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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Observation in Chapel Hill

A quick note of possible importance for next year's college basketball season.

One of our operatives was in Chapel Hill this past evening.

Enjoying the majesty of Franklin Street at the legendary Player's Dance Club (the PDC, Players...etc...whatever you choose to call it).

North Carolina basketball great Tyler Hansbrough was present.


i. The TV adds a solid 20 pounds to him. Hansbrough is tall and thin (despite his muscular and mature appearance on TV) and in person, in street clothes, is nowhere near ready to play in the NBA.

ii. Hansbrough was drinking the Players' signature drink, 'Holy Grail'. A feminine concoction of small amounts of alcohol, beer and fruit juices. A staple of the PDC, and a favorite of management. Employees laugh at those that fall into the trap of thinking it is a high alcohol content drink. Why is this important? Because any budding NBA star who drinks two and ends up dancing, doing the white man overbite, is light years from being NBA ready.

iii. Hansbrough's female companion was not even 'desperate' NBA groupie caliber. Enough said.

iv. A well lubricated Hansbrough stated he would be back in Carolina Blue next year.

You don't have to believe us.

It doesn't matter.

We are just relaying (not reporting) what our operative heard and saw.


censored said...

your operative must be a homosexual...checking out the muscularity of other men in night clubs.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"your operative must be a homosexual...checking out the muscularity of other men in night clubs."

Sir, or the operative was female.

But, we're sure you would prefer a homosexual.

censored said...

Hey if you want to dress up in womans clothing and call yourself female that doesnt bother me...just dont come near me. I guess the inbreds in north carolina have become more welcoming of your kind lately.

Lil John's Pimp Cup said...


censored, better to cut your losses and not respond than to come with that weak sauce after you get bitch slapped...

Chuckles said...

I'm surprised that he would be out in public, instead of staying home in shame. Shame for stealing the Naismith and Player of the Year "honors" from Brother Michael Beasley, a man robbed simply because he wasn't pale enough to show the kind of "hustle" (/whiteness) and winning attitude (/whiteness) of "Psycho T".

RighteousReasoner said...

Sir, with all due respect, Michael Beasley is very lightskinned-ed. However, he is still a Negro, so your argument is indeed correct. Shame on Cracker T, indeed. He ought to be guilt ridden for refusing to remove the mental shackles with which he has enslaved Brother Michael.

We can change. Obama '08.

RockyJasons said...

I suppose the point of all this is to enlighten us that Hansbrough isn't man enough to go to the NBA. Thanks for the news bulletin. And so what if he will be at UNC next year? With Roy leading the team in the tournament, it doesn't matter who is rowing the boat--Roy's headed straight to the nearest iceberg.

And what was with the hubbub about Roy wearing his old Jayhawk gear at the final four? After all, Kansas is where he's had most of his gags. He's only just now started his new tradition at UNC.