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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ainge and Celts: 30K Not Enough!

Danny Ainge was reprimanded and the Boston Celtics received a pittance fine of $30K for excessive contact with the family of young phenom Kevin Durant.

Mr. Ainge and the Celtics should be the recipients of far greater punishment for their collective actions aimed at destroying the educational opportunities of a young Negro basketball player.

It is hard enough for a young Negro male to get the opportunity to attend an institute of higher education; and to get the chance to attend a top school like UT is one in a million. For Ainge to take it upon himself to try to influence Durant's family into coaxing the young man to bolt early is such an objectionable act that we believe Ainge's employment with the Celtics should be immediately terminated.

Why is Mr. Ainge not seen at college games seated next to the families of white players trying to seduce their parents with talk of a big contract and even more fame? There are no reports of him wooing the family of Chase Buddinger. He wasn't "coincidentally" turning up at Nick Fazekas' games and sitting next to his kin last year. No, indeed. Mr. Ainge allows young white players to contemplate their futures on their own. He doesn't egregiously attempt to cloud their thought process and unduly influence their families by painting pictures of fame and fortune in their minds.

Mr. Ainge is part of an insidious systematic attempt to ensure that Negroes remain deprived of higher learning. Young Kevin Durant has said on multiple occasions that he is enjoying the college experience and treasuring his time at UT. Why not let the young man continue to do so? Why not let the young man experience the exhilaration of walking across the podium and receiving his diploma? Is it too much to ask to treat the young Negro in a humane fashion and allow him to gain the knowledge that one can only be exposed to at a major university?

And if it isn't the Danny Ainges of the world trying to lure the young Negro out of the halls of knowledge; then it is the shoe and sports apparel companies. Grooming the young Negro to be the face of their products at an early age. Tempting them with prospects of money even beyond the NBA contract. But, of course, they have to forsake the education that they hold so dear.

When is the last time a white player was being groomed for a huge endorsement deal before making the NBA? We think never! These companies respect the white player's right and need for a college education and don't pollute their minds with such temptations.

It is time that the NBA sends a message to both teams and apparel companies. It is time the NBA affords the young Negro basketball player the opportunity to pursue a college education with dignity.

In this day and age, a college degree is as common as a high school diploma was 25 years ago. The only people who didn't have them were the dregs of society and slow of mind. By attempting to sabotage the young Negro in his quest for higher learning, the NBA (and sports apparel companies) are telling Negroes everywhere that they see them as the dregs of society and slow of mind. And that is a message that must be stopped.

The first step in rectifying this is to make an example out of Danny Ainge. His overt racism must not be tolerated. His attempts to rob young Negroes of their futures and educations must not be tolerated.

Kevin Durant's college degree is only worth $30K? We say it is worth Danny Ainge's career.

Fire him and send a message to America that Negroes have the right to a higher education!


Anonymous said...

umm, durant is gonna turn pro regardless! Duh!

Anonymous said...

"umm, durant is gonna turn pro regardless! Duh!"

umm, hey look, it's a Jr high girl. Duh!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"'umm, durant is gonna turn pro regardless! Duh!"

Sir, Durant chose to attend UT to pursue a college education. He had many other options if his primary goal was not to do so.

All we are suggesting is that young Negro males have the right to an education. Let's not deprive them of it by waving dollar bills in their faces.

Thank you.

Josh said...

he still has the right to choose to stay. Tim Duncan did, despite the temptation, for four years at Wake Forest, when everyone was telling him he was crazy to pass on the money year after year.

I think you're just annoyed that of all the teams in the NBA, the most likely to get the top pick would be the Celtics - the historically favorite franchise of White America. "Team ball," "the extra pass," layups instead of dunks, jumpshots, and defense. Why, that's aesthetically inferior! Of course, that doesn't describe the Celtics of recent vintage (particularly the defense part, if I remember anything about the NBA).

Durant and Oden both could decide to stay. Durant would be well served to stay, in order to build up some muscle. Both he and Oden are very good students and appear to be enjoying the college lifestyle. Maybe this age minimum rule will actually have the unforseen effect of making a fair proportion of who we assumed would be one-and-dones into players that stay several, or even (*gasp*) four-year starters.

Not O.J. Mayo, though.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Not O.J. Mayo, though."

Sir, OJ Mayo has taken the route of playing the system

Props to him for that!

scottdammit said...

Does signing a contract with a NBA team preclude the athelete being able to attend college courses in their free time?
Danny Ainge should not be fired because he is 'overtly racist,'which is a claim I have not heard before, but because he is incompetent in his position.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"Does signing a contract with a NBA team preclude the athelete being able to attend college courses in their free time?
Danny Ainge should not be fired because he is 'overtly racist,'which is a claim I have not heard before, but because he is incompetent in his position. "

Sir, the demands of the NBA and the off season ballin' make it difficult for a young millionaire to find time for school.

And you are right. Ainge is incompetent. A Negro GM doing what he has done in beatown would have been 86'd by now!