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Monday, May 5, 2008

Tim Tebow: The Total Package

We never quite got behind the Tim Tebow Heisman Trophy thing.

We felt that, yes he was a good QB and put up some heady numbers, but that the offense itself is what allowed the big TD numbers. To put it succinctly, any 'good' QB that had his skill set (Chase Daniel, Dennis Dixon, etc) could have matched the production. Put Tebow in another offense, and he was just an above average QB. Feel free to wrongly disagree. It hasn't stopped some of you in the past.


We were wrong.

Tim Tebow, who has had Gator fans worshipping at his altar for over two years now, is the bearer of skills and abilities that are simply unparalleled.



Able to perform surgery without any formal medical training....check.

During Tebow's spring break in March, he traveled to his father's Filipino orphanage for five days. He spent time with orphans, spoke about his faith in schools and market places, and even assisted doctors during medical procedures. Tebow said he removed cysts from patients and performed a few circumcisions.

You read that correctly.

No word on whether Tebow will be available for work should his services be needed at a briss.

But we'll keep you informed.
We must lodge a formal complaint against Mr. Tebow.

While it is admirable that he is standing strong for his personal convictions, he should be more careful with his words.

"No matter where I am, if I'm preaching to Muslims or in a prison, if you're in the will of God, that's safer than driving down the interstate," Tebow said.

We can think of nothing more advisable and reasonable than an Evangelist attempting to witness and convert Muslim.

Other than, perhaps, driving down that interstate Mr. T-bow mentioned blindfolded.


Malcom Hex said...

tim tebow turns water to wine!!!! ask any jort wearing gator fan!

Dirty Sanchez said...

Behold! Lay witness to the greatness that is Tim Tebow. No wonder the dude is such a devout Christian. My belief in a higher being would increase exponentially if I got to wake up next to that titty monster hanging all over him.

SSBSTS said...

The fact is, Tebow did put up those numbers and Dixon and Daniel didn't. Don't blame him for the circumstance, he just performed. Besides, the same could be said for almost every Heisman trophy winner, they are all products of their system for the most part.

ReedRichards said...

Tebow was filling the two toughest positions on his team by himself. There is now way Dennis Dixon, Chase Daniel.. or ANY other running QB in the past could have filled that role as well as Tebow. There might be other guys who are as big as Tebow, but they don't throw anywhere near as well as Tebow. There might be other guys faster than Tebow.. but they need a runningback to take pressure of them to allow them to run and aren't as durable as Tebow. This is why Teboew is revolutionizing his position. Andyo ne that doesn't understand this and claims Tebow is overrated hasn't watched him or seen enough of him.