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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hopkins v. Calzaghe: The Brit Fighter Makes It Racial

Coming out of retirement for one more payday, Bernard Hopkins faces the undefeated Joe Calzaghe this weekend in what looks to be a pretty good match-up.

Hopkins, at one time considered the best fighter on the planet, will take on not only his opponent; but Father Time, as well.

Calzaghe, a fighter who has made his 'name' in the UK, brings an undefeated record wit his only win worth mentioning a shocking upset of an under-trained Jeff Lacy.

Certainly, we are used to fight build ups that include outlandish comments and actions. That is nothing new. But, when the fight build up causes one fighter to start to make racially questionable and possibly divisive statements, we wonder what the world of boxing has degenerated into.

Joe Calzaghe seemingly is relishing some of the words that came out of Bernard Hopkins mouth. Words that stirred controversy. Words that resulted from the sneaky tactics of the manipulative Calzaghe.

Calzaghe took a very cavalier attitude towards the situation:

"You call each other out, there's a bit of controversy," he said. "He done his little bit of controversy with his little white guy [comment], which I'm glad he said to be honest, because it created a lot publicity from that."

The comment to which Calzaghe refers?

"I would never let a white boy beat me. Never."

Certainly, the white slanted media will take every opportunity to spin this into Hopkins making uncouth racial remarks. It will paint Calzaghe as simply being a polite Briton, who just happened (through no action of his own) to be the recipient of a socially unacceptable sentiment. (Regardless of the truth in it)

But, for the keener eye. For the mind that understands exactly how the white media uses race and truth against the Original fighter. For that mind, the reality is clear.

Calzaghe wanted more money. Calzaghe, who is a virtual no name in the US, wanted to pick the pocket of one of the greatest champions of all time.

Hopkins wanted to fight. Hopkins didn't want Calzaghe to have an out.

Even with a 50-50 purse split, Hopkins could tell by Calzaghe's actions and words that the fight might still not be made.

"It came together for him because I pressured him and I said the things I said where he couldn't back out of the fight," Hopkins said of his racial comments. "He had to sign the contract after that. They tried to weasel out of everything so I gave them 50-50. I didn't have to do that. I had the leverage. If Roy Jones was in my position, he would have never gave him 50-50. The fight would have never happened."

Hopkins was forced into a position to throw down the gauntlet.

Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking that there was any racist sentiment behind the remark.

Don't allow the manipulative Calzaghe to distract you from his attempts to hi-jack the proceeds from the fight.

Don't fall victim to the mainstream media's attempts to play the race card and turn you against Hopkins.

Do watch the fight.

Hopkins later added, "You can print that. I would never lose to a white person."

And that ain't racist.

It's righteous.


RighteousReasoner said...

In essence, Joe Calzaghe hates Negroes. It is all clear now.

RighteousReasoner said...

Breaking News: Tyler Hansbroughs father is a racist.

"Gene Hansbrough, Tyler’s father, said late last month that he didn’t know what his son would decide.

“He’s very happy in Chapel Hill and he likes being a college student,” he said. “He’s a frugal person. He doesn’t need Rolexes and Escalades to be a happy person."

Clearly a shot at the Righteous Negroes whom Hansbrough has ridden to his success. Such blatant stereotyping by Klansman Gene (inherently implying that all Negroes in the NBA purchase Rolexes and Escalades using their newfound wealth) should not be tolerated. I move we petition the NCAA to kick the racist Hansbrough family out of any form of collegiate athletics. Let him deal with the NBA's Negroes on their terms, not his.

Kaimaster said...

Nice article dumb#@$...Hopkins is the one who made this fight racial..last I checked, its been about 20 years since a "pro-white" media held power...just imagine the uproar from your thin-dark skinned brothers if Calzaghe had made similar comments about blacks...idiot

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"just imagine the uproar from your thin-dark skinned brothers if Calzaghe had made similar comments about blacks"


If Calzaghe had made racist comments....then...they that would have been racist.

RighteousReasoner said...

And then after his media-hyped victory judged by racist white judges, Calzaghe had the nerve to say

(from Yahoo! Sports)
"He didn’t say much,” Calzaghe said, grinning devilishly, “because he’d just gotten his ass kicked by a white guy.”

Joke is on him though, everyone knows Hopkins wasn't really trying. Indeed, he was preoccupied with matters more important than giving a white man any time of day.

Thank you, Bernard. Thank you for standing up to the racist Calzaghe. Your legacy will not soon be forgotten.

pgunnez19 said...

i would never let a white boy beat me????????? well hopkins a white boy kicked your black ass!!!!
black racist son of a bitch!
love the way u try to flip that calzaghe is racist? why all he does is kick all the so called great black fighters asses. long live calzaghe the legend killer!

mbros612 said...

It was a pretty close match, good fight. Without that big first round for Hopkins and the flash knockdown, though, the decision wouldn't have been all that difficult.

Calzaghe ended up putting the first round fluke behind him and after round 6 dominated for the remainder of the fight. He established himself as the aggressor and held a clear edge over Hopkins in punching stats...

Calzaghe landed 33% of his 707 punches, while Hopkins connected with 27% of his 468 blows. Calzaghe had the edge in power punches with both total blows and accuracy. He also heavily outjabbed Hopkins.

Hopkins should have kept his mouth shut, period. He is obviously the one who made it racial, kidding or not, and everything that transpired after was in reaction to his comments.

He DID get beat by a white boy, and looks all the worse for it because of his big mouth.

RighteousReasoner said...

mbros, sir, please refer to my righteous reasoning before you further delude yourself that Hopkins "lost" this fight.

Nathan said...

I love this!! Hopkins was forced into race baiting by the white man who wanted too much money.

That's like saying white men were forced to have slaves because the law allowed it.

Or NOIS was forced to write this blog because there was an extreme shortage of comedy on the internet.

Awesome post!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"That's like saying white men were forced to have slaves because the law allowed it. "

Sir, only an utter moron would impart such failed logic.

Anonymous said...

that night looks like Joe Calzaghe has took generic viagra, he dance and punch Hopkins like a school child, seriously the worst part was the declaration od Hopkins about the fight.