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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOIS Receives Major Media Attention, In Running For Coveted Award

For most bloggers, the daily grind of providing commentary is a thankless proposition. Most bloggers have small audiences and don't receive much attention from the mainstream media.

Certainly, NOIS can't relate to those bloggers.

As we recently alerted you, powerhouse media blogging outlet "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog" has been running a tournament on their site to determine the 'suckiest' blog on the internet.

NOIS has achieved a minimum of runner up status.

We'd like to thank the overwhelming participatory body responsible for brandishing this recognition upon us. While our mission is one of education, we'd be untruthful if we didn't admit that this type of high profile notoriety is appreciated.

"There's no denying how sucky these blogs are. That's not me talking. That's five rounds of mostly lopsided voting talking."

Certainly, it isn't just the media outlet running the contest talking. In the 'Final Four' alone, a full 70 people participated in voting in the NOIS match up. Clearly, the consumptive masses of Blogfrica have weighed in and spoken out in the types of numbers that prove mainstream media is a thing of the past.

Breaking down the participation even further, we see that the host blog attracts an average of about 850 unique views a day.

We can only assume that the more than 90% of the 850 average daily readers of the blog that didn't bother to take part in this barometer of bloggery were too fully captivated by the eloquence and depth of the host blogging to even make it to the poll. While we understand how the rabid and vast readership could get lost in the literary magnificence of the work; we do admonish them for not weighing in and being a part of the 70 or so people that are deciding the future of media on the net.

Obviously, wordsmithing like the following is what attracts the massive following:

How NoISB got here: I don't get what's happening at this blog. If something occurs with a black dude in the news, they seem to write about it. I don't think the writers aren't Islamic, nor is Steve McNair, who is at the heart of a recent post. Maybe the race card thing is an inside joke that I, or no one else, gets.

The thrill of being confronted by the confusion and imagery of the double negative, flipped into the rare triple, certainly is something that will eventually lead to an average of 1000 readers a day. It certainly caused our research staff to read the sentence over and over. The author does not think the NOIS writers are not Islamic, and nor is Steve McNair. This probably initiated incredible debate amongst the 70 delegates casting votes!

Perhaps the only person more confused than the readers is the author. He doesn't get what's happening on NOIS. Certainly, if someone of his formidable intellect isn't sure what takes place on NOIS, no one else would get it.

We extend our most sincere appreciation to the electorate, which we shall now look upon as our constituency. Clearly, we have been granted an undeniable mandate to continue our mission of education. For that, we are grateful. And, we acknowledge the trust and responsibility that both the initiators of the contest and the masses of participants have placed at our feet.

Thank you, one and all......all 70 of you who ensured that we reach the finals.

Now, here's hoping our server doesn't crash with the proliferation of traffic this is going to direct here.


Dave the Wave said...

i have a confession to make.

i voted for you 10 times.

so, really, there were only 60 people.

sorry to rain on your parade.

and, i only voted for you 10 times because you suck 10 times more than any other blog.

but you know this.

Malcom Hex said...

i know you are obviously pretty proud of this, but i never heard of this blog you are talking about.

Keven said...

NOIS, face it...i read that dude's blog, if ANYONE is qualified to pick out a sucky blog, it's him. that site is sheeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Steven A's Cheese Doodles said...

you guys don't get it. the contest is satire! it has to be. a guy with a shitty blog and almost no readers holding a shitty blog contest. it's called irony.

Lozo said...

it's more like 840 a day. the 10 hits i got from your "go to this site and vote for us so the results will be SKEWERED" post has my numbers out of whack.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"it's more like 840 a day. the 10 hits i got from your "go to this site and vote for us so the results will be SKEWERED" post has my numbers out of whack."

Sir, that is 9 more than we got from your links.

We can't be held responsible for our readers not having any interest in your contest.

Or for the rest of the net not having any interest in your blog.

Please, don't lash out at us.

We are simply here to teach.

Malcom Hex said...

"Lozo said... "

jesus are the LAST person that should be ragging on any other blog. your site is sorry, bro. you need to take a writing class.

Al_Sharpton's_Banana_Hammock said...

""it's more like 840 a day. the 10 hits i got from your "go to this site and vote for us so the results will be SKEWERED" "

Nois, you were right. This cat is a moron. Sounds like he he doesn't understand what 'sarcasm' is and actually took your post seriously. He needs to change his name to LOOZO.

Jeff Reed's blowdryer said...

Actually, NOIS, you didn't get 70 votes. 70 people voted.

And, LOZO, please keep your crappy humor and TERRIBLE writing confined to your blog and the 800 morons that apparently link to you from google searches hoping to find something else.

Trust, you are way out of your league here with NOIS.