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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Does Arkansas Hate Negro Coaches?

The University of Arkansas displayed their distaste for strong Negro role models in 2002 by firing legendary coach, Nolan Richardson.

Richardson had the unmitigated gaul to speak out about the abhorrent treatment rendered upon him by the administration and the fans. He was Arkansas' all-time winningest coach with a record that averaged over 22 wins a year and less than 10 defeats. Richardson brought the university glory on the court with 3 Final Four appearances and 1 NCAA title, yet was shown the door by plantation boss Frank Broyles; a curmudgeonly, drawling, mouth breather who (it is rumored) still refers to the south as the CSA and wears Stars and Bars patterned underoos.

As his replacement, the university hired another Negro coach. Stan Heath.

The devious plans of Broyles are now clear. At the time, it would have caused a maelstrom to have replaced Richardson with a white coach. So, Broyles and his klan came up with the idea to plug Coach Heath into the spot. Thereby diminishing the ability of Richardson's supporters to call them out for their racist firing of Coach Richardson.

But now, a few years later, the full details of the evil concoction are revealed.

Despite Heath's steady improvement, excellent recruiting and success on the court this season; Broyles and his brethren strung up the long rope of contract termination. The Hogs have gone from nine wins in 2003 to 12 in 2004 to 18 in 2005 to 22 wins and conference championship game and NCAA tourney appearances this season past.

That is resounding and steady progress. Normally, a coach that takes over a program in turmoil and delivers those kind of results receives a contract extension, not a public "lynching". Well, at least as long as the coach is white.

Obviously, Broyles intentions were to bring in Heath, give him no support, and watch him fail.

But somewhere in the mix, Broyles overlooked Heath's work ethic, talent and righteous determination to achieve excellence in the name of the original human.

Broyles also recognized, that if he didn't act now, that Heath might be able to embed himself in the job. Another successful year, and it would have been near impossible for Arkansas to rid itself of the Negro coach.

Broyles is a man of advancing years. A man with one foot in an Ozark grave. A man that certainly would rid Arkansas of a Negro coach before he ends his own tenure at Arkansas; lest he spend eternity with it on his soul.

Yes, what we are seeing here is the final strike of Broyles against the original human. A man insuring that his legacy will, in no way, be tied to the success of a Negro coach.

We suggest to honorable Coach Stan Heath: Worry not. Look at this as an emancipation. In his confounding ignorance, the plantation boss that is Frank Broyles has unwittingly freed you. In Arkansas, a successful Negro breeds contempt. The frustrations and mistreatment of Nolan Richardson is what would await you.

As soon as your wins diminished and your post season glory faded. The support of the fans would be replaced by racist acts of intolerance.

But then, isn't that always the case? When things go well, the white master cheers you. When things go poorly, racism rears its ugly head.

It's an old story. And Frank Broyles is an old man. Let the youth of Stan Heath reign elsewhere.

And let it be unencumbered by the racism rought by on-court defeats.

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Anonymous said...

You are one dumb darkie. Richardson dared them to fire him. So they did! And Heath just wasn' given them the improvement they wanted fast enough. Racism? Everything is racism when a black doesn't get what they want, isnt it?