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Friday, March 23, 2007

Josh McRoberts: The Time is Right for the white Blue Devil

While Kevin Durant is being courted by NBA execs, shoe companies and possibly Kobe Bryant; Josh McRoberts has already made up his mind about his future. His decision: The's fantastic!

Normally, the NBA and the shoe companies wave the dollar signs and put the hard sell on young Negro players. Essentially, paying them off to give up a chance for an education and the chance to mature. In this case, we applaud McRoberts for bucking the trend.

Not only is he a white player giving up his education (and, loathe as we are to say it, Duke provides one of the best), but he is doing it without the distractions of lottery talk, megabucks and shoe contracts. He is doing it without any accompanying season long speculation on what his choice will be. He is doing it despite the fact many are asking, "What is that slow, soft nitwit thinking?"

McRoberts is nothing, if not his own man. A man not afraid to heartily wail into a towel when he realizes he never lived up to expectations at Duke. Clearly, he supposes the fact that he was used and abused in a down year of ACC action will work to his advantage in the draft.

McRoberts feels that his being exposed as soft and slow, coupled with the application of the requisite Dukie characteristics of having "heart" and "desire", perfectly formulate the composite of the next white Blue Devil NBA failure.

The time is ripe. Another year of working on his game in college could possibly upset this perfect balance of a lack of ability, overrated potential, and a sore loser's attitude being misconstrued as having "heart". Josh has to go, and he has to go now.

On the record, evil Devil coach KKK says:

"We had great conversations, and we are 100 percent behind his decision," Krzyzewski said. "Josh has been a terrific player for us for the past two years, and he will be even better in the future as a professional. Based on our information, it is time for him to move on to the next level, and we are ready to help him in any and every way during this process."

We have it on good authority that after this quote, Krzyshevskilewsi turned to Johnny Sell-Out and said, "You think anyone bought that mess?".

Johnny's response was, "Well, the part about being 100% behind him leaving is true! So who cares."

Apparently, the basis of their "information" for McRoberts to move on was the film of this year's match-ups with Tyler Hansbrough.

We wish McRoberts success at the next level and will be posting and keeping fans updated about his exploits in Lithuania.

The media awaits word on Greg Paulus' next move.


Josh said...

a down year in ACC action?!? Clearly you didn't watch anything other than the Duke-UNC game! The parity of the league was phenomenal, and Duke was showing its vulnerability on a regular basis. What more could you possibly ask out of conference play?

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"The parity of the league was phenomenal"

Sir, we didn't effectively get our point across; poor word choice.

We agree. Parity led to great ACC action this year. And a fun regular season race.

We should have said the talent level was down. I don't this can be argued.

Josh said...

the talent level was young. Only Duke looks like it's really on the decline right now, with McRoberts leaving. They do have a white guy named Kyle Singler coming in, who I've seen tape of on youtube and such, who played really well against Oak Hill so might be good. Great outside shooting big man. I don't relish the thought of having to play him, but Paulus is extremely overrated and Duke seems to get less athletic every year.

Georgia Tech was young and inconsistent; UNC is young and a little inconsistent, but they're still in the hunt (and I hope they beat Georgetown...what are your feelings on Georgetown? I know that the team has a black coach and is generally well regarded in the black community, but the school as a whole is very un-black, and it seems like it's just a facade to me); FSU will probably take a step back with Al Thornton leaving, but Leonard Hamilton keeps bringing in more talent; VTech has the second-rated recruiting class coming in; UVA will depend on whether Singletary goes pro; Maryland, well, I'm biased but generally pessimistic, but think they should be okay other than outside shooting next year; NC State appears to be on the upswing with their new coach; Miami will probably continue to be mediocre; Wake Forest was playing fairly well by the end of the year but loses their best player so who knows; Boston College also loses its best player or two, and so should go through a down year; Clemson did pretty well in the NIT, and I think Oliver Purnell is a good coach, though I'm not sure how many people they're losing.

It's true that there weren't many outstanding teams, but there were a lot of very strong, very tough teams in the ACC this past season. We still dominated the Big Ten, and pretty much every other major conference we played this year. A conference's strength over a season can't be measured only by how it does in the NCAA Tournament. There was one potentially great team that might still click into place, eight good teams, and at least two other teams that were verging on good at times despite problems.

Even in what you call a "down year," it was the best conference in the country, top to bottom. I guess it's just with only one great or near great team, maybe it wasn't so obvious.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

From top to bottom, it was a pretty balanced conference. Not necessarily the best. Beating up on the Big Ten meant nothing this year. The Big Ten was a one team conference, with a second team that was exposed as a pretender...much like football season.

Yes, there is a lot of young talent in the ACC, no disputing that. But this wasn't a powerhouse conference chock full of 1st round picks this year.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


Sir, if you read our NCAA bracket, we picked G'town over UNC.

the butler said...

Thank Allah McRoberts is leaving!

(wait, as a Duke fan should I be praising Allah? Is that not blasphemy?)

I think Duke will be better next year. McRoberts looked like he took steroids all summer and forgot to work out.

That white boy Singler looks good, but we're also getting Oak Hill's point guard- Nolan Smith, who will hopefully not get smoked by a full-court press in the first round next year.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"I think Duke will be better next year."

Sir, when you form your opinion based on emotion, and not intellect or logic, it is a hope.

You HOPE Duke will be better next year.