the team the 'Clouds'.

Soft, white and fluffy.


Dex said...

I expect nothing else from the haven of cultural acceptance that is Columbus.

censored said...

how can you say that the racial rantings of one fan reflects on an entire franchise...i mean could it be that by sitting in a room while somebody spews racist rhetoric makes all those in the room fact this may be true as proven by the racist Obama...thankfully President McCain can rise above the hatred.

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, censored, it is evident that other fans surrounding the perpetrator who castigated him and reported his actions were merely acting under the guise of the white media.

Furthermore, the alleged outrage exhibited by other supporters around the league and Crew management (read: devil owners) is all a smoke and mirrors delusion attempt by the MLS to hide their shamelessly racist league, teams, players, fans, parking lot employees, vendors, cleaning staff, groundskeepers, security, ushers and janitors.

Hasn't this Righteous Blog taught your feeble cracker mind anything?