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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Victory Song for the Righteous

You may have already seen this. But it will still get you bouncing and smiling. Especially after yesterday.

Our fortidude and steadfast prayer begging for the smiting of satan on earth has been answered.

Our pleas to above to shine a light of righteousness and show the power of good to the evil depths of hell on earth, Dukeatory, has been answered.

And we can't stop smiling, knowing coach KKK, Johnny Sellout, Woho and Chrissy Collins are curled up together in the fetal position crying. Desparately trying to console each other as they listen to Helen Reddy songs as they spoon.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

accidentally erased this:

(Martin) 9:57 AM

Sir, salem aleikum! What a truly righteous day. When they ask, "Where were you when you learned that the white devil was smited?", I can proudly say that I was on NOIS with my brothers and sisters rejoicing.

One a related topic, have you noticed how State Farm has trotted out a negro man to heap praise on coach KKK in their commercials, as if to give the impression that negro men respect and admire coach KKK, rather than the truth of coach KKK acting as a plantation owner? If you haven't seen the commercial I am referring to, just wait, because it will be on a few hundred times today during the games. I await your analysis, sir.
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C. Steven said...

You dissapoint me only in the brevity of your comments. I logged on early this morning in anticipation of a well worded and lengthy analysis of the Devil's early demise but you have left me hanging by giving short shrift to the absolute joy experienced by those who love all that is good and right. How many years has it been since we have been able to FULLY enjoy March Madness armed with the knowledge the the Devil has been sent back to his Ivy covered cave in Durham?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"You dissapoint me only in the brevity of your comments."

Sir, we must admit. We were drunk with joy, and suffered the consequences this morning.