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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pacman Jones: Hot Commodity

As the imminent removal of Pacman Jones' 'suspension' approaches; desires for his services are becoming apparent.

Some teams will allow the mainstream media's portrayal of the rarely convicted Jones to hold sway with their personnel decisions. Other teams will do their own due diligence to unearth the realities of who Pacman is, and not allow biased media representations to taint their hiring process.

In other words: Many teams will continue with the age old practice of prejudicial job opportunity. But, a handful of teams with a social conscience and an eye towards fairness, equity and a keener sense of the direction America is heading will conduct a more accurate employment process. Properly vetting the information presented by the mainstream and cutting through the carefully crafted spin and innuendo designed to vilify Mr. Jones.

At this point it seems that, despite a gun-shy Jerry Jones, the Cowboys are the leading contender for Pacman's services. Dallas would seem to be a suitable destination for Pacman's measurable skill set.

Unfortunately, although Owner Jones clearly is interested in Pacman's skill and attributes as a potential team leader for the 'Boys; he is heretofore unwilling to completely endorse his intentions.

Owner Jones is acutely aware that the same mainstream media that sought to destroy the reputation of Pacman will most certainly turn their wrath towards himself and the Cowboys should he profess his intention to bring Pacman on board.

And while we would prefer to see Owner Jones take a more vocal and less mainstream media conscious stand for the rights of Pacman Jones, we fully understand that Owner Jones actions are more powerful than words.

By choosing to possibly bring Pacman to the Cowboys, Owner Jones is fully alligning himself with the struggle for the labor rights of those that are discriminated against. Including Pacman Jones on his roster is as clear a signal as can be given that the owner believes that Roger Goodell was wrong to suspend Pacman in the first place.

This type of support for Pacman is an overwhelming statement that powerful elements within the NFL are growing tired of the unfair and biased treatment towards certain and specific players.

We anxiously await Owner Jones' display of support for Michael Vick when he returns to the league.

If this Romo guy doesn't work out, that is.


RighteousReasoner said...

Looks like the devil is at it again...arresting Righteous and innocent brother Carmelo Anthony for "DUI"...yeah right. We all know only crackers drive after boozing. Venerable Brothers Mr. Reverend Doctor Jesse Jackson, Sr. esq, and Mr. Reverend Doctor Al Sharpton, esq, better get on their A game to free this brother from his unjustly cast shackles.

censored said...

Mr. Goodell needs to realize that the lifting of Pacmans suspension is an issue of public safety. We have already seen the trouble the darkness of this character has caused. Imagine if he had nothing but free job...nothing to distract education...the public would not be safe from this animal. So please Mr. Goodell give this guy something to do other than shooting up strip clubs. Next thing you know he will start a blog, blaming slavery for all of the problems he has caused.

Malcom Hex said...

"So please Mr. Goodell give this guy something to do other than shooting up strip clubs. "

that borders on slander. pacman has never even been accused of shooting up a club. your lies and mischaracterizations are the real crime.