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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Righteous Bracket: Our Picks (Midwest and West)

black- round one
red- round two
green- sweet sixteen
blue- elite eight
purple- final four


1 Florida16 Jackson St
-Mississippi, the home of Jackson St. is still one of the most segregated states in the country. UF will segregate Jackson St. from the tourney.

8 Arizona9 Purdue
-'Zona's most athletic leaper is a white dude. No thanks. It's Purdue.

-Fried Gator tastes like chicken. We love fried chicken. It's Florida.

5 Butler12 ODU

-One of our favorite Negro TV characters was Benson, a Butler.

4 Maryland13 Davidson
-Dell Curry's son plays for the Wildcats. But, that isn't enough of a genetic advantage to overcome the Terps and Gary William's sweaty suit.

-Maryland got their crappy game out of their system against Miami. Butler got their upsets out of their system early on. Fear the Turtle.

-Despite an epileptic fit thrown by Gary Williams, Billy Donovan will be around wearing Gordon Gecko's hair for at least one more round.

6 Notre Dame11 Winthrop

-Winthrop was integrated in 1964. Other than the football and basketball teams, we aren't sure ND is. Winthrop.

3 Oregon14 Miami (OH)

-Miami is due some karmic payback.

-After battling Notre Dame and Jesus, Winthrop won't have enough left for the Ducks.

7 UNLV10 Ga Tech

-It pains us to pick against Brother Paul Hewitt, but this team really is a Wreck.

2 Wisconsin15 TAMU-CC

-Wisconsin hasn't been the same since they lost Butch, but the Islanders aren't the ones to send Wisconsin home.

-Wisconsin is good for one more game before they really miss Butch's elbow.

-In a battle of schools from states in which the only Negroes are either in shoulder pads or on the hardwood, Brother Ernie Kent and the Ducks get the nod.

-Joakim Noah looks like he should be wearing a hijab, so we'll take Florida over Oregon out of the Midwest.


1 Kansas16 Niagara

-Niagra Falls.......thank you, thank you very much.

8 Kentucky9 Villanova

-As long as they call their home Rupp Arena, we will always root against them. Villanova.

-Kansas' disappointment is reserved for a later round this year.

5 Va Tech12 Illinois

-VA Tech is in Blacksburg. You know our pick in this one.

4 S Illinois13 Holy Cross

-Brother Chris Lowery and his Salukis send home another Catholic contingent.

-Blacksburg vs. Negro coach. Tough choice. But our gut tells us that SIU takes this.

-This is the traditional type of Kansas team that has their fans hopes bursting at their inflated seams. But those seams will hold fast here.

6 Duke11 VCU

-The devil won't go down this early. He'll taunt us for at least another round.

3 Pittsburgh14 Wright St

-Pitt has been tough against inferior competition. Panthers.

-In a battle for the ages, McRoberts and Gray will bore viewers into a coma and Pitt will grind out the victory. Coach KKK will blame the refs, his players, his wife, his daughters (who have nice personalities) and Mike Nifong for the loss.

7 Indiana10 Gonzaga

-Playing in the WCC has completely prepared the 'Zags for a first round game against an average Big 10 team this year. Zags.

2 UCLA15 Weber St

-Last time Weber St. was in the tourney, they sent UNC packing. No upset this time.

-Bruins are too much. Gone-zaga.

-Ben Howland coaches agains his former team. And thanks God he didn't bring those slow white dudes to LA. UCLA moves on.

-The bubble bursts on Kansas, as the school that gave us Jackie Robinson advances to the Final Four.

-Billy Donovan matches his mentor, Rick Pitino by taking his team to a second straight final.


Anonymous said...

notorious N.O.I.S.B.

How did you manage to do a bracket breakdown without discussing which teams have the greatest number of "heady players who hustle" versus the teams that where all of the starters are "quick with great athleticism" (read black).

I am also waiting for your bracket that always picks the black head coach who is a "great recruiter" versus the white coaches who are "great motivators and teachers."

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, we did pick the Negro coaches and athletic every case that we thought they had the better team.

This is a BRACKET, even we realize it is no place to let race get in the way of picks. :)

Chad San Marino said...

Brothers and sisters! Righteousness has been rewarded and wickedness denied! VCU, led by mighty negroes Coach Anthony Grant and guard Eric Maynor, has slayed the (Blue) Devil. Be warned idolators! Whore-mongers and sinners! You shall taste the backhand of almighty Allah!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Sir, Satan is slayed for '07!